Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lamont Gains Ground on Lieberman

Ned Lamont is gaining on Joe Lieberman, according to a Quinnipiac poll released this morning.

There's an awful lot here, but here's what people are going to be talking about today:
19. (If registered democrat) If the 2006 Democratic primary for United States Senator were being held today and the candidates were Joseph Lieberman and Ned Lamont for whom would you vote? (If undecided q19a) As of today, do you lean more toward Lieberman or Lamont? *Includes voters leaning toward a candidate.


Lieberman 55%
Lamont 40

This is a likely voters number, which means that it's a good bellwether for the primary. Suddenly, Lamont is much too close for comfort. If Lamont keeps his momentum up, the election on August 8th will be a close one.

Lieberman also leads Lamont 57%-32% among registered Democrats. This is up from Lieberman's lead of 65%-19% among registered Democrats in the May 2nd poll. The convention provided a huge boost for Lamont: gaining 13% in a single month against an entrenched incumbent is no mean feat.

Remarkably, 76% of respondants still have no idea who Lamont is.

The negative advertisements released by the Lieberman campaign in recent weeks have obviously not had the desired effect.

To sum up: good news for Lamont, terrible news for Lieberman. One has to wonder if those rumors of Lieberman bolting the party carry any weight.

See the next post down for the rest of the poll.


Poll. Quinnipiac Poll--Connecticut. Conducted by Quinnipiac University May 31-June 1.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Equally interesing is watching Rell "drop" all the way from 83% to (gasp) a mere 75.

CC said...

I think this is definitely bad news for Senator Lieberman especially since the primary date -- August 8 -- could not be worse for someone who needs help from moderate Dems. Speaking of the August 8 primary date, where are the "Get Out the Vote" folks on the hdecision to hold a primary on that date? You can bet they will remain silent -- despite low turnout -- because many of them are the same far left people who are supporting Lamont and who will presumably benefit from low voter turnout.

Patricia Rice said...

LaMont has an awful lot of ground to maek up. A 15 point lead is not easy to overcome and no matter what, Lieberman wins for Senator in 2006 regardless of who his oppnent(s) are. That's a sure bet!

frank chi said...

Hey folks, just wanted to let everyone know that the DeStefano folks will be live-blogging today at the Vernon Democratic debate, starting at 1PM at

Stay tuned, especially given today's good news from the Q-Poll.

Heating and Cooling said...

I just want to be the first to offer my condolences to you filthy libs...I know that today is a rough one...your boy, al Zarqawi, won't be able to help in your war against Bush anymore. I'm sorry...:(

frank chi said...

Heating and Cooling.

It's pseudo-patriotic people like you that think that Democrats like the fact that people are getting killed and terrorists are blowing up street markets. Honestly, I'm so sick of people like you who refuse to look beyond nuance and instead brand others unpatriotic because we believe there have been grave mistakes made in planning and executing this war. Your type of McCarthyist politics doesn't work in this country right now, look at the polls. Go get a life.

Filthy backward fear-monger McCarthyist.

Heating and Cooling said...

It's OK, Frank, I know that you're just emotionally frayed from today's awful news. I understand.

frank chi said...

You can believe whatever you want to believe man. I didn't even know Zarqawi was killed until this morning, and believe it or H&C! I applaud the military in getting him! Isn't that something else? A liberal who supports the military effort to kill a terrorist? It's just too bad people like you can't tell between terrorists and Middle-Eastern people in general.

Dude, you need to wake up. Have you seen the news, do you see the opinion polls? Keep on touting the neocon line man, you guys are really taking the country by storm.

Heating and Cooling said...

Methinks Frank doth protest too much.

bluecoat said...

fc: you are in good company with some retired fighting generals - Zinni et. al. - and a number of Republican US Senators who think the war in Iraq has been handled poorly; H&C is ignorant and his words expose his ignorance...that said, every American is undoubtedly happy that zarquawi is gone and looks to the day there is peace in the middle east...

BRubenstein said... are wrong,wrong wrong...for at least 2 reasons, as follows;

1. The Lamont 40% vote is a more "intense" vote ( anti war etc) and will be voting in an increased % due to said intensity while Joementum's vote is much less "intense" except for any very conservative Dem's who feel that way.

2. Traditionally, August is a vacation month and Joementum attracts a wealthier crowd of Dems who will tend to be away on vacation in August.Whether Joementum can institute a effective AB program to obviate this situation remains to be seen.

BRubenstein said...

Heating and Cooling...your white sheet is ready to be picked up from the cleaners...

Ebpie said...

This poll does have some downsides for Lamont. Question 20a shows that the vast majority of Lamont's support comes from people who are anti-Lieberman, not pro Lamont. If Lamont is to win he has to be more than just an outlet for the anti-Joe crowd. Very few challengers win their elections riding on an “I hate the other guy” platform (Kerry comes to mind here). I suspect the percentage of people voting for Lamont rather than against Lieberman will change as Lamont’s name recognition increases, but as of right now its pretty lopsided.

bluecoat said...

BR: LOL and LMAO....

turfgrrl said...

ebpie hit the nail on the head. This poll shows that Joe is just running against himself. Assuming that the Iraq occupation is the sole reason to vote for someone is just dumb. Look what happened in San DIego County. A republican squeaked out a 5% victory despite being a lobbyist, despite running to replace a convicted corrupt congresscritter etc. The "anti" movement does convert into votes, or more importantly winning elections.

Heating and Cooling said...

BR: I don't recall saying anything racist...but thank you, Thursday is a drycleaning day for me.

Heating and Cooling said...

and hopefully Lamont will leave a trail of granola to the precincts so that his vote will actually turn out.

GMR said...

BR: You say that Lieberman's support skews to the wealthier, who tend to be on vacation.

However, I would tend to think that Lamont's support would be stronger among the lower Fairfield county wealthy towns than elsewhere in the state. He's from Greenwich, he's widely supported in the blogs, which tend to be read by wealthier people.

I'm sure that Lamont's supporters (which in large part are people who dislike Lieberman more than they like Lamont) are much more motivated, and will fill out the absentee ballots more than Lieberman's supporters will. I would imagine, but haven't seen any polls to this effect, that Lamont's supporters are younger on average than Lieberman's.

Just look at the poll results. Lieberman still has a 15% lead, yet if you go to any of the major blogs, there's essentially no support for Lieberman. This tells me that Lamont's supports are more dedicated, and they are more adept at using blogs. Is there any major political blog that has more than one or two Lieberman supporters posting on a regular basis?

BRubenstein said...

Heating and Cooling...We have hung pictures of your hero Senator Joseph McCarthy at certain polling places in the uban cities for you...please go there and flash your right wing card at the first operative you see for a special line in front.

Heating and Cooling said...

Oh, BR, I know it's a down day. Do you think you could tell us all how great a political mind you are again? That always brings a smile to my face!

And as soon as Zarqawi's funeral arrangements are made, I'll be sure to post them for you. I'm sure Lamont will be taking a charter group over.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Heating and Cooling said... "
Oh, BR, I know it's a down day. Do you think you could tell us all how great a political mind you are again? That always brings a smile to my face!"

You're pretty good!


Aldon Hynes said...

GMR coments that "blogs... tend to be read by wealthier people."

The Pew Internet and American Life Project's recent report on Home Broadband Adoption states, "However, when looking across income levels, there is an even distribution of user-generated content." (By user-generated content, they are talking about blogs, as well as photo sharing and video sharing).

They go on to say that "for home broadband users in the lower portion of those who report household income figures to us, fully 46% of respondents in broadband households in the 'under $50,000' income range have put some content on the internet".

View PDF of Report

CTOctaneBlue said...

So let me get this straight- 40% of likely voters say they are for Lamont, yet only 24% of poll responders know who he is (GC posted that 76% of poll responders do not know who Lamont is). Obviously, a lot of Dems are ready to ditch Joe- people are saying they are likely to vote for Lamont even though they have never heard of him!

Also- is heating and cooling in bed with Ann Coulter? We report. You decide.

Gabe said...

CT Octane Blue - The 76% who don't know who Lamont is comes from all respondants, not likely voters in the Democratic primary (I think - at least thats who I read it).

CC - Just out of curiousity, if the moderates all go on vacation in August, when can liberals go? I'm just wondering because I want to plan a trip for my family?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


Liberals don't take vacation -- not egalitarian enough. Liberals take time off to build Habitat for Humanity houses or travel to the people's miracle that is Venezuela. ;-)

Gabe said...

Crap! Here I was thinking that liberals (or filthy libs as H&C would undoubtedly spew) were regular people who liked going on vacation and didn't mind gay people getting married!

At least the non-egalitarian moderate Democrats will be on vacation during the primary!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Aldon Hynes said... "... is heating and cooling in bed with Ann Coulter?"

He should live so long, she's a real fox

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


One or the other. Not both. Not in Connecticut.

Gabe said...

There go vacations...

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


Aldon Hynes said...

ACR, you will note that the quote you attributed to me was actually from ctoctaneblue.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Aldon Hynes said... "ACR, you will note that the quote you attributed to me ..."


CC said...

Gabe: What about my post led you to conclude that I believe only moderate Dems go away in August?

disgruntled_republican said...

Well this moderate Republican is going on vacation in September...

BRubenstein said...

ACR and Heating and Cooling..

Both praying from the same hymn book? The Ann Coulter Church of Right Wing Fanatics?.Pass the plate..every donation is going to prop up Rev Dobson of The Family Council..

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

BRubenstein said... "
Both praying from the same hymn book? The Ann Coulter Church of Right Wing Fanatics?."

Hardly; how many minority members or women have you personally gotten to run and win public office of any kind by the way?

At least I don't call the FBI over stupid posts on the `net.

Oh, sorry -you're probably still in mourning over Al-Zarqawi's untimely demise aren't you? Heaven forbid that part of the world ever enjoys anything resembling peace; especially if Bush or I suspect any Republican (save for a nit-wit like McCain I suspect) might get any credit whatsoever for anything.

Why is it I can find nothing on the CPUSA website that seems to conflict with anything I've read of yours?

bluecoat said...

News flash: Reverend Jerry Falwell has invited ACR along with H&C to come down to Liberty University for a special ceromony to receive honorary degrees...and word has it Evangelist Pat Robertson wants to book them for a 700 Club show on the subject of how to promote more intolerance on the blogospehre...

Weicker Liker said...

Can anyone tell me what Miriam Masullo and Scott MacLean have been up to?

I've heard nothing from them since Masullo announced she was going to Primary.

BRubenstein said...

Weicker Liker...both of them got married and they are on their honeymoon in Venezuala with ACR and Heating and Cooling as their chaperones.

BRubenstein said...

Inauthentic Connecticut Republican...i personally got 6 to run and win which i am suree is 6 more then you have ever got to run and win.

BTW you are right..i take all direction from the CPUSA..we have our own CLP cell found us !!! its me,keith,deansfan,ctmike,cgg,gabe and will discovery all of us commies by the red dot in the upper right part of the screen.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

BRubenstein said... "... got 6 to run "

Little league.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Weicker Liker said... "
Can anyone tell me what Miriam Masullo and Scott MacLean have been up to?

Miriam's been out picking up cash in Florida, and meeting with some nice folks that run the RNC in DC.

Poor Scott; we've been looking all over for him.....

zhulander said...

Lieberman put Israel’s national interests ahead of OUR national interest. In addition, why would we need a politician that is pro-war and anti-trade anyways?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

zhulander said... "
Lieberman put Israel’s national interests ahead of OUR national interest."


Further what's with the "we" stuff when your blog says you live in California?

Just what we need in here is some David Duke nut case

Brassett said...

Lieberman's TV ads are awful. He should spend all of his money making the argument that his defeat in the primary will hand his Senate seat to the Republicans and foil any chance of the Senate going Democratic. That argument will resonate with Democratic voters, even those who are really angry with Lieberman.

LitchfieldAngelina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Weicker Liker said...

Authentic Republican....

I am not fooled about Miriam Masullo's claims of picking up cash in florida.

She made the same claims in 2004 - even got press in the Miami Herald about fundraising in Florida - and her FEC reports showed little or no money raised.

Its a rouse at best.

In regards to the RNC in Washington: Who has she met with in RNC Political?

Do you mean NRCC? Who did she meet with?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Weicker Liker said... "
I am not fooled..."

No, you simply are one.

Weicker Liker said...


I give you a clip from the Miami Herald from August 26, 2003.....

She went to Florida before to raise money then and raised close to nothing....

Masullo is all talk, all deception...

Face it, she's not a viable candidate....

Miriam Masullo has opened a campaign bank account in Miami and recently recruited volunteer campaign workers during a visit to South Florida. She met with local Cuban-American activists and went on Spanish-language radio to drum up donations.

She plans to open a local campaign office next month.

Masullo has declared her candidacy for the U.S. Senate -- in Connecticut. But she's looking to raise money in South Florida's Cuban exile community.

The 55-year-old Republican and Cuban American has opened a campaign account to run for the seat held by Christopher Dodd, a Democrat and one of the leading Capitol voices pushing for normal U.S. relations with Cuba.

"Sen. Dodd has stood out among all members of the U.S. Congress as the most vocal and active defender of Castro's heartless control of Cuba," Masullo wrote in an e-mail to Cuban Americans. "We can affect democracy in Cuba by unseating Sen. Dodd."

With the money she hopes to raise in South Florida and from Cubans throughout the country, Masullo wants to educate Connecticut voters about what is happening in her native country, which her family left more than 40 years ago.

Masullo is upset with Dodd's "un-American" attempts to lift the U.S. embargo and ease travel restrictions and other sanctions against the Castro government.

Those are not hot issues in Connecticut, which has only 7,101 Cubans among a population of 3.4 million, according to the Census Bureau.

"It's not an issue," Masullo said. "But I'm going to make it an issue."

The issues her campaign will focus on in Connecticut include public education, affordable healthcare, workforce concerns and the economic glass ceiling for minorities.

Some political insiders say Masullo doesn't stand a snowman's chance in Little Havana against Dodd, who easily won his fourth term in 1998 with 65 percent of the vote.

Dodd has already raised at least $2 million for the 2004 race, according to Connecticut newspaper accounts.

Masullo said she has raised $1,000 -- most of it from Florida, in contributions of $5 and $10.

"This is a real grass-roots campaign," Masullo said.

This is not the first time that Masullo, a scientific researcher who recently retired from IBM, has been a candidate. She ran for Congress in 2002 but lost in the primary.

At least three other people have announced plans to run for the Republican nomination in 2004.

She's right to appeal to South Florida's Cubans, said Herb Shepardson, chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party.

"If [Dodd's Cuba record is] one of the issues that infuriates a lot of people, the people who are mad can work against that person, whether they are licking envelopes or giving money," he said.

Dodd, who staffers said was in Ireland for the recess, could not be reached for comment.

Jeffrey Becker, executive director of Florida's Republican Party, said it's not surprising that a political candidate from another state would raise money in Florida.

"You have so many people here and so many people that have interest in the Republican Party that it becomes a natural state for candidates from other states to come to, both to get support and to raise resources," Becker said in a telephone interview.

A number of Senate candidates from other states have held fundraisers in South Florida in recent years, among them Tom Harkin of Iowa, Tom Daschle and Tim Johnson of South Dakota and Joe Lieberman, Connecticut's other senator.

The flow of money goes both ways. In the 2000 race to represent Florida in the U.S. Senate, out-of-state donors gave Republican Bill McCollum and Democrat Bill Nelson tens of thousands of dollars.

Betsy Llanes, a Kendall real estate agent, has sent Masullo a check and is urging her friends and neighbors to do the same.

"Even though she is running in Connecticut and we cannot vote there, with the financial support from the Cubans in Miami, she will be able to expose herself over there as the highly educated and intelligent and dedicated person she is," Llanes, 56, said.

Masullo was 13 years old when her family left Havana for New York City in 1962.

She grew up in Harlem and Washington Heights before moving to Connecticut about 20 years ago, at the same time her parents retired to Miami Beach.

A few weeks ago, she went on WAQI Radio Mambi's Mesa Redonda program with veteran radio commentator Lourdes De Kendall and the station's news director, Armando PĂ©rez-Roura, who called Dodd the "No. 1 enemy" of the Cuban exile community.

Dodd, an ardent foe of sanctions against Cuba, voted in 1999 to authorize the sale of agricultural products to the Cuban government.

That same year, he sponsored an unsuccessful measure to ease restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba.

He argues that the best way for the United States to help bring democracy to Cuba is by ending the embargo and travel bans.

U.S. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, R-Miami, who often criticizes Dodd's record on Cuba, said through a spokeswoman that Masullo seemed qualified and that he would support her.

Miami isn't the only place where Masullo will seek money from Cubans. She and the Cuban American Republican Council -- a New York-based group with a strong Internet network -- sent e-mails to 15,000 addresses, asking for support from all Cuban Americans.

"We need to show nationwide influence," said Hannie Martinez Santana, president of the Cuban GOP, in a telephone interview. "It can't just be in Miami. It can't be just in New Jersey. If there's a Cuban running for mayor somewhere in Texas, we certainly can't send him a vote, but we can always send a few bucks."

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

If you, Weicker Liker want to befriend Fidel that's your business; I think it's nuts.

Weicker Liker said...

Why does ACR continue to make this election about Fidel Castro??

You are deflecting attention away from the fact that Miriam Masullo is just a terrible candidate.

There is nothing that you guys from Southington can do to change that.

Masullo has a history of running deceptive campaigns.

She is not a true blue Republican.
Why did she try to petition her way onto the ballot in 2004 with the Reform Party? Why did she approach the Concerned Citizens Party to get onto their line?

Is she a real Republican or just someone that is an opportunist to get on the ballot?

Makes one wonder.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Weicker Liker said: "You are deflecting attention away from the fact that ...."

A you refuse to accept the fact that for MacLean to wear the Republican lable is political blasphemy.

Indeed, the more conservative of the two, MacLean or Larson, is LARSON! How nutty is that?

He has yet to distance himself from the group of anti-semites he so proudly presents himself as a member of.

You never mention his own idea that we'll all be better off once we have 8,351 members of congress. While he claims it'll all work much better too!

What about this quote from according to you `the only Republican that can beat Larson':

"I am in favor of enacting handgun control ...."

You claim this guy's a Republican???

This horrid little man and his liberal goons already ruined a Christian denomintion, I'll be damned if he and his political perversion will be given a free ride as they try to ruin my party too.

No thanks, you can keep your bigoted anti-semite; we don't want him.

Enjoy a really weird experience; note how all three of these unlikely groups present more the same message than not.

United Church of Christ

Communist Party

David Duke

All 3 bash Bush; two hate WalMart; 2 want total divestment from Israel; two are very anti-firearm and upon review you'll other similarities as well.

These are the kind of people MacLean has aligned himself with.

The man is nothing less than evil.

CTYK said...

The Simon Wiesenthal Center appeals to the United Church of Christ: Wiesenthal Center Letter to United Church of Christ on Divestment.


These are some comments on the UCC agenda: would think this kind of business would wait till the Holocaust survivors were all dead..but the hate is so strong, these people have no shame and are ready to use yet another tactic to get at Jews again-this time thru Israel. This new tactic was the Poor Pals. Just a "cover" for the same old, same old. I'm disgusted and furious beyond words.

I have a lot of friends still active duty in the military and the responses are as follows.

The first response is these idiots dont have a clue as too the true nature of the islamic enemy. lets bring them all over to the liberals houses to live...

The second response is sure we'll tear down the wall if all these bleeding heart liberals will stay in ohh say gaza for 2 years. wonder how many would take up the challenge :) especially after a few suicide bombers blow up their children.

When will some hard-hitting media investigator expose the shenanigans of the religious left and the druids who run it

in Judging by the utterly naive and ignorant proposals, the UCC appears to be in the control of Leftists, and the Left is allied with the Palestinians and al-Qaeda - the other spritiual heirs of the Nazis - against the Jews and against Israel.

It's sad.