Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Finally: An Effective Campaign Blog

It figures that a candidate who is so tied up with blogs and blogging that Kos Himself appeared in his first TV ad would have the best entry yet in this year's crop of campaign blogs.

Go take a look. Ned Lamont for Senate Blog.

It doesn't matter if you agree with the candidate or not. This blog is doing the right things. Here's what works:

Constant posting - Five (five!) posts today--all reasonably short and easily digested. Users will be constantly checking back.

Good Content - The writing is clear and the stories are of interest to Lamont's core supporters. Remember that campaign blogs are for supporters, volunteers and others with an interest in the campaign. They tend not to be useful for undecided voters.

Comments enabled - This is recent, but smart. They look unmoderated. Nice. Commenting is easy, there's no registration.

Pictures and Video - A bit slow loading on a dial-up connection, but these sorts of media are of great use and interest to supporters. There's content here you can't get anywhere else.

Immediate Content - Today's events are posted right away, or as they happen.

Layout and Design - It's simple and effective. Lots of white space, the text is easily read, the blog is easy to navigate (so far).

Now, I'm not a huge fan of the color scheme, and I don't know how they'll be handling archiving, but by and large this is a very useful, interesting and engaging blog. We'll see if it stays active: the DeStefano blog was a great source of information for a while until it sort of petered out (it is now back). If it can keep going at this rate, other campaigns should sit up and take notice of what they're doing right.


cgg said...

It seems like only Tim Tagaris posting. Eventually I'd like to see a few more bloggers, especially as the campaign gets busy.

Tim said...

hey hey.

thanks for the kind words. and yes, you'll see more voices on the blog as the campaign rolls along -- just trying to get it off the ground right now. the hope is to give people sort of a "window" into the effort. you'll be hearing from volunteers, interns, staff, the candidate, etc... whatever we can do to make people feel like they are with us on the trail.


BRubenstein said...

Tagaris....your blog is off to a great start....its fresh,informative,not boring,and has room for other things,

cgg said...

Sounds like a great idea Tim. I look forward to seeing how it evolves.

Micah Heftman said...

Dan Malloy's blog team over on talkCT welcomes the Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate Blog to the party!

The Lamont Blog looks great, and the amount of content is very impressive.

But dont forget about talkCT!

We've been very busy adding content, and just put up a great piece about Dan and his running mate Mary Glassman's first post convention appearance together in West Hartford.

Please click here to read about Dan and Mary's visit to West Hartford's beautiful retail center - West Hartford Center.