Monday, June 19, 2006

Hurricanes Win Stanley Cup

I can't stand it.

Oh, well. Who needs NHL hockey, arena football, ABL basketball, CBA basketball or the occasional Celtics game anyway?

Maybe we can get a curling tournament in or something.


disgruntled_republican said...

And when they were passing the Cup I couldn't help but laugh at the one guy on the ice (must have friends or family) that was wearing that beautiful bright green shirt....

I'm happy for the players and fans but screw you Peter Karmanos! Screw you!

Genghis Conn said...

I couldn't even watch. I always watch them skate the Cup, but not this year. Too depressing.

GMR said...

Major league sports in this country seem way over-subsidized by local politicians. Rowland tried to bring the Patriots to Hartford; governors and mayors all over the country try to win good graces of wealthy sports team owners.

I really think this needs to stop: there are about a billion better things to spend money on (like tax cuts). It just seems so unfair that sports teams get all these extra incentives. This lowers their operating costs, but then since it's a competitive environment, and since the teams have more money, then simply end up paying the players more than the players would earn under a free-market based system.

I'm not against sports leagues locating in major cities. If they want to build a stadium, or rent one, and play games there, go for it. Opposition groups usually cite traffic concerns, but I think this is overblown: an NFL team, for instance, has 8 home games per season, plus two sparsely attended pre-games. The games are usually on Sunday afternoon. Basketball and Hockey games are typically in the evening, after rush hour, and Baseball is either evening or mid-afternoon.

So please, politicians, don't spend gobs of money to bring in major league sports. If they want to come to the local area, don't stand in their way, but don't pave the road with gold either.

Top-n-Center said...

How pathetic was it to watch Betemen extoll the visionary virues of Karmanos before handing over the cup... PUKE!

On the plus side, its great to hear Chuck Kaiton finally get to call a championship... Listen here:

Forward it to 2:55:00.

Top-n-Center said...

My bad... start the audio @ 2:53:30.

David said...


A sports team creates a sense of community and pride in a state. A coming together of sorts from people of all backrounds. I think this state can use that. It's something that is worth spending money on and something that can eventually generate profits.

TCN said...

In Connecticut?
Okay... you got it!