Monday, May 08, 2006

Campaign Briefs

Rep. Hank Bielawa (R-Redding) is retiring. He won his seat by 87 votes in 2004. This seat is very much up for grabs, one of the few open seats that's going to be truly competitive.

Also, it looks like former Democrat Frank Lecce, who is the only Republican running for treasurer so far, may soon find himself off the ticket. East Windsor First Selectwoman Linda Roberts may be the Republicans' choice, according to the Journal-Inquirer.

Lastly, Democrats are having a hard time finding candidates in Greenwich. Anybody?

Update Check out this story, posted over at Connecticut Bob, of Sen. Lieberman's handling of someone who isn't fond of him. The pictures chosen aren't meant to show him in a particularly good light (Bob's not a fan, either), but the body language, as Bob says, really does speak volumes. Wow.

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Here is an idea, maybe Lamont should try again for the G.A. before he runs for Senate!

MikeCT said...

Listen in to hear The Young Turks interview Chris Murphy on Tuesday at 7 pm online and on the Siruis satellite network.

The Connecticutian has the first part of her summary of an interview with West Hartford state rep candidate Beth Bye.

Sherri Vogt, Democratic state rep candidate in the northeast corner, has her Web site up.

Mike DeRosa is running for Secretary of State as a Green. Could only be better than Susan Bysiewicz, whom I cannot vote for. (Whatever happened to Richard Abbate?)

William Tong has announced his challenge for state rep in Stamford.

Poor Joe can't catch a break and is accosted by a former supporter on CNN during one of his diner stops. Local bloggers also make the news in this story. Even Republican opposition to CIA nominee Mike Hayden can't break Lieberman's loyalty to the President. said...

Take a look at Tong's campaign finance report. It is very very impressive. He raised 33K last quarter!

I was looking at Democracy for CT candidate page against the Sec. of State site. People like Kim Fawcett and Dave Mooney have done very well with early fundraising.

Chris MC said...

State Legislators who championed the Healthy Schools Initiative (the soda bill) are justified in their belief that we can do better by the kids in our public schools.

The Waterbury Republican-American, no liberal rag, has this piece today, a case study in just how sensible this is.

Like many schools around the country, Shepaug is making a conscious effort to curb obesity, replacing junk foods and sugary treats with fresh salads, wraps and fruit, and offering better-tasting, more nutritious meals. [...]

Shepaug's sales have tripled, reaching almost $2,000 a day, since they started making wraps and changed recipes this winter. A regular lunch is $1.75, sandwiches and wraps are $1.50 and entrees are $1.25. They began by making about 10 wraps a day, are now up to about 80, and sell out every day.

That sound you hear is students voting with their feet.

Genghis Conn said...

Abbate's still kicking around out there, although he hasn't been too active from what I can see.

DeRosa's a serial candidate with a radio show who annoys the hell out of me. I'll pass. Frankly, I was pretty excited about all of the talented candidates who were vying to replace her last year, before she dropped out of the gubernatorial race. John Nussbaum, in particular, impressed me, although Andrew Fleischmann, Audrey Blondin or Evelyn Mantilla would have done a good job, too. I don't know a thing about Norma Rodriguez Reyes.

Oh, and more on the Lieberman vs. Voter thing over at CT Bob.

MikeCT said...

Speak of the devil - Richard Abbate has just announced for Secretary of the State. I know a couple progressive Dems who work on voting and democracy issues who like him and are interested in helping him out, mostly because they are so fed up with Bysiewicz, who is incompetent, obnoxious, obstinate, and simply uninterested in doing her job.

Mike DeRosa, who has run for State Senate and has a radio show on WWUH and WHUS FM, seems like a progressive and well-meaning guy, even if his announcing style is a little eccentric.

I think that next to Rodriguez Reyes, Nussbaum was the least qualified and least articulate candidate.

ALittleBitDramatic said...

Why the heck is Bielawa retiring? He only just got elected in 2002!