Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weekend Open Forum

Interesting article in the Courant this morning about liberal bloggers and the Lamont campaign. Worth reading, if only to see how blogs can help shape and be shaped by campaigns.

Thanks for everyone who has contributed to the campaigns wiki so far! If you know anything at all about your local state senate or house race, please consider going there and posting it! Even a little bit of information that can be expanded later is extremely helpful.

I do have House and Senate information about the last election cycle, which may be helpful to you. Let me know if you have trouble accessing these Excel files.

What else is happening today?


CC said...

Today the Hartford Courant has a very interesting article on the applicants for the post of Chief State's Attorney. One of the more interesting comments comes from applicant John Connelly, currently Waterbury state's attorney, who takes a shot at current chief state's attorney Chris Morano. It's also interesting to note that the two state's attorneys applying for the job (the other is New London State's Attorney Kevin Kane) have strong records on effectuating the death penalty, although that is not mentioned in the article.

bluecoat said...

from the front page of today's New York Times is Wounds Salved, Clinton Returns to Health Care where she admits mistakes were made on Hillarycare and at least i was rmeinded that it was a Democrat Congress that shot her down on reforming an industry that represents one seventh of our economy these days..

bluecoat said...

cc: why don't you go to the help tab on the top of this blog and learn how to post a link; here's the article you refer to entitledProsecutor Facing A Fight
and someday CT will wake up to get rid of the death penalty..

Another state cop gets caught using the state computers to do his dirty work in Trash-Probe Arrests

MikeCT said...

Lots of videos in the 5th CD. The DCCC has a new Web video hitting Nancy Johnson's flip-flops. More on that here.

MoveOn is running a new TV ad on Johnson and has some backup facts. And then there's Murphy's video.

The Human Rights Campaign's endorsements of Lieberman and other pols with questionable views on gay issues are causing a backlash. More from Huffington Post.

CC said...

Bluecoat: Thanks for the tip. For my first hyperlink I think I'll demonstrate why you are wrong about the death penalty coming to an end here in Connecticut. 70 percent of Connecticut Residents Supported Death Penalty for Michael Ross

Patricia Rice said...

Trash and Politics: This could be big.

Last night I met a guy at a club who appeared to be somewhat sober. He claimed that there is an even bigger element to the trash mobster story.

At this point I'm thinking he is just trying to impress me or he had one too many. He gave me no proof and did not give any names but he claimed one of the big mobs guys from the Danbury/Fairfield area was making a number of good size political contributions to some well connected State politicians.

I asked him why and he said..."What do you think?"

IF THIS IS TRUE....these gangsters who were recorded by the feds making threats of taking out peoples eyes and beating people up don't just throw money around for no reason.

I know this kind of sounds like a Soprano's episode but if true, it would be nice to know who it was and why.

Don Pesci said...

In this parody in paradise, Iowa Hawk Iowa Hawk mentions BRubenstien’s favorite blog site. Here’s hoping the irascible by parody deficient lawyer doesn’t see it, or he might have an FBI agent attached to Iowa Hawk’s rump.

bluecoat said...

The alternative to the death penalty is life imprisonment without parole.....not release back into society....

bluecoat said...

There has never been any evidence that CT's death penalty has been applied to an innocent and probably never will be, neverthelees I thought this story on CT's Innocence Project - and the volunteers that run it - was interestingDogged Pursuit Freed Inmate Lawyers Kept Up Hunt Until Finding Key DNA
June 11, 2006 By MATT BURGARD, And ELIZABETH HAMILTON Courant Staff Writers

And true to form when a fire eruptsRell Wants Mob Out Of Trash Calls For New State Agency To Oversee Hauling Businesses, Issue Licenses
June 11, 2006 By DAVE ALTIMARI, Courant Staff Writer
with some debate on the issue...

bluecoat said...

Whoops bad second link there; so here's another tryDogged Pursuit Freed Inmate and on the same story Is mistakenly convicted man a second victim?
By:Alex Wood, Journal Inquirer

BRubenstein said...

Darn Pestie....

nice try !!!!

i know you live to equate liberals and leftists with being un-american traiters...but frankly nothing is further from the truth.

YOur attempt to do the above does more to hurt the country then liberals ever could or would do.

Its a darn shame that you cant see theat a different viewpoint is just that...a different viewpoint.

I hope you obtain treatment soon for your paranoia.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

BRubenstein said... "
Darn Pestie....

....I hope you obtain treatment soon for your paranoia."

Let's see if I have this right.

You call the FBI due to a combinantion of your own delusions of grandeur and out-of-control paranoia (I'll bet you still turn the car radio down when you see a police car like you did in the late 60's don't you?)

Yet somehow Pesci's paranoid?

Get a grip.

turfgrrl said...

Here's a timely article about New Haven and Yale. JDS won't be able to turn to Yale to bring economic development to the entire state, as he has time after time in New Haven.

"Once decrepit and even dangerous, the shops outside Yale's historic Old Campus now bustle with energy, offering the latest in summer fashion, music and gourmet food - everything a student or young professional might want downtown.

In fact, Yale has designed the district to be precisely that."
-- Associated Press

Don Pesci said...

Rubenstein. My only ambition is to regal you with examples of parody and satire until -- finally -- it sinks in.

Chris MC said...

Well, that begins to address where New Haven's funding comes from.

Also explains that downtown revival DeStefanites are always pointing to, huh?

"We have an interest in seeing them grow, creating jobs and wealth," DeStefano said. "They have an interest in growing. That's cool." Um, yeah, Mayor. Cool.

Not so much with the mysteious municipal voodoo after all then, eh guys?

Here's a campaign spot for you:
Cost to Yale University of bailing you out on a foreclosed retail district: $5,000,000.

Cost of getting Yale to overhaul your downtown for you: Free.

Being able to run for Governor by laying claim to the "downtown renaissance": Priceless.

Hey, does this qualify as an in-kind campaign contribution? Can Yale do that? Isn't President Bush's best friend, like, control Yale? This is obviously some devious plot to torpedo the DeStefano juggernaut. We demand an investigation! (That's a joke. Please don't nobody sue me.)


The Architect said...

Rubenstein - the reason people post such things is mostly to see your absurd reactions. You feed the fire.

WeekendWarrior said...

CC - terrific thread. The death penalty is a hot issue in Connecticut. I believe that up until Ross one of the biggest secrets in Connecticut Politics was the death penalty. We had one so we could say we had one – but it was only that – nobody – especially lawmakers thought we would ever “really” use it. I think its time to re-think CTs death penalty.

As for Chris MC – have you ever been to New Haven. I don’t care if Yale did it – DeStefano did it or the jolly green giant did it. The turn around in New Haven has been terrific and it is because the city and Yale have FINALLY begun to get along. Both were new to power in New Haven and the PARNERSHIP has been what has transformed New Haven – even Fair Haven is starting to take off – I just wish I had bought property there a few years ago – that would have been a terrific investment.

PS - genghis - i go away for a while and now i have to have a blogger ID - i miss the old logins :(

WeekendWarrior said...

sorry - when i said both I was referring to Rick Levin (Yale President - took office in '93 and DeStefano - was elected in '93)

Chris MC said...

Well, "weekend warrior", how ineffectually dismissive of you. Yes, you twit, many a fine morning and evening I've spent in New Haven, I have.

Spent more than one Sunday nursin'... a coffee from Willoughby's (before it became an annoying magnet for dirtbags and Yale thankfully punched their ticket on two of the three NH locations) and reading Paul Bass in the New Haven Advocate. Why, I've been going to downtown New Haven since the mid-seventies in fact.

And I do recall directly the events described in the referenced article. Passed up an investment or two down there, I have. I know a thing or two about New Haven, that I won't be commenting on here nor to the likes of you.

You don't care how it happened? Typical see-no-evil-hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil crap that has been running this state for too long. Time for a new modus operandi, it is.

How it happened makes all the diffence. By your lights, what we need is a DeStefano/Levin ticket, and Yale can take over urban revitalization statewide.


stamfordpartisan said...

WW: I agree that NH is a much better downtown than 10 or 15 years ago, and that City/Yale relations have done it. But New Haven has had some pretty uneven development. Some neighborhoods may be seeing values up, but Bridgeport has probably done better, and they're no great model.

I also am dismayed to see that after this decade or so, Yale is as rich and financially secure as medium-sized industrial nation, while the City's bond rating is slipping, the Mill rate is up in the 40s, and the promises made in the last couple of years -- debt and labor contracts -- are guaranteed to make matters worse.

If they are such great partners, why is JDS holding the bag?

HealthcareNOW said...

This place has become hack alley. I feel like people wake up in the morning preparing battle and how to diss each other in the comments section. I admit, I've been drawn into shouting matches myself with some people on this blog, and that to me is an indication that the comments made here are oftentimes just people trying to one-up each other, and to me that's not the spirit of a true blog.

I haven't been up here for a while, but I think people like BRubenstein are very good with the numbers, and I commend him for his work and all. Genghis and the staff do a great job of providing the news - but my God, the comments sections gets vicious and ugly on almost every post.

People should switch to My Left Nutmeg to engage in the true blogger community.

bluecoat said...

Report Targets DMR Deaths Blames Flawed Care, Failed Communication June 12, 2006 By PENELOPE OVERTON, Courant Staff Writer This is the basic stuff of government and CT - a state smaller than some counties and cities - just never seems to get it right and the legislature never seems to worry about it goes to an outdated bureacracy with no policies that nobody wants to change AND on a topic that's been around thius blog recentlyViolent Crime Rises For First Time In Five Years, FBI Reports Up In Bridgeport, Down In Hartford 11:36 AM EDT, June 12, 2006

Chris MC said...

Drawn into them? Heck, you've been the instigator, HealthcareNOW. And you not only want to define what being a Democrat means for the rest of us, but what the "true blogger community" - an oxymoron if one can ever be formulated - is. I wonder what kind of welcome individuals who don't precisely share your point of view on the issues of the day might receive over on MLM? Oh wait, no I don't.