Saturday, May 20, 2006

Convention Saturday

Well, I'm writing from the convention, again, but this time with a somewhat better view. The people running the convention were gracious enough to issue me a media pass, which means I'm now in the media corral. There's an entrance to it, after all.

Right now, Norma Rodriguez-Reyes is challenging Susan Bysiewicz for the Secretary of the State endorsement. Rodriguez is currently seconding her own nomination--

Chris MC just stopped by to say hi, which was great. I'm happy to meet everyone, finally. I also saw CT Blogger and CT Bob up on the camera stand. Blogs today should be providing excellent coverage. I will do my best to bring you whatever I can.

On the Republican side, disgruntled_republican is at the GOP convention, and will hopefully post later. The Rell campaign is live blogging from that convention.

Rodriguez just brought up the most important point of the day: it's been 20 years since the Democrats won the governorship. The race for the gubernatorial endorsement is "very, very close" according to one delegate.

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BRubenstein said...

I am sure the delegate situation is close...and here is what they are doing right now.

1. will be checking the fallout depending if he goes with Blondin and/or Slifka as the LG choice....the loser might bolt and support Malloy ..
2. will be checking to see if there is negative fallout from the aborted " hartford delegate challenge" that effects the delegate support elsewhere.
3. will be trying to convince the un-committed to support him.
4. due to his town's lesser Lamont support then Malloy...he will be checking with Lamont folks to see if there is any negative fallout that could reverse his delegate count.
5.will be checking to see if those that nominate and second his nomination bring him additional support.
6. will be trying to convince those disappointed DM delegates who may have been supporting Tallarita and others, to support JPS now.


1. will be checking to see if he can convince delegates that are friendly to his LG choice will support him.
2. will be trying to convince Slifka and Blondin's delegates to support him.
3. will be trying to gain the support of the un-committed delegates.
4. will be playing up the withdrawal of the hartford challenge to gain delegates.
5. will be playing up stamford's greater Lamont support then New Haven's to the Lamont delegates in order to gain support.