Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gubernatorial Endorsement Vote

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The press conference regarding DeStefano's running mate won't happen until after the vote. I have to assume he's still hoping for a DeStefano/Malloy ticket.

The vote is happening in about 15 minutes. As last night, I'll keep you up to date on the numbers. Watch this post, and reload often.

The nomination speeches are happening now.

A quick update from the GOP campaign... apparently Frank Lecce gave the nomination speech for Linda Roberts, so it seems like primary averted there.

The DeStefano campaign, as part of its "demonstration," brought in a marching band. It was something of a hit.

Diane Farrell is giving a nominating speech for Dan Malloy.


Eddie Perez is giving a nomination speech for Dan Malloy. This is the third time, by my count, that he has given a speech at this convention. He's a forceful and engaging speaker--I wonder what his ambitions are?


The Malloy speakers are focusing on how "electable" Malloy is, and that "this is the ticket Jodi Rell fears." Interesting.

There are plenty of Lamont supporters in both camps.


Just heard that the margin could be as little as 25 votes. Voting about to begin. I'll post when I can.


After the first CD, here's how it stands:

DeStefano 48%
Malloy 52%


Big swing here. After the second CD, here's how it stands:

DeStefano 52.81 %
Malloy 47.19%


DeStefano pulling away in the 3rd... 56%-44% DeStefano.


After the 3rd CD: DeStefano up 606-418 (60%-40%)


After the 4th CD: DeStefano up 667-652. 50.57%-49.43%.


It's close. 713-695 DeStefano.


My final unoffical tally: DeStefano wins 809-796.

But some people can in fact change their votes. Hang on. I'm waiting for a final total.


There may be some sort of deal in the works involving Waterbury. Second vote coming.


Scuttlebutt here is that Scott Slifka is DeStefano's LG choice. Nothing official yet.

Challenges to votes are taking a lot of time. This could last a while as each delegation is polled separately.

Challenges in East Haven and Norwich have been upheld. CT-N probably has a better count than me.


Here's what's happening: the convention has essentially ground to a halt while the votes of various towns, including Norwich, East Haven, Danbury and Waterbury are challenged. When the opportunity for votes to be changed came up, the changes appeared to give Malloy the lead. However, several written challenges emerged, and two of those have been upheld.

At this point, I have no idea who is in the lead.


The first unofficial count was, in fact, 800-797. I must have missed something along the line somewhere. From what I'm hearing, Waterbury wasn't supposed to go so heavily for Malloy.

The challenge from Danbury has been denied. +1 vote for Malloy.


While we're waiting... I followed the media horde that was dogging Dan Malloy, who wouldn't really comment other than to say that things were close. It was very difficult to figure out exactly what was being said, because of the media crush.

Chris MC stopped by to say that he believed that Malloy was up by 5 after the votes were changed. There may also be a challenge coming from West Hartford.


ConnecticutBLOG confirms a West Hartford challenge.

No matter who wins here today, the stage for a close and competitive primary is set. Both sides can claim that the vote was too close to name a clear winner.

There's a car show coming in here at 4:00. This has better hurry up.


Still waiting for Waterbury. Still waiting... still waiting. There are 41 people in the Waterbury delegation--they may be raking each one over the coals.


Now Chris MC is saying that Malloy has it--he says he's "99% sure." They are apparently trying to figure out a way to get through the LG stuff as quickly as possible.

There's a guy with a bullhorn out there leading the chant of "We want Dan!"


Dan Malloy is claiming victory. He just addressed supporters with a bullhorn on the convention floor.

He claims that "we won fair and square" and that he was ahead after the first vote. He seems confident that he has managed to defeat DeStefano. DeStefano is nowhere to be seen.


The Waterbury delegation's challenge led to an increase of six votes for DeStefano, I believe. That may place things in a tie.

If there's a tie, the state chair would break it.

I got some pretty great pictures, and some video. I'll post all that over the next few days.

There is a challenge to the Hartford delegation's vote. Challenge for Hartford denied, vote was not changed.

Voting now closed.

Results soon.


Here we go. 1594 delegates voting.
798 necessary.

DeStefano 795
Malloy 799

Malloy wins!


Aldon Hynes said...

The marching band is here!

Aldon Hynes said...

You can hear a little of the band here

(Posted from my cellphone)

The Lamonster said...

I guess DeStefano shouldn't have messed with Picard in West Haven. said...

CTN saying 800 to 797 Destefano...and changing...

BRubenstein said...

some delegates must have made a motion to change their vote and did in fact change their votes..its permitted ..also look for someone to do a motion for a re-count, which is permitted.

bluecoat said...

Streitz withdrew his name from consideration over at the GOP convention....Snore...

Aldon Hynes said...

So far, there have been two written challenges, both of which have been upheld. They are on to their third challenge, this time for the city of Danbury. Waterbury challenge will be dealt with after that.

Some people are talking about how there will be a second vote, but I don't see that happening.

Meanwhile, people are talking about how we need to be out of here by four.

BRubenstein said...

aldon...maybe YOU dont see it happening but it is permitted by the state party rules if a authorized campaign person makes the motion. I did it in Denises first race when i knew we could switch votes and win.

TrueBlueCT said...

This could go on all night.

What would happen if the Lamont delegates all got together, took their own tally, and then abided by the results? Would that be a good way to settle this tie?

Just wondering...

BRubenstein said...

trueblue...nice thinking but that wont happen...

BRubenstein said...

DeStefano was supposed to win this thing roughly by 55-45 or so..thats the conventional wisdom...his political operatives,organizers,etc. appear to have gotten their pants pulled down by DM's operatives.

JDS didnt really put together a formal political commitee...didnt call in anyone who had experience in a close convention vote....and his newbies seem to be overmatched and over whelmed by DM's operatives...what a dumb strategy

The last very close race was one in which i had a central role...nappier v. lecce...we won on a re-count..with challenges etc. you would have thought that JDS would have called a few of us in and picked our brain's about what to expect in a close convention.

Even if DM loses...he has the big mo going for him now and will be seen as the winner of the convention in coming from behind so nicely. it will be up to the unions to save JDS if they really work hard.

I am a DeStefano supporter and gave $2500 and lined up some town chairs, etc. and i am disappointed in the sloppy convention work of his operation.

TrueBlueCT said...


How long could this go on? What if it ends up a tie? And how does the vote wrangling carry forward?

Plus, if CTKeith did in fact vote "Present", (as he said he would at My Left Nutmeg), does he get to be the deciding vote???

This result is just too amazing to believe. And I was more or less kidding about the Lamont people being the deciders. But the loser won't be able to help but wonder if he should have embraced the base...

TrueBlueCT said...

Did you notice how Lieberman and Malloy shared the same tent??

And I agree with your criticisms of the DeStefano operation.

Genghis Conn said...

Keith did, in fact, vote "present."

But it's too late for him to change his vote, even if he wanted to.

BRubenstein said...

trueblue..if it ends in a tie...the state party chair on her own or thru a motion from either candidte's operatives will order a new formal recount...setting the stage for more challenges,fighting and bartering.

whatever happens now...DM will be the winner, whether he is endorsed or not...and rell too of course...

truth squad said...

the chair would break the tie...

CTOctaneBlue said...

The convention turned out to be a disaster. The Dems are split, and there is no way they will be able to reconcile. The JDS people feel like Malloy "stole" the vote with all the changes after-the-fact, and the Malloy people are gloating trash-talking DeStefano. JDS has chosen Slifka as his LG choice- Blondin had a personal meeting with JDS and I was there when she emerged from the meeting with the news. Obviously, she's devastated. JDS strung her along the entire time- but without a commitment to her, many from the 5th CD went with Malloy. Ultimately, this cost JDS the nomination, the potential unity ticket with DeStefano/Malloy, and any hope of either of these fools beating Rell in November. If you're a Republican, this has truly been a glorious day.

TrueBlueCT said...

Where was the Lieberman "victory" party last night? I didn't hear much about it.

And an instant classic from Sean Smith via the New Haven Register:

Lieberman spokesman, Sean Smith, dismissed the ad as out of sync with the majority of voters.

"I think the Lamont campaign is all bark and no bite. The claims that they make are not consistent with the polls and the broad support that Joe Lieberman has in this race," he said.

Isn't it about time you get a new spokesperson? This has to be the 3rd or 4th time Sean has put his foot in his mouth.

Aldon Hynes said...

Lots of chanting, We Want Dan. Not much DeStefano visibility. We are still waiting for the results of the Waterbury challenge, and West Hartford is slated next.

Meanwhile, we are supposed to leave the building in three minutes as the Expo Center prepares for its next show. It appears as if many delegates have already left, and people are saying that Dan will have enough delegates at the end of this round of recounts.

All of the talk about a possible second vote has dried up. Everyone just wants to get home.

hartford_for_lamont said...

question: how many voted "Present" -

comment: it looks like DeStefano should not have given up his contesting of the Hartford delegation; DeStefano was so cock-sure that he did not need Hartford -

anyway, I don't give one damn about either Malloy or DeStefano, and if they don't start saying nice things about and for Lamont soon, I will vote green for governor.

it will be too late for Malloy or DeStefano to make nice with Lamont after Lamont wins in August; I want to see Malloy or DeStefano do something nice for Lamont NOW.

TrueBlueCT said...

After today, I think one, if not both of these guys will start moving our way.

And if Joe dumps out of the Primary, so "ALL of CT's voters" can vote for him, we'll have both of them on our side.

BRubenstein said...

this is what happens ( JDS's slide) when you have incompetant staff and operatives running around. DM and his people whether they win or not..really pulled down DeSteano's pants.

bluecoat said...

Congrats on the traffic GC: I have to beleive this is your peak traffic at any one day.

MikeCT said...

No one "won" this vote in a meaningful sense. A four-vote difference is random statistical noise.

A new rumor (see video) that Joe will leave the party in the next couple weeks. There should be hell to pay if he does - both for Joe and the delegates who voted for him and against their own conscience.

Colin McEnroe also thinks it's possible:
I'm guessing the independent run looks a little more attractive to Lieberman right now than it did a month ago. It would allow him to campaign right away among people who like him better than his own party members do.

And MyDD chimes in.

Dave Mooney said...

Only one vote "Present", from Branford, Keith.

TrueBlueCT said...

I heard Keith got a personal audience with none less than Rosa DeLauro. Supposedly Rosa offered Keith a greater audience with none other than Senator Dodd.

Keith told Rosa that she didn't get it. The war isn't a little issue, what with kids dying daily, but that he'd vote for the better Democrat regardless....

As close a translation as I can deliver, except that none of these higher-ups understand anything. We want Democrats we can believe in. Not wussies. And certainly not mealy-mouthed, go along to get along, partisan hacks.