Friday, May 19, 2006

2006 Democratic Convention: Friday

Nancy DiNardo is welcoming the delegates to the convention... Man, I'm far away.

DiNardo is giving quite the speech... but there's too much noise and commotion for me to really hear very well. The focus of the speech seems to be that "It's our turn" now, meaning the Democrats' time.

To Rell: "Isn't it about time you took responsibility for something--anything?"

Update 6:30

Eddie Perez is giving the the opening address. I still am having trouble hearing him. I am next to a large pillar with signs on it...

Update 6:35

Town delegations that have not done so are electing chairs and recording secretaries. It could take a while.

Oh, and the Hartford delegation was seated. We'll see if that matters tomorrow.

Update 6:41

I just looked around and realized that I was surrounded by a forest of Lieberman signs. They're planning a big show of support for him.

An odd rule about "demonstrations" on behalf of a candidate says: "The participants in a demonstration shall be limited to the delegates and a uniformed band." Like a marching band? I really hope someone has one of those.

I'm sitting so far away because I have a "Guest" pass and not a "Media" pass. I can't get on the floor, but have to stay in the very back of the hall. I can see, sort of.

Senate nomination's getting started.

Update 6:45

Max Medina and the Rev. Allie Perry are placing Lamont's name in nomination. The nomination of Ned Lamont is bringing some cheers...

The speech is an introduction to Lamont and what Lamont believes... some very clear things like a woman's right to choose and universal health care. Iraq came up early.

And there goes his mike.

Update 6:48

The speaker's mike is back on.

No real attacks on Lieberman in this speech.

Nominating Lamont is a "message to America" and the Bush administration in particular. Change.

Update 6:51

Lamont is being compared by the speaker to Abe Ribicoff in Chicago 1968, "Because Ned Lamont knows America is on the wrong path."

Update 6:52

"COnnecticut needs not just one but two senators who will stand up and say 'This war must end."

He's asking delegates to vote their consciences, and "not to be bullied".

The end of the speech brought a lot of cheers and chants of "Ned, Ned, Ned."

15% is looking more likely.

Here comes Annie Lamont.

Update 6:54

People are talking over Annie Lamont's introduction to Ned (this is the seconding speech)which is too bad.

Update 6:58

The nomination of Lamont is complete. There seems to be a quick break...

Update 7:01

Here comes Chris Dodd to place Joe Lieberman's name in nomination.

Update 7:04

Nice of Dodd to give a nod to Lamont.

Scattered boos but lots of applause for Lieberman's nomination. Nothing really more than lukewarm.

Update 7:08

Dodd sounds hoarse. But he's just as strong and fiery as ever. I'm seeing a guy with a sign saying that labor "calls Joe a friend."

Update 7:11

Dodd is encouraging delegates to "Stand up for Lieberman." A lot did, but not all.

Also, there are dueling chants of "We Want Joe" and "Joe Must Go!"

Update 7:17

John Fabrizi is speaking now. Lieberman supporters all seem pretty confident. Someone near me said that "Lamont has 15 votes."

There are Lieberman volunteers near me with thunder-stix.

We may disagree on the war, but we have to support the troops? Wait, what?

Update 7:20

Fabrizi said that this election is "about Connecticut, and Joe Lieberman has consistently delivered for Connecticut."

Update 7:23

Fabrizi is done. Voting soon.

New Thread for Vote: See there!


turfgrrl said...

GC --

The rules committee should have something to say about the Hartford delegation.

hartford_for_lamont said...

"The end of the speech brought a lot of cheers and chants of "Ned, Ned, Ned."

15% is looking more likely."


I am listening to the CT-N webcast of dodd talking right now; I just heard multiple loud chants of "BRING THEM HOME" while dodd was speaking -

I am disappointed that the CT-N channel on cable tv is not covering the convention; what in the he** is wrong with CT-N?

smalltowngirl said...

By state rules it is the credentials committee and not the rules committee that seats delegates. They were the first to give their report - since GC said they were seated guess everything is ok - right GC?