Sunday, May 14, 2006

Weekend Open Forum

The Lamont campaign is releasing its first campaign video tonight at around 7pm. Interestingly, according to their press release, it'll be released on blogs as well as shown at a screening in Hartford. ConnecticutBLOG will be one of them.

On Monday, a lot of campaigns are kicking into high gear as we get ready for the state conventions next weekend. Still no word on running mates for any of the three gubernatorial candidates.

What else is happening?


disgruntled_republican said...

On my way out to Hebron last night I saw 2 Ned Lamont lawn signs...just FYI I guess...

Patricia Rice said...

Tomasso-all Republican operatives involved in the investigation. Moodygate-all Republican players involved.

When we talk about corruption in Connecticut it appears to be exclusive to the Rowland-Rell party. I'm sure if there were corruption that involved a group of Democrats, Republicans would be happy to expose it. Why are the Republicans attempting to impede the investigation of the GAE. What are they afraid of?

Don Pesci said...

Here is the Wall Stree Journal's piece on Ned Lamont: Kos Celeb

MikeCT said...

Obscure candidate of the week

Who knew that West Hartford's own Webster Brooks is running for Vice-President?! Now running as an "independent centrist," Brooks is a former Republican candidate for Congress in the 1st District, who now wants to shake up Washington.

Brooks refused to accept the GOP's nomination in 1996 unless the Connecticut State Party and the Dole for President state chair apologized for not informing him that Dole was to appear in the "black community" for a speech on welfare reform. No apology, so he dropped out. Harumph.

He had his own Presidential campaign but decided to run as Vice President with Daniel Imperato. You can watch Imperato's slow, rambling, and halting speaking style online. You can also chat live with Brooks every Tuesday at 7 pm, and watch video interviews with Brooks. Don't forget your Imperato-Brooks chachkis and wallpaper graphic!

But the most extraordinary part of Brooks' site is the exhaustive (and exhausting) detail in his biography and family history. When you've reviewed the Brooks family saga, see if you can play the Webster Brooks edition of Trivial Pursuit!'
1) In what year does Brooks begin his family history?
2) What is Brooks' nickname?
3) How did his great-grandmother Molly die?

Answers (don't spoil it! unfortunately, I couldn't write them upside down):
1) 1541
2) The Architect
3) Food poisoning from a slice of lemon pie

Imperato shares Brooks' love of family history and obscura, sharing the history of the Imperato family name and his Vatican certificate. He also assures us in his bio that God is "at his side" (presumably leaving Brooks as third-in-charge).

On his business site, Imperato provides a really long audio introduction to Imperiali, where he is CEO. He has named his own companies as "official service providers" for "renouned [sic] leader" and Presidential candidate.... Daniel J Imperato! Between his choice of company name and the Roman bust on his corporate site, I think he really wants to be Emperor of the New Imperiali Order.

Bogina said...

Why do we constantly forget to mention Mr. Newton, or Mr. Ganim? It's easy to scrutinize a governor--they are the most scrutinized person in state government and an easy target. It's far easier to cover-up or just plain not hear about the transgressions or indisgressions of 99 democrat state reps and 24 democrat senators (especially when they are the ones who do the "investigating"). If we are going to continue under the theory that power corrupts, then the vast majorities in the house and senate certainly have more to fear than the minority.

Patricia Rice said...

Ganim and Newton operated as individuals and were not part of a large cabal like the Rowland-Rell Republicans.

bluecoat said...

According to the Stamford Advocate Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell said Friday she had narrowed her choice of lieutenant governor candidates to three and would likely make a choice during the weekend but probably not make it public until early this week.
Former Stamford state Rep. Michael Fedele is said to be on Rell's short list.

with the full story here and from the CT Post which is often out to lunch on these stories on Rell's pick Those mentioned as possible lieutenant governor candidates include Sen. John McKinney, R-Fairfield; Sen. Leonard A. Fasano, R-North Haven; Sen. Anthony Guglielmo, R-Stafford; and Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti. with the full story here OOPs and I just found this one from Sue haigh at the AP.

And for more on what's wrong thanks to John Rowland's lagacy is Divided Justices Resume Hearings and Safety Issues Persist At UConn

MolotovCocktails said...

Hillary Clinton, and State Senator Edith Prague whore for Joe, allowing the LIEberman campaign to distribute untruthful mailers using their names.

Read about Prague's mailer over at CTBlue. Note to Edith: Wirzbicki was paying attention in early 2005, even if you weren't.

Hillary's mailer has this untruthful paragraph:
"Last year, right after the 2004 election, President Bush announced that privatizing Social Security was his highest priority. Joe Lieberman fought tooth and nail to protect the guarantee of Social Security that this Country has honored for seven decades to its senior citizens."

The truth is better found here. Joe never came out strongly against Bush's plan, just like he never lifted a finger to help block Alito.

Joe uses Hillary Clinton to re-write history and attempt to sweep under the rug his equivocation on private accounts, at the time we needed him most! It's just plain shameful, and highly representative of the reason why, despite the Bush catastrophe, no one puts much faith in Democrats these days.

bluecoat said...

Joe's Social Security link there molotov is more about how he has alwasy been a political chameleon if you look at the history of his comments and position.

MolotovCocktails said...

Heck BlueCoat, a good quarter of the insiders I talk to come out with comments like, "Joe Lieberman's always been horrible. I've never looked at him as a Democrat. He's a Republican..."

Yet they fall in line behind him.

The only good thing is that it must hurt like hell that Lamont is doing so well against Joe. That Senate seat could easily be going to DeStefano, Malloy, DeLauro, Larson, Bysiewicz or Blumenthal, --if any of them had had the balls to stand on principle and call Lieberman out for his support of the war and refusal to stand against the Bush agenda.

Instead we get the David v. Goliath match-up with Ned Lamont and Tom Swan carrying the hopes and dreams of those of us who want the Democratic Party to be something worth believing in.

bluecoat said...

I tend to lean northeast republican; Joe doesn't qualify as one, never has never will.

BRubenstein said...

Judas sold out Jesus for 12 pieces of much did the progressives edith prague and deidre irerde get for their hacking Joe thru cheesy mailers?.... will they next try to convince us of the progressive bonafides of jerry falwell,sean hannity and bill bennett? This brings hackdom to a new low..

bluecoat said...

BR: according to recent revelations from an ancient manuscript, Jesus honored Judas by asking him(juds) to sell him(jesus) out so he(jesus) could reach his destiny - it was in the NYT a few eeks back, sorry no link; maybe I'll find one tomorrow.s

Chris MC said...

Like it or not, with the likes of Edith Prague publicly supporting Lieberman, you have to wonder where the political capital is going to come from for Lamont.

The petition drive is rumored to be behind schedule with just two weeks to go until the deadline. None of the convention delegates are accepting the linkage between the Senate vote and the Gubernatorial vote next week, with Lamont and Lieberman supporters divided between each of the Gubernatorial choices.

Going to be an interesting Friday night...

ctblogger said...

Come and get your Lamont video.

MikeCT said...

The Ned Lamont 10 minute film epic is pretty decent - several stories from CT residents about how Lieberman has failed the state, and it provides an introduction to Lamont. Spazeboy blogs live from the release event in Hartford.

Chris MC said...

Johnson caves to Democratic pressure on Medicare bill

Democrats from Joe Lieberman on have attacked the Johnson Medicare plan, most recently for punishing seniors who were not able to sign up by the first deadline.

Facing a serious challenge from State Senator Chris Murphy, Johnson is now quoted to be backing down.

Rep. Nancy Johnson said she has talked to enough colleagues to believe such a proposal would pass, probably in the fall, and plans to introduce legislation to waive the penalty.

"The bottom line is this is a democracy, and the Congress responds to the people and shapes the program so it's good for them," said Johnson, who heads the House Ways and Means' subcommittee on health.

"I think it's fair and reasonable to eliminate the penalty" for 2006, the Connecticut Republican told The Associated Press in an interview.

This is an absolute flip-flop, forced upon her and her Republican colleagues by the principled stand taken by Lieberman and his Democratic colleagues in both chambers of Congress, including Charlie Rangel who said:

I really think it's a cruel thing to penalize people for what has been admittedly a very complex procedure in order to get the drugs," he said. "To put a penalty for the rest of their lives on our oldest citizens, I think, is just an improper and wrong thing to do.

Amen. said...

It was 30 peices of Silver.

Patricia Rice said...

Edith Prague made a good choice. It's time to unite around Senator Lieberman. As I have said before, every Democratic State Senator is firmly behind Joe Lieberman. Are they all wrong?

LaMont did a good job bring out some important issues but to continue with what will ultimately be a losing campaign will do nothing but split up the Democratic party.

After the convention, it's time for LaMont to support his Senator and his party. To do otherwise will hurt our chances of defeating the Rowland-Rell crowd.

tparty said...


Lamont has promised to support the winner of the August 8th primary and unite the party in the process.

Lieberman has made no such promise and has threatened to leave the party if it looks like he is going to lose.

I think your plea for party unity is directed at the wrong candidate here.

ALittleBitDramatic said...

"how much did the progressives edith prague and deidre irerde get for their hacking Joe thru cheesy mailers?"

Edith Prague can't be bought.

MolotovCocktails said...

If Edith Prague can't be bought, she must be a complete idiot.

disgruntled_republican said...

Looks like a Democrat governor is in trouble thanks to a CT company...Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico received around $40,000 in free jet flights from UST, the manufacturer of Skoal tobacco when they were pushing for a change the way NM taxes it's product...not in CT I know, but certainly worth mentioning especially since he has been mentioned as a posible presidential candidate.

bluecoat said...

UST is a CT headqaurtered company and Richardson is a Democrat - I thought the prees didn't pick on liberals or their advertisers.

disgruntled_republican said...

I thought the same thing, that's why I posted it...and funny how our screaming liberal friends haven't said a peep...wonder why?

turfgrrl said...

Must be a slow news day. Here's what the ABQ Journal actually said Richardson takes frequent trips on behalf of the Washington, D.C.-based DGA, with that organization picking up his travel tabs.
A recent Journal investigation found that Advance America, the nation's largest payday-loan company, has been providing thousands of dollars in free travel to the DGA— with some of those travel donations coming at the same time Richardson was traveling out of state. But a Richardson spokesman has refused to say whether Richardson himself was taking flights funded by Advance America.
Duffy of The Cook Political Report said 36 gubernatorial elections are taking place across the country this year.
link here

disgruntled_republican said...

That's a Rowland excuse right there...let's call a spade a spade