Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Republican Blockade

The hearings investigating the Marco Polo fundraiser have commenced, and the Republicans appear to be laying their bodies across the tracks to hold them up.
The first day of legislative hearings into events surrounding a campaign fundraiser for Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell produced few facts and got bogged down Wednesday by protests from the GOP, which claimed the process was unfairly partisan and unnecessary.

"I still do not know why we're here and doing this now," said Rep. Livvy Floren, R-Greenwich, the ranking Republican on the legislature's Government Administration and Elections Committee.
[Rell campaign treasurer Luigi] Vasquez's appearance came after the bipartisan committee battled for about four hours over the rules, procedures and scope of the hearings. Republicans offered numerous amendments that died on party-line votes. (AP)

What are they up to? Is this about precedent, as Rep. Robert Farr (R-West Hartford) said, or about something else? Is this about Democrats steamrolling Republicans, or Republicans obstructing an investigation?

I tend to suspect the latter. The public has a right to know why, for example, elections enforcement director Jeffrey Garfield sent an email to the Rell campaign containing a proposed settlement to the Moody fiasco.

Procedure and precedent are important, this is true. But the fact remains that these hearings wouldn't be happening if there wasn't something to investigate. Republicans should cooperate.


"Legislators launch hearings into Rell campaign fundraiser." Associated Press 10 May, 2006.


Chris MC said...

Right on the money GC.

Picking up on your immediately preceeding post, where was Bobbie Russo that night? Was he or his family and friends a contributor at that event?

Since his defeat by Bill Finch, he has been the Governor's man in Fairfield County, hasn't he? I wonder whether he supports a full investigation into the matter?

ctkeith said...

Consensus allowed Hartford to become the sewer of corruption it is today.If everybody is happy, like Hartford was during the 90s, then they're all stealing.

I loved the partisanship I saw today while watching the start of these hearings and especially liked watching those dum-ass Republicans ask for 24Hrs advanced notice of the names of witnesses when they were getting 72hrs + before their assinine amendment.

It's about time we saw friction between the party's in Hartford.Friction exposes corruption and if this becomes a trend I'll expect many,From both sides of the aisle, to be exposed for the thousands of obvious conflicts of interest that have become accepted behavior in our Legislature.


Rear_Admiral said...

MacLean won the convention against Masullo 85-55

Chris MC said...

Livvy Florens' equation of press coverage of a legitimate committee hearings on a matter within their cognizance with Jodi Rell's self-promoting, tax payer funded, tourism ads, was weak at best, and smacks of obstructionism.

An interesting tutorial in parlimentary proceedure so far (it is being rebroadcast on CT-N now).

Janet said...

What are the Republicans trying to hide? Don't we have an open government?

bluecoat said...

Rell has waived attorney client privilege and agreed to appear before the committee if called and has told her entire staff to cooperate. If the Republican state legislators have an issue it should not be about an attempt by the Democrats to "embarass Rell" or conduct a "witch hunt" but about the process Caruso is following to look at the actions of the SEEC when you get right down to it since he's alraedy had Morano shake his silly hand at him.

This is a classic example of what ineffective leaders both Ward and DeLuca have been. Ward's going in a few months; too bad DeLuca won't retire; the GOP would be better off without both of them and their minions..

KerryGuy said...

Thursday's hearings were an embarassment to the Democrats. The "big picture" approach of setting the scene with the campaign minions means the entire process has started with a whimper. And Dan Moreland, the Moody aide who lied about having a college degree, made absolute mincemeat out of former federal prosecutor Ed Meyer. Meyer was confused about events and Moreland had to clarify the questions himself before answering. Mercifully, Dave McCluskey finally stopped the bleeding when he asked for a recess. After a swift D caucus, Meyer thankfully wrapped up. As an attorney myself, I have to rate his questions as pathetic. And I was not alone. If Mike Lawlor and Sandy Nafis, D's on the committee, sank any lower in their chairs, they would have been carpeting.