Friday, April 07, 2006

Weekend Open Forum

A long week. I've missed things this week, like the flap over ads in the Murphy-Johnson race. A strong response like that suggests that this is going to be a nasty campaign, and a close race.

An investigation has been launched into Rell's December fundraiser. We'll see if anything comes of it.

Both Ned Lamont and a Lieberman staffer were at a Windsor DTC meeting. Some were not impressed. It also looks like a horde will be showing up for Lieberman himself on Sunday.

Newton's prison term has begun. He's in the same jail as Ganim. Write your own tragic-comment-on-politics/joke.

What else is happening?


DeanFan84 said...

A horde?? I doubt it...

But some of us Democrats are worried about what a Lieberman Independent run might do to Dem races, up and down the ticket.

On multiple occasions, Joe has hinted that he would be on the November ballot, -- one way or the other.

With all the buzz, is there anything wrong with asking Lieberman to commit/submit to the will of the Democratic Party?

My worst fear is that Democrats endorse him in May, and then, -- scared by his internal polls--, Joe makes the decision to run as an Independent "Dem". If this were to happen, kiss goodbye to the three Congressional challengers, the Gubernatorial contest, and a good 10% of the Statehouse.

Joe is our CT Senator. He deserves a good deal of respect. But he also deserves a few tough questions, particularly concerning this war...

MikeCT said...

For people in the northwest: there will be a public forum to explore solutions to the state’s health care crisis:
“Rx for Health Care in Connecticut and the United States.”
United Church of Christ,Bolton Hill Road, Cornwall.
Saturday, April 22, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Free and open to the public. Sen. Chris Murphy will participate.

MikeCT said...

If you miss our elusive Senator Lieberman in Windsor at 11:30, you can see him in Suffield at 1:00 and Newington at 2:00. (Of course, be respectful and don't disrupt the events, especially the Suffield event, which is not about Joe.)

Lamont will be on Channel 3's Face the State with Al Terzi this Sunday at 11 am. The Canterbury Democrats have endorsed Lamont.

There are also Democratic Gubernatorial debates in Canton today at 2 and in Hartford on Tuesday at 6.

ctkeith said...

Registation already improved the site.
My suggestion for the next change is giving a couple of others front page priviledges.

I'll nominate Mikect as one voice deserving of that.

onceupona time said...

Area firms back ending tax on equipment is the headline from an article here in today's CT Post. I for the life of me do not understand why the GOP is objecting to "eliminating" this tax as they like to say. Spending is another issue and Jodi Bells actually has some discretion about that regardless of what budget is passed.

onceupona time said...

I thought this take here from the Adam Smith Foundation on how to get from Point A to Point B for better quality healthcare at less cost was somewhat thoughtful.

fidelcastro said...

Its a shame that connecticut, with the highest per capita income and the most educated citizens has to settle for 3 lousy candidates for Governor. Is there any way we can tell these 3 losers to pack it in?

Will someone lead a " none of the above" movement?

disgruntled_republican said...

I think your post was the first time I have EVER seen an objective comment from you...congrats!


Why don't you start it up.

Some brighter news this weekend...I am golfing for the first time this year on Sunday...should be ugly.

DeanFan84 said...


Of course I can talk nice. I can do the Aldon two-step too. I can pretend to be above the fray like a certain ex-green I know. And I can cheerlead, shouting out arguments until everyone is sick of them.

look, most people don't turn to blogs for rational discourse. they come for news, idea, perspectives, and with the hope of getting their own POV's heard.

you think partisans can ever cross over and effect each other? I doubt it given the current GOP. I mean there is a reason Weicker endorsed Dean.

I'll offer you a bone. I'm not voting for Hillary, regardless. The wife of a philanderer should not be made President. And with the Clintons, it's all about them, and not the Party.

Now you owe me. Do you not think someone should be held accountable for the boneheaded war, and the nutso occupation of Iraq? For me, it's easy. Take the non-politician over the arrogant insider. It's good for the system. So please consider joining me in support of Lamont.

fidelcastro said...

deanfan..aldon will do a 2 step or dance for you as long as he gets paid for it...ever notice that with all his lofty talk he is the only one i know in here getting paid to work on 2 campaigns at once.

disgruntled_republican said...


I am undecided on a lot at this point. The only sure vote I have is to Simmons at this point. As you may recall, I asked for your resoning for supporting DeStefano the other day...rather than give me one you turned into the Democrat ass. Perhaps next time when one asks you for an opion you will give it.

As for the war...Joe is not the only one who voted in favor of it nor is he the only one supporting doing it right now that we are there. I do support his position on the war and the fact is I lost all my respect for Joe a long time ago when he ran with Gore and tossed all his beleifs out the window. to watch him stand side by side with the very people he spoke out against in Hollywood sickened me, Now I realize he was running with Gore but he could have silently protested and chosen to not stn with them. Goes beyong hollywood though...just about all he beleived in and all that made me support him went by the wayside a cannot in good conscience support someone who cannot stand up for his beleifs. he is now but for me its too little too late.

Great Santini said...

Just curious - what does everyone think will be the hot button issues in the 2006 Congressional campaigns? I believe most of the country will focus on immigration. A friend of mine who owns a business in Southern California said that his whole town virtually shut down over the past week by demonstrations - trucks can't get through, customers don't call, shipments aren't made.

onceupona time said...

disgruntled: I am one of those who beleive that to avoid war our country must too often prepare for war as discussed in the Art of War here and you can look beyond for who has paid atention to it if you want.
; When the vote was taken to authorize the use of necessary force against Saddam Hussein to disarm his country, I was naive enough to think that W was in league with his old man's thinking on that - and so were many who voted for the resolution not the revolution that we now have in Iraq - and that we must see through to completion BTW. I could go in to my stuff on this but I have referred in recent weeks and reference again today here and here among other places.

DeanFan84 said...


I'm sorry I didn't get into it about New Haven. Frankly, I'm tired of having to defend my hometown against those who want to denigrate it.

Please come visit! Talk to the people who live here. Most of us are amazed at how livable New Haven has become. Many of us worked very hard to make it so!

MikeCT said...

Where's Joe? Apparently, he is trying to act like a real Senator lately, showing up in the state, while staying under the radar. In addition to the Sunday tour described above (could someone please send him directions?), he will also try to restore his faded image at the Legislative Office Building on Monday at a 9 am to 1 pm conference on Global Warming and Climate Change (Room 2C on second floor) that he is sponsoring. There's an 8:30 conference registration in the second floor Atrium, and a 9 am news conference in 2C. The event will be broadcast live on the CT Network). Here are directions.

Incidentally, I heard a Democratic Gubernatorial campaign staffer say that DeStefano's and Malloy's support of Joe has become a problem for both of them among Democratic town committees. They are asked about Joe and their views on the war everywhere they go.


cgg said...

MikeCT, Isn't it always people from Dump Joe doing the asking though? Please correct me if I'm wrong about this.

MikeCT said...


No, the staffer said the questions and the disgruntlement were coming from town committee members around the state, who were were openly annoyed with statements supporting Lieberman. Didn't say anything about Dump Joe or Lamont supporters "infiltrating" anything. Described it as if it were an organic and widespread thing - "everywhere we go".

cgg said...

Thanks for the info about that Mike. Good to know that the concern isn't isolated.

Red State. Blue Balls said...

Maybye we could rename this "Lanomt Blog 2"