Monday, June 12, 2006

Lamont Ad Calls for Lieberman to Back Primary Winner

A Lamont radio ad that is beginning today is calling on Sen. Lieberman to back the winner of the August primary--essentially trying to force the senator to either agree to compete as a Democrat and abide by the primary result, or declare himself an independent.
In radio ads that began airing Monday, Lamont said he'll support Lieberman if he wins. He said Lieberman, who has not ruled out running as a candidate unaffiliated with any party in the November election, should back a fellow Democrat.

Campaign officials for Lieberman said they are focusing on winning the Aug. 8 primary and not collecting signatures for an independent run. Still, Lieberman has said he is not ruling out a possible run as an independent candidate. (NBC 30)

Not that Lieberman's going to answer. He's going to wait as long as he possibly can before committing. I have to say, his evasive behavior seems to suggest that he's going to cut his ties with the Democrats at some point during the next month or so.

That wouldn't be a smart move. Connecticut Democrats have invested a lot of time and their own personal reputations in Joe Lieberman. They wouldn't be happy if he abandoned them.

If he does declare his independence, we'll know that this race isn't about policy, issues or values. It's about Joe Lieberman winning another term.


"Lamont Calls On Lieberman To Endorse Him If He Wins Primary." NBC 30 12 June, 2006.


Patricia Rice said...

One thing fo sure, Joe Lieberman will win regardless of how he runs. The real question is, who will the real losers be?

CTOctaneBlue said...

The number one priority for Lamont is name recognition. As was posted in "Lamont gains.." 40% of likely voters would choose Lamont, even though 76% of survey responders have never heard of him! I just saw a new TV ad for Lamont during the news on NBC, and it's great- it calls out Joe on supporting Bush time and again. Now with a new radio ad, Lamont is continuing to raise awareness about his campaign. Lamont is much more in sync with the views of most Democrats in this state, and as Democrats learn more about him vs. Lieberman, they are more likely to vote for Lamont. Joe should be very afraid. It would still be a HUGE upset for Lamont to win this primary... but it's not inconceivable.

And PR- the real losers will be those service men and women who continue to be wounded and killed in Iraq, a war based on lies!

Mr X said...

That is really premature and arrogant of Ned Lamont to think he is going to win and wants Joe to support him.Joe Lieberman will win on August 8th so the Lamont Camp better take it easy before making requests that just won't happen either way

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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MikeCT said...

I think it's a brilliant strategy to expose Lieberman's lack of allegiance to the party, his basic stance of fear and defensiveness, his lack of support, and his primary motivation of career preservation.

If he does declare his independence, we'll know that this race isn't about policy, issues or values. It's about Joe Lieberman winning another term.

Well said.

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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MikeCT said...

The only reason he would leave the Democratic party is to preserve his career by appealing to his base - Republicans and other conservative voters. Think about it for several seconds.

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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BRubenstein said...

joe should leave the party ....he left it informally years ago

BRubenstein said...

litchfield...he has no integrity at all...and i will give you two examples and believe me there are many, many more;

1. in the face of what has been proven wrong,misleading and sexed-up information...joe still believes it was grand to invade Iraq and refuses to belive that Saddam hadn't WMD or nuclear my view he is partly responsible for over 2300 american deaths.

2. calling Lamont a an out touch millionaire....joe is one also !!!!!!!!!!! there are assets he didnt list but would have to in another time ( like his mother's probabte estate etc..if Lamont is worth 90 and Joe 10 what is the difference? At least Lamont wont whore himself to every corporate and special interest like Joe does.The only interest that Lamont has is the thousands of small donors who gave to his campaign.

BRubenstein said...

Pat Rice,Sgt Bilko and Litchfield Angelina...have either of you actually ran or had a senior level position in a state wide campaign like i have? Neither of you 3 have any credibility as we all think you are whoring for Lieberman or on staff and have no experience and simply reading from a notecard.

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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Chris MC said...

In a related story, Slate puts up a good piece on the (progressive) blogosphere as it reaches what may be a "tipping point".

After reading Kos' new girlfriend's column, I wonder if maybe Kos himself doesn't get it. Or maybe he is a sort of bubble-boy, safe inside his controlled environment, but lethally susceptible to the ordinary stuff that the real-world players take in stride every day?

Anyway, two good reads there.

LitchfieldAngelina said...
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Chris MC said...

Bruce -
What is the point of incessantly telling everybody around here how important you are and how insignificant they are? In case it has somehow escaped you, they aren't terribly impressed.

I'll also go out on a limb here and suggest that you do not speak for all of the individuals who post on, much less read, this blog.

And how many times have you (or a select handful of other individuals) assured us that those posting in favor of Lieberman must be "lame-ass Lieberman staffers", or even Ken Dagliere?! And not one shred of evidence to base these statements on.

If accusing bloggers of working for Joe Lieberman - without basis - were prosecutable (and anybody actually gave a sh*t), you'd be in the klink by now.

C'mon already.

BRubenstein said...

chris chris chris...the fact of the matter is ive either run or been a senior operative to some state wide races and you havent....stop with the jealousy already.

i do like and value your lieberman and malloy spin but lets not over do it lieberman and malloy will both be part of the 2nd coming if you keep spinning

Chris chris least you use part of your name...most in here have the balls of a chipmonk and use fake names..i will give you that much..and..thats why we can prove anything,because THEY hide

Chris MC said...

Bruce, your narcissism is a thing to behold. Try reading my post again, and let it sink in this time....

GMR said...

Lieberman's ratings from the American Conservative Union is 17 (see In 2005, it was 8, and in 2004, it was 0.

By comparison, Shays and Nancy Johnson have lifetime ratings of 47, Simmons at 54. Larson is at 8, deLauro is at 5. (Senate and House ratings are based on different votes of course, since ACU measures things that fail and thus are never brought up for a vote in the other house).

Lieberman's 17 rating doesn't make him the most conservative Democrat by any stretch. Lincoln (21), Pryor (25), Salazar (28), Nelson of Florida (41), Bayh (21), Landrieu (20), Baucus is 14 but lately has been in the 20s, Nelson of Nebraska (53), Reid (20), Conrad (20), Dorgan (18), Tim Johnson (20), and Byrd (30) all have higher ratings than Lieberman.

Now, I realize that this methodology isn't perfect, but it's the way a prominent conservative organization rates members of congress and then provides this information to its members.

There's really one issue that's solidifying Lamont's campaign: they don't like that Lieberman voted for and continues to advocate the Iraq war. That's it. Nobody really seems to be FOR Lamont as much as they are against one policy of Lieberman's.

Lieberman isn't going to cross party lines and join the Republicans. Just like McCain isn't going to run as a Democrat and be a Veep candidate. McCain has an 83 ACU rating, so he's basically as conservative as Lieberman is liberal. Specter is 45, and Chaffee is 37 (and may lose this fall). If Lieberman ran as an Independent and won, he'd almost certainly caucus with the Democrats (in fact, he'd be crazy not to, lest he give up his committee assignments).

If Lamont wins, will that push the Democrats further to the left? What will that do for Hillary's chances in 2008, as she has essentially been for the war.

HealthcareNOW said...

Holy shit. I've never seen this many Lieberman backers on CLP, ever. Hey guys when's Joe's blog starting up?

(Some people might find what I'm saying sarcastic, but I'm serious. Everyone's got a blog, Joe needs one too.)

GMR said...

I'm not a Lieberman supporter, as I'm a Republican, but I'm going to call it like I see it. Joe's not coming over to the Republican side.

Some people here suggest that if Lieberman ran as an independent, so there'd be a three way race, then the Republicans could win the Senate seat. Only if things go perfectly, and Lieberman and Lamont get about the exact same number of votes. Then the Republicans could win with 37% of the vote or something. But it's not likely.

I still think, however, that Lieberman is going to win the primary, and then win the general election in a walk.

If Lieberman wins (more likely than not), and if Rell is way up in the polls the week before the election (likely), how good is the Democratic Get-out-the-vote effort going to be?

Many of the Lamont supporters are going to be quite upset, and while they won't vote Republican may just not go to the polls. This may help Shays, Johnson and Simmons.

Add to this the fact that JDS, Malloy, Lieberman and Lamont are all sucking in dollars that may have gone to other Democrats, and of course they're taking media time and newspaper columns, so Farrell and Murphy aren't being covered.

If Lamont wins the primary, and he goes on to win the general election, Democrats will likely move further to the left. The anti-war crowd would be energized, and would turn its sights onto other Democrats.

Right now, the Republicans don't seem to have a great strategy on what to do going forward about Iraq, but neither do the Democrats. Add a Lamont victory to the mix, and you'd really have a muddled message from the Democrats.

Don Pesci said...

If he (Lieberman) does declare his independence, we'll know that this race isn't about policy, issues or values. It's about Joe Lieberman winning another term -- GK

It ain't necessarily so. Would you have said the same about Lowell Weicker, who changed his party to run for governor? Lowell was all about issues (income tax), policy (income tax) and values (income tax). He was a issue and principle guy from the crib. What about Jeffords, the New Hampsire miracle, who changed parties and momentarily gave control of the congress to Democrats? I think he split on the principle of milk price supports. No, No, people leave parties when they percieve that the parties have moved away from their principles, i.e. Reagan. If Joe goes independent, the blame probably should be laid at the feet of Daily Kos and other progressive homegrown specimens (BRubenstein -- Hi'ya B). Besides, what makes anyone think that Lieberman's position on the war is unprincipled? There are some people -- not posting here-- who think it is unprincipled to abandon people to whom we have promised the fruits of democracy -- exactly at that point when democratic institutions in Iraq are taking root. Lieberman may not rise in support of your principles or those of DailyKos, but that is not to say he is without principles.

Mr X said...


I have worked on Numerous Campaigns on The Local and State Level since I was 18 years old I have been doing 24 1/2 years to be exact.

Senator Lieberman is a great candidate I know a lot of people dont agree on his Iraq war Stance and everyone has a right to their opinion.

The Iraq War is a fact and has been for 3 years and If One Issue Lamont thinks he can get elected US Senator by being arrogant and trying to get Joe to step aside if he loses to Lamont in the Primary.

I dont think Lamont will win and thats my opinion. But If Joe were to accept that deal(forget it he will not accept) and support Ned.If Lamont were to win I wouldn't vote for Lamont I will not vote at all.But that isnt going to happen.

Lamont is trying to pull a DeStefano tactic Well I guess it is fitting Because they are all on that challenger line.August 8th we will see who wins and who loses

Mr X said...


By the way I am not on Senator Lieberman's staff or been asked to do anything. I am just a supporter and nothing else. I suggest Before you name call in the future or accuse someone of something that you ask them directly.

I want to give my opinion you and others may not agree with what I have to say that is your right not to agree with me. But please lets keep it civil

stamfordpartisan said...

Sorry this is off point, but can anyone out there tell me why New Haven NEVER releases crime statistics when everyone else does. Surely they know how many murders there were in 2005?

href="">crime story on AP

sorry if the link is messed up. It's because I lack years of experience as a very important political operative.

stamfordpartisan said...

here, I'll try again

AP crime story

The_Fornicator said...

It's the whole "J" factor - that's why Bruce has to constantly tell us who he is, why he's so freakin' awesome, and how everyone else is a pathetic piece of crap.

It probably makes him feel better in his daily life - notice how he's always saying he WAS a "senior operative," etc... why isn't he one now? The Democrats have two hotly-contested races - why is the state's pre-eminent Democrat political strategist sitting at home offering his thoughts on a blog instead of leading some left-wing kook to victory?

BRubenstein said...

SGt me and i will verify what you say..until then..your words are just "spin" to me and everyone else on here.

BRubenstein said...

SGt me and i will verify what you say..until then..your words are just "spin" to me and everyone else on here.

BRubenstein said...

Fornicator....I am not an operative or staffer for any race right now...I am tied up alot with legal work here at the office and cannot devote 24/7 to any race..i do support DeStefano and Lamont and will be voting for them at the primary.I also give money and candidate call me for advice ( they dont call you im sure)

Since YOU are probably some 25 year old paid staffer for someone you are not expected to understand the legal and political system's and how much time and energy is devoted to them.And since you accuse me of stuff i didnt say its obvious you are an in-experienced operator, young in years with a myopic logic. Tis a pity.....

BRubenstein said...

Fornicator...also remember that i put MY name out there on this blog while you have the balls of a chipmonk and hide behind a fake name.

Mr X said...


You believe what you want to believe But I do not work on Lieberman's staff. I work a regular job at a Private School overnights and I just like to express my opinion.

But I guess If my opinion isnt the same as yours I cant say it and get attacked by you for saying it If I do.

If you dont like what I have to say then dont reply It is on here for everybody to read and If they dont like they dont need to reply either.

Just Because I havent worked as a Senior Staff member on a Campaign
doesnt mean I cant have an opinion.

Are we supposed to be proud of you and give you a medal or something??

Anonymous said...

If Rubenstein was such a super consultant/analyst/fortune teller, he A) wouldn't have to tell it to us because he'd earn our respect through his posting and B) would be getting paid the big bucks by some campaign somewhere to be on staff or consult.

He is doing neither of these - instead, he simply arrives on the site whenever he's feeling down on life due to the contempt many of his former colleagues hold him in, finds someone with an opinion contrary to his all-knowing enlightened opinion, and proceeds to belittle them in order to prop himself up.

I love the constant chest-puffing: "I was this and that, I have 200 years experience over 3 lifetimes in politics, you are some shit peon staffer with his head up his ass, you obviously can barely read the talking points which you are obviously using to write this post - because I'm Rubenstein, I know absolutely everything, therefore even though I don't know who the hell you are, I know your age, occupation, location, political affilation, and level of political savvy."

Mr X said...

There are two Democrats I will NOT Support in November.

I will NEVER support John DeStefano for Governor I pulled my endorsement of his website and Switched to Dan Malloy.So If The Mayor of New Haven somehow defeats Malloy in The Primary which he will not. I think I would have no choice but to vote for Governor Rell in November.

I will ALSO NOT Support Ned Lamont He is a one issue(Anti War)Candidate.He would really be just the Junior Senator from Connecticut figuratively and literally.

Although Joe Lieberman's stance on the war isnt what everyone likes I say Get Over It.

As for BR... He is a big man when he can attack people.I think he loves to disagree with people just to hear himself talk.Probably lives in a big city or town.I am just from a small town wishing to express my opinion But once again People like BR...want to control what is said I have more respect for mmmjodirell and rell is going down they say what they have to say I rarely agree But they have some good points on may have knowledge But by making accusations about other bloggers that are not true takes away from what you may bring to the table.

Think about that for a while!!!

BRubenstein said...

Hey Architect..I love you too !!!!!!!!!!!

Mr X said...

Ned Lamont must be so desperate to get Lieberman out of the way.If Joe goes Independent I will support him.

If Joe decided to accept this ludricious deal and back Lamont I would vote Republican for Schlesinger But I know Joe is too smart to do that and it is a pipe dream the Lamont gang is trying to push.

This reminds me of Duffey/Dodd all over again I was 6 years old when that happened back in 1970.

The anti establishment(Duffey) against the seasoned veteran(Dodd)

Now 36 years later we have anti war(Lamont) vs Seasoned veteran(Lieberman) I think this time the seasoned veteran will win.