Saturday, May 27, 2006

Weekend Open Forum

It's a holiday weekend, so I'm not expecting many people to be around, or much to be going on.

Anything happening out there?


bluecoat said...

Weird weather out there so I'm inside for a bit. I sawRowland considering joining lecture circuit on the news last night. I beleive people can rehabilitate themselves but I am not sure Johnny is sincere about it.

MikeCT said...

The Chris Murphy campaign blog has some updates this week, and allows visitors to subscribe to the feed. A recent entry provides links to video of his Congressional convention (including CT Blogger's).

Another points out that the Cook Political Report joins the NY Times and the Washington Post in declaring Nancy Johnson to be at risk. Their recent news releases expose Johnson's tax budget votes and Medicare games.

Speaking of campaign videos, you can watch archived videos of the various Congressional and statewide conventions on the CT Network site. (Look for the "paged results" at the bottom to see all the videos.) They also have some news conferences.

The 2nd CD Watch has gone out of business (oddly, he didn't even leave behind the archive - what the heck?). That leaves Shays Watch as the only Congressional watch site that is still updated.

MikeCT said...

Obscure candidate of the week

Fairfield County residents scouring for an alternative to Chris Shays and Diane Farrell might have been content with the cryptic ramblings of Stephen Miller. Fortunately, since the district is rich in both money and candidates, they can also turn to Ray Maymin. This Libertarian is a mathematician who is currently attending a correspondence law school.

His home page highlights his positions. Most prominent among them:"Taxes are stealing.... I will always vote to cut any and all taxes." His bio reveals the origins of his sophisticated fiscal philosophy:
When my mom drove me to school, we would go past a huge, fenced IRS building and each time she would mutter “bloodsuckers” under her breath.

Recounting his academic and work history, he hints at the kind of plain-talking and folksy appeal he'll offer to voters:
I grew fascinated with quantum computation and wrote two preprints on a possible theoretical basis for quantum programming languages, and proved they are at least as powerful as any quantum computer would eventually be, and possibly even more so.

Maymin is curiously unafraid to boast of his work at Long Term Capital Management, a notorious hedge fund that famously collapsed in 1998 and lost over 90% of its investors' capital — 4.4 billion dollars. (Would you trust this man with a federal budget?)

If he can't inspire a grassroots army, he'll try to purchase one. Maymin is urgently seeking political mercenaries to gather petition signatures:
You can earn $10-25 an hour. We pay you $1 per signature. .... You should be able to collect about 10-25 signatures per hour.
Hey, $25 per hour (at one signature every 2.4 minutes) translates to $52,000 a year! Sign me up!

Maymin even had a small film role in "Starving Artists," an "apocalyptic musical comedy."

An interest in film seems to run in the family. His site includes a link to Publicani, a proposed "Libertarian film" that his father is trying to finance and create. The proposal is for an "Action/Adventure/Thriller/Drama/Science Fiction" movie that will be:
As chilling as "Enemy of the State", as poignant as "Fiddler on the Roof", as irrepressible as "Pulp Fiction", as erotic as "Eyes Wide Shut", as purposeful as "Bourne Identity", and like all of them, "Publicani" is about freedom.

We can only hope the campaign will be as action-packed.

bluecoat said...

Here's what one Stamford resident thinks of the affordable housing and economic development programs in Malloy's cityt

cgg said...

Rowland on the lecture circuit? You've got to be kidding me.

I saw this article about pro-life license plates yesterday. It's not an election issue yet, but it has the potential to become one.

bluecoat said...

Here's the full text from today's advocate since they don't archive letters to the editor.

To the editor:

The Stamford Planning Board's rubber stamp approval of the Trump Parc tower project is yet another example of this city's cracker-barrel legislation.

I relocated to this wonderful city 20 years ago, coming from Manhattan's Upper West Side, an area highly desirable for building development. While living there, I was a member of the Community Board and sat on the Zoning and Planning Committee for many years. I am very aware of reasonable and fair development that adds value to the community, and this project certainly does not qualify as such.

In New York City, we always addressed the environmental and community impact of any project, even in the rare case of a building that was planned and already conformed to regulations.

In Stamford, we can't just keep approving further development in any part of this town without considering the impact to uniformed services (fire, police), water supply, electric power and other health and safety issues. The thought than this massive building (taller that One Landmark Square) will be a signature to the downtown district is far from reality.

The only signature I see here is that of the Trump name. To bring more business to the downtown shops and restaurants, there are other considerations, such as attractions to encourage walking in the area and visiting shops that stay open later.

While I commend those who volunteer their time and services to serve on these boards, I believe that they should take a more serious attitude toward the community at large and not just special interests. When this type of posture is taken, everyone, including the developer and the city's residents, will benefit.

To those board members who are not concerned and have not done their "homework," all I can say -- in the words of "The Donald" -- is "you're fired!"

Bernard Simpkin


Weicker Liker said...

There has been zero play in the local press or blogs about Miriam Masullo deciding to force a Primary against Scott MacLean, who was endorsed in the 1st CD.

Masullo told the Hartford Courant she would not primary, as she believed in party unity.

However, at Noontime on the last day to file, she changed her mind.

One wonders if Dr.Masullo is a person of her word.

Scott MacLean is the only Republican that can beat John Larson.

Masullo got clobbered four years ago as the endorsed candidate against Phil Steele in a Primary in 2002. Why would she do any better as a challenger this year?

MightyMouse1 said...

The biggest problem with the Murphy campaign is that it (HE) is uninspiring. He is a little too young, a little too ambitious and tough to relate to a wealthy single limosine liberal in this district. That being said, the alternative is pretty awful!

ALittleBitDramatic said...

Over at the Family Institute of Connecticut Blog (, Peter Wolfgang is taking issue with The Nutmeg Grater's "Trainspotting" reference in a post about the "Choose Life" license plates. I admit that speech often does come to my mind when I see a "choose life" bumper sticker or whatever.

Wolfgang is saying that the quote "gives you a sense of the mentality of some of our opponents". I don't get it. The movie is about a guy trying to overcome his heroin addiction. Is he saying pro-choice people are heroin addicts? I don't understaaaand.

Rell is going down said...

Is anyone else embarrassed that CT is going to be the first state to institute a 'mercy rule' in high school football. If a team wins by more than 50 points, the coach can be suspended. It's not really politics, but I wanted to see what other people thought about it.

cgg said...

I wonder if Nutmegrater knows that her blog has been deemed a part of the "pro-abortion" establishment.

Paul Vance said...

Funny that Rell is GD posted about the mercy rule. I have coached girl's HS basketball for Crosby HS for the last 5 years and needless to say, we have had great girls who were not really basketball players. I don't know that sportmanship can be legislated any more than morality or class can be legislated. That being said, I remember who "ran it up" on my kids. I think referees can even it out a bit when a coach is being a bit over the top.

Paul Vance said...

I have been proudest that even though our teams have a pretty poor won-loss record, we have most of our kids going on to college. One of our little-used subs recieved a full scholarship to Cornell for her academics. (I only hope that a kid like that comes back to CT when she graduates!!)

Brassett said...

Underestimate Chris Murphy at your peril.

HealthcareNOW said...
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HealthcareNOW said...

Wanted to let people know (if you haven't heard yet) that NOW (National Org. for Women), Democracy for America and have all officially endorsed Ned Lamont for Senate.

That's three HUGE national, prominent liberal advocacy groups. If Lamont gets his hands on labor and a couple more of these national organizations' endorsements under his belt, he'll look even MORE legit than he is now.

I got bored, I made this, enjoy, or make fun of it:

Chris MC said...

On this Memorial Day weekend, let's remember what Memorial Day commemorates, and pray especially for the success of Connecticut's Marines deployed in Fallujah

BRubenstein said...

Healthcare Now;

Lamont is a legit candidate...the task for him is to get the unions and connecticut groups who form the base of the party to endorse him.This is looking more likely with each passing day.

ctkeith said...

Chris McC,

Don't you find it funny how last weekend the entire Democratic Leadership was so willing to make believe their wasn't a war going on for the Benefit of Joe Lieberman and yet they'll all be looking for a spot in a Memorial Day Parade for that Photo-op this weekend.

When are the sons of the Line A boys Signing up for Joe Lieberman and the DLCs War?

HealthcareNOW said...
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HealthcareNOW said...


I definitely agree with you that Lamont is a legit candidate. It doesn't hurt him that he's on the second line with DeStefano, that'll get him some labor votes especially now that DeStefano's not the party-endorsed candidate either.

Labor always love a bit of an insurgency.

GMR said...

There was another major power outage in Stamford yesterday (Greenwich was also affected) And there was no major weather: no rain, or extreme heat or cold.

Stamford seems to have had several major outages in the past year or so. Are these just coincidences, or is the electrical infrastructure in Stamford quite old and overtaxed?

Chris MC said...

Shame on you Keith.

TrueBlueCT said...

Try to shove it under the rug ChrisMc... We all know that you, like Joe Lieberman, have never been "over there".

Honestly, somebody ought to be hled responsible for the Iraq Debacle. 10,000 American families wrecked by this idiotic war, and we can't even hold our Dem leadership to account?

For the record, the DLC's Marshall Wittman is an ex-Christian Coalition, ex-McCain guy. And Will Marshall was a PNAC signatory.

I'd be a lot more comfortable with Dan Malloy, if he wasn't such a willing part of the Neo-Con cabal. They are all about corporate profits over everything else.

As an American, I have to argue that I don't want the World War IV that the Neo-Cons have been pushing for. Respectfully, I can imagine a much better future.

Chris MC said...

Trueblue -
Shame on you, too, for insisting on exploiting the war for political purposes.

And, as usual, you don't know what you are talking about. I have family and friends "over there".

ctkeith said...


Funny how you never called Lieberman for "Exploiting the war for Political purposes"

You Seem to have crawled into that same "Spiderhole of Deniability" Lieberman has been occupying for a long time now.

Your little cabal cheated their way to LineA.


TrueBlueCT said...

Lieberman walks Waterbury parade route with Nancy Johnson by his side! Picture here.

Why is Chris Murphy kissing Joe's ring when Lieberman does this sort of two-timing crap? It just goes to show how much Lieberman really cares about winning our Congressional races.

Murphy, Farrell, Courtney, --Can you hear me?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

MightyMouse1 said:
The biggest problem with the Murphy campaign is that it (HE) is uninspiring. He is a little too young, a little too ambitious and tough to relate to a wealthy single limosine liberal in this district.

Call around; know any Wolcott or Southington Dems?

Ask them about Murphy.

It'll shock you how fast you'll feel fine voting for Nancy.

MightyMouse1 said...

Cheshire loves him, but I have found in talking to the Wolcott and Waterbury delegates that Murphy only comes around when he needs something.

Derby Conservative said...

TrueBlue said:
Lieberman walks Waterbury parade route with Nancy Johnson by his side!

TB, there's nothing out of the ordinary with this. At the Derby-Shelton Parade, Dem Rep. Linda Gentile walked the parade route with Alan Schlesinger and GOP Mayor Tony Staffieri. They may be on opposite teams, but they still have to work together. Besides, it's not like Joe was kissing Nancy or anything...

Derby Conservative said...

Also, there's actually an opponent running against Rosa...Joseph Vollano. His website is

TrueBlueCT said...

um, Derby, when Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to take back the House of Representatives, it's a heck of an affront.

Most people watching the parade would see it as a tacit endorsement by Joe of Nancy Johnson. But of course that's SOP for the man of integrity whose underlying message is Sean Hannity=good, Michael Moore=bad.

Derby Conservative said...

TB, you need to lay off the Kool-ade and not read so much into every move that the man makes...and FYI, I don't like him either although I suspect for different reasons than you.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

TrueBlueCT said:

Most people watching the parade would see it as a tacit endorsement by Joe of Nancy

Not a chance.

It does sound like Nancy went out of her way to make Joe look good however.

CTYK said...

And - of course - Weicker Liker now wants Larson beat... You are making a great case for why the delegates pulled Masullo in at the last minute and why they forced the primary at the last minute, they found out more about MacLean and they learned from you who can really beat Larson.

CTYK said...

And - of course - Weicker Liker wants Larson beat... You are making a great case for why the delegates pulled Masullo in at the last minute and why they forced the primary at the last minute, they found out more about MacLean and they learned from you who can really beat Larson.