Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dodd has an "Itch"

Senator Thinking of Running for President in 2008

U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd says he is considering running for president in 2008.

"It's an itch," Dodd told The Associated Press during an interview in his Senate office on Monday. "Could grow. Could disappear. It's an itch. It's not a bad word to use." (AP)
Yes, but next time... a less disturbing metaphor, perhaps?

Dodd has been in and out of the national spotlight for much of the past decade, but hasn't really been considered anything close to a presidential contender.

Then again, considering the current field... Dodd certainly isn't the worst choice Democrats could make (*cough*Hillary*cough*).

Dodd also commented on the Lamont-Lieberman Senate battle, saying:
"He prevails in all of this," Dodd said of Lieberman. "But it will make the next 18 weeks uncomfortable ... He's gotta pay attention to it, and he is." (AP)
Some sort of itchy discomfort, I'm sure. I've got a powder that'll clear that right up.


"Dodd says he has "itch" for 2008 presidential bid." Associated Press 4 April, 2006.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a trip to CVS or Walgreen is in order...put some lotion on that itch

ctblogger said...

Can someone name a state (besides CT) that Dodd could win?

NY...don't think so.
NH...yeah, right.
VT...not a chance.
RI...maybe but come on, it's RI.

Kerry, Clinton, Feingold, Edwards, Richardson...Dodd doesn't stand a chance.

It's a no brainer.

ctblogger said...


Story hits the wires: 4:23 P.M.
LamontBLOG gets the first post: 5:25 P.M.
Genghis comes in second: 5:53 P.M.
CTBLOG hobbles in last: 6:13 P.M.

Not too bad.

tparty said...

ctblogger- Google news is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

TrueBlueCT said...

That Dodd fancies himself a "Presidential Possibility" goes to show that Dodd is just as out of touch as Lieberman. Hey Chris, come back to CT once in a while, and talk to us common folk! We'll straighten you out and help you stay grounded.

Speaking of out of touch, this Democrat finds it incredible that Dodd won't promise to support the eventual Dem nominee. If he cared a whit about the Party he would put Joe on notice that an Independent run would not be tolerated.

Anyway, our two Senators make a good case for term limits. :)

ctblogger said...


so true.

Anonymous said...

Dodds so out of touch he hasn't even been paying attention to his Junior Senate partner.Liebermans already endorsed "My good freind,John McCain."

Stick to the new hobby of making babies with woman half your age Mr. Dodd and let that young wifes firm,Klegg and Associates,keep raking in the dough for sharing your bed.

TrueBlueCT said...

yeah, I forgot about that. Both Joe and Dodd have bag-ladies for wives.

Hadassah is a lobbyist for that nefarious firm Hill & Knowlton, and Jackie Clegg is a consultant getting paid god knows what by who knows whom!

route 34 said...

Does anyone have anything positive to say about democrats on this blog anymore? I have problems with some of the things Dodd and Lieberman have done while in the Senate, but I am still happy to have them. I am happy to have both Senate seats filled with Dems.

Anonymous said...

dear route 34...then you keep them...both senators are gas bags that ought to be replaced....DODD is the next one to go..

Anonymous said...

dodd...was in the famous donut fight in the diner with kennedy while drunk....and was in a "sandwich" with 2 women.

its well known in his first campaign that the "dodd squad" with lithsome babes we used for his amusement.

also...his capaign manager and chief of staff were big big Rowland fundraisers and donors.

dodd gets paid off by the DC insiders by his wife ( consultant) being for hire.

the only reason he looks ok is because we have Lieberman here.

Anonymous said...

CT Dems are fairminded.

They hate Republican officeholders

They hate Democrat officeholders.

If you are too liberal to win, then you might be ok

Quinn said...

Well you can't have the Junior Senator upstaging you running for VP and the Presidential nomination, now can you.

*Crosses fingers and hopes Ted Kennedy will throw his hat in the ring*

Middletowner said...

I hear that, should Dodd be elected President, his first official act would be to establish a national strategic eyebrow reserve. But seriously folks, what is Dodd smoking? If he's lucky, he'll get to be Chairman of the Rules Committee, and if his health keeps up, he'll be President Pro Tem. No way in a million years can he win a Democratic primary.

AB said...

"ctblogger said...
Can someone name a state (besides CT) that Dodd could win?

NY...don't think so.
NH...yeah, right.
VT...not a chance.
RI...maybe but come on, it's RI.

Kerry, Clinton, Feingold, Edwards, Richardson...Dodd doesn't stand a chance.

It's a no brainer."

Huh....Kerry has no shot....zero. He didnt beat Bush last time, he is not all that like by the Democratic Party after his obvious failures the first time out and he would garner even fewer votes aginst a likely stronger GOP candidate than Bush.

As for Feingold, he just came out in support of Gay Marriage. That will be the kiss of death with most voters......The real contenders are Clinton (although I dont think she can win the general), Edwards, Warner and Bayh

Anonymous said...

Psst... I'd vote for Kerry before Clinton, Feingold, Edwards, Richardson or Bayh!

Statesman John Fake Kerry, despite his flaws, would have made an excellent President, you can't say that about any of the either four.

And Dodd? He's like a cross between Dukakis and Graham. Chris has got the eyebrows, and can bore anyone to death!

P.S. the only one mentioned worth considering is Warner. Sad but true.