Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Q-Poll: Rell, Lieberman Still Strong

Challengers Remain Unknown

A new Quinnipiac University poll released today shows both Gov. Rell and Sen. Joe Lieberman with commanding leads over their mostly unknown rivals. In fact, nothing much has significantly changed since the last poll in February.

Senate Race

Joe Lieberman's favorability ratings may be the thing that the Lamont campaign and its supporters grab on to: it's really the only positive thing for them from this poll. When asked their opinion of Lieberman, 48% had a favorable opinion, down from 53% in February. His unfavorables are still pretty low, though, at 19%.

The poll found that Lamont, Streitz and Schlesinger were all pretty unknown, and that Lieberman, probably just on the basis of name recognition, would defeat them all by a large margin. In the Democratic primary matchup, Lieberman leads Lamont 65-19.

Lamont voters were asked whether their vote was more for Lamont, or against Lieberman. 77% said against Lieberman.

It's not all bad news for the Lamont campaign. Their candidate is still largely unknown, and a strong showing at the convention would help his name recognition immensely. Still, this poll, which doesn't show much movement at all in the Senate race from February and strong support among Democrats for an independent Lieberman bid (58%), may end up hurting Lamont in his quest for delegates.

Governor's Race

Jodi Rell has remained well-liked by Connecticut's registered voters: 77% approve of her, while only 11% disapprove. Her numbers are down a little since February, but not so much that she should start to worry.

Rell leads both of her Democratic opponents by extremely wide margins, who are still unknown out of their respective regions of the state.

Malloy is catching up to DeStefano in the race for the Democratic nomination: DeStefano's lead has been cut from 38-19 in February to 32-24. This and the results of an informal poll on this site suggest that the race will be close.


Name recognition continues to be a problem for challengers, but the spotlight of the convention and upcoming Democratic primaries should help to alleviate that problem somewhat.

Still, it seems that Connecticut voters aren't yet ready to get rid of either Rell or Lieberman. If this trend holds, November will be a cementing of the status quo.


Poll. Quinnipiac Poll--Connecticut. Conducted by Quinnipiac University April 25-30, 2006.


ctkeith said...

I'll stick with rasmussan on the Senate race.The guy in charge of the Q already said Liebeman has nothing to worry about and now has to prove himself correct.

I hope Liebermans campaign will give GC a copy of the mailer they sent Delegates.It's simply halarious in that it mentions how Lieberman fights against Bush" ,resisted every step Bush has Taken',"Slammed Bush","Condemned Bush"Twice,"Denounced Bush" and "Opposed Bush" but not a word about KISSING BUSH both literally and figuratively.

Genghis Conn said...

One thing we don't know about the Rasmussen poll was whether it was among registered voters or likely primary voters. Could make a difference.

Patricia Rice said...

Not surprised to see that Senator Lieberman is appreciated by the majority of people.

I do believe that Governor Smell and her pure as the driven snow image will be tarnished by November. It is getting increasingly more difficult for everyone to continually believe that classic line.."I know nothing".

I still say wait until the rest of the Rowland gang takes a fall for their contract steering. I don't think you will hear any Democrat names just more from the Rowland/Rell party.

ctkeith said...


Heres the rasmussan #s and tes it was Likely voters which makes it more worthyof consideration.

Rasmussen Reports. 4/27. Likely voters. 4.5 percent
margin of error. No trendlines.

Democratic Primary:

Lieberman (D) 51
Lamont (D) 31

Three-way race:

Lieberman 47
Lamont 20
Streitz 17

Chris Bowers posted these at MyDD.

Genghis Conn said...

Excellent, Keith, thanks! I'm more inclined to trust the Rasmussen numbers, then, too.

CTObserver said...

Why the three way with Streitz? I would think there's no way the
R's will let him run rather than Schlesinger.

Also, looking at the Q numbers, both JDS and DM's favorability numbers have been trending down. Any ideas why? To get to know them is to dislike them?

Wolcottboy said...

Sorry to interject- but how do I post a link? Is that what the "a" command is?

Genghis Conn said...

Click on "Help" in the menu at the top. There's a quick tutorial on how to do that there.

bluecoat said...

Jodi Smell's approval numbers are trending down too.

bluecoat said...

Here from today's New York Times is an interesting take on Governor smell and her budget deal. the analyst said said it was important for Mrs. Rell to hammer out an agreement with her Democratic colleagues rather than "look as though they can't get anything done in Hartford."

bluecoat said...

And from the CT Post on the budget columnist Ken Dixon and his editor give Governor Smell excellent cover with this quote from John McKinney who is looking for the LG nod: There was unusual agreement between Democrats and Republicans on the surplus and the spending side, McKinney said, adding the hallmark of the budget could be the $245 million targeted for the state teachers' retirement fund.

"Governor Rell set the tone of bipartisanship as our session began and the example of leadership," he said. "By extending her hand to the Legislature and the majority party, I think she set the tone for what is a very good budget resolution."

On the other hand The Norwalk Advocate
showed dissent from McKinney's Fairfield County Republican colleagues in the Senate. Welcome to election year politics.

BRubenstein said...

Lamont's numbers will go up once their ( presumably) multi-platform media startegy kicks in.Right now the roughly 30% would largely be the hard anti-war vote.Once the rest of the democrats understand that he isn't just a one issue candidate and like what he says about healthcare, et al..expect his numbers to go up even more.

bluecoat said...

And here's another budget article fromAP reporter Sue Haigh with adifferent quote from McKinney. He is the Governor Smell's L.G. pick. Put that together with the rumor that Jodi will run and resign and maybe the state can be saved from its spend and tax stupidity.

TrueBlueCT said...

Wow, I just saw Lieberman's mailer, and it is a complete LIE. Sean Smith wants to morph Joe into Howard Dean? lmao.

disgruntled_republican said...

Why is that Democrats feel the need to come up with clever names for all Republican politicians? Looking back, I have noticed this as a trend...and those I would consider Republicans really don;t do it at all...there must be something they are jealous of.

But since this is a post about Rell & Lieberman's popularity I guess I can see why you would be upset and have to play childish games.

Here's my take and I can't wait to hear the repsonse...
The Governor enjoys such high marks for 2 reasons. First, people genuinly like her. This is her biggest advantage as neither Dem candidate is really a likeable person. Next is that those who pay attention this early are being drawn to the Senate primary, not the gov. Regardless of anyone's beliefs, this will remain to be the trend until after the primary in August and at that point, to be frank, it is too late. So keep jabbing at "Joementum"...we republicans love it!!!

MikeCT said...

A few dozen women leaders from around the state have come out publicly to support Ned Lamont and oppose Joe Lieberman. They include some current or former elected officials, a former director of NARAL, women's advocates, and others. (Hat tip to Kim at My Left Nutmeg.

MikeCT said...

Also Joe has not bothered to fill out NOW's candidate questionnaire.