Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dan's the Man

At the crucial moment, between the end of the first roll call and the switching of votes, it may have come down to the fact that Dan Malloy was there and John DeStefano wasn't.

Yes, there were other factors involved. Malloy had excellent people working the floor during that pivotal time. They flew around the room speaking with wavering delegates, desperately trying to scrounge up the handful of votes they needed. And they did it. DeStefano's people picked up a vote or two, but found that the votes they did have had slipped through their fingers.

This has been a constant throughout the gubernatorial campaign: Malloy has surrounded himself with experienced people who know how to play to the media and control a room. The DeStefano campaign, by contrast, only recently began to shake off its image of being an amateur production.

Perhaps DeStefano's game of promising the lieutenant governor slot to more than one person hurt him, as well. DeStefano had made a pretense of holding a place open for Malloy (although DeStefano wouldn't consider running as Malloy's LG should Malloy win), while Mayor Scott Slifka of West Hartford was already the campaign's choice. Audrey Blondin, another hopeful, was visibly upset after apparently being told that DeStefano had not chosen her.

But when the moment came, when votes were being traded and the convention was on the line, Dan Malloy was everywhere. He was up and down the aisles, talking to delegates, even jumping on a chair at one point with a plea for more votes, a trail of cameras and reporters struggling to keep up with him.

Where was John DeStefano? His absence was notable, especially compared with Malloy's manic activity. According to several people, he had left the room to declare victory as soon as the first vote was done. Then what? The New Haven Independent reports that he was behind a closed door in preparation for his acceptance speech!

When he finally did emerge, it was only to be told that Malloy had declared victory to supporters at around 4:00. Malloy had climbed onto a chair with a bullhorn, and whipped his supporters into a frenzy. DeStefano remarked that there were still votes to be counted.

But when the count came, DeStefano had lost by four votes.

Almost as an afterthought, DeStefano introduced his running mate, Scott Slifka of West Hartford, to the remaining media people (I actually just happened to catch this on my way out the door) following Malloy's acceptance speech. By then, it was too late. Malloy had captured the day.

There will still be a primary in August. DeStefano currently has more money and the support of organized labor, but it remains to be seen whether his campaign will find themselves outhustled by Malloy again.


ctkeith said...

Line A =DLC, Republican lite and Pro War Pro Bush


Line B = Real Democrats,Anti War Anti Bush


Lets get ready to rumble!!

Chris MC said...

The arm-twisting, phony dealing, psuedo-principled arguments, and premature declarations of victory by the DeStefano campaign and heavyweight supporters got DeStefano that close to winning the vote at the convention, but had nothing left in the tank for the home stretch.

Without it, Malloy would have won going away. They flat-out lied to Audrey Blondin, and because Audrey acted with integrity, got at least a dozen votes they wouldn't have had in the Fifth CD from Blondin loyalists. Without those votes, there would have been no need for any chits to be called in the round of vote changes following the first ballot.

And a number of people who voted with DeStefano at the convention did so because of deals that were made. The convention is over, and key groups of those people are with us now.

Like my candidate, I can count, and I work hard. We won by a lot more than four votes last night. If DeStefano does go ahead with a primary challenge, he will lose. Given the heavy-handed talk on Friday night, when they thought they had the nomination in the bag, about Dan Malloy having to take LG or drop out entirely, labor and DeStefano should be getting behind Malloy immediately.

Don't be surprised if they don't. As for the comments of the misguided among us who somehow manage to convince themselves that DeStefano is a reformer, open your eyes and see what took place at the convention, and listen to those of us who are willing to share our experience from being in the thick of it.

Malloy is a man of tremendous integrity, who won by dint of hard work, talent, and passion, and will be the next Governor of Connecticut for the same reasons.

A Real Democrat said...


Dan Malloy has repeatedly, since he began his campaign, said that he is very much against the war, and certainly no fan of Bush. I've been involved in war protests in Stamford that Malloy has been a part of. If you're trying to align him with Lieberman, I probably don't have to remind you that DESTEFANO ENDORSED LIEBERMAN as well. So what gives?

As far as the DLC thing goes, I'm sure you hate filthy Republican-wannabe Bill Clinton as well, right?

ctkeith said...

I notice Chris McC uses the Words Us,We ,I and me alot as if he's an important part of something.He even says,People gave ME their word as if he would be able to punish them if they went back on their word to HIM.Heres a few examples,

"I already have commitments from Blondin loyalists and others ..."

"I can also tell you that I have commitments of support outside the Fifth for Malloy"

"We beat them on the floor of the convention, and we will beat them on the gridiron"

"Dannel Malloy is the nominee tonight. And he will be the nominee on August 9.

I promise."


This is classic behavior of those suffering from a Napoleon Complex.

I've always admitted I'm not important and am just a guy with stong opinions.Unfotunately it might take serious therapy for Chris McC to figure out the same.

Ned Flanders said...

I have never followed a contested state primary, so this might be a stupid question, but why would people have the ability, or choose to, change their original vote? Most delegates were chosen sometime in March, wich gives them 2 months to make a decision as to who they would support. So what would cause them to change their mind in the five minutes following the first count? In the end, my guy won. And I think it was completely due to better organization and the fact that he was out there on the floor. But what would one of these people on the floor be able to say that would cause someone to flip?

MikeCT said...

OK, chris_mc deleted his more personal attacks from the earlier thread. I encourage a truce, at least on personal (personality complex) issues. All other issues/debates are game!

Real Democrat said...

My fellow Democrats,

I was a delegate and personnally witnessed the Malloy campaign unmercifully brow-beating a first-time delegate in the 2nd. I think everyone who went knew it was going to be tough, but to force a delegate to flee the floor in tears is too much.

Chris MC -- you seem angry in your victory - and that's not good for any Democrat.

Chris MC said...

Heh. Nothing but personal attacks, as usual, Keith. Everything you quoted there from my earlier posts I stand by.

"Real Democrat" - if I told you everything I witnessed and experienced you'd have a tough time pointing the finger in any direction. That is what happens in a floor fight. Ask any big city political operative, where they play for keeps much more frequently than we do in the burbs.

But I am furious about what they did to Audrey Blondin, you're absolutely right. She is a good, hardworking, long-serving Democrat, and everyone who knows her knows that. DeStefano absolutely used her to con a significant chunk of delegates in the Fifth CD into voting for him. Audrey and I were on opposite sides on this one, but no matter how hard the fight, it was never personal, and as soon as it was over we were arm-in-arm as usual. You see, around here real Democrats don't forget who their friends are. Maybe that comes with having to compete in towns with Republican majorities.

The people who stood with Malloy, each and every one of us, get credit for this victory. This wasn't a top-down thing. Malloy earned the support one delegate at a time, and our grassroots support will continue, and expand, especially in the Fifth CD.

Malloy is the party's choice, and he'll be Connecticut's Governor next November.

CTOctaneBlue said...

Real Democrat- you are right on the money. The way the Malloy campaign went about changing the vote was totally disgusting and downright creepy. I also saw a group of about 7 Malloy people (in their fluorescent green shirts) intensely pressuring two delegates who were clearly becoming upset. It was really a horrible way to get the win. But I suppose in the end it doesn't matter- as I just said in my other post (in Malloy Endorsed) the only thing that most people will see is that Malloy won the convention, and its all over for DeStefano.

Wrath of Conn said...

This is such a joke. I wasn't at this convention, but I've been to others, and I can't believe people are seriously trying to spin this as "Malloy staffers were so mean to delegates!" Let me tell you a little secret kiddies -- campaigns are SUPPOSED to win votes! I guarantee you the DeStefano people were doing everything they could to win people over, as they are supposed to. This is the game, and this is how it's played. You can't do anything to get a vote other than convince delegates that your candidate is the one for them, and that is apparently what Malloy's people were able to do.

ctkeith said...


The only time Malloy taked about the war was when he was forced to.He won the chance to be on the Prowar Line with Lieberman by agreeing to ytake the war off the table for this convention and now he has to wear that.

Line A is Lieberman/Malloy
Both these men are Members of the Pro war,Pro Corperation,Pro Walmart,Pro Triangulation,Pro Free Trade with no regulation and Pro Bush Tilted DLC.


TrueBlueCT said...

It's hard not to love Dan Malloy. The way he looks at you and smiles while begging for your trust... At root he reminds me of Bill Clinton, a very skilled, (almost wrote slick), and brilliantly charming politician.

But peel back the skin, and what do you have at heart? I still don't know. The last time I talked to Dan was at the convention when Lieberman's goons were trying to have the peace protestors arrested. I asked him to please intervene. He said, "Why me?" I replied "Because you have standing." He went back to his insider's conversation, seemingly without any concern about the free speech rights of fellow Democrats. (LG Kevin Sullivan ended up saving the day, with George Jepsen at his side.)

So for now I am still wary of him as a "Say Anything" politician. His DLC affiliation remains a big problem for me, (particularly with Hillary threatening to turn 2008 into an American nightmare.)

As a postscript I have to comment that DLC Dan has a marvelous staff. Genuinely decent, and highly professional.

Real Democrat said...

Chris MC - You say we left arm-in-arm but your angry words betray you. I have no doubt that you'll be working hard for your candidate with your ample free time.

CToctaneblue - DeStefano has the resources and the support to wage a spirited campaign. I'd rather he won the convention and had the top line, but that honor goes to Malloy. The honor is dubious as four votes can not be seen as a mandate for anything or anybody. Many folks (i'm not one of them) believe it's actually better to lost a convention by 4 than win.

Let's be real, we all knew this was going to a primary. And DeStefano is still better positioned to win a low-turnout August primary. He has the money, he has the ground troops.

BRubenstein said...

Chris a previous posting you said Maloney got the shaft...could you please elaborate on that for us?..Also...Is Blondin and her allies in the 5th now working for Dm?

BRubenstein said...

Questions for DeStefano;

For disclosure purposes i gave him money and town chairs.etc.

1. how do you execute a primary game plan with staff and operatives that blew the convention and are notorious in their past for being newbies,haughty and losers?

2. how do you raise the most money losing the endorsement.?

3 how can you be sure that labor will work hard for you when the same operatives handling them for you in the campaign cost you the nomination?

4 how do you keep a staff that are known to be newbies and arrogant and incompetant?

5 what do you do to shore up your 5th cd support knowing that their choice for LG was conned by you horribly?

6 how do you distinguish yourself from DM when you both are very similiar on the issues and foolishly you have locked yourself in on all the issues already?

7 how do you get liberals to work for you when you looked the other way when the strong anti-war plank was taken out of the platform?

8 how do you develop a field plan when the convention idiocy produced alot of animus?

9 what can you do in the next few months to take down Rell's popularity that you havent done in almost 2 years of running?

A Real Democrat said...


I havent been coming to this board long, but you've quickly made it clear that I can't take your posting seriously.

Malloy has come out against the war. BOTH he and DeStefano have not made it a central issue in this campaign, and BOTH he and DeStefano endorsed Lieberman (didn't someone in the other thread say DeStefano spent plenty of time in the Lieberman tent at the convention?).

What I'm saying is: to try and align DeStefano as some far-left rebel is ridiculous, as is trying to paint Malloy as Republican-lite. BOTH their records show that neither is the case. To try and discount everything Malloy has said and done regarding the war just because he is a DLC member is unfair, and frankly rather stupid.

Oh and you STILL haven't commented about that conservative bastard Bill Clinton and his ties to the DLC!

MolotovCocktails said...

I heard Marcus had a hand in Waterbury's treachery, via the huge amount of $$$$$ he sent Jarjura's way to help him win as a write-in candidate.

Brass Anon wants to tout Waterbury as a shining city on the hill. All I can think of are Rowland, and Giordano abusing those young girls.

Chris MC said...

Just came back from watching Malloy's nominating speech of Diane Farrell rebroadcast on CT-N. Those of you trying to paint him as pro-war need to watch it. He is very eloquent in his criticisms. There is no question where he stands, and for you to continue to misrepresent him on this is incredible.

Chris MC said...

More BS from people who won't or can't acquaint themselves with the facts.

Ed Marcus? Nowhere to be found. And why would he have been? He's a DeStefano supporter.

I was standing there when it happened. Mayor Jarjura showed real political courage.

The five votes he delivered from Waterbury were the margin of victory in the end. Waterbury delivered for Malloy, thankfully. Bravo Mayor Jarjura, that took guts.

TrueBlueCT said...

Chris Mc--

Anyone who supports Lieberman is tacitly pro-war. You can't seperate the man from the war he has hawked.

Malloy, Lieberman and Farrell all share the same campaign manager in Roy Ochiogrosso. Collectively they are about as anti-war as Halliburton. Why worry about America's young soldiers and innocent Iraqis when there are so many dollars to be made?

It was telling to me that peace-loving Westport somehow voted 14-1 for Lieberman over Lamont on Friday. Diane Farrell has sadly demonstrated that she has no soul. Chris Murphy will be getting the $500 that I had intended for her.

And ChrisMc, as a matter of consistency, can you explain to me how an ex-Deaniac like you can morph into an apparent Lieberman stooge? I mean if we continue to be unkind to you, is there any chance you'll just leave the Party?

BRubenstein said...

trueblue....roy isnt their campaign manager...he is a paid strategist for them...the 3 campaigns that he was a senior staffer ( 2 for curry and 1 for sullivan) he lost.

Micah Heftman said...

I would like to extend a personal THANK YOU(!!!) to everyone associated with Team Malloy yesterday.

Whether you were one of the many volunteers, a supporting delegate, or a fellow staff member; this victory would not have been possible without you. I am excited to work with each of you for the next 6 months in our journey to take back the Governor's Mansion.

Each and every member of Team Malloy played a integral part in a day that no one associated with Connecticut politics will ever forget.

To everyone, no matter where in this state you live, if you think Dan Malloy is the man who can lead this state and make it a better place for all of us, come join TEAM MALLOY.

The winning TEAM!

ctkeith said...

Malloy can announce Publicly announce anytime that his Membership in the Pro-War,Pro Corperate and Pro -Neocon Joe Lieberman organization known as the DLC and run by Al From and Co. has ended.Until then he's gotta wear it like a badge of honor.

PS. I'm hoping to get a photo of the 2 line A DLC Dems kissing.That would make quite a Button!!

Chris MC said...

Here's the thing, trueblue. Those of you who think of yourselves as the only true Democrats are deluded. That is what sank the so-call "Connecticut for Dean" campaign, well before the Debacle in Iowa. This obsession you guys seem to have about the rest of us is a little weird, and often just funny.

Since I don't owe you an explanation, I am not going to waste my time detailing what I have done, and what I have not done, with regard to the Lamont campaign.

But where are you, my loyal Democratic colleague, on the subject of supporting Lieberman come August 9? If he is the nominee, having won both the convention endorsement and the primary, will you offer him your full support?

ctkeith said...


Didn't you find it telling that ChrisMcC found it outragious that I didn't cave to being lobbied by big bad Rosa?LMAO

TrueBlueCT said...

Chris Mc--
If Lieberman wins, I'll be right next to you and the other wimps and whores that play too great a role in our Democratic Party.

P.S. Are you really trying to get a job out of your political activity?

Chris MC said...

Bruce - reasonable question, but I am not going to elaborate on it further at this point. Suffice it to say that Maloney went to the wall for DeStefano and Audrey still got screwed.

Regarding supporters from that neck of the woods, all I'll say is that I am aware of enough delegates who, had they known that Audrey was not LG, were promised to switch to Malloy. Enough at least so that we wouldn't have needed the additional votes in Waterbury.

Your questions for DeStefano are, I take it, rhetorical. Excellent points, I have to give you that.

But after what just happened, isn't it time you gave Roy just a little credit? I think this counts as a "W" for him, don't you?

bluecoat said...

Just for balance i put the lead stories from the Sunday Stamford Advocate on the Democrats nomination for guv here and the GOP here but what i found reaaly interesting was in the articleWorking the room, searching for votes
was this piece In the end, the two Greenwich delegates who eventually swung their votes to Malloy said it was former Westport first selectwoman Diane Farrell -- an ally of Malloy's who is challenging U.S. Rep. Chris Shays, R-Bridgeport, for his Congressional seat -- who convinced them to change their minds. "She persuaded me that it matters to her campaign, so if it's good for Diane, it's good for me," Katie Sterrett said. The other Greenwich delegate, Patricia Kantorski, said Farrell convinced her she has a better chance in her race with Malloy on the ticket. "The important thing was we get Diane Farrell to beat Chris Shays," Kantorski said.

So I guess it is Malloy, Farrell and Lieberman who wil continue to support Bush's "stay the course" in Iraq.

BRubenstein said...

chris...thank you for the brief explanation about Maloney and Audrey.

I personally belive that given DM picked a female and that Rell is one too...JDS in order to show contrast and to appeal to the largest block of voters, should have taken Audrey as his choice instead of Slifka..

Slifka doesnt bring anything to the table...the west Hartford delegates who are for DM wont change their position to JDS based on Slifka's candidacy alone.

With respect to Roy O..i simply stated his " batting average". He should get due credit for whatever he and his partners did to ensure the nomination for DM.

I do agree with you that there will be some party stalwarts who voted for JDS who believe in the party as a vehicle for change and who will now switch allegience to DM as the standard bearer.

I wont be one of them however.

The key to a JDS win will be if the unions get off their ass and work hard for him.The problem JDS will have is that the same political staff and operatives handling the unions blew the convention with a stupid strategy and a dumb execution of a terrible game plan and i really wonder if they can handle the unions properly and come up with and execute a winning field plan. The key to that will be if the unions come out for Lamont also. As you may know the state AFL meets in late June where JDS will probably receive their endorsement. If they endorse Lamont either as a group at their convention ( unlikely) or seperately,then the chances of JDS go up some...right now he is a hurting candidate.

The era of the party lever is over and folks dont vote " lines" anymore,especially in CT where our citizens remain the highest educated in the country and where there is a history of ticket and line spliting. I think that both DM and JDS will share the anti war vote. DM gets plaudits for giving more delegates to Lamont as a % then JDS and JDS gets plaudets for his almost 18% delegates to Lamont.

Chris MC said...

CTOctaneBlue - you argued forcefully last week that the Dems needed to have a ticket with a woman from the Fifth CD, and that DeStefano / Blondin was that ticket.

Mary Glassman is a well-qualified and accomplished woman from the Fifth CD, and Malloy named her before the convention started.

Do you now support Malloy/Glassman?

Brass Anon said...

When do we get to dress up Governor Rell like a pinata? Enough of the Dem-bashing, let's go win an election.

Chris MC said...

Bruce - I guess I can't say I will be surprised, but I can say I will be disappointed if the AFL goes through with their endorsement of DeStefano after the convention, and after their very strong talk on Friday night - and this was said to me personally by a very big dog - about how once DeStefano got the nomination on Saturday Malloy had better either take the LG or drop out in the interest of party unity, or else.

The party needs to unify behind Malloy, who has beaten DeStefano at every single milepost, except for the months Malloy took his campaign off-line out of respect for Morano's investigative process. Malloy has outraised DeStefano every quarter, he continued to build momentum in delegate support until he closed the gap enough to close the deal yesterday, he keeps getting better and better on the stump, more and more average voters are aware of him and consistently respond well to him. In a nutshell, he has real substance and momentum to his campaign.

Our labor leaders should recognize that this son of labor is a winner and throw their support behind him the way they wanted him to throw his behind DeStefano.

bluecoat said...

To those on the other side who seek to tear down our state in order to build themselves up, I say this: Open your eyes and close your mouths," Rell said, prompting a standing ovation from the delegates in the gymnasium at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain.

"The people of Connecticut are tired - so very tired - of the shrill ranting of partisan politicians," Rell continued. "They're tired of `gotcha' politics. They're tired of politicians who say one thing and do another. I can tell you right now I am tired of it, and, in fact, I am embarrassed by it. Enough."
today's Courant and for balance the Donkey article is here

bluecoat said...

Come on now Chris Mc: deStefano won two out of three of the vote counts at the convention - that must count for something in the runup to the promary..

Chris MC said...

Come on now bluecoat, surely you know that in any political contest, what counts is the final tally. It has been Malloy in straight sets. [grin]

Ned Flanders said...

Chris MC,

maybe you are qualified to answer my question from before. Why would people change their votes after the initial roll call. This is absolutely not to take away anything from Malloy, because I know some people also switched their votes to DeStefano. It's more of a question of process. In what other election, contest, etc. are you allowed to change your mind after you make your decision? And I don't want people to post on here about 'promises' or anything like that because I truly don't believe that this happened. I'm just curious why someone would switch and why our process would allow people to change their mind right after making their choice.

Genghis Conn said...

As for why the process allows it, I have no idea.

Why did they change? Because someone came and sat on them.

ALittleBitDramatic said...

I personally think some delegated changed their votes because there are a lot of people in politics who like to go where the wind is blowing.

Some folks might have committed to DeStefano when he was the favorite, but when it looked like Malloy was surging they jumped ship.

Ned Flanders said...

I figured as much, but I was hoping to hear a little bit more. i mean, those chosen as delegates should feel obligated to devote time to researching each candidate in the months leading up the convention. You have to be pretty weak minded in my opinion to vote for someone, then change your mind because of something someone says to in the ten minutes following the count, no?

Genghis Conn said...

The Malloy people used Jedi mind tricks on them. Weak-minded fools!

Really, I think a few were promised something, or they were wavering anyway, or they just wanted to be on the winning team. Ask each one, get a different response.

Ned Flanders said...

I started posting before that last comment by 'alittlebitdramatic'. That post makes more sense to me. Maybe DeStefano's talk of having the votes he needed caused people to think that their vote was irrelavent, then when they found out that it was closer than expected, they rethought it.

Chris MC said...

At the top of page two in this Courant article you'll find as good an answer as you can get to your question.

Do people make promises and break them or keep them? Absolutely. That is precisely what happened for example with Audrey Blondin - she kept her promise, and that is why DeStefano didn't lose outright on the ballot.

As far as the rules go, the governing body for the convention and the candidates set the rules up ahead of time. Sometimes, although I didn't hear anything about this this year, there is a real battle over the rules because they can have a real bearing on the outcome. For example, third party and fringe candidates are routinely excluded from debates.

In this case, the powers that be agreed there would be one round of vote changes permitted. In a three-way race, it isn't uncommon for a delegate to promise their vote in the first round to a candidate, but then reserve their right to change their vote if that candidate doesn't win the majority in the first round. They might then promise their vote in the second round to their second choice. It is a form of instant runoff voting. This is what happened (if memory serves) in the leadership races for both the Republican and Democratic House of Representatives elections earlier this year, in which John Larson secured his post in the Democratic leadership. So if the vote had not been very, very close, those chits wouldn't have been called. But as close as it was, both sides went out and called their chits.

And a littlebitdramatic is exactly right. In fact, several people I was talking to said to me early on that they were going to vote on precisely that basis. They went for DeStefano on the first round. When it was too close to call and my sense of the room was things were going our way, I went back around and literally said to these individuals "the train is pulling out, still time to get on". Nobody did. Oh well, all you can do is ask.

Does that answer the question?

It was thrilling. You very rarely see a contest like this.

Chris MC said...

The Malloy people used Jedi mind tricks on them. Weak-minded fools!

Damn it GC, I told you not to post that! Well, the cat is out of the bag. Yes Keith, I am in fact the Luke Skywalker of the Democratic Party. LOL.

CTOctaneBlue said...

Chris MC- I did support the DeStefano/Blondin ticket, and I'm upset that Audrey got strung along by JDS. While Simsbury is in the 5th CD, it is hardly in the northwest corner, and I don't think Glassman can make a difference for voters in that part of the state. Audrey Blondin, on the other hand, could make a difference, and some of her supporters are now for Malloy due to the JDS big lie. Based on what she was saying at the convention, I think Audrey is getting really tired of getting nowhere, and might just stay out of politics this fall. Still, if I was Dan Malloy, I would be calling Audrey on Monday and trying to convince her to support his campaign. DM should act fast to try and bring Audrey, and her many supporters in the 5th CD, over to his campaign.

BRubenstein said...

A Note to the Lamont Folks..( i am a suporter and signed the petition)

Some key points going forward;

1. work on updating the voter file.
2. use the petitions that i and thousands other signed as a prime voter list.
3. continue to raise as much money as possible..especially within the state...every person who gives money is voting for Lamont.
4 Remain truely neutral and rein in anyone who is in the inner staff that shoots out of their mouth's their " personal opinion" like Gary Collins. Also remember that DM's home town gave more votes to LaMont then JDS's did.
5 Put together and execute a U to D program.
6 The AFL convention is in late June...try to obtain as many unions as possible and amalgamate them into the field plan.
7 There were many town chairs and elected officials supporting you...they will know their towns better then outsiders...they should be " key" to a good field plan. Also...there were town chairs and delegates who voted for Joementum based on pressure and arm twisting who really wanted to be for LaMont. Contact them and convert them into the field and political plan...or at worst case get a committment to have them sit on their hands.
8 your average vote will be more intense then Joementum's due to the war issue,which will advance your vote total...keep on the war issue in each speech. Joe's support is less intense and more abt to be away in August.
9. Prepare and execute a AB plan..use the mainstream party support you have to advance this.
10. A key to victory will be " house parties" where folks can see a Lamont tv ad,surrogate or speech using the net.
11 remember Joe will not have an effective field...he is coming at you with direct mail and tv ads...get as much free as you can.
12 The groups that are the base of the party are recruitable...gays,minorities of color,women,enviornmentalists,trial lawyers, etc...keep Ned focused on explaining Joe's poor past record concerning these groups ( like his stand against affirmative action) against him while explaining what Ned's position is.
13 Debates will be coming soon snd Joementum will be tossing out negative stuff even before the debates...have an answer for anything negative ( like the FEC fine) already prepared when you debate prep Ned.
14 Advance to the forefront more mainstream politicians for Lamont so that the voters get a sense that this effort is " center-left" instead of " left-left"
15 concentrate your efforts on " high performing towns" to maximize your votes.

There are about 700,000 registered Dems...there is no history of what an august primary brings in turnout.I think there will be a turnout of 40-50% ( the higher the better for you). There fore there will be roughly 280,000 votes cast and YOUR mission is to get 50.01% at least or 140,000 or more. There are about 350,000 union members in CT. 40% are republicans, leaving a total elgible to vote of 210,000 if we assume a 40-50% turnout of means the unions will turn out about 100,000 or about 1/3 of the total votes cast in the getting each union..1 by 1, is a key.

Chris MC said...

While Simsbury is in the 5th CD, it is hardly in the northwest corner, and I don't think Glassman can make a difference for voters in that part of the state.
CTOctaneBlue - what difference would you like made? You can post here if you like, or if you want to call me directly or email me, I am easy to reach.

I imagine Audrey will get a very warm embrace as soon as she wants it. I already talked to her at the convention, and everybody including Dannel knows her. It would be very nice to be collaborating with her on this campaign, as we will be on Chris Murphy's.

Real Democrat said...

Roy won the battle for ballot placement but the nomination is still up for grabs in August.

The AFL-CIO will stick with DeStefano, they've never backed out before much less after a four vote difference at the convention.

truth squad said...

boy, imagine if half of this energy that went into this'floor battle' went into actually beating a republican and having some effect on policy decisions that can actually make life better for the families of CT. yes, indeed it was an upset, and well engineered by Malloy, but relationships were damaged, friendships broken and deals made that he will have to live with for a long time to come. his operative did nothing short of an outstaniding job to pull it out, but they all know the price that it came at. all for a 4 vote victory that only changed his line in the upcoming primary. but i guess that fact that jodi rell is in line for the biggest lopsided victory ever, winning the convention is about all there is to celebrate. in this year of opportinity for Democrats, i fear that here in Connecticut this opportunity will be squandered as he put more energy and effort into trying to beat each other, than the Republicans.

Chris MC said...

Truth Squad -

Much more than that was accomplished. Dannel came into the convention an underdog, and left with a hard earned win. That says something about the man. This notion that somehow we're going to make an omellette without breaking any eggs made the rounds on Friday and again on Saturday.

But the people pushing it have one major condition - they want party unity so long as we're all aligned behind them, not the other way around. Labor weilds a disproportionate amount of power in the candidate selection process. As Brass Anon points out, the idea that the leadership will deliver come the General Election is a myth.

Meanwhile, if anyone not under their control tries to lead, well, so much for party unity. Dannell Malloy is a son of labor. He has endorsements from a number of the labor unions who have dealt with him as Mayor of Stamford. He is respected, according to people who have dealt with him, for being very saavy and well prepared in their dealings with him. The leadership can and should support him.

The fact is, the party is divided. Those of us who believe that Malloy can and will beat Rell this November were prepared to fight for that opportunity, and he won. I hope and personally intend that this will be a historic turning point for our party.

United behind Dan Malloy as our Governor, I believe that we can at last establish the Connecticut Democratic Party where it belongs - squarely in the middle class of this state, and transcend the worn-out labels and outmoded modus operandi that have been failing us for about twenty years.

truth squad said...

chris, hope that kool-aid was chilled before you drank it man. conventions like sat can happen when our Dem is guarenteed victory in the fall. the only thing our dem candidate for gov has guarenteed is that they will be on the ballot. thats what makes all of this intense fighting so counterproductive. i dont care who the nominee is, both of these candidates and their staffs have been directing energy, effort, money and venom at each other, and not at jodi rell. please feel free to enjoy your victory, bc it was sweet, but please dont be so naive to think that tactics that were used wont come back to haunt you and that in November dan malloy will go back to being the Mayor of Stamford and not able to help those who he led into the arena on his behalf.

Chris MC said...

I recommend keeping the koolaid at cellar temperature, and I prefer to sip, rather than quaff.

Conventions like that usually happen when there is no meaningful competition at the General, right? Don't you wish we had a more robust civic life? Aren't you bored with the same old grind, with politicians who play it safe, who guard their flanks, who will not or cannot lead? I really, really am.

Deals get made, egos and friendships get bruised, promises get broken all the time in politics and every place else. People get pissed off, sometimes with good reason, and there can be consequences. That's life. I don't think it gets much better than what we saw yesterday. It was exhilarating, even before we won, even while it looked like we were going to come up short.

Three years ago I went to work on my own organizing the Fifth Congressional District for a guy nobody had ever heard of pretty much on a lark. Next thing I know I was part of something that transformed politics and made an enormous impact on the national party. And I never drank that koolaid either. It's just, ya know, stuff happens.

Right about that time (in fact, the week after we had successfully turned back a serious threat to our First Selectman in November of 2003) I encountered a guy who literally had me sitting on the edge of my seat and listening carefully five minutes after he walked to the front of our sleepy DTC meeting.

In Malloy, whom I've had the pleasure of getting to know a bit, I see a leader who is willing to lead before it makes sense to everybody else. He is a guy who has demonstrated that he won't accept the status quo. He's gone out every day of his campaign and made something happen.

Reminds me of Howard Dean that way. I know from experience what can happen with a guy like that, and I can imagine how much better if and when a guy like that wins. If that is someone I have to fight even some of my friends for, it seems to me I should still do it.

At this point though, the ball is in Mayor DeStefano's court. If he and his supporters feel that what we need to do next is have a primary fight, that is what will happen. If he chooses to follow-through on his original thinking, to get every one aligned behind the endorsed candidate, so much the better.

CTOctaneBlue said...

I've got to agree with truth squad, that the Dems are in big trouble in November due to all of this in-fighting. While it would have been nice to see Audrey Blondin as DeStefano's LG, I was really hoping for a DeStefano/Malloy unity ticket, that everyone could get behind. When DM pulled out the victory, that ticket was obviously cooked (unless of course it was Malloy/DeStefano!). Again, Malloy's people proved that they have what it takes to turn out the vote for their candidate, even if that means using some tactics that others might not be comfortable with. What would be best for the party at this point would be for DeStefano to concede and throw his support behind Malloy- it would really be the only way to try and beat Jodi in November (but there's no way I could see that happening). As others have said, the campaign staff for JDS is totally incompetent, and there's no reason to think that they will get any smarter before Aug. 8th. "I dont care who the nominee is, both of these candidates and their staffs have been directing energy, effort, money and venom at each other, and not at jodi rell"- this will continue right on up to the primary, and will cost both JDS and DM a chance to meaningfully challenge Rell.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Can someone cite the last time a primary winner for any state wide election, went on to win the general election in Connecticut?


Genghis Conn said...

Denise Nappier 1998. Before that, John Rowland 1994.

Mr X said...

I was a delegate and was with DeStefano But after what he did to Litchfield County by playing us against West hartford when he knew Slifka was his choice.I am doing the right thing and supporting Malloy the rest of the way in the Primary and Election.DeStefano will lose the Primary No Doubt in my mind!!

MightyMouse1 said...

TrueBlueCT, If you are looking for a candidate for major office who avoids Joe to give your $500 to, you should know that Senator Murphy has campaigned with and made public appearances with Senator Lieberman. try again!

MightyMouse1 said...

Also TrueBlue, Slifka is a DLC member.

MightyMouse1 said...
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CTKnows said...

Authentic Connecticut Republican... to answer your question... John Rowland beat Pauline Kezer

truth squad said...

genghis, think you would have to throw Susis B in there too in '98.

TrueBlueCT said...

Thanks. I already knew Slifka was a DLC guy. Suprising that DeStefano would choose him, but I'm sure fund-raising ability had a lot to do with the choice. (not much seems to be about ideology these days.)

Thanks for the heads up about Murphy. Maybe my money goes to Sheldon Whitehouse instead. Or perhaps even to ex-Quarterback Heath Shuler in North Carolina's 11th.

bluemule said...

The difference between the Malloy campaign and the DeStefano campaign was not that one was "experienced" and the other was of "amateur production." The difference was that the Malloy campaign was willing to badger voters until they had no other choice but to vote for Malloy. False promises and Barbie doll-like politicians are always convincing. Malloy had all of the large cities and the most experienced convention staff in the state, isn't his "historical win" a miserable failure?

The Lamonster said...


Did I just miss it or did you never respond to your feelings about Mayor DeStefano endorsing Senator Lieberman?