Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekend Poll #2

40% of respondents to the recent poll about the Democratic gubernatorial primary ranked "Ability to defeat Jodi Rell" as the most important issue to that vote. So, which candidate actually has that ability? Malloy? DeStefano? Neither? Both?

No staffers, please.

Democrats: Which candidate do you believe has the ability to defeat Jodi Rell in November?
Dan Malloy
John DeStefano
Both: She's toast!
Neither: Rell will stomp all comers
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Oh, as for the other poll? No way am I masochistic enough to ask this crowd which candidate for Senate will do a better job on the Iraq War! Interesting that 43% chose that, though.


RumorHasIt! said...

Malloy has been moving closer and closer to a surging Ned Lamont, while DeStefano continues to fully support Joe Lieberman. Therefore Dan gets the nod as the candidate most likely to defeat Rell in what is really shaping up to be an anti-incumbent year. You can't be for change, yet for Joe Lieberman.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

I'd disagree with that - DM's got the same consultants and is very close to the Lieberman camp. See the convention! They had the same tent!

They both openly support Lieberman - he calls New Haven home and was born in Stamford. But I think you'll find that DeStefano is the more progressive Dem and that Dan is more in the DLC mold, like Joe-mentum.

Goon Squad said...
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Goon Squad said...


For the ump-teenth time - Mayor DeStefano's running make Mayor Slifka is a card carrying DLC member.

Does that mean a vote for Mayor Destefano based on his being "more progressive" is a quiet disregard for his running mates ideals?

Remember, its not entirely far fetched (or without history) for the Lt. Gov. to become Gov. if impropriety exists in the Gov.'s office(see John Rowland).

Mayor Destefano routinely touts Mayor Slifka's ability to run the State if forced to do so.

So lets think again about who we vote for based on thier ideals, and the ideals of thier running mates.

BRubenstein said...

MMMM Jodi Rell...( i am for JDS) by way of discloseure.

JDS isnt much more progressive then DM. He has a long record of being a conservative dem then a progressive does DM

JDS has Slifka as the LG candidate ( DLC member) while DM is a DLC member too..Glassman is a moderate in her politics also.

DM's home town of Stamford gave Lamont more delgates then JDS' home town of New Haven by a substantial amount.

I think the key difference between these candidates is that JDS has much more union support...and that is a key difference and goos enough for me.

GMR said...

Selecting a candidate mainly because you believe them to be "electable" usually isn't a guarantee of winning. During the 2004 primaries, the main reason to select John Kerry was that he was more electable than the others, yet he still lost in the general election.

Wrath of Conn said...

"I think the key difference between these candidates is that JDS has much more union support...and that is a key difference and goos enough for me."

This kind of reasoning is WHY DeStefano has more union support. He was able to paint himself as far left, even though as you point out, he isn't that far left at all (or at least no further left than Malloy -- DeStefano has endorsed Joe, obviously has no problem with the DLC, etc). However, people like MMMM Jodi Rell buy into and see him as "the progressive candidate" and he gets union support. Then others use your logic and say "oh look union support that must mean he is progressive".

Rinse, repeat.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

Haha - I don't know if I've "bought into" anything but I see your point. Its hard to discern who's the more "progressive candidate," I'll admit. The actual art of governing leaves little room for idealogy when you're in a position like DeStefano or Malloy - and both have been good mayors.

I support DeStefano because he's been out front with policy ideas and seems to have put a lot of thought and effort into solutions for the state.

Wrath of Conn said...

Okay "bought into" did sound a little harsh, sorry. Didnt intend it that way.

I just mean that the facts do seem to suggest something other than how DeStefano is generally percieved, and that it's sort of funny when some people on this blog paint DeStefano into the Lamont camp (ctkeith's insane "vote line B, the real Dems" thing) when DeStefano himself endorsed Joe.

CTOctaneBlue said...

Regardless of the DeStefano health care plan or Malloy's housing plan, there is no meaningful difference between JDS and DM. (I can already see the responses coming from BR and Chris MC... sigh). The real difference is in their campaign staffs- and this is the reason why Malloy will win the election. No meaningful changes have occurred in the DeStefano campaign staff since the convention (other than people jumping ship), and the same inept people are now running the primary campaign. Malloy, on the other hand, will continue to build his momentum through the summer with a strong grass roots effort and a more "likable" personality than DeStefano. Rell will laugh all the way to the bank, as she saves all of her campaign funds for the fall while DM and JDS empty their coffers against each other.

BR- you will owe me a beer when the union votes do NOT come through for DeStefano, and he loses the primary.

BRubenstein said... are on...its a bet

JoeSoldOut said...
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JoeSoldOut said...

You know what's so funny. CT Octane Blue would so be DeStefano's number 1 fan right now if Audrey Blondin was the LG nominee. lol, I love spitful politics.

CTOctaneBlue said...

Joesoldout- classic.. haha! You are so right. But hey, this is politics!

And your name reminds me... is anyone else bothered by Lieberman's commercial bashing Lamont? It was about four votes that Lamont made... but there was no reference to when those votes were, or what they were about. It's hard for me to take those commercials seriously, because I'm sure that those "votes" were taken out of context. I don't think Joe is doing himself any favors with commercials like that.

steppenwolf said...

BRubenstein: YOU SUCK

HealthcareNOW said...

I agree with BR that the labor vote will turn out. Obviously, the endorsements are not a full indication of how exactly the labor vote will pan out, but here's a quick glance at the labor support destefano has:

AFSCME Local 3144 Management Union
Local 68-222 Connecticut Independent Labor Union
Local 71 Connecticut Independent Labor Union
AFSCME Local 287, Custodians
AFSCME Local 1303-102, Day Care Workers
AFSCME Local 3429, Para-professionals Union
AFSCME Local 884, Clerical Union
1199, SEIU
AFSCME Council 15
Asbestos Workers Local 33
Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New Haven
Carpenters' Local 24
Communication Workers of America Local 1298
Connecticut State Building Trades
Harford County Building Trades
International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental & Reinforcing Iron Workers
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 90
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 35
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 478
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District 11
Ironworkers Local 424
Laborers Local 230
Laborers Local 665
Local 34, UNITE-HERE
Local 35, UNITE-HERE
New Haven Police Union Local 530
New London Building Trades
New London Police Union Local 724
Roofers & Waterproofers Local 9
Sheet Metal Workers' International Association Local 40
Teamsters Local 1150
United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers
Local 12
United Here Local 217
University Health Professionals, American Federation of Teachers
AFSCME Council 4
United Electrical 243
AFSA Local 18


Now here's Malloy's labor endorsements:

Carpenters Local 210
Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 1103
Connecticut Hispanic Democratic Caucus (CHDC)
Stamford Professional Firefighters Association
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 145,
Laborer's International Union of North America Local 146
Sheet Metal Workers Local 38
Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 84

Nuff said.

BRubenstein said...

steppenwolf...ty...i love you too

too bad you have the cajones of a chipmonk and wont tell us your real name.

BRubenstein said...

healthcare...the spainish group for mally isnt a labor union.

also his unions are small locals near his town..isnt that true.

and you forgot the afl ececutive board endorsement and i predict the regular afl endorsement later this month.

HealthcareNOW said...

lol BR - i noticed the hispanic caucus after i posted, i got it from both candidates' respective websites, and just copy and pasted. and i guess the malloy people put organizations and labor together. maybe there's a reason why they do that...

Mr X said...

I really believe that John DeStefano will NOT win the August 8th Primary.Although he has Union Endorsements Lets be realistic How many of the Union Members ever follow the endorsements. When they or anyone of us go into a voting booth they can vote for whomever they choose.

DeStefano is weak in the 5th If not dead in the water(we all know why so I will not rehash it)The 4th is Malloy's turf The 3rd is about the strongest area for DeStefano The 2nd is a tossup and The 1st CD is split and just Because he picked Slifka doesnt change a lot of votes.

Dan Malloy has a lot of 5th CD Support and he has support elsewhere with the strength of 4th and 5th CD and I think he will pick up in 2nd and do well in 1st.

Malloy is a team player and is well organized While DeStefano plays the typical big city mayor looking to advance his career.

On August 8th Dan Malloy will be The UNDISPUTED Democratic Candidate for Governor and Joe Lieberman will be renominated for US Senator.

Then we go to November and send Jodi Rell and The Republican Team home and Lets get ready to give Rob Simmons,Chris Shays and Nancy Johnson their pink slips and their retirement watchs as we will elect Joe Courtney,Diane Farrell and Chris Murphy to Congress and maybe we can get some people in Washington DC who care

Mr X said...

I just got off The DeStefano Website what a lovefest he and Slifka have going on and the problem is the big lie Continues.

Slifka said he was surprised that he was picked to run for LG That is the biggest load of cow manure I have ever seen.Slifka knew before he got to the convention he was DeStefano's Boy.

I just don't get why DeStefano picked a 32 year old ceremonial Mayor when he could of picked someone from the 5th CD who would of actually brought something to the ticket.

I think Malloy was really smart picking Mary Glassman she had 8 years experience as a First Selectwoman and this shows that she could step in if necessary.

I dont think Scott Slifka could step in. Also their Town Chairwoman needs to resign Because she had a hand in this deal to shaft Litchfield County and the 5th CD.Why do some of these Big City Town Chairs have to be big bullys.She is nothing but a bully and she needs to resign and let someone else in West hartford take the reins.