Monday, April 10, 2006

Malloy Outraises DeStefano For Third Straight Quarter

The Malloy campaign is announcing that they've raised $570,000: over $150,000 more than John DeStefano. This is the third straight quarter in which Malloy has outraised DeStefano. A few words from their press release:
Democratic candidate for governor Dan Malloy today announced that he has received $570,000 in campaign contributions during the first quarter of 2006.

This latest fundraising report -- a crucial yardstick for measuring a campaign's strength -- shows Malloy out-raising his Democratic opponent over the last nine months.

Contributions to the Malloy campaign have increase in each filing period of the last year.

The Malloy campaign received contributions from 883 supporters -- 646 (or 73%) of which were first time contributors. Contributions ranged from $3.00 to $2,500.00. (Malloy)
A very respectable showing. Malloy definitely has the momentum going into the convention, although DeStefano has come back a bit. Here are the quarter numbers for the gubernatorial candidates:

DeStefano: $415,000
Malloy: $570,000
Rell: $900,000

Rell is in excellent position, as usual. The DeStefano campaign is spending a lot of money: they've spent over a million dollars so far, and their net gain from last quarter is only about $110,000. Malloy's numbers are probably the most interesting. He'll be able to make a very convincing case to delegates in Hartford next month that his campaign is the only one that can even come close to matching Rell's fundraising.

At this point, there is no clear front-runner for the nomination, although I'd give Malloy a slight edge for better organization and fundraising. Not bad at all for a guy who was essentially left for dead when he jumped back into the race last May.


"Malloy raises $570,000 in first quarter of 2006." Malloy for Governor. Press Release, 10 April, 2006.


MikeCT said...

Cash on hand:

DeStefano: $1,994,797
Rell: $1.4 million
Malloy: $1.2 million

CTObserver said...


So over the last two quarters, she's banked $1.4M to JDS' $114k, and DM's $290k or so. (From CFIS, which stands for Cluster F* Information System, DM has 1.3M on hand.) Not a good trend line.

Genghis Conn said...

Ha! I'm going to start calling CFIS that with more regularity, CTObserver.

route 34 said...

Malloy spent $429k this quarter? I can't pull up DeStefano's numbers off of CFIS right now, but if he banked $114k like ctobserver said (I don't think he banked too much last quarter), then Malloy didn't gain any ground despite an unbelievable quarter. The report says that he is at $1.375, which still puts him over $600k behind DeStefano, and just about even with Rell. Basically, he has no chance of ever catching DeStefano before the primary. John as almost 50% more money in the bak than he does. That's not even close.

CTObserver said...

JDS' numbers finally made it to CFIS. They're actually a little different from the release, but not much. Total receipts $407,801, total expenses $293,655, net increase in cash of $114k, for a total cash on hand of $1.995M (Man, they must have been some kind of PO'd that they didn't crash the $2M mark.)

DeanFan84 said...

Is Malloy a "say anything" guy!?!

Really, seductive as hell. Smart. Up to date. But just another John Edwards to DeStefano's Dick Gephardt?

If Malloy wants to win this thing, he'd better tap into the anti-Bush, anti-stupid-unwinnable=war crowd by calling out Joe Lieberman for his arrogance and stupidity.

Since when does the will of the Party not matter? You didn't see Arlen Specter threatening an Independent , did you? Lincoln Chaffee might be up a creek, but in Linc's defense-- he hasn't played the desparate clown kissing up to the other side!

Dannel! You and Farrell should have a summit meeting, (sans Lieb lackey Roy Ochiogrosso.) What your voters want is a clean break with the status quo, and a genuine chance to vote for change. If that means DLC Dan abandons DLC Joe, so be it! You'll never beat Rell as a DLC lackey.

Let's let Joe defend the Bush/Lieberman foreign policy as an Independent in the November election. Our playing field is that much better without the Bush-kisser. We aren't Party hacks! We're Democrats! Right guys?!??

Chris MC said...

Heh. DF84 and CTKeith have been trying to convince us that Lamont is the kingmaker in 2006 for about three months now. That is, when they aren't telling us that the Governor's race is a lost cause, a waste of time, and so on.

Come on already guys. How many delegates do you have at the convention? How much field can you devote to supporting a gubernatorial candidate while simultaneously defeating Lieberman in August?

And does Ned really want to antagonize Malloy delegates and donors and DeStefano delegates and donors at the same time?

How many different subsets of the Democratic Party are you thinking you can productively coerce at once? Sheesh.

DeanFan84 said...

Chris MC--
Thanks for engaging!

I'm not saying the Governor's race is a lost cause. (Although many around me are. {Something to do with Rell's nation-leading approval ratings.})

Frankly, I don't know how many Lamont delegates there are out there. I do know that Ridgefield broke 8-3 for Lamont. That's right, Ridgefield -- the very conservative town that insists on black and white versions of the "Golden arches".

Many loyal Dems cashed in their accounts to be convention delegates. Anti-Lieberman?? Sadly, you bet.

Q: are the Lamont delegates basically uncommitted when it comes to the Gov race? I've had a ton of arguments within my block, but no one has any real conviction. Do you?

It's not a matter of us. Anti-Joe Delegates need to Solidify...
As a block of True Democrats that care more about the big picture more than insider Party politics.
My understanding is that Lamont backers will decide who gets the Gubernatorial endorsement. We all have our different views, but can anyone say one candidate is much better than the other?

Malloy and DeStefano have the chance to demonstrate their true Democratic credibility, by delivering in one of Lieberman's hometowns. If they won't vote their consciences, I say write them off. Did any beaurocrat ever have a chance against Grandma Rell?

Happily outside, and usually willing to follow your lead.

If asking Malloy and DeStefano people to take a stand equals antagonizing them, so be it! The future of America trumps who gets what local construction contract.

And I'm not out to coerce one last vote. All I ask is that people be allowed to vote their consciences! said...

Chris mc- good point. There is a certain amount of arogance about Lamont being the savior of the Democratic party going on lately. Funny because his guy has never run outside of that stronghold of the Democratic Party, Greenwich!

I saw Malloy and DeStefano square off over the weekend, I was incredibly impressed with both of them. They are both articulate, knowledgeable and EXPERIENCED! Neither of them has any problem charging up the party faithful and We will be lucky with either of them on the ballot.

I doubt very seriously that either of them need Lamont to get delegates, nor do I think "Lamont Delegates" are going to swing the convention. I know some would be "Lamont Delegates" who are the biggest Malloy supporters and would be "Lieberman Delegates" who love DeStefano. These races are completly mutual exclusive at the convention...

Now, the general is an entirely different story. Neither of them benefit with Lamont on the Ballot, Lamont brings out a portion of the party that is going to vote anyway. These guys want a Senate candidate that is popular with Independents who are going to come out to vote for Senate, and thus giving the Dem nominee for Gov. a change to make the case to vote for them in the weeks leading up to the election. I wonder who that Senate candidate might be...

Oh and believe me, they don't care about R's voting for Joe. They want the U's to come out so they can make their case. (Which btw, both of them talked about over the weekend appealing to Independents and Republicans as the strategy to beat Rell. I wonder who would be a Senate candidate that does that).

Help Dems win back the Governor's mansion, nominate Lieberman in 06.

Oh and again, before I'm accused, I don't work for any campaign. I'm just tired of seeing pictures of Rats as a metaphor for Lieberman on Daily Kos (made by our favorite lamont bloggers). In case you weren't aware, that was a fear mongering tactic used by the Nazis to describe Jews on posters throughout Germany in the late 1920's and thoughout 1930's. Nice positive campaign message "Nedheads". said...

And one other thing- No race is a lost cause this early. We can win the Governor's mansion back...and I do agree DeanFan that this is about the future of America, which is why I want to get rid of Republicans in the Governor's mansion and, more importantly in three Congressional Districts.

The only way we change the direction in this country is by taking back the House...which is totally a possibility this year.

DeanFan84 said...

Hi Ken! said...

I don't know Ken. I'm assuming that you think I'm the guy from the Windsor meeting who spoke for Lieberman with the 17 year old question. So, read the disclaimer about me not working on a campaign. I'm not the guy you are thinking of.

DeanFan84 said...

Aren't you forgetting the 1800lb gorilla in the room, which is Bush, his incompetence, Republican corruption, and the insane nation-building experiment in Iraq, etc. (And Joe Lieberman's support for the status quo!)

If Malloy and DeStefano are so stupid as to not run against the status quo, they deserve to lose ugly.

Ken's argument is yes to Joe, but no to Shays, Simmons, Rell and Johnson! Unfortunately it's an impossible argument. Republican-lite is for clowns.

And oh, I didn't know there was anything anti-Semitic about the term "Rat Bastard". I'm not going to cower in the face of your PC racist charges. Provide me some real evidence that "rat" and "rat bastard" are ethnic slurs, and I'll quickly backtrack. Methinks you doth protest too much. But then again, you are a Lieberman lover.

DeanFan84 said...


It's a grassroots Lieberman "Dem"!

Dems love Lieberman-- almost as much as Republicans!

But bottom line on Iraq? Lieberman, not just Bush, has it right!

ctkeith said...

Chris McC,

I never tried to convince you of a thing.Im just overjoyed you're not on our side because when you were I had to listen to others describe you as an arrogant asshole over and over and over again.You working on that Napleon Complex thingy.

As far as the Governors race We two may have been the only Dems anywhere besides Malloy or DeStefano Staffers who have been saying Rell can indeed be beat.We understand she's a total lightweight. said...

See I'm not forgetting Bush at all. I'm saying Bush is the issue- containing his policies by taking back the House.

And yes, I'm a Lieberman lover, I heard him in 2000 talk about living the American Dream and I was sold. Wherever I go in this country he is respected. I mean look at his poll numbers here.

Does the war bother me, does, alot. But it bothered me when it started and I still voted Democrat in 2002 after we layed down on that vote. It bothered me in 2004 and I still voted for Kerry, Edwards, and Dodd. It bothers me now, too and I'll still vote for Lieberman. The thing is, its not the number one issue for people. Talk to regular folks and they are worried about health care and their pensions, and that our economy, in five years, went from making all of us richer to making rich people richer- thats the stuff Senator Lieberman talks about, and thats why regular folks love the guy.

I respect you guys for being passionate about supporting your guy, I'm passionate about supporting my guy too. My guy just happens to be the Dems running for Senate, Governor, Congress, State Senate, State House, Judge of Probate, etc. Selfishly, I want them all elected.
As for the term "rat bastard", I don't think thats at all anti-semetic. But maybe you should use a picture of a fatherless rat.

My problem is with a Jewish person being compared to the rodent. Take a look at the Social and Political History of Germany leading up to WW2 and you'll see Jews depicted as rats. Hitler and Goering both used that image in their speeches. So when I'm killing time, looking through posts and see a picture of proud Jewish US Senator being compared to a Rat...thats the first thing that comes to mind...

CTObserver said...


Can you put up a permenant "Open Forum" dedicated to the Lamont/Lieberman crowd, so we might actually be able to blog about something else?

turfgrrl said...

Despite Rell's strong approval numbers, she is a really weak governor. A sitting republican governor should be raising twice as much as she has raised, and so her finances are hinting at the lack of interest in the republican party faithful in her. The opportunity lies with the democratic party to swing interest in the congressional races and get the vote out with the outrage over the rubber stamp congress and the extreme corruption that Shays, Johnson and Simmons have ignored. There is no pent up frustration in the governor's race, just fatigue still from the rowland years. I think we'll find that right up to the election, the average CT voter will not know who is running for governor from either party.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Turfgrrl: I suspect the difference in Rell's numbers comes from the fact that she's not using lobbyists, PACs, etc - which I imagine is slowing down her fund-raising considerably. If she was using them, given her popularity numbers, I have to think she'd be far higher in money raised.

Wrath of Conn said...

DeanFan and CTKeith - Don't know what you're getting so worked up about up there. I heard someone ask Malloy about the Lieberman statements at an event and he specifically said that he will support the Democratic nominee, whoever it is. What are you guys looking for?

Thomas Craven said...


Thats pretty interesting about Malloy.

Have the gubernatorial candidates been getting that question alot?

Brian Durand said...

Hey everyone.

Just to be clear, Captain Obvious is correct. Dan was asked the question of whether he'll support the Democratic nominee for Senate. His answer is yes, of course he'll support the Democrat - for Senate, for Congress, for Governor. Period.

truth squad said...

good thing the lamont primary of leiberman isnt taking focus away from the gov's race or the congressional about an opportunity to take elect dems in CT squandered.

fidelcastro said...

lets be honest here ( im not a campaign staffer) party ( dem) candidates suck and the race for Gov is unwinable..

LaMont will lose if he continues to avoid running in a center-left way and only runs in a left way.

DeanFan84 said...

Brian, Caption Obvious--

Kudos to Dan for coming out as a good Democrat. That's all I want, the statement that if Joe goes out on his own, and skips the Party process, that we remain together as Democrats.

Conversely, State Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo has hinted that she is a Lieberman person first, and a Democrat second. Pretty lame for someone in that position.

Does anyone know, --has DeStefano taken a position in wake of Joe's threat to go Independent. Will he be using said threat to pressure his people to stay in line? Or will he let everyone vote their consciences? Or, recognizing that Joe is "off the reservation" will he quietly pressure Joe to commit to the Primary, or get out now!

fidelcastro said...

I gather that other than i no one here ever ran a state-wide campaign successfuly as a DEM and therefore you approach politics more "intellectually and less programatically" then i do;

First...Gov Race...

1.Malloy- hurt badly by buying land from insiders for his house and receiving discounted contract work no matter if it was criminal or not..he is convicted in the court of public opinion.he is perceived as a DLC member and thus unacceptible to labor and liberals, key core Dem groups. His personality is accerbic.He will think of his town first and his CD second thus leaving out the rest of the state. His CD (4th) is the lowest performing CD in the state for democrats and wont be as effective as the 3rd where DeStefano is.He didnt start any ads or publicity so by just a few months before the one knows him.You have to start very early to tear down someone with a 80% favorability rating,which he didnt do.

DeStefano---The chirisma of roadkill. Baggage with Altieri,Brancati,Avallone,Borges and others.He recently had been fined by state elections enforecent while proclaiming himself for campaign reform.He has got more money from insiders and contractors then anyone.Once again..he failed to start early on ads and publicity which will be the kiss of death to him.He has no plan to take down Rell and we wonder if he is really trying to develop "chits" to run again in 2010.He has failed to captivate the public's interest in any big big issues...

truth squad said...

DeanFan, the question should be asked of you. are you an anti-lieberman person first and a Democrat second? if you are such a Democrat first, why are you pushing a primary that all Democratic Candidates has said will hurt their chances in the Fall?

fidelcastro said...

dear truth squad....admittedly the dem candidates for governor have little chance ( and im a liberal dem) the only chance they have is through a primary where perhaps they can generate alot fo free publicity and the winner can go on the beat Rell. Its a small chance but its the only one they have.Additionally,there is such bad blodd between the candidates that all hope for a programatic deal is off the table.

truth squad said...

fidel, my bad, i was referring to the lamont leiberman primary which is taking attention and money away from the congessional races and the gov's race

Chris MC said...

DF84, I hear you about people voting their conscience, but what if their conscience tells them to vote for Lieberman? You seem to be saying no "good democrat" can in "good conscience" vote for anyone but Lamont. Which is to say that only people who act as you see fit can be "good" Democrats.

You say you aren't trying to twist arms, but your reply to my last post does say just that. To wit: "Malloy and DeStefano have the chance to demonstrate their true Democratic credibility, by delivering in one of Lieberman's hometowns. If they won't vote their consciences, I say write them off."

My point is, "Im just overjoyed you're not on our side, [blah, blah, blah]" -Keith Crane, is not persuasive in any way. As you, DF84, infer in your post, I am happy to be having the discussion regarding policy and philosophy. But practically speaking you guys aren't making the case. People just don't hate Joe the way you guys do. And they aren't attracted to the spectacle of Keith's foaming at the mouth.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Chris MC: Not only are they not attracted to it, they're positively repelled by it.

Few people here are less persuasive than DF84 or ctkeith.

turfgrrl said...

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!),

Understood about Rell's numbers. But I hypothetically factored that in after reading Rowland typically raised 4-5 million somewhere. I could be wrong, I didn't snag the cite. But, knowing this, wouldn't the party faithful then step it up to donate small amounts for Rell? Isn't that what is happening on the democratic side?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Turfgrrl: Interesting question. Not sure, but I think Rowland's biggest warchest was around $6M, and if Rell keeps up the pace she'll be around $4M -- which seems competitive in the absence of lobbyists, PACs, etc. ... Again, not sure, but I also think Rowland entered his respective races earlier than Rell did.

DeanFan84 said...

Chris Mc--

For the record, I think CTKeith's personal attacks are wrong. It's one thing to be passionate about your politics, it's another thing to attack one another unnecessarily.

If you are indeed a Lieberman supporter feeling tormented by your conscience, I feel for you. Your question for me was whether I thought one could be a "good Democrat", and at the same time support Lieberman.

Tough question! Look, I respect the process. I fell in line behind John Kerry. And I'll probably donate to Dan Malloy if he defeats DeStefano in the Primary. (By no means am I a my-way-or-the-highway, Kucinich-type Dem.)

Previous to this weekend, I'd been giving free passes to your average Joe supporter-- particularly those who haven't been paying close attention. But now that Joe has come out and put himself before the will of the Party? I don't know. What would happen if every Democratic Senator went his or her own way?

The "Joe problem" is not my doing. Here you have a prominent Dem who criticizes Jimmy Carter for sitting next to Michael Moore at our convention. Legitimate beef, perhaps. But then you have Lieberman being best of buddies with Sean Hannity, and sitting next to Rush Limbaugh and William Buckley at the National Review's 50th anniversary.

Should we tolerate that??

fidelcastro said...

Chris MC was very destructive in the Dean race too....for such a small man he sure is a gasbag

FrankS said...

Some democrats seem to tolerate far more than Lieberman's pandering to the right.

DeanFan84 said...

Chris Mc--
Also in response, yeah, I went a little overboard last night. I will support Malloy or DeStefano against Rell, no matter what happens with Lamont. I just can't believe they aren't "embracing the base", which includes far more than Democrats this year.

I'm sorry, I didn't know that rat symbolism was part of the Holocaust. Personally, I'm a Zionist. And the Holocaust is a big deal to me. Thanks for pointing it out, and I'm sure I'll find another epithet for Joe.

We all want to win the House seats, and it would be great to have a Dem governor. You believe Joe wins us votes in the middle. I think the middle is an easy pick-up this year, and Joe not only hurts us on turn-out, he keeps us from getting at the Moderate Dems. We'd have a much better message if we jettisoned Joe. His whole "Sean Hannity good, Michael Moore bad" schtick is a big part of our problems. fwiw.

DeanFan84 said...


Chris Mc is also a human being, and when he cries foul and asks everyone to back off, maybe that's what we should do??

And they call me hateful!

fidelcastro said...

deanfan...Chris wasnt run out of Newtown politics for nothing....and he was isolated in the Dean campaign as well...

He is like a skunk...look at him from a distance only.

MightyMouse1 said...

Fidel-- you seem like a really hateful person, on the attack bashing one person.

Chris MC said...

Heh. The iconically obnoxious "Fidel"'s antipathy bestowed upon me many a new friend during the Dean campaign (and I know who you are, you coward).

I'm begging you, please attack me as loudly and publicly as possible and at every opportunity. I want no one to think that we were ever on the same side, even when we both supported the same candidate. We weren't.

DF84, with people like this surrounding Lamont, how can I cast my vote at the convention for him? I just can't.

Despite my publicly expressed reservations about policy and philosophy with Senator Lieberman, as a practical political matter there is simply no way I can lend my support to Ned Lamont.

And, trust me on this, there are plenty of people who are quietly backing away with me.

JHJ said...

Back to Destefano vs. Malloy for a second... I don't quite see how Genghis can post that "Malloy definitely has the momentum going into the convention." -- Destefano has $800,000 more on hand.

And how do you get: "He'll be able to make a very convincing case to delegates in Hartford next month that his campaign is the only one that can even come close to matching Rell's fundraising." Destefano has raised $500,00 MORE than Malloy in total.

There is virtually no way Malloy catches up with Destefano before the primary (both in terms of total $$'s and on-hand $$'s). Period. So in my mind it's rather inaccurate to suggest that Malloy has a $$ advantage.