Thursday, June 22, 2006

With Friends Like These...

Ann Coulter:
CAVUTO: So you would admire more at least the politician that says a timetable to get out than going back and forth?

COULTER: No. I would admire a politician, not as much as basically your run of the mill garden-variety Republican, but as far as Democrats go like Lieberman, who apparently does want to defend America and fight the war on terrorism. He is the one facing a primary fight.

CAVUTO: You know, there is talk about him maybe bolting to a third party. The seeds are there for a third party movement. Do you buy that?

COULTER: I think he should come all the way and become a Republican. He wouldn’t be our best Republican but at left he’d fit in with the party that wants to defend the country.



" Coulter Derides Call For New Iraq Strategy, Endorses Lieberman Approach." Think Progress. 22 June, 2006.


GMR said...

Ann Coulter has only one objective: to sell more books. She wrote editorials against the confirmation of Roberts to the Supreme Court because he might not be conservative enough, yet now she's saying Lieberman should become a Republican.

Lieberman has a single digit rating from the American Conservative Union. Even Lincoln Chaffee from RI, the most liberal Republican, has a rating of 37.

But here is Ann getting the publicity, and selling more books. #3 at Amazon...

BRubenstein said...

coulter for Lieberman!!!!!!!!! love to see a tv ad of that in time for the primary....

Chris MC said...

That's right Bruce, spin the night away. GMR is of course exactly right, if there is one thing that bimbo knows how to do it is draw attention to herself. And Cavuto is about as serious a reporter as you are a political operative. Utterly predictable.

Funny, the Lamont campaign doesn't seem to want your "expert" support. What is that? I mean, you've been around since, what, the sixties or something? You should be running something by now, shouldn't you? Why aren't you in charge of the DeStefano campaign or the Lamont campaign or Denise Nappier's campaign or a State Senate campaign or a State House campaign? Hey, maybe you could handle a town council district race next year! Are you even on the West Hartford DTC these days?

But what does a grass roots guy like me know about life in the political stratosphere you say you occupy, anyway?

BRubenstein said...

chris chris chris...ive run campaigns and many seek my advice ..

Unlike you i have a job !!!!

Ive no time since i have a 20 member firm to be involved full-time...unlike you i pay taxes and am a contibuting member to fact as you get your nex welfare check stop a moment and kiss the ground that i and other's that work continue to
support you.

Chris MC said...

Welfare check? Job? You as usual are substituting smear for substance.

How can you spend hours and hours online, all day and long into the night, and say you don't have time? The truth is you don't have the demand. Which if you weren't a singularly unsympathetic figure, would inspire sympathy.

It really is kind of sad the way you puff yourself up and tell us about your past conquests. Increasingly distant in the past too.

Aren't you a little embarrassed, issuing memos to the Lamont campaign and posting them here? How pathetic.

And really, do you imagine that Swan and company need you to give them the elementary steps of a field operation? As I recall, definitely not.

No, Bruce, your story just doesn't hold together. You appear to be out to pasture politically. Relegated to arguing with anonymous bloggers and nobody political novices. I almost feel sorry for you.

cgg said...

Ann Coulter is bat shit crazy.

Chris MC said...


TrueBlueCT said...

The personal invective that has taken over this site is a large part of the reason I'm moving away from the childish bickering.

I mean, hey, I don't mind the occasional sniping. But the constant back and forth is such an extreme turn-off.

Isn't this supposed to be about issues, and not personalities?

Chris MC said...

I fully agree TrueBlue. I have been dragged literally kicking and screaming to this point. But enough is enough. The nonsense from Bruce directed at other posters here demands a response. His incessant smearing, personal insults, threats, misrepresentations and so on are inexcusable and intolerable.

This should be about issues, and everyone, regardless of their political experience and point of view, ought to be able to engage in a reasonably civil discussion. Or at least a heated argument without the personal invective.

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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Chris MC said...

Angelina -
Any passing acquaintance Anne Coulter's writing or public statements have with valid observations is probably coincidental.

My permanent view of her was formed when I watched her appearance on "Firing Line" with the godfather of modern conservatism William F. Buckley.

Buckley attempted to set her up again and again with leading questions, which she flubbed so utterly that he became visibly exasperated and gave up. It was an unbelievable display.

You seem to be an intelligent and well-informed individual about politics. Are you seriously going to spend your time on Coulter's books?

How about Kevin Phillips new book, American Theocracy? I've just started reading it, and it isn't favorable to Bush or the religious right, although that isn't all that he is writing about. I'd be very interested in your views on Phillips' arguments, since you and I are coming from very different places.

turfgrrl said...

Lat's see Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rick Santorum and Bill Frist all had something positive to say about Lieberman Thursday. I'll take "GOP talking points Thursday memo" for $500 Alex ...

Sheesh, the only way the GOP can win a CT Senate seat is if there is a 3 way race. The political strategy is pretty obvious here.

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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Patricia Rice said...

OK, I'll play Jeopardy. I'll take Ned LaMont for $50.

Alex: The answer is... Ned LaMonts favorite pair of shoe's?

Alex, What are Flip Flops?

Alex: Flip Flops is correct!

GMR said...

One of the better reviews of an Ann Coulter book was done a few years ago by P.J. O'Rourke (the columnist for Rolling Stone and the Atlantic).

He quoted some paragraph from a Coulter book where she went on about liberalism or liberals or whatever people were the target then. Probably liberals. He then said that it made sense,and was the type of thing he was apt to say -- if he was sitting around with four of five his friends, it was 1:00 AM, and they'd each had six or seven drinks. Unfortunately, he was reading the book at 4:00 PM in his office while fully sober.

I think I feel the same way about her. She may say some things I agree with, but she's just not that pleasant to read (although I haven't ever tried it after downing a few drinks).

cgg said...

Does anyone take Coulter seriously though? Her book sales indicate that someone does, but I just don't get it. A few years back she made good TV, but her act gets old after awhile. I just don't get why people keep paying attention to her.

Chris MC said...

I think you're right cgg. Coulter is a novelty act, like the carnival used to have. Michele Malkin is another one of those.

BRubenstein said...

chris chris havent runa campaign and i have...the only thing you can run is the bathroon sink and your mouth...face the facts that no one is clamering for YOUR help so YOU are reduced to being in the blog 24/7...

Name me one campaign..just which you ran or was a senior operative in a state-wide race...i already told you mine...

You were/are on the Newtown DTC..thats the only position that i know of that you have had...I had a statewide party post...if you dont believe it..ask around.

I was a delegate to national son worked in the WHite House...while you were watching all of the conventions on tv..i was there voting and helping to make history.

The fact have no practical experience and everyone knows it in this blog...

GMR said...

The total hardback sales for Ann Coulter's book probably won't top 200,000. It doesn't take a very significant portion of the population to buy a book to put it on the non-fiction bestseller list in Hardback. Amazon combines all books on its list -- Hardback, paperback, fiction, and non-fiction, but it also uses proprietary algorithms to rank (recent book sales are rated higher than a sale yesterday).

To get a political book onto the bestseller list probably requires a total printing of 50,000 to 75,000 (assuming that most of this sells out in the first couple of months). Probably a little more in November and December, when people buy books for other people for Christmas.

Paperback sales will be higher of course, but the percentage of American households that buy any book during a year is fairly small (excluding things like Chilton Auto Manuals, eBay for Dummies, etc: books that are meant to be read from front to back)

Chris MC said...

The fact is, Bruce, you spend far too much time spinning and attacking other bloggers.

People like you are why too many average, normal people avoid politics. And now, with nothing else to do with your "experience", you spend all day and night around here on your virtual barstool, bragging and annoying people who aren't interested in your crap.

You are a sad, bitter little creature Bruce.

BRubenstein said...

chris chris spew hate and lies and havent answered my questions...but the answer is obvious...go get a will never make it in politics

Mr X said...

Chris MC... Dont listen to this Rubenstein fellow As I have said a billion times already you either agree with his viewpoint or you are labeled an operative, a staffer or whatever he thinks of at the moment.

I have been involved on my DTC for 24 1/2 years and I have run for State Senator and State Rep. My Cousin is a State rep in Litchfield County and my family has been involved for a few generations.

But Because we arent from the big city of West hartford or hartford or New haven we are considered outsiders by these big city folk.

Bruce I am not impressed by your big supposed political career have you ever run for office anywhere??

Chris Mc's opinion holds more weight with me than yours does.He makes sense and you just spin DeStefano and Slifka until the cows come home I left DeStefano Because he is just a typical sleazebag and so is Slifka.

Bruce keep living in your fantasy world of DeStefano and Slifka I may be a conservative Democrat and I am comfortable with that. But apparently if you aren't a liberal or anti war your opinion just doesnt matter anyway.

Chris MC... do me a big favor Keep on speaking your mind I do respect your opinions In fact I respect most everyone's on here including CT Keith and Bluecoat and the others I may not agree with everything But they all bring credence to their statements and dont due the constant attack and intimidation.

Bruce needs to stop being so Anti- Conservative and let all sides speak their mind whether he agrees with any of us or not.

AnonAndOnAndOn said...

Bilks... Cool stuff. Good on 'ya, lad! How long ago did you run?? Did you enjoy the campaigns? And when are you going to do some blogging on your site??? There's only one post.

Maybe GC can help dissipate the "mine is bigger than yours" BS going on by letting everyone post their resume. Then we could all get OVER ourselves. Present company included! ;)

Mr X said...

I am fairly new to blogging I havent quite figured out yet how to get back to my blog Any suggestions welcomed...

My resume briefly:
1992-ran in 69th Assembly Distict against Rep Arthur O'Neill
Vote totals;O'Neill 7,622

1993-First Selectman Washington
Alan Chapin-940

1998-State Senator-30th Senatorial District
Dell Eads 19,538
Wyant 8,962

Been on Washington DTC since 1982
Vice Chmn since 2000 been a delegate to 6 State Conventions since 1990.

Once i figure my blog ill share more.

Chris MC said...

Bruce -

No hate and lies here. Disgust and displeasure with your hypocritical nonsense. Nobody's interested in your involvement in campaigns nor the Party, and they haven't been for a long time now. Your disgraceful performance on this blog demonstrates why. Time for you to move on, maybe get professional help and meds that will help you deal with your problem. I say this as sympathetically as I can manage.

Genghis Conn said...


bluecoat said...

Chris: you speak for yourself and for whom or whatever ignorant group you represent....

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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Chris MC said...

Angelina -
That is an interesting point about the American voter's responsibility in this, and I am not sure how Phillips would answer, but I think he would point to the Democrats ineptitude and lack of compelling ideas.

My view is that the country electorally is very narrowly divided. This is true from the Presidential on down to the state house and Gubernatorial level.

What tips the balance, in addition to the Democratic Party's divided and ineffective status, is the GOP's effectiveness in mobilizing their faith-based voters. This was starkly true in the last Presidential election, where without an extraordinary turnout by these voters in Ohio, John Kerry would have had the electoral votes to be President, even while Bush would have carried the popular vote nationally - which would have been a delicious irony indeed.

If he believes everything that he writes, then he must be very depressed about America.
Yes, he is in fact very unhappy about the electoral situation, and says so. One of the major issues he mentions is the fact that the Congressional Districts are so gerrymandered nationally that the number of seats that can potentially swing is very small.

Phillips does not seem to put things into perspective very well [...] This attitude/approach to life is extremely unappealing to me.

Well, that is a point of view. On the other hand, it could be said that his scholarship, this book being the latest edition, provides a different perspective than the sunny optimism of the President and his supporters display regardless of the circumstances or even the facts.

One of the reasons that I often find to be more appealing to read than is that aljazeera actually quotes US government officials and it doesn't tend to include the spin that American liberal writers feel the need to inject in every article. Aljazeera will actually allow the comments of US officials to be the thrust of an article. In contrast, cnn (and almost all other media sources within the US) will allow short quotes from the US officials to be included along with the "important" (slanted!!!) comments of the journalist.
If you mean to say that Phillips is a liberal, I think you are misreading him, and I wonder if you are familiar with his background?

I do not have much respect for most of the mainstream media. Thank goodness for the internet ... it allows Republican/conservative views to actually be read/heard by the public. In my opinion, this is a major reason for the constant success of Republicans during the last ten years. Our views are actually available for the public!

Interesting that on this point we concur, albeit for different reasons. The media is not biased left, although by today's political standards it would be hard for it not to seem that way.

In any event, Phillips is a conservative, life long. Bush and his allies are pursuing what, according to Richard Perle, can be fairly characterized as radical policies. George Bush is no conservative.

Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to check out the book and for posting here. Look forward to talking with you, and no doubt disagreeing most of the time, in the future. :-)

Rell is going down said...


I am curious why you had no response to the false endorsement yesterday. You are posting every half hour, but when a anti-Malloy story comes out, you are mysteriously quiet. Please tell me you aren't buying into the "DeStefano strong arm" spin that Brian Durand was spewing last night, because even he gave up on that. Admit that your boy f-ed up, and I might be able to take you seriously.

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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Chris MC said...

Angelina -

The Supreme Court is a great topic unto itself. Bush's appointments of Alito and Roberts have been discussed at length here. Roberts appeared to enjoy the support of a cross section of Democrats, including ranking member Leahy, who both voted for and spoke in favor of the Roberts nomination. Alito appears to have been a more controversial figure.

But I was quoting Richard Perle when I said that Bush is a radical. You don't have an issue with Perle's credentials do you?

The fact of the matter is that the agenda that the GOP is pursuing is well outside the mainstream of the American people. They are not straight with us when they run for office, and when asked directly (by pollsters) about the policies - not the candidates - people overwhelmingly oppose them.

The religious right explicitly wants to bring church and state closer together, and Bush is their leader. That is a radical objective.

Do you support bringing religion into government and governmental policy making?

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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HealthcareNOW said...

CLP was mentioned in the New York Times today!! I just read it, stumbling upon it in the Connecticut section of today's paper. I hope someone can put a link up!

They also mentioned MLN, but they refused to put the name of the blog in print because it was "off-color."

The New York Times, tsk tsk, what about bunch of prudes and fools.

Chris MC said...

HN -
I can't find the article online, can you?

I'll post it if we can locate it.

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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