Friday, May 19, 2006

Malloy Selects Mary Glassman as Running Mate

Dan Malloy will officially announce the selection of Mary Glassman, former Simsbury First Selectwoman and chief of staff to Lt. Gov Kevin Sullivan, as his running mate in a press conference this afternoon.
"Mary Glassman has dedicated her life to public service, working hard to make our state a better place," said Malloy. "She has experience in state government and as a local elected official. She will be a tremendous partner to me, both in this campaign and governing this state, and I am proud that she will join my ticket as our candidate for Lt. Governor."

"Mary began her political career by pulling off a stunning political upset by beating an incumbent Republican to win an office that no Democrat had won for decades -- and I know that together she and I are going to do it again!" said Malloy. (Malloy)

There is a lengthy biography and resume of Glassman included in the press release. For your reference, I'll post it in the comment section.

Glassman seems to be someone that a lot of party insiders know. She's also from suburban Hartford County and the very edge of the 5th Congressional District), although it's worth noting that the Farmington Valley is deep in the heart of Rell Country. So, a solid choice, although not a mind-blowing one.

We'll see what DeStefano does tomorrow.


"Dan Malloy chooses Mary Glassman to be running mate; Former First Selectman of Simsbury and long-time progressive activist." Press Release. Dan Malloy for Governor. 19 May, 2006.


Genghis Conn said...

Biographical information from the press release (The Malloy campaign is always pretty thorough!):

Glassman, a New Britain native, has vast experience in government and public policy. She was elected First Selectman in the town of Simsbury, serving from 1991-1999. Her 1991 victory was a tremendous political upset: she defeated an incumbent Republican and was the first Democrat to win a selectman's race in Simsbury since the 1950s. Glassman went on to serve on the Simsbury Board of Finance from 1999-2001.

Since leaving office, Glassman has worked in the State Capitol, serving as counsel to the Speaker of the House and the Senate President Pro Tempore. She most recently served as Chief of Staff to Lt. Governor Kevin Sullivan.

Glassman also worked as legislative liaison for the state Office of Workforce Competitiveness. An attorney with a law degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law, Glassman also has worked as an associate at the Hartford law firm of Pepe & Hazard, and as a Judicial Clerk for the State of Connecticut Judicial Department. She has been an Adjunct Professor at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain. She began her career as a journalist, working for The New Britain Herald.

"I have been impressed with Dan's vision for the future of Connecticut and by his record as Mayor of Stamford," said Glassman. "I am proud to join his ticket because I believe Dan Malloy has both the ideas and the track record of getting results that we need in our next governor -- and I believe he is the one candidate who can win against Gov. Rell and restore Democratic values to the Governor's Office."

Resume From the Press Release:


July 2005- Present Chief of Staff to the Lieutenant Governor, State of Connecticut
Director of all policy and personnel functions, including managing a five-person staff and a $580,000 budget. Assists Lieutenant Governor Kevin B. Sullivan in presiding over Senate sessions, parliamentary rulings, drafting legislative proposals and researching legal and policy issues.

2003-2005 Special Counsel to Senate President Pro Tempore, State of Connecticut
Served as special counsel to former Senate President Sullivan, drafted legislative proposals, proposed public policy initiatives and coordinated special projects. Worked with General Assembly members to develop a consensus for successful legislation on homeland security, mental health reform and education.

2002 Legislative Liaison, Office of Workforce Competitiveness, Rocky Hill, CT Staffed legislative committees and advised General Assembly members on issues related to workforce development shortages and programs as a part-time legislative liaison.

1999-2001 Counsel to Speaker of the House of Representatives, State of Connecticut
Served as legal counsel to Speaker Moira K. Lyons. Responsible for review of legislative and policy issues. Coordinated major projects such as landmark legislation on statewide transportation strategy.

1991-1999 First Selectman, Town of Simsbury, Simsbury, CT
Served as fulltime chief executive officer and personnel director for the Town, comprised of 23,000 residents and supervised approximately 140 employees and a budget of approximately $14 million. Responsible for coordination and training personnel in state and federal laws and policies including FMLA, ADA, sexual harassment, Freedom of Information and violence in the workplace.

1999 Panelist, Aetna Community Conversations on Race, National Conference for Community and Justice
Represented community leaders in the Greater Hartford region on a nationally syndicated broadcast.

1987-1991 Litigation Associate, Pepe & Hazard, Hartford, CT
Practiced in the areas of construction, environmental and land use law. Responsible for caseload involving complex construction litigation, arbitration proceedings and appellate brief writing.

1986 Judicial Clerk, State of Connecticut Judicial Department, New Haven, CT
Responsible for compiling facts from legal briefs, oral argument and case law research and preparing draft decisions of law on matters involving criminal law, contract law and family matters for review by Superior Court judges.

1980-1985 Reporter, The Herald, New Britain, CT
Covered municipal government and court proceedings for daily newspaper, including coverage of city-wide municipal corruption investigation.


1986 Admitted to practice law in the State of Connecticut
1986 Juris Doctorate, University of Connecticut School of Law, Hartford, CT
1976-1980 Bachelor of Arts Degree, Journalism, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
1972-1976 Honors High School Graduate, Saint Thomas Aquinas, New Britain, CT


2001-Present Board of Directors, Rideshare, Windsor, CT
1999-2005 Incorporator and member, Board of Directors, Saint Francis Hospital,
Hartford, CT
1995-Present Bar Examiner Grader, Connecticut Bar Examiners, Hartford, CT
2001-2003 Adjunct Professor, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT
1999-2001 Board of Finance, Simsbury, CT
1997-1999 Vice-chair, Connecticut Regional Council of Governments, Hartford, CT
1998-1999 Member, MetroHarttford Millenium Strategic Plan Steering Committee


2001 Distinguished Service Award, Freedom of Information Commission
1999 Regional Service Award, Capitol Region Council of Governments

BRubenstein said...

GC...While i am with JDS i will admit that DM's choice of Mary Glassman is a good one.I know her to be very bright and personable with a good varied backround in the law,policy and administration.

She will look and be credible out on the hustlings and i think DM only helped himself with her selection.

Blue said...

Mary is qualified for sure...Now Malloy goes Sullivan and the current LG office breaks out in riots.

Janet said...

It was a very good choice for DM.

DM definitely has a better shot at beating Jodi Rell than JDS has.

bluecoat said...

from the Stamford Advocate todayMalloy rejects DeStefano overture, names insider as running mate

Chris MC said...

What a great, great choice. Flawless, really. Shows Malloy is an astute judge of people and politics, and is thinking about governing, not dealmaking his way into the nomination.

Glassman isn't some pander to the feminist argument, nor to some confected geographical loyalty. Glassman is someone who brings a deep and long experience at the highest levels of the state capital to the Governor's office, plus direct experience as a successful Democratic politician and executive in a Republican suburban municipality.


bluecoat said...

Malloy still has no platform but he may be a good politician.

ALittleBitDramatic said...

Excellent, excellent choice.

SpeakTheTruth said...

Oct 18 Debate
Rell did better than before, but a little weak on rebuttals. John continues to get away with airy responses with little substance.