Friday, June 30, 2006

DeStefano: "Gov. Rell Offers Mississippi-Style Plan" for Urban Violence

Gov. Rell today outlined her plan for combating urban violence, which was met with an almost instant denunciation by New Haven Mayor John DeStefano:
"This is a plan I would expect to see from the Gov. of Mississippi – in the 1950’s. Rell has done nothing to support the African-American community of Hartford. Now she wants to lock up thousands more urban teenagers. She has continually cut funding to give kids positive choices, not one dime for after school programs, mentoring or summer jobs."

Re-read the first sentence. John DeStefano is accusing Jodi Rell of having the mindset of a repressive, racist Southern governor from the 1950s. The subtext is pretty clear: Jodi Rell doesn't care about blacks, she just wants to lock them up.

Really? This from a February AP article (boldface mine):
Rell's proposed budget for next year would pay for more state prosecutors and investigators, and includes $4.25 million in grants for cities and towns to provide alternative activities for young people in cities. (Rubinsky)

Huh. From the little I've seen of Rell's plan, it does seem that she wants to focus more on enforcement right now than on prevention. John DeStefano disagrees. Fine. But insinuating that Rell is somehow a racist is beyond the pale, and reflects some of the worst impulses of Democratic politics.


"Rell offers Mississippi style plan." DeStefano for Connecticut. Press Release, 30 June, 2006.

Rubinsky, Cara. "Rell, rivals offer plans to fight crime." Associated Press 14 February, 2006.


Anonymous said...

City Police Chief Out Gun Violence Marred Tenure;Deputy In LineJune 30, 2006 By DANIEL E. GOREN And TINA A. BROWN, Courant Staff Writers and calling Rell's plan MS style is a little much to say the least but state cops - Jodi's answer to lots of problems - do little in the long run to help inner cities because they never become part of the community effort...

TSCowperthwait said...

I really hope that Mayor DeStefano retracts his comments. That is just plain ignorant and dirty politics (which doesn't surprise me coming from him).

Chris MC said...

Man, give JD credit for most egregious pander to the worst in human nature. Race baiting. Nice.

Meanwhile, both "Governor" Rell and Mayor DeStefano have clearly been sent into high alert by Dan Malloy's announcement of his Community Crime Reduction Initiative, a comprehensive, common sense approach using proven programs like Community Policing - from the man who made Stamford the safest city in Connecticut and consistently one of the safest in the entire country.

Creating partnerships between the police and the community, recognizing the crucial importance of giving young people alternatives and helping first offenders get on and stay on the right track, are progressive and community-building alternatives to the reactionary and expensive punishment mentality that Rell advocates.

manwich said...

Wow! I knew ONE of the democrats were eventually going to come out putting the "racist" label on Rell, but so soon? Looks like DeStefano went straight to the democratic playbook...

Line 1: Call your opponent racist, sexist, and/or a homophobe and you'll win for sure!

Gary Holder-Winfield (State Representative CT-94) said...

Maybe he would be happy if she came up with a number for people to call to get guns off the street 'cause that would really do the trick by raising awareness. And the people in these communities really need politicians to make them aware that there is an issue here.

Anonymous said...

Malloy's community policing effort is so well received that the Stamford Police Union is not backing him in his bid for the gubernatorial slot with the Donkeys..

Wrath of Conn said...

Yes bluecoat, because obviously a mayor's record on crime should be based not on crime statistics over his tenure, but on how much the cops like him. Give me a break. I dont know the details of the police union's stance, and frankly I couldn't care less if the city is safe. I've said this before, but I lived in Fairfield County for awhile, and no one can deny that Stamford has an entirely safer and more vibrant downtown than it did ten years ago.

Wrath of Conn said...

to clarify, that second sentence should read "and frankly I couldnt care less about their stance as long as the city is safe"

Anonymous said...

Police know good policing and good leaders...your boy Chris attributes the better statistics to Malloy's policing programs....

Chris MC said...

bluecoat, the police union support has to do with union power politics, not with whether or not Malloy is a great Mayor, which he is, or whether or not his tenure has been characterized by effective policies, which it has.

Bruce could confirm this, but he won't, because it isn't on his talking points for JD.

And attention progressive party loyalists - Brucie is on the record (without being prompted I might add) that he will not support the winner of the Democratic primary unless it is JD. So much for his qualifications as a loyal Democrat.

Gary Holder-Winfield (State Representative CT-94) said...

Just about a month ago I asked Destefano (at his appearance at SCSU) about these issues and he had nothing to offer. He even went as far as to ask me if I had an idea about what to do about the rate of recidivism in the city and some of the other related issues. I may not be a police officer but I have a sense of what a good leader is and that is not it.

Wrath of Conn said...

bluecoat: sorry, while I would never question the motivations of an individual officer, unions care about contracts and salaries more than crime reduction. There function is to protect the interests of the officers (as it should be), not the people they serve. If Malloy kept their salaries down in order to minimize spending and keep taxes low, I dont have a problem with that because obviously they have been given the proper tools to do their job: the reduction in crime numbers shows that, and THAT is what matters.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the patronizing spin and lecture all three of you guys there but really, it be betterexpress your opinions amongst yourselves where you obviously all agree instead of lecturing me...your candidate, Malloy, is a dud...

Gary Holder-Winfield (State Representative CT-94) said...

By the way I see what Destefano said not as a brave or necessary move but purely as a politically motivated move to engage certain demographics (hopefully to vote for him). In that way he acts as if we are some dogs meant to salivate whenever the racism bell is wrung. That's insulting and stupid.

disgruntled_republican said...

This comment by JDS is reprehensable. He should be issuing a retraction and publicly apologize. Critize her plan all you want but to sit there and outright call Rell a racist is WAY overboard.

Nobody called him a sexist when he exluded certain breast cancer procedures from his so-called healthcare plan...

I didn't care for JDS before, now I just look at him as a slime ball.

Gary Holder-Winfield (State Representative CT-94) said...

A dud is a mayor for whom this is a constant issue who sits on his hands until it reaches a critical point and becomes a political liabilty. And, yes i am going to vote for Malloy but that has a lot to do with having lived in New Haven and watching the dud. Call it what you want it's the truth.

Mr. Reality said...

Too bad Joe Lieberman didn't say this, because then the liberals...whoops I mean "progressives"... would really have something to complain about!!!

Chris MC said...

Malloy's proposal is an example of the proactive and progressive measures that Malloy has demonstrated as Mayor he is committed to developing and implimenting.

This approach to government appeals to voters across the poitical spectrum, from communitarian progressives and urban heads of household, to police officers and other criminal justice professionals, to unaffiliated and even Connecticut Republican voters.

It is cost effective, focuses on keeping people safe, dealing with the underlying issues, and building trust and cooperation.

Chris MC said...

That is a very valid point, Mr. R.

TrueBlue, you know this is wrong. You aren't going to just let it go are you?

Wrath of Conn said...

"thanks for the patronizing spin and lecture"

Read my post again. It was not patronizing, and it wasnt lecturing you. If the extent of your posting is going to be "yeah well the police dont like malloy!", then call it quits, but don't call foul when there was none.

Deacon_Bluz said...

Welcome to John DeStefano in his natural state: It's degrading and dog-ass ugly, isn't it?

IS there anyone who wonders why he's the least-liked Democrat in Connecticut after Kevin Sullivan?

Chris MC said...

ctblogger, race baiting? you don't condone that do you?

Chris MC said...

deacon bluz -
maybe third, if Bruce can fairly be called a Democrat

CT_Defender said...

Oddly JDS forgot that Gov's of Mississippi in the 50's were Democrats...anyone find that ironic...I thought Democrats try to ignore thier bigotted and racist party history...

Anonymous said...

mr. Holder-Winfield: please show me where I said I was voting for what I am doing is ruling out candididates as I have done with Malloy but nobody else yet for the guv race...

Gary Holder-Winfield (State Representative CT-94) said...

I never said you were voting for anyone. Read again. I pointed out who I was voting for as a point of disclosure.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Wow. What a pig. *shakes head*

John DeStefano says, "We can do better." Think he's going to start demonstrating it any time soon?

TSCowperthwait said...

Disgruntled, that is an interesting point you make about DeStefano. I find it amazing that Democrats can smear so many Republicans for what they say or do, but suddenly all is quiet when one of their own makes a horrendous display of judgment.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

D_R: I agree - good point.

Even better will be seeing how many responsible Democrats distance themselves from DeStefano on this - or fail to do so.

Derby Conservative said...

Need I remind everyone here that the governors that JDS refers to in his statement were all Democrats? JFK and LBJ needed the GOP to pass their civil rights reforms.

But Republicans hate african americans and latinos...right!

TSCowperthwait said...

Don't forget that this plan is being introduced because a certain Democrat Mayor can't police his own city.

disgruntled_republican said...

Another good point TSC.

And its a city where the chief is quitting or "retiring"...

He can call it what he wants, I see it as the State Police have to do the job half the year anyway...

Bluecoat...I recall you singing his praises...anything to say about him bailing?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

MayorS, baby. DeStefano has a low-intensity drug gang turf war in his city and Malloy has been lying about his city's crime stats for six years - his hometown newspaper busted him on it this month. Here's the latest link.

TSCowperthwait said...

Or, Disgruntled, maybe he is being "forced" out (of course, that is probably what you meant by "retiring").

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Here's the relevant excerpt:

Malloy said the city used the FBI-recommended crime recording system for the first time. The system produces higher crime rates because of the way it tracks and records every crime, FBI experts have said.

Under the new system, if a suspect commits two crimes during the same incident, robbing someone and then raping them, for instance, the system adds a robbery and a rape to the crime statistics.

The old system would have recorded only the more serious crime -- the rape.

Stamford committed to the switch in 1999 but did not make it until Brent Larrabee took over as chief in late 2004.

So all those years he was touting Stamford as such a safe city, it was only safe if you were the victim of one crime.

"Wait, you want to rob me and kill me? Can we reschedule the killing for another day? Otherwise the stats are going to be so screwed up ... "

Wrath of Conn said...

A Diff Anon,

So they switched to a different system and:

"...but it keeps Stamford among the safest 4 percent of about 250 U.S. cities with more than 120,000 residents, the federal data shows."

Yeah, huge story there. Unlike New Haven which refuses to report it's crime stats AT ALL.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


Yeah, they made the change - five years after they got a state grant to pay for it.

Much comfort to anyone who wasn't victimized in sequence rather than concurrently.

Anonymous said...

DG: I have the first post that says JDScalling Rell's plan MS style is a little much to say the least and yes, I think the guy has addressed some issues that face the state quite well but I don't ever recall saying anything in favor of his street crime...he put his damn foot in his mouth and he needs to apologize, OK..geez, how about railing against Rell not calling for fabrizi to resign; she's a candidiate for ofice; i am a blogger..

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Not that DeStefano ought to be excused for not reporting the stats at all, loathsome hypocrite that he is.

After all, two wrongs don't make a right. (They don't even count as two wrongs in Stamford.)

Wrath of Conn said...

Youre making less than no sense. "Much comfort"? I'm sure crime victims really give a damn about reports? "Well that sucked but thank god the system reported it correctly!"

The only relevant numbers in your link, at least to people discussing crime prevention, are the ones that say just how safe Stamford is regardless of what system you use.

Anonymous said...

WoC: I agree with you on the facts of Stamford's rank; and I posted the link ADANR uses today when it was fresh; the relevant issue is that it took five years to implement the new reporting after receiving the state grant to do; five years to implement is one year more than the term of a CT Governor...

TSCowperthwait said...

I'm not sure how this turned into a JDS vs. DM argument. Let's cut the spin crap and all agree (even JDS fans) that he made an absolutely inappropriate comment and needs to be held accountable for it.

Goon Squad said...

From the Advocate article -

"...but it keeps Stamford among the safest 4 percent of about 250 U.S. cities with more than 120,000 residents, the federal data shows."

From ADAnon -

Yeah, they made the change - five years after they got a state grant to pay for it.

I could see your argument having some legs if the City of Stamford didnt maintain an absolutly steller crime rate over those 5 years.

If I was a resident of the city of Stamford, and I was told that it took 5 years for the city to switch systems, but once they did they were STILL "among the safest 4 percent of about 250 U.S. cities with more than 120,000 residents" I wouldnt give a rat's ass what system they were using or how long it took to implement it.

Crime control is about RESULTS, not process.

Again, this is what the federal government says, not me. So again, even after Stamford switched the crime measuring system the FBI recommends, Stamford is STILL "among the safest 4 percent of about 250 U.S. cities with more than 120,000 residents, the federal data shows.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


Spin away; the fact is the old numbers haven't been recalculated and who knows how many violent crimes went unreported?

Care to try your hand a spinning five years of foot-dragging?

disgruntled_republican said...


I think you misunderstood me....I meant Harnett "retiring" not JDS's comments.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the foot dragging in Stamford is about bad management and bad executive oversight from the Mayor's office rather than any attempt to cover something up...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did misunderstand you DG: I still did say he/Harnett was doing a good job and I stand by that; I posted the news without any speculation on my part on why he unexpectedly and unilaterally decide to leave now...

Wrath of Conn said...

This has gotten laughable. I would never say there is nothing to criticize Mayor Malloy about, or Stamford -- no politician or city is perfect. But trying to hit him over using a certain system of REPORTING STATISTICS, when the results are still GREAT, is a joke. If it's the best you guys have, I feel even better about this primary.

Anonymous said...

I don't think ADANR is eleigible to vote in the primary and I know I am not...nice spin again WoC..

Chris MC said...

That is truly a propeller-head argument. The simple answer to which is: Malloy's claim to be the 11th safest city in America (under the current system) is absolutely accurate.

This is the salient sentence in the afore cited Stamford Advocate article.

Stamford kept its top-tier status despite a long-delayed switch to a system of tracking crime statistics that generally produces higher crime rates, officials said. [emphasis added]

The article butresses Malloy's record with matter-of-fact reporting.

As has unfortunately become the routine, bluecoat, your snark greatly outdistances your substance. Too bad, it didn't start out that way.

Anonymous said...

I consolidated it all in one place for you ChrisMCWoC: I agree with you on the facts of Stamford's rank; and I posted the link ADANR uses today when it was fresh; the relevant issue is that it took five years to implement the new reporting after receiving the state grant to do; five years to implement is one year more than the term of a CT Governor...I am sure the foot dragging in Stamford is about bad management and bad executive oversight from the Mayor's office rather than any attempt to cover something up...

Chris MC said...

Yep, snark.

Top-n-Center said...

31 John M. Stone Democrat 20 March 1876–9 January 1882
32 Robert Lowry Democrat 9 January 1882–13 January 1890
33 John M. Stone Democrat 13 January 1890–20 January 1896
34 Anselm J. McLaurin Democrat 20 January 1896–16 January 1900
35 Andrew H. Longino Democrat 16 January 1900–19 January 1904
36 James K. Vardaman Democrat 19 January 1904–21 January 1908
37 Edmond Noel Democrat 21 January 1908–16 January 1912
38 Earl L. Brewer Democrat 16 January 1912–18 January 1916
39 Theodore G. Bilbo Democrat 18 January 1916–18 January 1920
40 Lee M. Russell Democrat 18 January 1920–18 January 1924
41 Henry L. Whitfield[2] Democrat 18 January 1924–18 March 1927
42 Dennis Murphree Democrat 18 March 1927–16 January 1928
43 Theodore G. Bilbo Democrat 16 January 1928–19 January 1932
44 Martin Sennett Conner Democrat 19 January 1932–21 January 1936
45 Hugh L. White Democrat 21 January 1936–16 January 1940
46 Paul B. Johnson, Sr.[2] Democrat 16 January 1940–26 December 1943
47 Dennis Murphree Democrat 26 December 1943–18 January 1944
48 Thomas L. Bailey[2] Democrat 18 January 1944–2 November 1946
49 Fielding L. Wright Democrat 2 November 1946–22 January 1952
50 Hugh L. White Democrat 22 January 1952–17 January 1956
51 James P. Coleman Democrat 17 January 1956–19 January 1960
52 Ross R. Barnett Democrat 19 January 1960–21 January 1964
53 Paul B. Johnson, Jr. Democrat 21 January 1964–16 January 1968
54 John Bell Williams Democrat 16 January 1968–18 January 1972
55 William Waller Democrat 18 January 1972–20 January 1976
56 Cliff Finch Democrat 20 January 1976–22 January 1980
57 William Winter Democrat 22 January 1980–10 January 1984
58 William Allain Democrat 10 January 1984–12 January 1988
59 Ray Mabus Democrat 12 January 1988–14 January 1992

Anonymous said...

glad you recognize it.

Chris MC said...

To answer the question, here is how this became a DM v JD argument:

Malloy came out early this week with a substantive crime reduction program, the latest in a serious of concrete, common sense proposals he has put before the voters.

This derailed the JDS campaign against WalMart, a union relations effort designed to energize them to volunteer and mobilize their members to support JD on August 8.

It also put "Governor" Rell on the spot - like she's put on the spot whenever the phone rings, but worse - to say something, anything on the issue.

She holds a press conference and tries to focus attention on the Democratic Mayor of the city of New Haven. Her program doesn't even rise to the level of "me-too" with Malloy, and reveals she has nothing of substance to offer on the subject.

Not to be outdone by Mrs. Rell's stumble, Mayor DeStefano - desperate to keep the attention off the miserable state of his own city - tries to turn this into a plus for him by playing the race card. A craven appeal to the worst instincts of people of color.

Then, lacking anything of substance to attack Mayor Malloy with on this issue, a couple of people return to ... the union endorsement (surprise!), and try to spin a simple bit of reporting about how well Stamford's safety record stacks up against the rest of the country.

Some of us feel compelled to respond in support of the man who should (and will) be the next Governor of this State, Dannel Malloy.

CTRevolution said...

Is it me or is Connecticut Local Politics the same as How many of these people posting are Dan Malloy staffers. I'd like to see what DeStefano said in its complete context. I think people are ridiculously exaggerating his comments. Anybody who has seen what DeStefano has done in New Haven can see that he's done a good job in reducing urban violence. I'd like to see Malloy or Rell do what he did in a city like that. This post reeks of dirty politics and is it me or the poster seems to only support Malloy in his posts. Can we get both sides of the story on this site, that be great. Otherwise you should just rename it

TSCowperthwait said...

Chris MC, that's great and all (in fact, I do pay attention to what is happening and was aware of this). I just find it amazing that the mayor of a major Connecticut city just implied that the Governor is a racist, and instead, we are discussing who keeps better crime statistics. Stamford has low crime, that's good. New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, etc. all need to do better.

I don't support either Malloy or DeStefano, but I think that DeStefano's comments show that he is absolutely incapable of governing this State. There is no excuse for what he said.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Chris MC:

That's a cute timetable. Here's another one:

June 13, 2006: The Advocate reports that crime increased by 16 percent in Stamford in the last year, not least because the city has finally gotten around to reporting all the crimes that actually happened.

June 26, 2006: Stung, Malloy proffers another ill-conceived "policy" statement full of two-sentence plans and big-dollar promises, light on details and devoid of funding details, typical for the self-proclaimed fiscal conservative.

He loses his temper when a reporter asks how exactly he is going to pay for it. (see here.)

June 30: Governor Rell, who has already signed into law a budget adjustment that includes funding for alternative programs as well as anti-crime initiatives, proposes concrete steps -- all of them paid for -- already in motion.

DeStefano, for reasons God alone understands, injects racial politics into the debate without proposing any actual remedies of his own, let alone saying how he would pay for them.

Malloy's supporters get irked when the crime stats are brought up because that's one of Malloy's stump speech highlights; it's not supposed to get reality checked.

And - as TSC points out - maybe it becomes a distraction from DeStefano's abhorrent, inexcusable, indefensible and thoroughly contemptible act.

I think this timetable is closer to reality, but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

I hope at least we can agree on this: No one (none of the three) is, in fact, perfect, but DeStefano should be ashamed.

ctblogger said...

Chris MC,

Thanks for giving me the heads up on this.

I'm been so wrapped up at work that I really didn't have a chance to read JDS' press release.

I'm not avoiding this issue so don't take this the wrong way. Just give me time to read the statement myself when I get home and I'll make my comments known on my blog.

TSCowperthwait said...

ADANR is right, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. It's just that someone who already is a public official and wants to lead the State should be above playing the race card, especially when it makes no sense.

CTRevolution said...

Is it me or I don't see DeStefano as being racist in his comments. He accuses Rell of cutting afterschool programs, she has. He compares her solution to a 1950s Mississippi governor in their inability to deal with urban violence, with helping the black community. Looking at the record DeStefano has done much more to help the black community in New Haven then Rell has done in CT> I don't see the racism and the only dirty politics I see is this post and it's commentators. I wonder how much they're paying this guy to write for Malloy.

TSCowperthwait said...

CTRevolution. Who are you insinuating is posting on behalf of the Malloy campaign? 1950's Mississippi was a time of serious racial tension and to be honest, if you can't see a race implication here than you are blind.

disgruntled_republican said...


That is the most asanine comment I have ever read. Genghis Conn is certainly not writing for Malloy as I am sure both he and Brian Durand can confirm for you.

Furthermore, perhaps you are unfamiliar with the actions of MIssissippi in the 1950's. I suggest you google it and get yourself an education. JDS' comments are most certainly implying that Rell is a racist and trying to opress the black urban community.

disgruntled_republican said...

My good friend Bruce has been conspicuous by his absence on this...hate to call you out on the carpet but do you care to comment good buddy?

I know you kinda support JDS...

disgruntled_republican said...

And furthermore CTRevolution, as a front page poster here, you can feel free to look at my id over to the right or click on my nale in this comment...I am clearly no supporter of JDS or DM....

Goon Squad said...

A Diff Anon. said - Malloy's supporters get irked when the crime stats are brought up because that's one of Malloy's stump speech highlights; it's not supposed to get reality checked.

As you remember -- "...but it keeps Stamford among the safest 4 percent of about 250 U.S. cities with more than 120,000 residents, the federal data shows."

Ya, I can really understand how a Malloy supporter would get upset when Stamfords crime stat's are "reality checked" (*lays the sarcasm on as thick as possible*)

Keep chasing your tail.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

That lack of distress would be why you're still posting on this, ABC?

TrueBlueCT said...

So there aren't "Two Connecticuts"?

I didn't like DeStefano's choice of words, but his charge is dead-on correct, Rell and her Republicans have turned a blind eye towards the under-privileged.

Heck, Rowland used to come into the city at least once in a while to take credit, in person, for his hand-outs. But Rell, --nowhere to be found.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

So TrueBlue, who as DeanFan84 excoriated every poster here who even mentioned crime in New Haven (in any context) as a racist, reveals the truth: IOKIYAD.

Sad, really.

TrueBlueCT said...

And ABC--

Part of the reason why Malloy's crime stats are so good is that high rents ran most of the poverty out of Stamford. (back to Bridgeport, Portchester, New Rochelle, etc.)

The cost of living in New Haven is high, but in Stamford it's through the roof.

And yes, I know there are a few housing projects in Stamford. But honestly, it's not at all like Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury, etc.

TrueBlueCT said...

Still troubled about your latent biases? Too bad.

I stand by my assertion that Rell, and many of her voters, have not just forgotten CT's cities, they have more or less turned their backs on them.

It's too bad that DeStefano punched so hard. But if that is what it takes to get Rell's attention, so be it. CT's troubled youth should be all our responsibility, and the answer isn't more jails.

Goon Squad said...

ADA - my final comment on the topic is this.

Before Malloy, Stamford's crime stats were very similar to the other large cities throughout the state.

Since Malloy, Stamford has become one of the safest cities in America.

You have the last word.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

That nagging sensation in the back of your head, DF84, is your conscience. Up to you to decide how you want to deal with that.

The queasiness, on the other hand, has to do with your choice of candidate. Enjoy it. You earned it.

cgg said...

4.25 million for programs is a drop in the bucket.

JDS perhaps should have chosen his words more carefully, but he has a point. I'll catch hell for saying this but I don't think what he said was offensive, out of line to be sure, but as the mayor of New Haven he has more credibility on this issue than most of us here.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Let's enjoy some snippets from the archives here at CLP ...

What kind of racist asshole tries to score points by hyping crime and fear? And what the hell does it have to do with politics?

- DF84/TrueBlue, 12:37 PM, November 30, 2005

Is Malloy doing so poorly in his fund-raising that he has to resort to the race card of crime? Shame on the lot of you.

- DF84/TrueBlue, 7:43 PM, December 02, 2005

But hey, those are facts, and we all know Republicans don't need facts. Not when they can play the race card....

- DF84/TrueBlue, 2:25 PM, December 07, 2005

But really the fact that there is crime and poverty in a New England city isn't newsworty, is it?

- DF84/TrueBlue, 3:45 PM, December 07, 2005

The article says urban crime is up throughout CT. In fact, it is up throughout New England... and probably the whole darn country.

- DF84/TrueBlue, 12:23 AM, December 20, 2005

Happy Fourth. Planning to have your crow on the grill this weekend? Hope you can keep it down.

BRubenstein said...

disgruntled...sorry..i was awy on a deposition in R.I...

I think the post isnt much...

Dm will lose to JDS..and JDS will have only 3 months to figure a way to beat Rell...which he was unable to do for a year since he announced his candidacy..

BRubenstein said...

A Diff ANon..DeanFan hasnt excoriated EVERY poster here...I havent been excoriated by him at all..maybe because im further "left" ?

BRubenstein said...

I think the reference to "Mississippi.." was a poor choice of words..none of the candidates are rascist..chalk up another idiocy from the staff/writers at JDS campaign headquarters...I'd like to send the staff writers to the same campaign school that we sent the brilliant JDS strategists/staff/operatives who lost him the convention.

TrueBlueCT said...

Diff Anon--

Thanks for the flashbacks.

I'm not budging one inch. Yeah, I took issue with the way crime in New Haven was being discussed on this blog, by suburbanites and Malloy people. So what? Are you saying I was wrong when I argued that the discussions were not motivated by genuine concern for my fellow city dwellers?

If I remember correctly, for a while there every time a crime went down in New Haven, certain individuals were hyping it on this blog, for political purposes. Heck, I even remember someone taking potshots at DeStefano for something that happened on I-95.

So I'm going to continue to cry foul if someone uses crime and poverty to talk down one of our big city Mayors.

And I don't know what the past has to do with DeStefano's take-down of Rell today. Rell has a completely out-dated way of thinking when it comes to urban crime problems. She is definitely living in the past, and thinking like a RedStater.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

TrueBlueCT said... ".. Rell, and many of her voters, have not just forgotten CT's cities......"

What color is the sky on your planet?

TrueBlueCT said...

From the Archives:

Crime and the Politician, CLP 12/07/05

Open Forum CLP 12/02/05

HealthcareNOW said...

I think DeStefano's choice of words was definitely over the top, I think people here have been correct in pointing out that words like "Mississippi" should not be thrown out there in the political atmosphere because of all the racist baggage it carries in our history. But DeSetfano's general sentiment is much closer to the correct path we should be taking to solve crime in our inner cities. We need to invest more in afterschool programs, rehabilitation programs, and stress the more humane aspects of prevention rather than punishment. Rell's "act tough" proposal is almost Reaganesque. That's no joke.

Also, what's up with every blog that I regularly check not covering this story at all, and CLP giving it so much face and putting a Malloy spin on it? The majority of people who have commented here seem like hardcore Rellies/Republicans, and the rest are Malloy people eager to jump on anything to bash DeStefano.

DeStefano using the Mississippi reference was for sure way over the top, especially in politics. But there is absolutely no doubt that this proposal of Rell's is reminiscent of the Ronald Reagan policies of racial misunderstanding that brought us slogans like "Just Say No," "Welfare Queens," and the plague of pseudo-colorblindness that hinders our racial progress.

Prevention is the answer, not punishment. When do we in this country learn that?

Uh oh, now I'm going to be slammed by the countless Republicans and Malloy hacks that have come to dominate CLP.

ALSO, how come every blog reported on the new and AMAZING Ned ad out right now about his experience in teaching, and this blog not mentioning it at all.

TrueBlueCT said...

HC Now--

The blog isn't that slanted. The Malloy team was smart enough to do a lengthy sit down with all the front pagers last weekend, so after all the attention Malloy moved a little to the fore.

Plus, with so many non-Democrats hanging out here, DeStefano gets no benefit of the doubt. You won't find anyone describing him as a Republican/Democrat hybrid, as one of Malloy's supporters did.

In terms of the new Lamont ad, no worry. All the blogs are suffering from Lamont/Lieberman fatigue. Just wait till next week's debate. I hope Ned asks Joe why he voted for Bush's Energy bill. What did Joe know that Hillary, Kerry, Biden, Kennedy, Chafee, Jeffords, Schumer, Corzine, etc, etc, didn't?

Genghis Conn said...


You may be interested to know that we'll be sitting down with John DeStefano in about a week. You should see a lot of the same kind of coverage that we had for Malloy.

Chris MC said...

HealtcareNOW quoth:
"Prevention is the answer, not punishment. When do we in this country learn that?
Malloy learned it some time ago, and applied the lesson in Stamford. The result? His city moved from comparable to other Connecticut cities in crime, to the number 11 safest city in the entire country.

I know you're four square for JD, but you might give some credit where it is due. On this issue, Malloy has no peer in the race.

Certainly not Jodi Rell.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Chris MC said... "Certainly not Jodi Rell."

Jodi is not a mayor.

Jodi isn't wringing her hands and bad mouthing the state; the mayor of Hartford does that.

Hartford's easily the nicest capitol city in north America yet the mayor never points that out. What he does do is scare the daylights out of everyone in the suburbs so they won't come to Hartford unless they have to. Take out maybe 10 square blocks of the city and not much is going on at all - but does Mr. "I'm no George Athenson" ever say anything that would make you want to visit his city?

Hell no.

What would you expect from a man who 20 years ago by numerous reports was a major player in the coke business (everyone knows that; FBI agents simply could not get him on camera
during their now famous 3 year "Hartford Windshield" sting operation.)

Meanwhile New Haven should simply be bulldozed into the sound; it's hopeless and the police are the problem not the solution. The whole place is the result of a totally entrenched administration that's so corrupt that even that bastion of right wing conservative press, The New Haven Advocate has multiple stories regarding DeStefano and / or his appointees.

Stick a fork in him - he's done. What happens in August doesn't matter.

The other guy, from lower Fairfield County, seems to run his city okay by most accounts. That won't translate to victory this fall however as no one will overtake Rell's popularity.

I'm not sure a lower Fairfield County Democratic candidate could win statewide under anything other than exceptional circumstances.

Anonymous said...

more on Harnett's departure and his rplacementfrom todya's Courantand more on Rell's crime paln with reaction by DM and JDS from the same ediciton

Anonymous said...

and before I go enjoy this sun again, here without any commentray is DeStefano releases plan to protect women, kids By: Keith M. Phaneuf 07/01/2006 and Fired Child Monitor Fights Ouster Mancuso Says He Was Cleared 20 Years Ago July 1, 2006 By COLIN POITRAS, Courant Staff Writer

CTRevolution said...

Disgruntled Republican, thank's for the history lesson, I for one am familiar with what 1950s Mississippi. You said "JDS' comments are most certainly implying that Rell is a racist and trying to opress the black urban community." I'm sorry but JDS implying a lack of help for the African commmunity does not in anyway call Rell a racist. Comparing her to a 1950s goveror in terms of inaction does not meaning call her a racist. But way to take it out of context, you may have a promisin career at such fine journalistic establishments such as Foxnews. And oppressing the black community, oppressing!!! Are you kidding me!!! That's nowhere even close to what he said. Maybe you should take a history lesson, and then when your done, ones on rhetoric and journalism.

Chris MC said...

Well ACR! That grudging acknowledgement of Malloy does well by you.

What I of course said was that Malloy has gotten the job done in Stamford, and is proposing scaling that up to address the same issues statewide. "Governor" Rell has neither that record and experience nor a clue about the problems and what to do about them. No doubt another study group will be formed and nothing will happen, unless we excuse her and give Malloy the reins.

She is by all accounts a nice person, but by no means an executive capable of actually running the state, and she demonstrates the latter on a daily basis.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Chris MC said... "She is by all accounts a nice person, but by no means an executive capable of actually running the state, and she demonstrates the latter on a daily basis.

In hindsight it's pretty clear to me and I suspect 1000's of others that Bill O`Neil wasn't the worst thing to ever happen to CT by any stretch of the imagination. He less time before he suddenly found himself serving as Gov.

All we need is someone with a little common sense and enough backbone to keep the gov't OFF of businesses back and out of our collective lives.

Jodi fills the bill; both of the Dems in the race seem to have other "plans" that include more gov't.

The New Haven pal to hoodlums everywhere seems to want to beat up business as his primary occupation.

Heaven forbid he ever wound up in the office as jobs would leave CT by the 1000's.

Larry said...

Hartford is one of the most segregated cities in the United States of America. There are sections of the city – see North Hartford and West Hartford – that resemble Atlanta, Georgia circa 1954. Anyone who wants to be Governor must realize the plain truth: Hartford is a troubled city, divided by race and class, ignored by an elitist or racist administration, finally on the verge of complete disintegration. Soon, if we don’t have the courage to call what is clearly bare-faced failure, reminiscent of Mississippi in the fifties, the segregated masses will rise up in violence. And there will be no one to blame but ourselves, partly for ignorance and partly – to all our shame – because of partisan/false shaming of those strong enough to reach out and touch a difficult issue.

If you want to bash John DeStefano, do it for more legitimate reasons. I warn you though, calling his comments “Racists”, and “pandering” will not endear Dannel Malloy to those people that know and feel the racism in Hartford.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Larry said... "I warn you though, calling his comments “Racists”, and “pandering” will not endear Dannel Malloy to those people that know and feel the racism in Hartford.

Warn away.

Have you ever even met Cornell Lewis?

Do you have any idea what on earth you're talking about?

You've failed to notice which administrations spend money in cities that's for sure.

Any idea what's going on in Bridgeport? Are you aware of the substantial Syrian presence there or that they're buying up the ghetto and fixing it up like crazy?

BTW - why is it that it takes 6 months less to rehab a multi-family dwelling in Bridgeport than in New Haven? (does payola ring a bell?)

There's nothing wrong in Hartford a real mayor couldn't address.

What Hartford really needs is a wave of immigrants. Don't believe it? Take a ride to Bridgeport or Danbury (20 years ago Danbury was so "nice" that when it became part of my sales area I quit my job with a (then) Fortune 25 company.)

No Governor is going to change much in an city.

Chris MC said...

The point of departure was Malloy's announcement of his crime program, which clearly has been successfully piloted in Stamford and is ready to go statewide.

Far from being at odds with your point about the crucial role of private enterprise, a role which Malloy acknowledges must be a focal point of policy (it creates jobs, wealth, revenue to pay for education and other essential services and infrastructure), there is undoubtedly a great deal that Governor Malloy's program would contribute to Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport.

Malloy's comprehensive approach would support the entrepreneurship you are talking about by making those communities safer and more secure; better places to live, raise a family, and do business.

Helping urban centers to thrive will, over time, reduce the tax burden on suburban taxpayers as these cities move toward becoming net generators of wealth and taxes, instead of their current heavy dependency on state funding.

Chris MC said...

Larry -
Your post has rather an ominous tone in its own right:
Soon, if we don’t have the courage to call what is clearly bare-faced failure, reminiscent of Mississippi in the fifties, the segregated masses will rise up in violence.

If you think you are going to help DeStefano electorally or policy-wise by defining him as a proponent of civil unrest, go to it.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Chris MC said... "
Malloy's comprehensive approach would support the entrepreneurship you are talking about by making those communities safer and more secure; better places to live, raise a family, and do business."

Then he should move to Hartford and run for Mayor.

No one wants the state running their town or any other.

Chris MC said...

ACR, nobody said anything about the Governor running the cities.

You do recognize that the antiquated, balkanized tax structure in this state hobbles your "market-based" approach (Bridgeport's Syrians notwithstanding) don't you?

The policy proposals Malloy has put forward are cost-effective and strategically sound in that they focus on less-costly alternatives to the institutionalization approach advocated by the Rowland/Rell administration. Look at the numbers. The proposal is one that fiscal conservatives can and should embrace.

Larry said...

Chris MC,

It is obvious and sad that you are not willing to address the issue honestly. (You might be having fun but real people are struggling down in Hartford.)

Your spin is empty and eerily reminiscent of Bill O’Reilly. If you would like to post something that is constructive to the issue, please contribute. However, if you are only capable of shallow spin, than do yourself, the citizens of Hartford and Dan Malloy a favor: Gain some depth and substance.

Chris MC said...

Larry -
Two nasty, substanceless (and thereby hypocritical) posts for two attempts. I respect your effort, but you'll have to do way, way better than that if you want to be even a bench warmer over there.

You obviously don't know me. If you want to defend DeStefano, by all means do so, I fully support you in making yourself heard. But don't waste your time thinking up insults and threats or warnings to direct my way. I just don't give a damn.

If you are sincere about engaging in a substantive discussion, I invite you to acquaint yourself with Malloy's proposal, and the record of success in Stamford that backs it up. Nothing like it coming out of the Rowland/Rell Administration, I think we can agree.

And New Haven has problems of its own.

TrueBlueCT said...

Stamford is the one of the richest cities in the nation.

From the 2000 Census, CT Child Poverty rates were:

32.6% New Haven
8.9% Stamford

So Stamford has an incredible Grand List, and just a fraction of the poverty that New Haven struggles with, and you think you can compare the two administrations.

Apples and oranges. The Malloy "record" is a myth.

Chris MC said...

Your argument mixes apples and oranges, TB. The income statistics are skewed by North Stamford.

Stamford's downtown is Malloy's own work.

The crime statistics speak for themselves. If anything, the fact that they were what they were despite North Stamford throws Malloy's accomplishments into even greater relief. The success of the Malloy approach is a matter of record. The city was comparable to the rest of CT's urban areas when Malloy took office. Now it is one of the safest cities in the country.

The child poverty statistics you offer are stark testimony to the relative lack of success New Haven has enjoyed, even while Stamford has prospered.

But you have introduced facts that buttress Malloy's argument that his Community Crime Reduction Initiative should be expanded statewide to help struggling New Haven, Bridgeport, and Hartford.

TrueBlueCT said...

That's just stupid arguing on your behalf. Stamford never had the poverty that has plagued B'Port, New Haven, and Hartford. And Malloy certainly didn't cure it.

More than anything, a tight housing market coupled with exceedingly high rents have chased the bad behavers out of Stamford.

28% of New Haven households are below the poverty line. As compared to 7% in Stamford. These numbers aren't skewed by Stamford's millionaires. They're effing census data and not average income figures.

Chris MC said...

TB quoth:
Stamford is the one of the richest cities in the nation.
That is the remark I was referring to. Pay attention to your own argument TB, if I think need coaching I'll keep you in mind, thanks.

You're mashing stuff together and I'm trying to work with it, in the spirit of pursuing something better than yet another p*ss*ng contest.

The housing market in Stamford isn't an accident, TB. Malloy has successfully competed for major new additions to Stamford's business base. And don't kid yourself, they aren't moving there for lack of alternatives. Don't take my word for it, JD talks about Connecticut's need to compete on the stump. Malloy has done it.

And the ongoing departure of major businesses from western Connecticut belies the argument that this just a rising tide lifting all boats - and the Republican argument that "the market" will provide the best of all possible worlds.

The housing market in northern Fairfield County peaked out about a year and a half ago, incidentally.

Chris MC said...

TB quoth:
28% of New Haven households are below the poverty line. As compared to 7% in Stamford.
And, you think that is a compelling argument somehow? That sounds like a very weak defense of some kind.

I doubt we'll hear Mayor DeStefano pounding the lectern any time soon and braying "but my city has four times the percentage of impoverished people that my opponent has!"

Know what I mean TB?

Larry said...

Chris MC

I am happy that you are fighting the “good fight.” You should get paid a lot. With sound basics and witty prose like yours, I have no doubt that Dan Malloy will win in the primary. Only, you lost my vote.