Friday, May 19, 2006

Lieberman Nominated: Lamont Gets Over 30%

Joe Lieberman was nominated at the Democratic convention on Friday night, but by a smaller margin than many were expecting. An unofficial count of the votes showed Lieberman winning 67%-33%.

The big story may be that Ned Lamont gathered more than twice the number of delegates he needed to force a primary in August. Lamont showed strength especially in small towns, where Lieberman was strongest in the large cities. There were exceptions. Lieberman won many small towns, while Lamont was the clear winner in New Britain and Norwalk.

Now the challenge for Lamont is whether he can close the gap with Lieberman over the next few months.

We're waiting for official word here at the convention, but unoffically, Lieberman is the nominee with 67% of the vote.


Official word just received. Lieberman 1004, Lamont 505. Lamont got 33.4% of the vote.

Messy breakdown by town here (excel file).


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

That was pretty good work. You did a heckofa job keeping up - frankly I'm impressed.


turfgrrl said...

The Norwalk result is quite stunning. But also indicative of some major disfunction of the leadership by the chair.

MikeCT said...

Both Lamont and Genghis kicked ass tonight!

hartford_for_lamont said...

good work Genghis! thanks!

ctkeith said...

I just returned for the convention.


Please use the correct terms>Lieberman won the party endorsement tonight NOT the nomination.The Dem Nomination will now be Decided in an August 8th primary because Lamont got greater than the 15% threshold required to force a primary.

Goodnite all,I must say I had a wonderful day and tomorrow I will vote Present for the Dem endorsement for governor.

cgg said...

Just got home myself. I got a last minute call to be a proxy delegate. I'll write a commentary tomorrow when I'm less tired. What an exciting night!

BRubenstein said...

As i said before...if ned got over 25% then joementum is in serious trouble....ladies and gentlmen fasten your seatbelts, we are in for a hell of a ride.

Now the insiders at the convention was Joementum's friendliest audience...i expect a close primary.

If the unions come out for Ned...and the liberals...its lights out for Joementum.

there are about 700,000 registered democrats and you would expect turnout in august to be light 40-50% meaning 175,000 or so take the primary. There are 350,000 union folks...40% of them are republicans, leaving 210,000 who are democrats...assuming a 40-50% turnout it means about 100,000 union votes out of a probable 320,000 or so cast...if ned can gain the union support or a majority of it...Joementum is cooked.

the above doesnt count what the liberals,anti-war folks,feminists,lesbians and gays and others will do for Ned.

Chris MC said...

Got back about thirty minutes ago and logged on here to read the posting - nice job GC - I was disappointed that I couldn't find you. Saw Aldon, he didn't know where you were either. Let's try and say hello again tomorrow....

Impressive showing by Lamont. Despite the rather disjointed campaign, 33%. I hope that Joe gets the message.

The non-voters are predominantly protesting Lieberman, IMHO. They stayed away rather than vote. A number of people who did attend cast "present" votes or didn't vote. A lot of people around me were irritated with that.

There wasn't much action on the floor in terms of people lobbying each other for Lieberman or Lamont, it looked like everyone arrived with their minds made up.

Not so for the gubernatorial. That is where the action was and it will be hotter tomorrow.

My best information right now is that Audrey Blondin has been passed over for the LG nomination in favor of Scott Slifka from West Hartford. This isn't confirmed, but Audrey looked pretty pissed off later in the action, and I heard it from a couple of places. If true, it represents a victory for Malloy, whose strategy of picking Glassman and announcing today stole the initiative from DeStefano.

There are at least a few women delegates, and at least one blogger here, who will change their votes from DeStefano to Malloy if this proves to be true.

The delegate count is too close to call. There are rumored to be 100 to 200 in play, or about 10%. The DeStefano side is still trying to use the fait accompli tactic, but it is pretty thin at this point.

The Hartford credentials challenge went nowhere. Carbone got up there and did his thing, along with Minnie Gonzales, Frank Borges, and a couple of others, but in the end the challenge was withdrawn. If they had gone forward with it, the credentials committee would have voted it down, and then they would have had to seek an injunction. This would have prevented the Hartford delegation from being seated tomorrow at least and I think tonight. Truly a nuclear option that would have meant curtains for anybody associated with it.

Getting back to rumors on the floor, there is still talk of a DeStefano/Malloy ticket coming from the heavy hitters on the DeStefano side. Although, this might have been said for my benefit, they are combining what they see as a carrot with some heavy handed talk about a stick if Malloy doesn't go along with it. So, they want to put the fix in. That, combined with DeStefano floating the idea earlier today, is a sign of fear on their part, IMO.

So, tomorrow is going to be quite interesting. A lot of sharp elbows and close-order maneuvering on the floor.

Any of you bloggers there tomorrow - look me up around the Fifth CD section - come to the rail and say hello. Especially you GC.

BRubenstein said...

The Hartford challengers were wrong to even try the delegate challenge....they spent alot of time....getting petitions signed and LOSING...then LOSING at state central ...and i agree with chris..they would have lost in the credentials commitee...they wasted too many hours in which they could have obtained support for Lamont and/or DeStefano never mind the hours consulting lawyers....and they now look disorganized...and in the end the lack of intestinal fortitude made them back down also.

As i stated before...the possible increase to DeStefano wasnt worth the Hartford challenge, especially since he is ahead in the delgate count in my opinion.

ctblogger said...

Damn GC, I didn't see you. Look for me tomorrow.


Ahem, so much for that BIG Lamont filing story huh. How's that crow taste.

ChrisMC is correct (nice meeting you again). The real show will be tomorrow between Malloy and DeStefano. Don't get me wrong Lamont's numbers were HUGE tonight and Joe is in some REAL trouble but WOW those Malloy and DeStefano people were working hard tonight (the free beer was nice also).

Man, what a night for Lamont. It was simply amazing being in the middle of everything counting the numbers. The picture I took of the Lieberman staff told the whole story tonight.

Genghis, two words: Media pass.

TrueBlueCT said...


Glad you were there. Sorry I missed you.

I was scanning your vote tallies, (way to go New Britain and Norwalk!), and I think you made a mistake. Ned's hometown of Greenwich had 22 delegates, not 49, and Ned won handily by a 19-3 margin. fwiw.

middlesexist said...

An interesting night (and yes, I was a delegate). Lieberman put a lot of pressure on Democratic "bosses" (to the extent that there are any, to make sure their delegates voted for him. Obviously there aren't serious town committee structures in the small towns, so their members voted as they'd like -- with the effect of helping Lamont.

And BRubinstein -- honestly, if I were a union member, I'd vote for Lieberman in the primary. Lieberman's absolutely terrific on labor issues.

truth squad said...

funny to see the millionaires's campaign celebrating like they won the nomination. would be interested to see what the lowest any candidate got at the convention and went on to win the primary was.

MikeCT said...

It's funny to hear Lieberman "supporters" apologize in the press for voting against their principles:

At least one Lieberman-supporting delegate told ABC News it has been a tough decision to stand by Lieberman.

Anti-poverty activist Deidre Ierardi opposes the war in Iraq, but she'll support Lieberman tonight because she believes he has the best chance to win in November.

"It was an intellectual decision. If I went with my emotions I would be for Ned Lamont," Ierardi said. She said she's supporting Lieberman "based on the fact that he's the one who can win and that we need to take back the Senate."

Indeed, we need to take back the Senate from Lieberman.

MikeCT said...

Colin McEnroe sends his report:

From one medium-sized town, I heard that Lamont-leaning delegates stayed home rather than face bullying. And several Democratic insiders admitted to me they were voting for Lieberman in the public forum of a convention while fully determined to vote for Lamont in the privacy of a booth.
I think 33 percent is a pretty bad number for an incumbent senator to give up to a challenger nobody ever heard of. Certainly, the Lamont team members were staggering around like dazed lottery winners. "Pinch me," Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan told a comrade.
The real number is lot worse for Lieberman than 33 percent. It's not the true number of convention people who do not support him. And the convention is full of party regulars, usually the easiest people to keep in line. Wisdom of the ages would suggest that the "amateur" voters are potentially much more rebellious.

BRubenstein said...


If Lieberman is so good on labor issues then why was he booed at the national AFL-CIO meeting when he was running for President?

Lieberman was for vouchers too which means the teachers unions in Ct if they have the backbone could be for Lamont.

Lieberman for for Nafta,Cafta and other "business" legislation to the detriment of labor.

Lieberman in the late 90's was against affirmative action.

I could go on with other anti-union positions that he has taken.

If the Ct unions come out for Ned in a big way like they will DeStefano, then Lieberman is cooked.

If Ned wins, the petitions which i signed and thousands of others will be a collectors item.