Monday, June 19, 2006

All Three Rell Vetoes Stand

Gov. Rell has vetoed three bills this year, all of which were allowed to stand by the legislature today.
The governor nixed legislation that would have set in state statute a new contracting standards board and created rules for privatized contracts. She also vetoed bills that would have allowed state prosecutors to bargain for additional pension benefits and allowed adopted children to obtain their birth certificates when they turn 21. (AP)

Click here to see list of Gov. Rell's vetoes from last year, none of which were overridden.

Of the three, the contracting reform bill is the one that most desperately needs to be passed. Maybe next year.

"Lawmakers opt not to try and override three Rell vetoes." Associated Press 19 June, 2006.


turfgrrl said...

Big mistake by Rell to not act on the contracting reform. Eliot Ness she's not, but the whiff of patronage and corruption still lingers and that will surely become a campaign issue.

KerryGuy said...

Rell addressed the contracting reforms through Executive Order. The reason the bill was vetoed was the anti-privatizion provision the state employee unions tried to tie to the reforms.

disgruntled_republican said...

Exactly was redundant and with the added clause would have hurt the state and stae businesses.