Tuesday, May 23, 2006

General Assembly 2006: Races to Watch (May Edition)

Neglected this week has been the many, many legislative races that are kicking off all over the state. These are some of the more interesting ones. If anyone has any information they want me to add to this list, put it in the comments. If it's appropriate, I'll add it. I am posting links to websites and candidate blogs, too, so feel free to post those here.

If you work for a candidate and think your race should be on this list, email me.

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Updated 5/23/2006

Senate: 07 ; 09 ; 12 ; 14 ; 16 ; 18 ; 22 ; 31

House: 02 ; 19 ; 30 ; 34 ; 37 ; 38 ; 44 ; 50 ; 59 ; 61 ; 65 ; 79 ; 86 ; 100 ; 101 ; 104 ; 117 ; 120 ; 132 ; 134 ; 136

Senate 07

  • Incumbent: Sen John Kissel (R)

  • Opponent: Bill Kiner (D) (website)

  • Towns: East Granby, Enfield, Granby, Somers, Suffield, Windsor (part), Windsor Locks

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 1.64%

  • Notes: Kissel won based on his personal popularity alone in 2004. His district went heavily for Kerry. Kissel was one of the few senators to vote against civil unions in 2005. Bill Kiner is running against him again: break out the bright orange signs.


Senate 09

  • Incumbent: Sen. Biagio "Billy" Ciotto (D) (retiring)

  • Challenger 1: Paul Doyle (D)

  • Challenger 2: Tom McBride (D)

  • Challenger 3: Ralph Capenera (R)

  • Towns: Newington, Wethersfield, Cromwell, Middletown (part), Rocky Hill

  • Notes: Rep. Doyle (D-Wethersfield) was nominated over former Newington mayor Tom McBride. McBride has been mulling a primary.


Senate 12

  • Incumbent: Sen. Edward Meyer(D)

  • Opponent: Gregg Hannan (R) (website)

  • Towns: Branford, Durham, Guilford, Killingworth, Madison, N. Branford

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 3.16%

  • Notes: This is typically a Republican area. Meyer defeated Bill Aniskovich in an upset in 2004.


Senate 14

  • Incumbent: Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D) (website)

  • Opponent: Barbara Lisman (R)

  • Towns: Milford, Orange, West Haven (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 3.82%

  • Notes: Slossberg defeated a GOP incumbent in 2004.


Senate 16

  • Incumbent: Sen. Chris Murphy (Not Running)

  • Candidate 1: Sam Caliguiri (R) (website) ; (blog)

  • Candidate 2: David Zoni (D)

  • Towns: Cheshire (part), Southington, Waterbury (part), Wolcott

  • Notes: A rare open seat in the Senate--this one is being vacated by Sen. Chris Murphy, who is running for Congress. Another candidate, Rep. John "Corky" Mazurek (D-Southington), dropped out due to lack of support. It's unknown whether he's running for re-election in the 80th district.


Senate 18

  • Incumbent: Sen. Cathy Cook (R) (Running for Comptroller)

  • Candidate 1: Lenny T. Winkler (R)

  • Candidate 2: Andy Maynard (D) (website)

  • Towns: Griswold, Groton, N. Stonington, Plainfield, Preston, Sterling, Stonington, Voluntown

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 8.95%

  • Notes: Cook is running for comptroller this year, making this an open seat.


Senate 22

  • Incumbent: Sen. Bill Finch (D)(website); (blog)

  • Opponent: Robert Russo (R)(website)

  • Towns: Bridgeport (part), Monroe, Trumbull (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 7.96%

  • Notes: Finch has one of the most active candidate blogs I've seen. Worth checking out. Russo's site doesn't seem to be up, yet.


Senate 31

  • Incumbent: Sen. Tom Colapietro (D)

  • Opponent: Beverly Bobroske (R): (website)

  • Towns: Bristol, Harwinton (part), Plainville, Plymouth

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 5.14%

  • Notes: Colapietro has said homosexuality is a "sickness." Bobroske's website is not yet active, apparently.


House of Representatives

House 02

  • Incumbent: Rep. Hank Bielawa (R)(Not Running)

  • Candidate 1: J. Philip Gallagher (R)

  • Candidate 2: Jason Bartlett (D)

  • Towns: Bethel (part), Danbury (part) Redding (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 0.82% (87 votes)

  • Notes: Bielawa won in 2004 because he was cross-endorsed by an Independent party. Very strange stuff. Jason Bartlett, who lost to him in 2002 and 2004, is running again for the seat. Bielawa announced his retirement in May.


House 19

  • Incumbent: Rep. Robert Farr (R) (Running for Attorney General)

  • Candidate 1: Beth Bye (D)

  • Towns: West Hartford

  • Notes: Farr's retirement makes this a possible pickup for Democrats.


House 30

  • Incumbent: Rep. Joe Aresimowicz (D)

  • Opponent: Edward Pocock (R) (website)

  • Towns: Berlin (part), Southington (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 7.44%

  • Notes: Aresimowicz defeated a GOP incumbent in 2004. Pocock has been very popular in Southington, however.


House 34

  • Incumbent: Rep. Gail Hamm (D)

  • Opponent: Salvatore Nucifora (R)

  • Towns: East Hampton, Middletown (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 9.92%

  • Notes: Probably safe, although both towns are unstable for Democrats lately. Hamm irritated her constituents in East Hampton when she pushed for a law restricting development around lakes.


House 37

  • Incumbent: Rep. Ed Jutila (D)

  • Towns: East Lyme, Salem

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 8.69%

  • Notes: East Lyme is GOP, and Jutila is invisible.


House 38

  • Incumbent: Rep. Elizabeth Ritter (D)

  • Towns: Montville (part), Waterford

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 6.61%

  • Notes: Waterford is trending GOP


House 44

  • Incumbent: Rep. Michael A. Caron (R)

  • Towns: Killingly (part), Plainfield (part), Sterling

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 10.37%

  • Notes: Should at least be competitive. This part of the state is trending Democrat.


House 50

  • Incumbent: Rep. Mike Alberts (R)

  • Opponent: Sherri Vogt (D) (website)

  • Towns: Brooklyn, Eastford, Hampton, Pomfret, Woodstock

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 0.44% (48 votes)

  • Notes: Most endangered Republican. Defeated Democrat Reece Painter in general election, but Painter defeated Alberts in special election to fill remaining two months of term vacated by Rep. Jefferson Davis (D-Pomfret), who resigned 8/04. Very strange.


House 59

  • Incumbent: Rep. Steven Jarmoc (D) (retiring)

  • Challenger #1: Karen Jarmoc (D)

  • Challenger #2: Charles Woods (R)

  • Towns: Enfield

  • Notes: Karen Jarmoc is Steven Jarmoc's wife. Woods also ran in 2004, but lost to Steven Jarmoc.


House 61

  • Incumbent: Rep. Ruth Fahrbach (R)

  • Opponent: Derek Donnelly (D) (website) ; (blog)

  • Towns: Suffield, Windsor (part), East Granby (part)

  • Notes: Fahrbach hasn't had much opposition in the last few years, but Donnelly has raised a very respectable amount of money and support, and is looking to make a race of it.


House 65

  • Incumbent: Rep. Anne Ruwet (R)

  • Towns: Torrington (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 5.1%

  • Notes: Ruwet’s son is Mayor Ryan Bingham of Torrington.


House 79

  • Incumbent: Rep. Kosta Diamantis (D)

  • Primary Challenger: Frank Nicastro (D)

  • Opponent 2: Henry Raymond (R)

  • Towns: Bristol (part)

  • Notes: This nomination was a bruiser!
    From The Architect:
    Add the 79th onto that list too - Diamantis was defeated last night at the caucus 9-7 by former Mayor Frank Nicastro. The camps then proceeded to get into a fistfight and an older woman was punched out cold. Arrests were made.

    A Union member who works at Theiss Steel is running for the Republicans - the bitter primary (with the loser vowing to run in the general by petitioning) makes this an interesting contest.


House 86

  • Incumbent: Rep. Robert Ward (R) (not running)

  • Towns: East Haven (part), North Branford, Wallingford (part)

  • Candidate #1: Vincent J. Candelora (R)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 13.95%

  • Notes: Longtime Minority Leader Ward's retirement makes this an open seat. North Branford, the major town in the district, elected a Democratic First Selectman in 2005. Candelora is a member of the town council.


House 100

  • Incumbent: Rep. Raymond Kalinowski (R)

  • Towns: Durham, Middlefield, Middletown (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 2.93%

  • Notes: Durham went Dem in 2005, and the margin is small. Kalinowski served on impeachment committee in 2004.


House 101

  • Incumbent: Rep. Deborah Heinrich (D) (website)

  • Opponent: Noreen Kokoruda (R)

  • Towns: Guilford (part), Madison

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 6.06%

  • Notes: Very Republican area. Heinrich defeated a longtime GOP incumbent in 2004.


House 104

  • Incumbent: Rep. Linda Gentile (D)

  • Opponent: Joseph Romano (R)

  • Towns: Ansonia (part), Derby (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 4.17%

  • Notes: This was an open seat in 2004, vacated by a long-serving Democrat.


House 117

  • Incumbent: Rep. Paul Davis (D)

  • Towns: Milford (part), Orange (part), West Haven (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 4.73%

  • Notes: Milford and Orange trend Republican. Davis is one of the people behind the bill to make assulting umpires a felony.


House 120

  • Incumbent: Rep. John Harkins (R)

  • Opponent: Dave Mooney (D) (website)

  • Towns: Stratford (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 5.81%

  • Notes: Stratford is trending Democratic following gains by Democrats in the municipal elections. Harkins has been in the news for controversial anti-illegal alien stances. Dave Mooney is known around here for his blogging.


House 132

  • Incumbent: Rep. Thomas Drew (D) (website)

  • Opponent: Chris DeSanctis (R)

  • Towns: Fairfield (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 4.90%

  • Notes: Against natural gas terminal in Sound.


House 134

  • Incumbent: Rep. John "Jack" Stone (R)

  • Towns: Fairfield (part), Trumbull (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 7.88%

  • Notes: Lost the first selectman race in Fairfield to Ken Flatto. Stone was elected to a selectman's seat, but did not take it. Stone is seeking re-election to the House.


House 136


Mr X said...

I wanted to let everyone know that Andrew Roraback will have an opponent this time around.

Matthew Brennan of Winchester will be The Democratic Candidate for The 30th Senatorial District.

I truly believe that no election should go unopposed and at least this will spark some interest.

TSCowperthwait said...

Great work, GC.

Chris MC said...

GC -
I believe Rep. Paul Doyle will seek and get the nomination for Sen. Billy Ciotto's seat, and will win in November. I don't know who will run for Doyle's open seat.

Rear_Admiral said...

First off, the 9th SD shoudl be on here. Second, this will be a GOP pickup. Capenera ran very strong in a tough district in an awful GOP year (2004). McBride may primary, so dont' count your chickens.

CTObserver said...

If Doyle got the endorsement in the convention it would be a major boost for someone coming from a smaller part of the 9th.

GMR said...

Gregg Hannan is the correct spelling of the 12 SD Republican candidate. He's got a good shot at winning his race...

Rear_Admiral said...

Doyle did win the convention--McBride took 32% (basically all of Newington and nothing anywhere else).

Enfield_Dem said...

Great job GC on keeping up with the races! One thing you should change in the 7th senatorial description is from, "appears to be running" to "will be running." Bill Kiner was unanimously endorsed last night at the 7th Senate Convention. It also worth noting that there were only 1 or 2 delegates not present, which shows that Kiner has reached out and energized the Town Committees, who came out in full support.

bluecoat said...

On the 136th (westport) you say Mioli is 'the most endangered Democrat' but as of last wek the GOP didn't have a challenger for Mioli so he can't be that enedangered.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Re: 30th Assembly Seat
" Berlin and Southington trend Dem, probably safe. Aresimowicz defeated a GOP incumbent in 2004."

No one's ever seen Aresimowicz except on the side of a milk carton; he's been missing ever since he was elected.

Eddie Pocock on the other hand has won several local (Southington) elections and has been the highest vote getter every time.

Pocock is also known nationally in shooting circles due to the Southington Police Rifle Team that he founded years ago. He might well be the best rifleman on the planet.
He's already outpaced the incumbant in fund raising as well; and without accepting special interest monies which seem to the only funds available to the incumbant.


The Architect said...

Add the 79th onto that list too - Diamantis was defeated last night at the caucus 9-7 by former Mayor Frank Nicastro. The camps then proceeded to get into a fistfight and an older woman was punched out cold. Arrests were made.

A Union member who works at Theiss Steel is running for the Republicans - the bitter primary (with the loser vowing to run in the general by petitioning) makes this an interesting contest.

Dave Mooney said...

I was unanimously endorsed for the 120th AD in Stratford last Wednesday. This is definitely a race to watch.

Check out my website and an article in the Stratford Bard.

MikeCT said...


Sherri Vogt has a Web site. Jason Bartlett has changed his mind and will run the seat vacated by Hank Bielawa. Here is Bartlett's 2004 site (won't use the same address). Also Dems and some Green candidates with Web sites.

These are legislators who are not running again (open seats), along with potential replacements that I've heard of.

* Rep. Bob Ward - R (North Branford town councillor Vincent Candelora - R)
* Rep. Joseph Mann - D (Norwalk Common Council member Carvin Hilliard - D, and Rev. Bruce Morris - D?)
* Rep. Lew Wallace - D (Jay Tabbersack -D, Greg Seabury -R)
* Rep. Reggie Beamon - D
* Rep. Paul Doyle, D-Wethersfield (if sticks with Senate race)
* Rep. Lenny Winkler R (running for Cook seat)
* Rep. Sonny Googins, R-Glastonbury (Town Council Chair Susan Karp - R)
* Rep Steven Jarmoc, 58th, Enfield (Karen Jarmoc - D)
* Rep. Hank Bielawa R (Jason Bartlett -D, Phil Gallagher -R)
* Rep. Michael Cardin - D (April Teveris R-Tolland town councillor)

* Sen. Cathy Cook - R (Stonington Warden Andy Maynard - D, Rep. Lenny Winkler - R)
* Sen. Billy Ciotto - D (Rep. Paul Doyle, D-Wethersfield. Doyle, former Newington mayor and former Hartford city councilman Thomas McBride)
* Sen. Chris Murphy - D (David Zoni -D, Sam Caliguiri - R)
* Sen. Doc Gunther -R

MikeCT said...

Oh yeah, and Glastonbury Democratic councillor Tom Kehoe will also run for Sonny Googin's old seat.

Dave Mooney said...

There are three candidates going for Doc's seat (SD-21):

Chris Jones (Endorsed D-Shelton)
Dan Debicella (Endorsed R-Shelton)
Jim Feehan (R-Stratford)

Genghis Conn said...

Tom McBride was the mayor of Newington until he stepped down this year. I have trouble believing that the 9th SD will go GOP.

Steve Jarmoc (D-Enfield) isn't running again, and will be replaced on the Democratic ticket by his wife Karen. (DG, do you know who the GOP candidate in the 59th is? I was told there'd be one.)

Oh, and Evelyn Mantilla (D-Hartford) isn't running again. She'll be replaced on the ticket by Angel Arce.

htfd dem said...

Don't assume Angel Arce in Mantilla's seat - there will be a primary and Kelvin Roldan of Mayor Eddie Perez' office is running. Watch for reports of his announcement event at La Casona tomorrow (Wed).

The Architect said...

Some more info on the Bristol 79th LD Democrats Fiasco for you GC:



disgruntled_republican said...


Charlie Woods, a retired Major in the Air Force, will be running in the 59th. He ran against Steven 2 years ago and managed over 3,000 votes.

In the 58th, Sue Lavelli-Hozempa, an outspoken and intelligent member of the Board of Education will run against Tallarita.

Both are getting their campaigns going and are ready to run hard for their respective seats.

Also, since Enfield-Dem mentioned Kiner and the attendence...Sen Kissel's nominating convention was also very well attended with almost all delegates in attendence (forgive me for not knowing the exact amount) but also a large number of citizens from the community who were not delegates attended as well.

C'mon Now. said...

Sue heard that Sue H is a solid, young candidate. And there's a great story to tell about the Jarmoc's. Could be interesting.

C'mon Now. said...

err.. I heard

disgruntled_republican said...

Not sure what you are referring to c'mon with the story but feel free to email me about it.

You are correct with Sue...young and energetic, already has a lot of support and she is in it to win...just like she was when she ran for BOE

Genghis Conn said...

All right, I've added the 9th Senate (there's interest, and I'm originally from Newington so I'll probably follow it anyway), the 59th House and the 79th House. I may add Senate 21, too--give me some time to look into it.

If anyone lives in these districts, keep us posted when you hear something new about the campaigns.

C'mon Now. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Genghis Conn said...

Don't forget that this post, which will be constantly updated, is easy to access by clicking on "Legislative Races to Watch" at the top of the page! Check back often.

C'mon Now. said...

oops. amatuer.
the 9th might be interesting as well. Signifigant Italian population. District has elected Italians (Ciotto) for XXX consecutive cycles. And middletwon just flipped

Conservative Whit said...

In the 37th House District the GOP has nominated Paul Formica, a well known local business (restaurant) owner. He serves on the East Lyme Board of Finance and was the top vote getter in last year's municipal election. This should be a top ten race statewide.

In the 38th House District the GOP has nominated Brian Vachris, a former candidate for the House and Senate, out of Waterford. He has excellent starting name ID and helped run the successful GOP race for First Selectman in 2005. This race will also bear watching.

Brassett said...

After giving the incumbents a free ride in 2004, the GOP has put up challengers in Meriden's 82nd, 83rd and 84th Districts. Challengers to Chris Donovan and Buddy Altobello appear token at best. Cathy Abercrombie's challenger is David Martin, a Berlin resident in a district that is 2/3 Meriden, who is proably best know for having been the victim in a melee in Berlin GOP headquarters on Election Night 2005. Tom Gaffey pulled the same opponent as in 2004, Tod Dixon. Dixon did not campaign in 2004 and is not expected to do so this time either.

Chris MC said...

GC of all the great work you do, this post may be the best and most unique. All this information from all over the state about Legislative races - I doubt there is any single source anywhere for it. Great job, and great job all you contributors to it!

FWIW, Julia Wasserman, R-106th (Newtown) will run unopposed again this year. We almost had a very good candidate who really wanted to run, but couldn't make it work this time around.

And in the 112th (mostly Monroe, a small slice of Newtown), incumbent Debra Lee Hovey, R is unopposed.

Dave Mooney said...


I think you should add SD-21 to the watch list.

SD-21's Republican primary will definitely be interesting. Debicella from Shelton has been working since the beginning of the year, is endorsed by the outgoing State Senator and by the Republican Party. Stratford Council Chairman Jim Feehan did not secure the endorsement but hails from the largest town in the district (although Shelton has the most Republicans and can dominate the convention and primary).

The winner of the Republican primary will face the endorsed Democratic candidate, Chris Jones.

KerryGuy said...

How come Terry Backer didn't seek the nomination for Gunther's seat? Or John Harkins, for that matter? I haven't heard of the nominees before.

And in Doyle's Wethersfield seat, the D's nominated the Mayor, Russ Morin. He's a state DOT traffic planner or something who vows to quit if he wins. Hollow promise, since the law says he has to quit if he wins anyway. Not sure who the R is, but there isn't much of a pool to pick from.

Janet said...

Bryan Hurlburt got the Democratic party nomination last night to run for the 53rd district, which is now an open seat since Mike Cardin decided that he isn't going to seek re-election.

Derby Conservative said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Derby Conservative said...

Also, in the 104th House, look for the GOP to continue it's trend of wins in the Lower Naugatuck Valley. The JFK conservative dems are waking up and realizing that their party left them behind. Look for JR Romano to poll strongly in his hometown of Derby (with help from Mayor Staffieri) and to continue to steal the issues that matter from Ms. Gentile.

Derby Conservative said...

One other thing...did the Democrats endorse anyone to run against Len Greene in the 105th or have they finally given up hopr that they'll ever win that seat back?

Dave Mooney said...

Word is now that Feehan (R-Stratford) is not going to primary for SD-21.

TSCowperthwait said...

Did the Dems get anyone to run against Rep. Al Adinolfi (R-103)? Also, last I knew Tim Sullivan (R) was going to run against Rep. Brendan Sharkey (D-88) - although I have not confirmed that.

Janet said...

Gentile will fair good in her district. I don't think she has anything to worry about.

Derby Conservative said...

Janet, I respectfully disagree. As a freshman rep who barely squeaked in the first time, she should be worried. Mr. Romano's ties to the valley area are deep and his ideas are refreshing. Plus, now Linda has a (poor) record to show the people that she should be replaced with someone who actually gives a damn about what they think, and not just what the Democrat leadership tells her to do.

Janet said...

Romano is from Derby, and the majority of the district is in Ansonia, where Gentile is from.

Rumor has it that Romano doesn't even live in the district. He lists his parents' address as his residency so that he could run there.

TSCowperthwait said...


I'm not from the 104th but seriously, post something original. This discussion happened last week (and probably weeks before too).

Don't just spread "rumor" about where J.R. does or does not reside. I have no idea where he lives, and have spoken with him once in my life, but give us a break and tell us why you think Gentile is the better candidate. Not just beating some "rumor" to death.

CT_Defender said...


You must be a Gentile Stafferor a D House Staffer, FYI get back to work your a state Employee, the truth of the matter form a strategy stand point the Gentile Campaign has nothing to go after Romano about...so they are going to claim he doesn't reside in the district, last time they claimed he was 19 years old...they even sent out a dispicable mailer claim he was connected to the Rowland scandal.

And as far as Linda being safe in Ansonia, Romano lost in Ansonia by 500 hundred votes...in a presidential election where turn out was 95% that is a very slim margin for such a strong D district...i think it is 4 or 5 to 1 in favor of Gentile...if Romano runs the same Campaign...he wins...bottom line

Mr X said...

More News about Litchfield County about State House Races.

in The 64th House- State Rep Roberta Willis(D) is being challenged by Nancy Sieller(R) who was unsuccessful in her bid for a seat on The Torrington City Council.

in the 66th House-Newcomer Frances Cassidy (D) of Woodbury will challenge State Rep Craig Miner(R-Litchfield)

Has anyone heard if any Democrats were chosen in the 67th,68th or 69th Districts??

I think it is great when new people take on these incumbents and with the way the political climate is this year we could see some upsets perhaps.

The Architect said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Architect said...

There they go again - Gentile's hacks have no substantive points against Romano so they break out the unfounded lies to smear him yet again.

If Gentile & Co. are so confident in a sweeping victory come November, why even mention Romano or continue to libel him?

Chris MC said...

There is no challenger to Adinolfi in the 103rd, as of last weekend.

Chris MC said...

Sgt Bilko - is there a website for Cassidy yet?

trini said...

Adinolfi ended up pulling an ER doctor as an opponent. Adinolfi is far more conservative on social issues than are his consituents (he was one of the most strident voices against civil unions) and a campaign highlighting his positions on these issues could prove very effective.

C'mon Now. said...

Janet said...
Gentile will fair good in her district. I don't think she has anything to worry about.

2:54 PM, May 24, 2006

"fair well". Come on now

Wolcottboy said...

Did Corky Mazurek's nomincation get confirmed? (H-80th) Nothing at all from the absentia Waterbury Rep-Am. Apparently their reporting staff was either on vacation or cut Wolcott out of their maps again.

Brassett said...

Actually, I think its "fare well."

CT64 said...

In the 64th District Roberta Willis (D-Salisbury), will be challenged by Nancy Sieller (R-Torrington). Sieller a very bright individual and very involved in her community is the endorsed candidate. She ran last year and lost in a very close race for Torrington Town Council and can really make a tough challenge for Willis if she puts the time in.

SouthingtonMarti said...


ARC comments are very misleading and I don't know the circles he travels in Southington but I have seen Mr. Aresimowicz all over town and not on any milk carton. To give you some background I belong to the YMCA and have a step-daughter at SHS. To that point I have seen Mr. Aresimowicz at every YMCA function and also swimming with 2 boys ( I'm guessing his sons) and also at both Southington High School football and basketball games. But more importantly I get the postcards that say he does office hours at Southington Library once month and I've gone and talked with him and he has been very helpful. I stumbled on this site by google searching Ed Pocock to find out a little more about him and I hope your comments and his early comments are not an indication of how he campaigns for office.

LHL said...

Well, since we're talking about the 30th District now... all I know about Aresimowicz is that I had a personal issue I couldn't resolve and contacted his office at the Capitol. He helped and together we resolved the problem. I was surprised how fast he got back to me (day or two) and it took just about as long to fix things. He's a smart, caring man.

Scrolling back up, I read ACR's comments and maybe the reason you see so much of Ed Pocock is because he does nothing else with his time but kiss babies. I looked into it... Pocock did run in a couple of elections locally... and won... and got the highest vote count... for his commission race... the water commission. In 1999 he was even trumped overall by the library commission. They're a cut-throat bunch I hear.

I just don't think a water commission race where you have to just make it into the top three of five running is the best litmus test for local popularity.

And come to find out... HE LEFT THE WATER COMMISSION! Pocock actually abandoned his roll recently to scramble and focus on the House race. Guess he must not be in as good a shape as you think ACR. Doesn't surprise from his last move... leaving his post for further ambitions. Does he know what a commitment is? Why would I vote for someone who's probably going to prematurely leave the position I elect him to because a better gig comes along.

Lastly... looked into the rifle team he helped start. I shoot regularly and unless I really was the best in the world I sure wouldn't want claims of it floating around. Seems neither he nor his team have actually ever won the particular national competition they enter into. Guess they can't recognize the best "rifleman on the planet" when they see him. Maybe he should be used to losing... and maybe you should get your facts straight ACR.

Right now, I know who I'm voting for. Not the guy with too much time on his hands (Pocock) but the guy with my concerns on his mind (Aresimowicz).


Connsider said...

Viewing the state election this fall I see a big win for D's....Rell may hold her own but her numbers have already dropped and she hasn't been a focal point...in the Gen Assembly I read with interest the comment about Romano's "fresh" ideas...my knowledge of him is he is a R idealogue in the mold of Bush/Cheney...

2indaPink said...

Romano's in the mold of Bush and Cheney? Boy, talk about getting your campaign strategy from CNN. But OK, prove it. Romano seems to be pretty moderate according to the literature that I received last weekend (note: yes, he is already working apparently while I haven't seen hide-nor-hair of Ms. Gentile)--and he comes off as genuine.

As an out-of-district bystander, I'd say that Romano has already won a big battle---he's gotten you crazies to "blog" about him. Seems to me that Gentilites wouldn't even mention him if he weren't already under their skin. Linda, I'd wish you good luck, but I'm better off saying goodbye.

capitalwatcher said...

Looks like the D from the 30th called his family and asked some relatives to write a few passages for him. I 'work' in the dome and asked about this Pocock gent. Whoever wrote those previous posts are full of it. Good Lord that info you guys wrote is soooo off base. I happen to like Joe but even Joe is nervous. He knows about Pocock's get it done image in town. And ask yourself, if he is running for a 'basement' seat among 'cut throats' then how is it he still beats people at the top of the ballot. Joe has a reason to be nervous. Oh, and to the person questioning the 'shooting' aspect. I did one further...I talked to a Southington officer I know personally from some issues I deal with at the dome, and asked about Pocock and his shooting rep. He competes overseas and was actually cited by the Town Council for his accomplishments over there. Forget how he placed but it was in the top 5. This Pocock guy's candidacy is one to watch.

Connsider said...

2idapink got literature from Romano...yet states to be an outsider? Is Romano mailing the whole state? ...and if you do decide that you live in the district you ought to read a newspaper...even Derby Republicans are praising Ms Gentile for her leadership on the bill to enable the the downtown work to continue...I think "bulldog on the issue" was the phrase used...of course if you don't live in the district you may have missed that one

2indaPink said...

Do you seriously think that political literature from a certain candidate self-destructs at the boundaries of the district? I guess it is implausible to imagine a candidate coming in contact with a person from outside their district-keep that insular view of things and my prediction will be vaildated.

And so what if the Derby R's acknowledge legislation that helps them? Did they cross-endorse Ms. Gentile? Are they putting her signs on their lawns? Got a lot of Republican volunteers over at Gentile HQ? Um, no. As opposed to some, I think it underscores just how moderate, thoughtful, and citizen-minded the Republicans are in Derby/Ansonia--led ably into battle by Mr. Romano.

P.S. Your inability to back up the baseless claims against Romano isn't lost on me.

2indaPink said...

Oh and I've heard a lot of phrases beginning with "bull" used in reference to the incumbent...but "bull dog" wasn't one of them.

palo alto east said...

The reason Reece Painter lost the seat in the 50th to Mike Alberts was the result of confusion of the voters. Two issues were being voted for - filling the remaining term and then the upcoming full term. Voters needed to vote twice. Many were confused and only voted once. Alberts is definitely endangered!

Anonymous said...

I usually don't follow state senate/state rep races but the race going on in the 30th district seems to be somewhat exciting, especially since it is only July 16th. Is anyone familiar with this district or knows these candidates. I don't live in the 30th, but I stumbled across Pocock's website and have been reading some of the posts on the Southington live blog. Are there any other races this interesting out there?

Newhall Watchdog said...

I noticed that Bill Fitch (Senate 22) received campaign contributions from the Environmental Professionals Organization of Connecticut, the organization of clean-up contractors. Given that part of his job as the Chair of the Environment Committee is to monitor the funds that go to these contractors, might this not present a conflict of interest?

Anonymous said...

Watch the 8th Assembly District. Joan Lewis has been incognito and Ackert seems to have a lot of energy and support.

Sarah Esty said...

Phil Brewer is the Democratic candidate in the 103rd Rep District against Al Adinolfi.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, Genghis, you Conn update your "General Assembly 2006: Races to Watch (May Edition)" page. It IS after Labor Day, and there are fewer than 60 days left before the the Nov.7 elections.