Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rowland! the Musical

In honor of the fact that both John Rowland and Bill Curry are back in the news lately, here is the song list for "Rowland! the Musical" (first conceived of in this post a long time ago).

Act the First: The 2002 Election

1. (Curry) The Corruption Song/Overture
2. (Rowland) It's Nice to Have Friends
3. (The Tomassos) Contractin'
4. (The Rowlands) Hot Tub of Love
5. (Barbara Kennelly) That Wascally Wolland
6. (Curry) Governor Me? ...Maybe.
7. (The Democrats) Oh, Great. It's Curry Again.
8. (Nancy Johnson & Jim Maloney) Incumbency Blues
9. (Curry) Mumbling is a Strategy
10. (Rowland) There's an Election?
11. (Jodi Rell) John Never Comes to Visit Anymore
12. (Rowland) Waterbury!
13. (Curry) Hey! Running for Governor Over Here!
14. (George Jepsen) Oops.
15. (The Democrats) We Really Need A New Candidate Next Time
15. (Curry) You Haven't Seen the Last of Me! Or Maybe You Have.

Act the Second: The Fall (2003 and 2004)

1. (Curry) See, Didn't I Say?
2. (Rowland) Bring me the Heads of the Journal-Inquirer Editorial Staff!
3. (Richard Blumenthal) The Lawsuit Rumba
4. (The General Assembly) Shh! We're Taking a Nap
5. (Jodi Rell) People Are Watching My Cable Show!
6. (Curry) Hot Tubs and Indiscretions
7. (Rowland) I'm Really (Kind Of) Sorry
8. (Patty Rowland) Patricia's Yuletide Lament
9. (Rowland) I Said I Was Sorry!
10. (Curry) See, I Told You So
11. (The Democrats) We Are Very Pure (Someone Hide Newton)
12. (Rowland) This is Everyone's Fault But Mine
13. (Curry) Nyah, Nyah, Nyah!
14. (The Media) We Finally Found an Interesting Story
15. (Rowland) The Resignation Blues
16. (Jodi Rell) I Was Knitting the Whole Time
17. (Curry) See? See? See?
18. (Full Cast) The Campaign Finance Dance
19. (Curry) The Corruption Song/Finale

I know. It's sad when I start going into reruns.


Genghis Conn said...

Coming soon: a spaghetti Western starring Joe Lieberman.

BRubenstein said...

Bill Curry whom i know well and supported is a good only problem with his column every sunday is that i dont believe he is " dis-engaged" enough to write objectively.Given the fact that he was sniffing around as recently as a few months ago in the 5th CD and that relatives and best friends formed a consulting business representing Lieberman,Farrell and Malloy and others..and also given the fact that he is very emotionally invested in them, id bet his column will be slanted.If he slants for his good friends malloy and Lieberman you can be sure his column wont last long..If he can find it within himself to write half-way objectively his column will make a vald contribution to political discourse.

Janet said...

so does the birth of bill curry's column mean that kevin renny's is dead???