Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Schlesinger Looks to Capitalize on Dem Discord

Alan Schlesinger declared his candidacy for the U.S. Senate yesterday, becoming the second Republican to do so. Jack Orchulli is reportedly also considering a run. Schlesinger's bid made the front page of the Courant today.

Schlesinger is banking on a three-way race between Lieberman, Lamont and himself, with Lamont and Liberman splitting the Democrats. He says he's inspired by the 1970 Senate race, in which Lowell Weicker defeated the conservative Tom Dodd and the liberal Joe Duffey.
"When Mr. Lamont hits Joe Lieberman from the left regarding his stands on foreign affairs and my candidacy hits him from the right on fiscal and budgetary matters," Schlesinger said, "I think he is going to be squeezed into a center which is center-left, and he will not have enough to maintain his Senate seat." (Keating)
I don't know if that's a plausible scenario... but in this race, anything could happen. Colin McEnroe and Paul Bass were talking on the radio yesterday about how this race was impossible to call, and they're right. A Schlesinger victory, while pretty farfetched, isn't out of the question if he plays his cards right.

Right now he's sort of doing that, although there are a few rough spots. Here are some of his positions, from his website:
Alan has a plan for a Guaranteed Social Security that would not allow the so-called "trust fund" to be diverted to other expenditures.
Alan advocates a Seasonal Employee Visa as a way of stemming the tide of Illegal Immigration into our country.
In addition, Alan's proposal would mandate English proficiency within 5 years. Any violation would lead to denied re-entry and the illegal immigrant would be subjected to felony criminal charges.
He plans to reinstitute the Sen. Proxmire "Golden Fleece Award" as a way of drawing attention to the wasteful pork-barrel spending that dominates both parties in Congress. His goal will be to eliminate the federal deficit by 2010.
Alan has remained steadfast in his determination to reform and bring fairness to the federal tax code. The elimination of the complexities and special interest tax loopholes are at the center of Alan's tax code reform goals. As an example, we need to change the absurdity of not allowing a deduction for net yearly capital losses of over $3,000 while allowing capital gains on residential real estate of up to $500,0000 to go completely untaxed! (Alan's Political Ideas)
Okay. Social Security and tax reform are pretty moderate, so far, which is good for him. The more moderate he seems, the more chance he'll have of picking up independent voters who have soured on Lieberman.

The defict hawk act leads to a lot of questions, such as whether he'd be willing to call his own party's leadership on their gross spending habits. His "Golden Fleece" award and pledge to fix the deficit makes him sound like a pre-1994 Republican instead of a member of a party which turned a budget surplus into a yawning black hole.

His position on immigration is close to President Bush's, except for the idea of requiring English language proficiency. A felony to not speak English within five years? Am I reading that right? That seems a little extreme.

Perhaps Schlesinger's biggest misreading of the public mood thus far, however, is this statement:
"I am one Republican who does not run away from the president," said Schlesinger, adding that he would welcome a chance to campaign in Connecticut with Bush.(Keating)

...I'm not so sure that's a good idea. But hey, it'll give all those protestors something to do in October.

Still, Alan Schlesinger is probably the most electable of the Republican candidates, and will probably be the nominee coming out of the convention next month. Better, he says he's going to sink $500,000 of his own money into the campaign.

He may be the best chance the Republicans have had to take a Senate seat since 1988. Not that that's saying much.


Keating, Christopher. "Inspired By A True Story." Hartford Courant 18 April, 2006.

"Alan's Political Ideas." Alan Schlesinger for Senate: http://www.schlesinger2006.com/index-3.html, 18 April, 2006.


pequod1021 said...

I'm quite doubful of Allen's chances in a general. He fails to mention his pathetic campaign for Congress in '98, as well as his disasterous campaign to reclaim the Mayor's seat in Derby.

He's a decent enough man, but his personality quirks and seemingly poor political instincts don't bode well.

MikeCT said...

Moderate? On Colin's WTIC show (mp3 audio), he was spinning the decades-old right-wing conspiracy theory denouncing Social Security as a "sham" and "Ponzi scheme." Colin later challenged his made-up Social Security numbers and dates. He also implied that the U.S. is making money off the Iraq war, so we need be fair and look at both the "expenditure" and "revenue" side of the war - it has an "economic positive effect."

In addition, Alan's proposal would mandate English proficiency within 5 years. Any violation would lead to denied re-entry and the illegal immigrant would be subjected to felony criminal charges.

Hmm. That could mean imprisoning a significant percentage of U.S. citizens, including more than a few American-born politicians and bloggers.

Alan needs to first introduce himself to his staff, who are apparently confusing him with Mr. Specter and calling him "Arlan" on his Web site (look at the top of your browser).

DeanFan84 said...

Any chance that Schlesinger is colluding with Lieberman? Do the two have any personal history.

The only argument that Liebercrats can make on his behalf is that if you don't vote for Joe, you might help elect a Republican.

My retort is that the three-way race will only happen if Joe actually carries through on his spiteful, selfish threat.

tparty said...

The only argument that Liebercrats can make on his behalf is that if you don't vote for Joe, you might help elect a Republican.

I just listened to Schelsinger's absolutely disasterous radio appearance on WTIC (thanks for the link, mikect).

To be blunt, I'm surprised this guy was ever elected to anything. His two main talking points were that the war in Iraq "in reality it has a lot of positive economic effects" and that Social Security is a "ponzi scheme."

Schelsinger is nothing to worry about.

IfThere'sGrassOnTheField... said...

Schlesinger might make JackO look pretty good.

Orchulli, at least, won't string enough sentences together to be incendiary.

BRubenstein said...

GC never mind whether Allen is " moderate or conservative..he sounds like an empty "suit" after listening to him om Colin's show.

IfThere'sGrassOnTheField... said...

Could Rell have been any more circumspect with her comments about A.S.? She might as well have put out a personal ad: Married White Governor seeks Decent Senate Candidate Who Won't Steal the Thunder From Me.

Wolcottboy said...
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Wolcottboy said...

Since when was war an economic venture! Colonialism?

The Currant seemed to emphasis the Republican's high hopes that "all we need is 34%".

Ah well.. if all candidates were equal, yes, that's all you need. Then again, if your 3rd place candidate (major party or independent) gets 10%, then you'll need 46% to win... big difference.

Wolcottboy said...

Is "loaning" so much money to your own campaign really a good idea- or an early sign of desparation?

If you have a few friends that can give you a few hundred dollars- and are a good money manager, presumably you can invest that into progressivly larger fundraisers and do well. Or do I have alot more to learn about campaigns?

Wolcottboy said...

After listening to the broadcast, he made it clear that war isn't an economic venture, simply trying to point out that some areas of the economy have been stimulated to make up even slightly for the billions spent.

However, for a first time out on a live interview, he sounds very motivated to put his feet in the water and make some new proposals. He's independent and a thinking man.

As we know, all of the Republican Senators from the northeast are much more independent from the national party. Some vote with Democrats almost as much as Republicans. That's where Schesinger seems to be trying to place himself - and in common sense ideas rather than fielding to the liberal end in hoping the numbers will work out in the end.

Its still early.

Patricia Rice said...

Schlesinger can win if the left wing Kooks continue to divide the Democratic party. I believe they will back and join the rewst of the party and support Senator Lieberman and move on to a big sweep in congress.

ctkeith said...

What Dem Discord?

Not one Dem has said they wouldn't support te eventual nominee of the Democratic Party.

We have had a rather Whiny Senator say he thinks he's bigger than the Democratic Party and a Failed Party Chair show herself not bright enough to keep her personal preferences to herself but other than those 2 I don't see any discord.

2indaPink said...

For those 'unenlightened' ones of us (myself included) who aren't familiar with the goings-on at state central, could someone fill us in one how we went from a relatively strong chair like Ed Marcus, then got the former senate majority leader/lt.gov. nominee George Jepsen (whom I feel was a pretty good chairman) and are now saddled with our current chairman who came out of obscurity and, by all accounts, should retreat there poste haste. I'm still not convinced she can speak, since I've never seen her on the news or heard her on the radio. All we ever hear from her is what her staff-written press releases say. With the state GOP in the toilet why haven't we been able to bank some money and make it a clean sweep this year?

goodbye said...

Schlesinger is boring so I didn't listen to the broadcast but if I understand Wolcott Boy there right,Schlesinger is using the old 'guns and butter' argument. Maybe, I'll give him consideration since I do like butter on my waffles.

goodbye said...

DiNardo, whose family has lots of money and connections in the greater Bridgeport area, was Diane Farrell's campaign manager in 2004 but I don't know much else about her.

2indaPink said...

Scott McClellan is resigning and Rove is giving up his policy duties. Story on AP now.

truth squad said...

third party, tahts exactly what dems said about jodi rell, nothing to worry about....

BRubenstein said...

Dear 2InThePink....

There have been recent court cases and statute changes making the state party chair and structure weaker I agree with that position)

It doesnt matter whether nancy dinardo is weak or strong..if the democrats win in november..she will get the credit and probably stay if she wants to..or if there is a loss..she will get the blame and she will go.

BRubenstein said...

Pat Rice...why are left wingers kooks? we probably are 1/3 of the party...if you drive us out ( and you appear to want to) then you will doom yourself to minority party status. You appear to not be very interested in diversity of opinion and thought. Tis a pity you are left with "name calling" instead of intelligent discourse.

ctkeith said...


Bush approval among Connecticut Dems is at 7% .Thats right 7% with a 91% disapproval rating.

Patricia White and Bush's Favorite Democrat,Joe Lieberman,are now the minority in the Dem party not the Anti Iraq War Throw the bums out Crowd that make up that 91%.

Bye,Bye Joementun!!

goodbye said...

There are left wing kooks just as there are right wing kooks but not all left wingers and right wingers are kooks.

The left wing kooks are the ones that think you can pull out of iraq overnight when it is logistically impossible and the right wing kooks are the ones that think the way to combat terrorism is to kill all the would be terrorists through some kind of racial or territory profiling.

Patricia Rice said...

Councilor, Diversity of opinion and thought? Save that for the bench, you’ve been in this game long enough to know that politics is partisan and it’s all about your people being elected over their people. The fact is the left wingers are going to destroy the CT Democrats and you appear to want to be a cheer leader behind people like McEnroe and Swan. I wonder how much you will enjoy that diversity and opinion when you have to call your State Senator and he is a Republican. Talk to me then about diversity of opinions and thought.

goodbye said...

There are also kooks who just want to win regardless of the issues.

DeanFan84 said...

Who are the 7% of Dems who still support Bush? Like Joe Lieberman, they are Dems In Name Only!

This left-wing kook doesn't want to pull out overnight, (all though I honestly believe Iraq is Humpty-Dumpty). But I do want to commit to a timely withdrawl as a signal to Muslim people everywhere.

And I also want some accountability from those who helped create the false linkage between Saddam and Al Qaeda as a lie to get us into this elective war.

BRubenstein said...

Dear Patricia RIce ( probably either Ken D or a Lieberman staffer)

First of all, im not convinced Lieberman will even stay around for a primary(Lamont is pickingup solid support each day) and secondly you cont call the shots as to who my senator will be...fortuneately i can.

As we wave goodbye to Joementum remember that YOU will have to call either Colin or Swann for a pass to the LOB garage.

DeanFan84 said...

Pat Rice--
If CT Dems have a bad year, it's for one reason only-- The Arrogance of Joe Lieberman.

This primary is indeed extraordinary. A three-term Senate incumbent, (& former V-P nominee), fighting for his political life? I don't think anything like this has ever happened before.

You want to credit this anomaly to us? Absolutely incredible that you think a handful of pesky bloggers can have that much clout!

The key ingredient in this is the Schmoe, himself. All politicians are ego-driven, but Joe is in uncharted territory.

Had Lieberman given his base ANYTHING in 2005, this primary probably wouldn't be happening. Then there are his meaningless FoxNews appearances, and his Wall Street Journal editorials. How on earth can Lieberman be such an idiot? He spat on us, not vice-versa.

While I'm glad both you and I want a strong Party, I've got to stress that the cat ain't going back into the bag. There will be a primary, and 30-40% of the Party will never vote for Joe again. That leaves just two options: 1) the Liebercrats kiss good-bye to their Sugar Daddy, or 2) we all suffer a fractured Party.

I PUT IT ALL ON YOU. What are you going to value more, basic principle and the hope of winning Congress, or Lieberman and the Cronycrat gravy train?

ctkeith said...

Poor Patricia,

All she has to sell if fear just like Bush's and Bush's favorite Democrat.
" Vote for Joe or the big bad Republican's going to win".LMAO.

Sorry old girl,WE AIN"T SCARED.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

I'm the last person in the world to give ctkeith or DF84 any credibility, but I was certainly struck by the tone of the latest "Message From the Chair" on the Connecticut Dems web site ... It mentions Courtney, Farrell and Murphy, with links to their sites, it mentions DeStefano and Malloy, with links to their sites ... but no mention of Lieberman or Lamont.

Verrrrrry interesting, as they used to say on "Laugh-In."

Wolcottboy said...

A Different Anonymous (no really!) -welcome back!

Red October- He was making a point during a disagreement over the cost of the war. Yes, it was a boring conversation and that point got carried out too long. Shouldn't have even been worth mentioning on here.

Kooks (left and right)- I got a forward yesterday saying that there's a move in the German parliament want to declare a national Muslim holiday to appease anti-Muslim / terrorist sentiment.
I'm happy that even most of our kooks aren't that vain

Rear_Admiral said...

CTK--what the heck does LMAO mean?

ctkeith said...

Rear admiral,

Laughing My ass off.

Brass Anon said...

Don't like Schlesinger. Never will.

Rear_Admiral said...

CTK--glad to know that you are almost always in such a good mood.