Thursday, May 25, 2006

Robert Giaimo (1919-2006)

Former U.S. Representative Robert Giaimo, who represented the 3rd District in Congress from 1959-1981, died yesterday at 86. From the AP article:
Giaimo's work in Congress included co-sponsoring a bill that created the National Endowment of the Arts and Humanities. He also worked to eliminate the loyalty oath in the National Defense Education Act, and to include the old New Haven Railroad in the Penn Central merger. (AP)


"Former U.S. Rep. Giaimo Dies." Associated Press 25 May, 2006.

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BRubenstein said...

I got to Know Robert Giaimo in the 70's as he was moving up the ladder in Congress on his way to heading powerful committees.He was a powerhouse in Congress and was tight with the New Haven Town Chair, Artur Barbieri and the DNC committeman john Golden.I believe that Giamo also chaired the powerful budget committee in Congress.This man got alot "done" as recorded in the linked news articles and would be a good role model for anyone seeking to go to congress and becoming " someone to see"

When he was in power and was sort of a mentor to Dodd.He was moderate in his politics..leaning liberal...and was affable to very young activists with an attitude like me.