Friday, May 19, 2006

Convention Senate Vote

There will now be a roll call vote. I'm going to try to keep up with it. Keep reloading.

Lamont's at about 27%... a long time to go.

Lamont at 28%. 260-103. Granby and Windsor went heavily for Lamont. Now on to the second congressional district.

Lamont at 30%...

Lamont is really doing well in the small towns.

Lamont at 33%. Wow.

This has the makings of an earthquake. Still at 34%. 3rd CD coming up.

The 3rd CD is dragging Lamont's numbers down a little... larger towns are going to Lieberman.

Lamont down to 30%.

4th CD up. The cities are killing Lamont. Bridgeport 55-6 Lieberman.

Down to 30%, but Fairfield went for Lamont. Greenwich 30-19 Lieberman.

Norwalk 148 nfor Lamont. 32%.

Stamford 37-13 Lieberman. 31.7%.

4th District done. Lamont now has 31% of delegates who have voted, according to my count. 875-396 Lieberman right now.

New Britain for Lamont 24-7. 32%.


All right. That's it. Lamont got over 30%. Unofficial count has Lamont at a little over 33%, although that is probably incorrect by a digit or two. This is just the running count I've been keeping.

If it holds up, it's what Lamont needed for a primary and more. Double, in fact.

Impressive showing by Lamont. Much better than I thought he'd do.


Dave Mooney said...

I've got a spreadsheet going while watching the CT-N stream. Joe's at around 75%, Ned 25% as the 1st CD is wrapping up.

Dave Mooney said...

I missed Weathersfield. What was their split?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Thank you Connecticut Democrats and congratulations to the next U.S. Senator from CT; Alan Schlesinger.


zennurse said...

congratulations to you all from a neighbor in MA. great to read you and share these amazing results. Ned is the real deal; I am a regular at firedoglake and we are all rooting for you.

Dave Mooney said...

Lamont earned enough for ballot access mid-way through the 3rd.

MikeCT said...

For those at home or elsewhere in the country, convention is live on the CT Network - see Live 2 stream.

MikeCT said...

What's up with all the absent votes? Is that another way of not voting, or did all those people not show up? People who don't want to commit to either one?

MikeCT said...

CT Blue has breakdown for 1st and 2nd CD towns. Presumably first number is Lamont.

turfgrrl said...

What on earth happened to the Norwalk delegation? 22 out of 35? Doesn't the chair, know how to run a delegation? I hope they do better tomorrow.

ctblogger said...


Couldn't find you. Hopefully you'll be here tomorrow.

I was sitting next to the cameras...

Genghis Conn said...

I saw you, CTBlogger--how did you manage that?

I was sitting next to a pillar in the guest area.