Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lamont Calls for Debates

At a press conference today, Ned Lamont stated his desire for a debate with Joe Lieberman:
"I think we've earned the right to a debate. I think the people of Connecticut, certainly the delegates at the convention, want to have a debate," the Greenwich millionaire businessman said.
"So, I'd say to Senator Lieberman, let's have a debate on the big issues of the day. Let's go around the state and talk about what people care about," Lamont said. "I think that would be good for the state, and I think that would be good for the party going forward." (AP)

To which the Lieberman campaign snippily replied:
"It is exciting that Mr. Lamont is beginning to focus on what we've been focusing on this whole time - discussing the issues that matter to Connecticut voters," spokeswoman Marion Steinfels said. "And we expect to work with the Lamont campaign over the next several weeks to settle the question of a debate." (AP)

I understand the need to spin, but that's a wild one. What has Lamont been focusing on, if not issues? Pinochle? Even people who say Lamont is a one-issue candidate have to admit that Connecticut voters do care about the war.

Actually, it seems like Lamont has done a lot more focusing on Connecticut issues than Lieberman. Crazy moonbat liberal Dean Pagani points out this fact about a new Lieberman commercial:
The first Lieberman ad also revealed how three terms in Washington have strained the relationship with the real people who elected him. Speaking directly into the camera Lieberman did not look happy to be explaining himself. In fact, he looked somewhat annoyed. His language and facial expressions were those of someone who was being forced to explain himself to an audience that is not as sophisticated as he is. “I have to do this because you just don’t understand,” was the clear feeling that came across the TV screen. When Lieberman said he “respects” voters who disagree with him, it came off as insincere. As if he was imparting a great gift to us.

His second post convention ad is not much better. Senator Lieberman is now trying to prove to Democrat primary voters that he has been a good Democrat and is with them on every issue except the war. In ad two he is against big oil and is protecting the Alaskan wilderness from drilling. Fine, but did the voters of Connecticut send him to Washington to protect Alaska? If he is fighting big oil, why are gas prices at three dollars a gallon? Who’s winning that fight?

Meanwhile, Ned Lamont looks like he is fighting the right cause in his TV ads. He is the clear underdog with a popular message. He is in position to take advantage of Lieberman fatigue, especially among primary voters. (Pagani)

Pagani, who knows a thing or two about crafting effective media, hits the nail on the head. Lieberman is floundering. He should be beating down Lamont's door for a debate, trumpeting the value of his ideas over Lamont's and proving that his victories in 1994 and 2000 weren't just because the Republicans had crappy candidates.

But he's not. Instead, he's on the defensive.

What next? Right now, the Lamont campaign has all the momentum. Can Joe Lieberman find a way to slow them down?


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Pagani, Dean. "Lieberman vs. Lamont." Media Attache. 24 May, 2006.


HealthcareNOW said...
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HealthcareNOW said...

It's about damn time for some debates. And I hope they broadcast them prevalently on TV too. Anyone know what it takes to get CSPAN to cover something like this? Ned's challenge is national news, and I figure during the summer CSPAN must be looking for good events to cover.

Honestly, people show see who the REAL Democrats are in this election. You put Ned up there with Lieberman especially for primary voters - who's gonna look like the REAL Democrat? Who's anti-Iraq War? Who's for universal healthcare, who's for protecting the environment and who's against the overwhelming influence of special interest in politics?

I dunno what others think, but I think someone needs to find a way to get CSPAN there if Joe actually agrees to one. Anyone got any connections?

MolotovCocktails said...

Lieberman is afraid to debate Ned Lamont. We all know that.

The supposed man of integrity has no real regard for the process. Lamont will be lucky if he gets Joe to agree to one 30 minute debate, even though the people of CT deserve much more than that.

Please remember that we are talking about the same Joe Lieberman who has had all of one public event in CT this year. That's right, just one event to which the public was invited. He hasn't even gone to a single DTC meeting!

Joe is terrified of the booing that he has earned from loyal Dems. Heck, he even threw good money away for "thunder-sticks" at the State Convention. (to drown out his dissenters.) Then when 25 anti-war protestors showed up, his campaign tried to get them arrested? Effing arrested!

I remember the CNN telecast when this brave woman went after Lieberman for failing to represent us. Joe can't go anywhere without being called out.

No way Chicken-Shit Joe comes out in public.

HealthcareNOW said...

I can't forget that CNN story either, that literally was amazing, it totally caught him off guard and he looked like an idiot. Anyone got footage of it? We should run that shit everywhere.

ctkeith said...

The last time Lieberman did anything brave he was a teenager and he didn't even realize what he was doing had danger attached to it.That was going south in the 1960s,

Liebermans made a career off of that one summer trip and has been nothing but a chickenhawk ever since.

tparty said...

I found this Lieberman supporter's post, full of some "tough love" suggestions for the senator, very interesting. I agree with all of his points. And I'm hoping Joe doesn't listen to him.

TSCowperthwait said...

I find this entertaining. I am not a Democrat and have little at stak in this Lamont-Lieberman primary. What I do know is that most people in this state still have no clue who Ned Lamont is. Even those that do recognize his name only know that he is in disagreement with Senator Lieberman on Iraq. And I can guarantee you that a debate hosted on CSPAN or public TV is not going to swing the anti-war section of the party into Lamont's corner. In any event, keep up the "debate."

BRubenstein said...

Between going to Iraq for a fact finding mission,passing out petitions for his independant candidacy or going to the WHite House for yet another "kiss" he will not have much time for debating Ned Lamont.

HealthcareNOW said...


I encourage you to find out a little more about Ned Lamont at He tells you right there on the front page why he's running. I think Democrats in Connecticut and owed at least one debate on a wide range of issues, most importantly on the Iraq War because that is by far the most crucial issue facing this country. It is what is driving this President's numbers down, it is why Lieberman is so unpopular with many Democrats. So please don't sit on the sidelines and assume the results when the fight has yet to start.

Patricia Rice said...

Who is Ned LaMont? Why should anybody debate him? He has no voting record and just got beat by a 2-1 margin at the convention.

He's just some rich guy who wants to have some fun and get some attention at the Democrat's expense. Tell Ned it's time to go!

TSCowperthwait said...

HealthcareNOW -

Thansk for the link to the Ned Lamont campagin website. I do see that he sets out his position on several issues (whereas I had thought he only had one position - Senator Lieberman is the wrong guy for the Democrats). However, my point was that I just don't think Mr. Lamont has the name recognition (or cross-over appeal) to beat Senator Lieberman (who everyone knows) in a statewide race. Not all voters are as informed, or care to be, as we are. With that said, I do think that the two sides definitely should have a debate. Mr. lamont earned that right by forcing a primary. I just don't think that the people other than those who have already made up their mind are going to tune into CSPAN or public TV to watch.

TrueBlueCT said...


Do you misspell Lamont on purpose? Or are you just a little slow?

Anyway put your head back in the sand, or, you could check out this Neo-con cabal that is feting Joe tonight.

BRubenstein said... stomach retched when i saw the names of the donors and guests for Joe's fundraiser with the Neo-Cons...what a political whore Joe is in taking money from those who wish the democratic party harm and worse yet, who's main goal is to destroy the social safety net put in place by Roosevelt, etc. These fools are the same fools who helped put us in a war in which we were lied too or misrepresented...all for oil and hegemony over the middle east.