Sunday, May 21, 2006

Some Convention Photos

Dodd speaks early on Saturday

Malloy whips up support

DeStefano calmly confident

The view from the media corral

A defiant DeStefano after Malloy's acceptance speech


Real Democrat said...

Did anyone else notice Senate President Don Williams' performance at the convention?

He nominated Blumenthal and gave the best speech of the convention when he seconded DeStefano. RELL MUST GO!

His speech was the only one that engaged the delegates.

He's been Senate President for only a year and has grown into the job. Last year his school nutrition bill flopped. This year, he single-handedly took on Sullivan & LeShane, Coca-Cola and Pepsi and passed the bill. (Can you say "soccer moms?")

Best of all, he's a genuine nice guy. If Blumenthal ever steps down, Williams would be a terrific AG. Does Eastern CT even dare to think we may have our next John Dempsey?

BRubenstein said...

real democrat:

he may be all you say,but;

1. as far as i know he never practiced as a lawyer and doesnt know how firms operate in the real world.
2 never tried a case.
3. is exclusively a creature of the legislature without other experience.
4 known as a moderate and may be to middle of the road for some in our party.
5 has never run or participated as a senior operative in a state wide race, so he wouldnt know how to operate in one in the beginning.
6 will be at the mercy of any bad " votes" he made as a deal in the legislature to an outsider running for the same office.

i am not demeaning him or his credentials...simply pointing out his weaknesses...and remember he will probably not be the only one for that position..i can think of 6 others with other skills, all of whom may be interested and bring various skills and demerits.

Real Democrat said...


Williams has worked as a lawyer in at least three firms and currently works for the Bar Assoc.

Willams was the first selectman (no town manager) in Thompson for several years before being elected to the Senate.

Guided the Senate Democrats to electoral victories that increased the number of Dems to 24 from 21 under Sullivan.

As for votes -- that's true of anyone with credentials either at the local level or state level.

secondcongressional said...

While everyone has been focused on the events in Hartford over the past couple days, Joe Courtney has been rallying support throughout CT.

Today, in Colchester, Courtney held a Veterans for Courtney event. He stood with more than a dozen veterans on the Colchester Town Green to protest Rob Simmons' record on veterans affairs. He also layed out his vision for helping CT veterans. I got a call from the campaign and managed to get to the event. The 2CD Blog has some interesting coverage - as well info on an alleged "Simmons' spy."

There are also some pictures posted on Joe Courtney's website.

Aldon Hynes said...

real democrat: I have to agree about the speech. Whether or not you like Senate President Don Williams, his RELL MUST GO! speech was the only one that really seemed to engage the delegates.

It is unfortunate that there weren't more speeches like his. As I walked around after all the Gubernatorial nominating speeches, I asked delegates what they thought of the different speeches. Most delegates seemed to pay little attention to the sppeches, with the exception of Williams' RELL MUST GO! speech.

I wish we had more speeches like that.

Red State. Blue Balls said...

I heard that other party had a convention too.

MikeCT said...

Kos is involved in different kind of endorsement in a video remix of the Lamont-Kos ad. It's on a right wing site, but it's one of the funniest things I've seen this year. Even Lamont supporters should get a kick out of it.

Patricia Rice said...

Malloy will not be Rell. Given the choice between a Republican and a Democrat that sounds like a Republican, they will choose the Republican. Destefano sounds more like a Democrat because he is a Democrat. Rell can be beat. Just keep playing the Cafero convention blunder when he referred to Rell as ROWLAND. How great is that! That must of made the Republicans grasp for air.

BRubenstein said...

chris mc....

In response to what you said in the other thread about DM/JDS;

DM only has the support of 6 small local's all around the City of Stamford, located i might add in the 4th CD which is the least performing CD for democrats in the state.JDS has at last count over 40 union,statewide unions..and probably will attain the AFL-CIO endorsement in June.Please understand that the union members who are democrats make up about 30%( about 220,000) of the total democratic voters (approx 700,000) registered democratic voters in this state. They pretty much are united behind JDS and if he gets the endosement then the head of the AFL-CIO John Olsen is very effective in assisting campaigns.

I believe Chris, that if the unions put their muscle behind JDS then he will have a leg up for the primary and will be hard to beat.The total union vote at the primary will be around 1/4 to 1/3 of the total vote.So in my opinion based upon the 1994 primary ( curry v. larson) if the unions want JDS and work..he may well win.

The only fly in this picture is the issue of the staff and operatives of JDS. If JDS relies on the same incompetant and terrible staff and operatives that screwed up the convention.. and alot more... then anything can happen.

C'mon Now. said...


So I wathced most of the gop convention, and I'm two hours into the dem convention.

Some observations.
The room at the expocenter looks terrible. The stage is massive and largely empty. No teleprompters. A microphone malfunction during lamont nominating speach.

By comparison, the gop convetion venue and stage looked pretty professional. The big screens, etc.

I would also add that its a shame to have the party chairman serve as perm chair, rather than try to feature the party bench, or honor retirement in case of ward.

Impressed with civility so far though.

CTOctaneBlue said...

BR- I think you're right on the money. With the labor support, JDS should be able to win the primary. However, his campaign staff is horrible, and they will probably end up costing JDS the primary. After the first vote on saturday, JDS headed out to his RV to prepare his victory speech. He had no idea that Malloy and his people were blanketing the convention floor and getting enough votes switched the swing the election to DM. JDS isn't prepared to put in the work needed to win the primary, and Malloy has the momentum. But this primary will take a big toll on both candidates, and Rell should be able to cruise to an easy victory in November.

BRubenstein said... are unforetuneately correct.... DeStefano's political operatives and staff would get an award for " dumbest in connecticut" which if he relies on those bozo's might kill his primary by their stupidity,otherwise the unions may bring him over the finish line in the are right about Rell...none of the candidates have a clear strategy for taking her down and i now believe it can't be done focusing on her after the August primary.Many of us suggested different things to the candidates,but they prefered to play it safe and as a result they are boxed in now,bigtime.

BRubenstein said...

SCOTT SLIFKA is a DLC member in good standing..ive just confirmed it..this wont warm the hearts of the unions and progressives that John has cultivated..

MightyMouse1 said...

Slifka is a little too plastic, reminds me of Guy Smiley from Sesame Street.

Janet said...

C'mon Now -

The reason why the Dems convention wasn't able to have all of the big fanfare and balloons and stuff is because of the Expo Center. It wasn't their original choice for the convention.

They originally intended on having it at the Convention Center, but then labor problems got in the way and they didnt want to get in the middle, so at the last minute they moved it to the Expo Center.

The problem was, that there was another convention scheduled to start at 4:00 on Saturday afternoon. They were told by the Expo Center people that they could have the convention there as long as they don't have any of the fanfare beacuse they need to clean up and pack immediately so that this other convention could begin to set up.

HealthcareNOW said...

Putting Malloy next to Joe is pretty fitting though. I mean the more you look at the two of them together, the more it looks like Republican Lite, DLCers are taking over Connecticut's Democrats.

Real Democrats = Anti-Iraq War, Universal Healthcare, Pro-Environment and Pro-Union. Just as long as the real Democrats come out on August 8th, Ned's gonna pummel Joe.