Monday, May 08, 2006

DeStefano Convention Site

John DeStefano's campaign has now created a section of their site called Convention Central, which is meant for convention delegates. The design, as is the case for the rest of the site, is really, really nice.

And, unlike Dan Malloy's delegates-only treehouse, this one is available to the public. Neat.


Wrath of Conn said...

They must have really liked Malloy's idea, because this is the exact same thing. Quizzes, meet the staff, a schedule. I expected to see Dan Malloy's name crossed out and "John DeStefano" scrawled over it.

ctkeith said...

Wouldn't it be funny if a third of the delegates decided to stay home Saturday and Malloy and DeStefano had to have a coinflip for line B and C instead of there being a Party endorsed candidate? said...

Why is that funny? Why would Democrats not want to participate in an exciting race? Why would delegates, selected to represent their towns democratic party, fail to attend the convention? Why wouldn't they send their proxy (which is provided for in State Central bilaws)?

It may be decided in the cities, but the delegate movement in small towns has been very exciting. In my area a majority of delegates seem to be decided on the Senate race, the Gov. race is still very fluid.

I guess I just miss the humor in your comment. Unless you meant funny as in ironic. In that you feel that people are more excited about a millionaire running to put another trophy on his wall rather than about two exceptionally qualified public servants running for a seat that has a profound impact over their daily lives. That would be a sad irony...if it was true.

Ned Flanders said...

Captain Obvious,

Are you a delegate? Because I am unable to look at Malloy's convention website unless I have a password. Truth be told, I think both websites are kind of boring--maybe because I am not paying much attention to the race. But it seems pretty clear to me that Captain obvious is obviously a Malloy staffer. How else would he be able to compare the sites?

Chris MC said...

Ned Flanders -

I don't know if he is affiliated with the Malloy campaign, but all delegates have received the "password" to the site, and it has even been posted here.

Wrath of Conn said...

I am a delegate. I also will admit I'm a Malloy supporter, so probably biased... but I think anyone who has seen the two would admit that DeStefano's, while it looks fine, is pretty much a knockoff. I don't fault them since I think it was an interesting idea, but it was Malloy's idea.