Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Full Day Open Forum

Lots going on.

Lisa Moody testified at the hearings concerning the Marco Polo fundraiser, and apologized profusely for her actions. I have a feeling that everyone has lost interest in this story due to the pre-convention madness. So back under the rug it goes! All is forgotten forgiven.

Colin McEnroe isn't impressed with the monochromatic GOP ticket.

What else is happening?


TrueBlueCT said...

Jodi Rell-- Miss Popularity & CT's Best Governor, ever!

Phooey to those that ask questions. Such as:

Who'll solve our transportation woes? (Jodi won't.)

Who'll bring us property tax reform? (Jodi won't.)

Who'll change the culture of corruption? (Jodi hasn't.)

Who'll make us anything but last in job growth? (Jodi can't.)

There is no way that any reality-based candidate can beat Grandmother Rell. No way in hell.

mod.dem.like.jfk said...

Ah Truelue, you are as positive as Dean Fan.

Let's not discount that its still six months out and it won't be hard to find a picture of Rell with Bush and Rell with Rowland.

Lets get a candidate Friday see if we can avoid a gov. primary and see if we can start knocking off those poll numbers.

MikeCT said...

The Republican American covers Chris Murphy's Congressional convention, which took place last night. He's looking for help with mailings this weekend, according to his home page.

Matthew Gertz and the Courant editorial board expose Nancy's flip-flop on penalties for elderly people who have not yet signed up for Medicare Part D - she was for the penalties a few days ago, and against them yesterday. She is still against extending the deadline. Most comically, she now says seniors are failing to sign up not because of the confusing nature of the program, but because Democratic critics who want to improve the mess she made are "scaring" them. This is one pathetic woman.

As Murphy says,
"Where was she six months ago when senior groups and advocates were asking for the penalty to be removed? We have been advocating for Congress to remove this penalty for months," Murphy said. "To finally come around on the penalty issue 48 hours before the penalty starts is a very curious move on her part."

TrueBlueCT said...

You really think a Gubernatorial primary is avoidable? I don't see either Malloy or DeStefano backing down, what with their war-chests and things being so darn close.

Does anyone know. What happens to the money if one of these guys drops out? Would they get to keep it for another election?

Plus anyone want to start a pool as to who will get what percentage of the vote? Genghis, how about a separate thread for predictions?

mod.dem.like.jfk said...

I love the poll idea, I'm in.

And no, no way anyone backs down. Frankly if its as close as I think, it will be, then it probably should go to a primary for the voters to decide.

My "picks"

Bysewicz 99.9% Norma .1
Lieberman 75% Lamont 25%
Malloy 50.1% Destefano 49.9%

MikeCT said...

Lieberman tries to respond to Lamont with an endorsement from the Human Rights Campaign PAC, a gay rights group. A sad and hypocritical statement from this group, which professes support of marriage equality yet endorses Lieberman, who supported the notorious and misnamed "Defense of Marriage Act," aimed at stigmatizing gay Americans.

Here's what the HRC said about DOMA then:

The Senate's passage of the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act is nothing more than election-year gay bashing and is destined to be undone, the Human Rights Campaign asserted today. "The Human Rights Campaign is appalled over the passage of the Defense of Marriage Act," said Elizabeth Birch, executive director of HRC, the largest national lesbian and gay political organization. "Denying lesbians and gay men equal marriage rights will not stand. HRC vows to continue to fight this legislatively and in our country's courts of law and public opinion."

Joe's anti-gay record doesn't end there:
He told the New Haven Advocate that “homosexuality is wrong,” joined with notorious homo-hater Jesse Helms in voting to take away federal funding from schools that counsel suicidal gay teens that it’s okay to be gay. On gays in the military, Lieberman has enunciated the now-discredited canard that “homosexual conduct can harm unit cohesion and effectiveness.” (Tell that to the dozens of countries, from England to Israel, that permit openly gay troops in their armed forces.)

In fact, Lieberman worked with Georgia’s Sam Nunn to fashion the destructive “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which resulted in escalating expulsions of gays from the military every year after it took effect. Its Catch-22 provisions have directly stimulated a rising wave of violent gay bashing and harassment in the military because victims can’t complain without “telling.”

How quickly and conveniently HRC forgets. CT activists do not suffer these delusions - Anne Stanback, Director of Love Makes a Family, is in Lamont's camp.

CTOctaneBlue said...

While it has been proposed that Malloy/DeStefano will go about 50/50 at the convention, I think JDS will actually win by at least 10-15 percent. DeStefano has a huge majority of the labor support, and that will definitely come into play at the convention. With the AFL-CIO votes a virtual lock for DeStefano, Malloy may ultimately choose to drop out of the race and hope that Rell wins, which would position him for a strong gov run in 2010. I know that I've been talking up Audrey Blondin a lot over the past few days, but I really think she alone could make a difference for DeStefano at the convention if she is his LG choice.

I agree that Lieberman/Lamont will go about 75/25- Lamont may have the right ideology for the Dems, but there is no way that Lieberman will ever lose in a statewide campaign. Still, I think Lamont brought a lot of good issues to this race.

Union Guy said...

The CT AFL-CIO Executive Board endorsed DeStefano today. This means he has gotten the 66% support he needs to go before the AFL-Convention in June and get the delegate endorsement. This means DeStefano has the troops that challengers in primaries usually have to use if they are going to pull off an upset win. What do you suppose Dannel's fall back plan is if he does not win the convention- he now has less bodies, less money, and seemingly less delegates. ot a promising position to be in

Union Gal said...

Union executives are behind DeStefano, it doesn't mean the rest of us are. I don't support support the guy, never have when he's run for mayor, never will. There are many more like me, and we're working for Malloy or sitting this out for now. Our unions can't tell us how to vote --on the floor of the convention or most certainly, in the voting booth on 8/8. I say, its still up in the air as far as the convention goes, regardles of what the unions do or don't do between now and then.

Progressive Patriot said...

I agree with CTOctaneBlue....

"I know that I've been talking up Audrey Blondin a lot over the past few days, but I really think she alone could make a difference for DeStefano at the convention if she is his LG choice".

You better believe it she has had 30 years of being on the Connecticut political scene, whether you like her or not she has paid her dues and knows whole town committees of people all over Connecticut through her many years on DSCC and has made a name for herself, running for SOTS. I think John Destefano has the right vision that is needed for Connecticut and I think that he has a great vision for the Democratic Party as its next leader, He knows that our party needs to have a women on the gubernatorial ticket to win. I think its about time for another women to be on the ticket, are we not the party of choice, equal pay for women, maternal medical leave and a whole host of other issues.

Many Litchfield county Delegates are uncommitted and there have been discussions that many delegates will swing to John if Audrey is on the ticket. The smaller towns in Litchfield County need a voice like Audrey Blondin, who comes from Litchfield. Litchfield as well as many small towns still have referendums on schools and their local budgets, she understands them. They don’t like big city mayors telling them what to do. It's time to make a choice the same old status quo or a new and different type of leadership for the State of Connecticut!!!

TrueBlueCT said...

Lieberman 82%, Lamont 18%
I know. I know. But you've got to look at who these delegates are, and who is buttering their bread. In August, in the privacy of the voting booth, I feel certain Lamont will get over half of the delegate vote. If you're in the know, you know that Joe stinks! But 1 out of 6, or even 1 out of 5 party insiders breaking ranks with Lieberman is equivalent to a real earthquake. I can hardly believe that signatures might not be needed.

DeStefano 52%, Malloy 48%.
This endorsement is still in play, but Malloy is looking the more desperate going in, so I'm putting my money on DeStefano. One of my questions is if JDS would consider pulling out if Malloy pulled off an upset? (I hope he wouldn't.) Something tells me the media won't be kind to DeStefano if he loses on Saturday.

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer said...

An open letter to Connecticut's Democrats:

Dear Fellow Democrat:

Thank you so much for being such a strong Democrat and for working tirelessly to help our party take back the Congress. A key part of reaching that goal is re-electing my colleague and your Senator, Joe Lieberman.

I know that this U.S. Senate race is a contentious one because of the war in Iraq, and I understand that. But we cannot let this issue divide us. If there were ever a time for us to unite around our Democratic incumbents, it is now. The stakes couldn't be higher.

While Joe and I voted differently on whether to authorize the President to go to war, we stand together in faulting the Administration's handling of the conflict and in believing that 2006 must be a year of real transition. Moreover, we have worked side by side for years on so many other issues, including two that are central to why I came to the Senate: women's equality and a healthy environment.

Joe has been a powerful and consistent voice for a woman's right to choose, family and medical leave, pay equity, child support enforcement, stem cell research, and measures to combat violence against women.

And it's the same with the environment. As Joe's colleague on the Environment and Public Works Committee, I have seen firsthand Joe Lieberman's tireless commitment to protecting our air, water, land, and other precious resources.

Right now, we are teaming up to defeat a high-level Bush appointee whose record on the environment is dismal. Holding up appointees of this Administration has consequences, so I am very gratful to Joe for being right there with me.

But then again, whenever President Bush has tried to gut the Clean Air Act, roll back pollution standards for industrial plants, or drill in the Arctic, we can count on Joe to stand up and fight back. We can count on him to do everything in his power to clean up the Long Island Sound. And we can count on him to work to dramatically increase the number of fuel-efficient cars and combat global warming.

I truly believe that this election is a watershed moment. The GOP cannot run from their record of dangerous incompetence and misplaced priorities. The Democrats are making it clear that our country can do better at home and abroad. And the American people agree.

If we are going to seize this moment, not squander it, we must focus on the vast number of differences we have with our Republican opponents. While you may not agree with Joe on everthing, he is truly a leader on women's rights, the environment, education, health care and so many other issues that concern our families and define our party.

We need to coalesce around Joe Lieberman now and send a message that Democrats are united. In this election cycle, you have a power I don't - a vote at the Connecticut State Democratic convention. I hope you will use it to support our friend, Joe Lieberman.

Warm regards,

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer

secondcongressional said...
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secondcongressional said...

Good news! After a brief hiatus, the Second Congressional District Watch is back. Check it out, with today's post about the 2CD Convention

bluecoat said...

Barbara, it's not good to mislead the people of this blog. While you voted for the non-binding resolution along with 76 other US Senators, some of whom were obviously Republicans like John warner of VA., declaring that 2006 needs to be a year of significant change in Iraq and asking the Bush administration to take heed, Joe did not join in that yes vote.