Friday, June 02, 2006

Open Forum

Oh, right. Politics!

Fort Trumbull is still stalled, although things may be resolved soon. Too bad there was no action on eminent domain this session.

Also, there's more corruption in Bridgeport. Sigh.

What else is happening out there?


BRubenstein said...

Corruption from either side of the aisle cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. The " city official" in Bridgeport should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law whether Democrat or Republican.

With the large amount of politicians who have either been found or plead guilty for one thing or another we have earned the name Corrurpticut.Citizens will have little faith in the political and legal system's until folks " feel the pain" for taking bribes, etc. I for one am glad when i see swift and sure action against any politician taking a bribe.

Patricia Rice said...

For every one dollar in Democratic bribes there are probably fifty dollars in Republican bribes.

I'm Not Harry Reid said...

G-d, how I hate it when I agree with BRubenstein. Patty Girl, where were you when DiBella, Ritter and the gang were taking their share?

CTKnows said...

PR... Live in your dream land if you want to. It's gone on for all long in both parties.

Anonymous said...

That's a hilarious comment Patricia Rice. Hilarious.

ctkeith said...

Patricia Rice,

The rumor mill has it that every time you post here Sean Smiths stratagy gets a boost at Liebermans Headquarters.

DeanFan84 said...

I got this e-mail from Dan Malloy today:

"From Dan-

Like many of you, I spent this past weekend celebrating Memorial Day. And, also like many of you I am sure, I found myself reflecting on our nation and the brave men and women who sacrifice to ensure our freedom.

One week earlier, I attended the dedication of the West Hartford Veterans' Memorial, where I heard the roll of the names of each and every West Hartford resident who had died fighting for our country from the Revolutionary War through present day; truly a humbling experience.

Around Memorial Day, our thoughts naturally turn to our troops currently in harm's way in Iraq. I have made no secret of my opposition to the war, and to President Bush's misguided and often disastrous policies. We must continue to support and honor the service of our soldiers abroad; it is my opinion that currently the best way for us to do that is by bringing them home. It has become clear to the majority of Americans that the premises for this war were either misguided or simply untrue, and that in the future our nation must find better ways to seek justice and maintain stability abroad.

So today, let us continue to honor and pray for those serving our country, and let us hope that next Memorial Day we have them home with us."

--Dan Malloy

DeanFan84 said...

I also got this email:

Dear CT DFA member,

Democracy for America enthusiastically endorsed Ned Lamont last month. Since then, hundreds of DFA members have signed up to volunteer with the campaign and we've raised over $65,000 from more than 1,550 donors. Last week, Ned Lamont also won MoveOn Political Action's strong endorsement. Combined, DFA and MoveOn Political Action have over 60,000 Connecticut members. If every DFA and MoveOn member gets just one more person out to the polls in August, Ned Lamont will win. It's that simple.

In conjunction with MoveOn Political Action, we're kicking off our endorsement with a rally at the Omni Hotel in New Haven at 12:00 p.m. next Thursday, June 8. This is a great opportunity to meet Ned Lamont, DFA Chair Jim Dean, and grassroots Democrats from across the state. Please RSVP today at:

Let's show the power of the grassroots in Connecticut. Sign-up to attend the kick-off rally today.

Thanks for everything.

Chris Warshaw
Field Director
Democracy for America

HealthcareNOW said...

Are we all coming out and pandering to the anti-war vote now cuz Ned's got some steam? That letter from Dan Malloy is shameful, honestly. He's never talked that much about Iraq in the first place, and now all of a sudden he's talking about "misguided" and "disastrous" policies. Come on now.

Dannel, you're running for Governor of Connecticut, of course Govs are somewhat important in terms of homeland security but honestly, who are you kidding here. Do you really need to talk about the war in your race? Or are you seriously just trying to ride the coattails of my and many others' Lamont votes?

If you want to do that, do it with an issue that we know will matter in a gubernatorial. Talk about universal healthcare, talk about labor, talk about jobs and the economy and talk about our public education system and environment. Your opponent sure as hell is, and you haven't said a word since the convention.

What are you doing? Too busy sleeping in the yacht?

We're all so pissed off about the war already that we don't need another DLC Democrat running over to us trying to brown-nose the Lamont voters.

In the words of Chris MC, "Shame on you."

Pirates say "Rrrrrr" said...


Would your progressive champion Ned approve of "narking" to the FBI about blog posts?

Just read the article. Wow! You really are a piece of garbage.


Chris MC said...
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Chris MC said...
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Chris MC said...
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Chris MC said...

Ah, HealthcareNOW, burning the midnight oil too, eh?

The letter from Malloy is called for here, and thanks to DF84 for posting it (where ya been?). Criticisms of Malloy on this blog have included specific references to the war, such as your immediately preceeding post. You should be happy that the endorsed candidate for Governor is taking the opportunity to support a position you agree with in the public conversation about the war. Clearly this is a guy with some influence.

Connecticut Marines and other troops are fighting in Iraq right now. It is perfectly natural for a Gubernatorial candidate to speak about Connecticut's troops on Memorial Day, just as the Governor might attend a Memorial dedication. Do you imagine that Jodi Rell is pandering to you too?

Try to gain some perspective. And shame on you for your hypocrisy.

Aldon Hynes said...

As much as I hate to say it, this time, I have to agree with Chris. Living in Stamford, and being involved with the anti-war folks here, I can tell you that Dan has consistently had a strong message about Bush's misguided and disasterous policies about Iraq.

You can criticize him on other issues, but there is no sudden flip, or pandering on this issue. I just wish more politicians had the courage to be clear about issues that matter.

That said, I believe all the candidates have important messages about issues beyond the war, and instead of criticizing those who have done such a great job in getting people to focus on the war, we need to be expanding the dialog to talk about who has the best healthcare policies, the best ideas for improving education in our state, the best ideas for addressing transportation issues, etc.

Mr X said...

I want to discuss here about why we need to vote for Dan Malloy in The August 8th Primary for Governor.

Governor Jodi Rell is just an extension of The Rowland Years she was his Lieutenant Governor for 10 years and since she moved up what has she done for this state in the last few years.

It is pretty much more of the same She kept most of The Rowland Hacks that have robbed and plundered this state.She said she was going to clean up State Government and she basically keeps Rowland Regulars like Ross Garber and George Gallo around in different capacitys.

The DEP lies and tells people there are No Mountain Lions in Connecticut when they have been seen in Litchfield County.They deny it But I know someone who has seen one around.

Is this the kind of State Government we deserve in Connecticut absolutely not!!!

Dan Malloy has a record of getting things done as The Mayor of Stamford and he deserves the chance to show us what he can do for The State of Connecticut.I believe Dan will bring a fresh approach to The Governor's Position and with Former Simsbury First Selectwoman Mary Glassman as his Lt Governor they will get Connecticut back on the right track and make so all of us can afford to live here and not have to struggle to live.

The Republican Party have had 12 years in power and it is time to ship them out of there.

Also their underticket:Michael Fedele who served as a State Rep with Rell, Richard Abbate no political office experience serving as Registrar of Voters in Cheshire isnt political experience, Linda Roberts 1st Selectwoman of East Windsor what makes her qualified to be State Treasurer other than she has maybe overseen a few town budgets, Cathy Cook,a State Senator who was going to be primaried so now she is a sacrficial lamb and finally Bob Farr, a career State Rep for Life also another one who is taking a loss for the team.

The choice is clear we need to re-elect The Democratic Team plus Dan Malloy and Mary Glassman in November.

A note to all Democrats on August 8th Lets say NO to DeStefano/Slifka
and I am voting for Lieberman not Lamont. We need a Senator who knows all of the issues and not leaning on just one main issue(The Iraq War)

MikeCT said...

An invitation to a Nancy Johnson fundraiser from a for-profit hospital violated multiple campaign finance laws, reports the Corner Report and Lakeville Journal.

Johnson's campaign asked the hospital to host a fundraiser, and they readily obliged. Not surprising that Johnson is hitting up the corporate sector, since she is the #1 recipient of hospital, health, and insurance industry money in the U.S. House. As an entrepreneurial legislator, she has turned her role as Chair of the Health Subcommittee of Ways and Means into a lucrative cash cow.

Some candidates like Chris Murphy keep thinking Congress is a nonprofit institution. Guess he just doesn't understand the capitalist ethic!

Mr X said...

Nancy Johnson needs to go She is a bought and paid for politician.The only reason she keeps getting re-elected is she has the insurance companys,oil companys and others in her back pocket and they keep providing her with the funding to keep getting returned to Congress.

I think 24 years is enough I think we need to give Nancy Johnson a pink slip and a retirement watch in November and elect Chris Murphy to Congress.

Maybe If she gets beat We will not have to keep hearing Brian Flaherty,Sean Williams and Lou DeLuca Boohooing in the media that The Democrats are running a negative Campaign When in fact It is the Johnson Campaign that is running the negative ads.

These Litchfield County GOP hacks need to shut their mouth and listen to the people rather than run their mouths and spread lies the only reason they keep getting a free pass is they have so much money behind them A Democrat can not compete.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Sgt Bilko said: "Nancy Johnson needs to go

Clearly you haven't dealt with Murphy.

Best to ask around in Democratic circles where's he's already been burning bridges to get a better a handle on the guy. (His apparent occupation should be listed as "arsonist" I guess.)

Check him out with Wolcott & Southington Dems before you embarrass yourself any further; the guy's a snake.


BRubenstein said...

Pirates sayyy rrrrr..

No one cares what you think....grow a set and post in your name.

HealthcareNOW said...

Chris MC -

I'm curious, we all know you're a Malloy guy. Who are you for in the Senatorial? Lieberman or Ned?

Anonymous said...

DG: I will answer you here on the Jodi New London eminent domain issue. When the Kelo decision came down upholding CT State law, Jodi wagged her finger at the Supreme Court called them anaalagous to the robed barons of England who once ruled the Colonies. I don't like what's going on in New London (replacing affordable housing with upscale housing through eminent domain for one) anymore than I liked the wiping out of a section of Bridgeport for a private developer - Steel Pooint. But none of this stuff could have happened without the financial backing of the state of CT - and Jodi could cut off the funds at the bonding commission any time she wanted to...

Anonymous said...

Susan B. does a lousy job as SOTS and Abbate is or was head of the Registrars Assn for the State - a change is clearly needed there. I don't have an opinion on the other GOP under tix people.

and more details on the latest Bridgeport bribery case from today's CT Post and its somewhat ludicrous to make this stuff about the political parties when it is about the abuse of power within both of them.

Anonymous said...

Gosh; I missed ACR was back on. Since he is new and he is obvioulsy ignorant about mental health issues by posting a link claiming mental disorders are disease the other day - even under 6 years of Bush science the Natioanl Institutes of Health don't buy that I'll put these links up again not that I think he'll move from his Archie Bunker chair beacause the drug companies and the physicians his girl, Nancy, and big boy Bill Frist are in bed with don't want you to believe that - ICSPP and NIMH BUT I think the important thing for ACR is that like all good supporters of the tobacco industry he'll send in his medical bills to government funded Medicare when he gets the almost certain heart disease, emphysema or lung cancer.

TrueBlueCT said...

Chris Mc is a Lieberman guy, although I'm not sure he'll come right out and say it. Like Brass Anon, in the end he'll find some excuse to vote for Sean Hannity's good friend, Revoltin' Joe Lieberman.

re Malloy:
It was a great letter, at an appropriate time, and I'm glad that one of our prominent gubernatorial candidates has joined me on the right side of this issue. Too bad he's still a DLC guy...

If anyone wants a good laugh, wander over to the Family Institute blog. Absolutely hilarious that these freaks think they can gain a toe-hold in CT. This is what they wrote about Malloy after he won the Convention:

Dan Malloy, Mayor of Stamford and pro same-sex "marriage" extremist, won the Democratic Party's endorsement for governor. Pro-family Democrats voting in the August primary and the November election should know that their party's endorsed candidate considers them “cynical” and “ignorant”:

Mayor Malloy opined that opposition to gay rights was based on a mix of political cynicism and ignorance.

Mayor Malloy said this at a gathering of pro same-sex “marriage” activists. The speakers included East Haven’s Rep. Michael Lawlor and Stamford’s own Sen. Andrew McDonald, the two men most responsible for legalizing same-sex unions—and both are Malloy supporters.

According to the Oct. 6, 2005 Fairfield County Weekly, Malloy took a “hands on” approach to the legalization of same-sex unions:

And Stamford's Mayor Dan Malloy, who is a registered Justice of the Peace, was planning to be on hand to perform ceremonies at Stamford City Hall himself.

But when it comes to attacking the institution of marriage, personally performing same-sex civil unions is just the beginning for Dan Malloy. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Malloy in the Sept. 12, 2005 Connecticut Law Tribune:

Connecticut Law Tribune: If you are elected governor and the Legislature puts a bill legalizing gay marriage on your desk, will you sign it?
Malloy: Yes.
CLT: No hesitation.
M: No.

Neither Mayor Malloy nor the media spotlighted his extreme pro same-sex "marriage" position during the convention, of course. His support for forcing Catholic hospitals to provide chemical abortions did not get much play, either.

But Mayor Malloy's positions should be made clear to pro-family voters. If he is elected governor, it will mean further attacks on marriage, religious freedom and the sanctity of human life.

BRubenstein said...

I don't see what all the fuss is about..let people marry who they,straight,transgender or whatever.

TrueBlueCT said...

Poll Question:
Who is more extreme the Dem candidates for Governor, and their support of gay rights, or Brian Brown and Peter Wolfgang, and their "fight to save marriage"?

Anonymous said...

Malloy's MEMORIAL DAY letter about invading Iraq being the wrong decision was inappropriate - only less innapropriate than what Farrell did since he's not claiming to be up to qualified to hold a federal office.

And for those new to this blog I think that the decision by President Bush to invade Iraq in March 2003 was wrong....

Anonymous said...

TrueBlue: your link to the FI is bad - doesn't go may wish to fix it...

disgruntled_republican said...


Ill give you the bonding, but we still need the legislature to fix the problem. Many towns took this issue to heart and adopted ordinances but the state as a whole needs to address it...and that's the legislature's job.

As for upscale housing, i have not heard of eminant domain cases where upscale housing ids the product...perhaps I missed it? And I hope you aren't blaming upscale housing on Rell, that would be laughable. I am a Planning and Zoning Commissioner in my town and I can tell you first hand the 2 main reasons are 1. Zoning calling for more sparcely populated areas thus causing a builder to build larger houses and 2. The builder makes more money.

Anonymous said...

New London is about replacing reasonably priced middle class homes with among other things upscale housing. The only real way to stop the abuse of eminent domain for economic development in CT is for the state to stop funding it. The state and federal government are funding eminent domain in my town for economic development because they say it involves transportation - but it's twisting the truth but I got in to that weeks ago.

disgruntled_republican said...

and I will address some of sgt bilko's comments on the republican candidates for constitutional offices myself as well:

bluecoat is dead on with Susan B. She has done a lousy job. She has spent more time trying to be governor than she has at being SoS. Abate is the head of the registrars of voters assn in CT and my understanding is he has the backing of that organization. This is the front line for SoS and it is telling...

Bob Farr is a seasoned legislator and an accomplished attorney. That makes him more than qualified for the job of Atty General. The guy knows his stuff.

Linda Roberts certainly is qualified as well. As Firt Selectman she has a ton of budget experience. A couple extra zeros at the end of numbers doesn't change that.

Anyone who questions Mike fedele's qualifications should read my post here. He is more than qualified for this position.

Poking fun a those folks doesn't change the facts sarge

disgruntled_republican said...

bluecoat -

Thats a weak arguement. The housing aspect is a small part of that plan (and I am opposed to it as well). Do you know of any cases aside from that one? I don't beleive there is any.

Anonymous said...

DG: I thought Farr made an ass out of himself in the GAE investigation of Moody and as I recall you agree. I am sure he is qualified but I have no idea what he will do differently. He's also "tough on crime" often in the wrong way but as AG I am not sure that matters since Bloomie defended the death penalty just as he defended the Kelo decsion - his job.

Anonymous said...

Steel Point in Bridgeport is another; and you are making entirely too much out of my argument - it is what it is - nothing more or less..

Plus all this 'economic development' has driven the tear down of reasonably affordable housing in Fairfield County for the last five plus's voo doo economics....

TrueBlueCT said...

Bluecoat, my bad. Here you go:
Family Institute blog.

There is a rumor going around that Brian Brown might run against Ed Meyer for his shoreline Senate seat. That would be a fun race.

disgruntled_republican said...

My gripe wasn't so much with Farr as it was with DeLuca and Ward. They had the biggest impact on making that a circus. Farr actually asked some really good questions.

And I am so sick of people being so high on Blumie...why does he find it necessary to sue every day? That isn't his job. As I recall he actually sued the state at one point, didn't he? And does anyone else wonder why he has no desire to go anywhere beyond the AG office. Move up or move out.

I really think this one can turn into a race if Farr plays his cards right.

disgruntled_republican said...


not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hole, just saying you cant lay all the blame on Rell.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll hear more from Farr as time goes on. Maybe Farr got better as the hearings went on because I never watched the whole thing. I like Martha Dean last time around but I know lots of folks - even Republicans - pooh poohed her -

Anonymous said...

I wasn't laying any blame anywhere; I am just saying what I see from her; she throws water on the fire on this issue and many others...New London and Steel Point along with a couple of other Bridgeport deals backed by the state have reduced the affordable housing stock directly..

Anonymous said...

True Blue: I really don't care to go to their site since I was there once and that was enough - but you still screwed it up...

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

bluecoat said: "Nancy, and big boy Bill Frist are in bed with don't want you to believe that - ICSPP and NIMH BUT I think the important thing for ACR is that like all good supporters of the tobacco industry he'll send in his medical bills to government funded Medicare when he gets the almost certain heart disease, emphysema or lung cancer.

For starters my sister died of asthma prior to the FDA's approval of oral inhalors which would have saved her. They were already in widespread use worldwide, just not here. Thus I would rather bet my life more on drug companies than a gov't. agency that clearly can not be trusted.

Next; throwing Frist im my face is an error on your part. The man's an ass; so are half the others mentioned as possible `08 pres. candidates. There is however Condi

Finally - having read a number of your posts I would strongly recommend that you begin enjoying a moderate amount of tobacco products or at least avail yourself a nicotine patch.

Nicotine By-product Reduces Alzheimer's Telltale Plaques

turfgrrl said...

In Norwalk our Common Council is weighing in on using eminent domain to take properties for a development that includes upscale housing and office/retail space. I'll post more on it later, suffice it say, it's the West Ave. area of Norwalk which has a mix of industrial/retail and moderate housing.

Mr X said...

The 2008 Presidential Race is really going to be a tossup.

The GOP really doesnt have anyone stellar If Condi Rice ran for President I don't know if she would win But she could make it interesting.I think John McCain is too old and out of touch 8 years ago he would of been great Now I think his time has passed.

I think they will try to run Rudy Giuliani,Chuck Hagel or George Allen those are about the best they have.

As for Democrats I would like to see John Edwards be the one But everyone is so high on Hillary Rodham Clinton. I cant see John Kerry Part II,Chris Dodd or Joe Biden.

2008 could be a choice of the lesser of two evils.I think Jimmy Smits or Alan Alda's Characters from the West Wing would be a better choice than what is out there right now.

TrueBlueCT said...

Family Institute Blog!


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Democrat in the 16th Senate race is a no show on Face the State.

Sam Caligiuri on Face the State with Al Terzi May 28th 2006

What's interesting to note (during minute #4) is that Sam's opponent (admitedly a political unknown) was invited but was a no show!

Mr X said...

ACR I think Sam Caliguri is about the Best GOP candidate Waterbury has had and after leading The City through the Post Giordano Days and knowing from the get go he was going to be a transitional mayor (not running in his own right)I think he deserves to be a State Senator and The Democrat who didnt show up for Face The State shame on him.

TrueBlueCT said...

No Bilko. Please Lord, not Hillary.

Her husband cheats on her, repeatedly, gets caught fooling around with a 21yr old office volunteer, --and Hillary doesn't have the self-respect to get up and leave him?

Not my idea of a Commander-in-Chief!

All she will do is energize their base. And I hate the idea of the two dynasties, (Bushes and Clintons), sitting at the top of American politics for more than twenty years.

I just don't want to live through it. Particularly since nowadays all Hillary does is exude the phoniness that Dems are famous for.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Sgt Bilko said: "...think Sam Caliguri is about the Best GOP candidate ..."

Thanks; he's been a friend of mine for around 20 years and he is (like we used to say about Joe Markley a couple of decades ago) as `straight as a Nevada highway'.

I noticed you; like a lot of Dems failed to notice former VA Gov Mark Warner; and I can't understand why.

Given a McCain vs Warner race I'd vote for your guy; in fact we have several where I'd vote Warner instead, and aside from Joe L. (we all hated Weicker) I've never crossed over for a fed. office.


Anonymous said...

ACR - that's a cheap shot as nothing was said about your sister in my post but I am sorry to hear you lost her - and I didn't say a word about the FDA that Bill Clinton allowed the drug comapnies to take over during his reign - as for throwing Frist in your face you have made it clear when you first came on that you put loyalty to your party first so my comment was appropriate - and I am not sure you are any differnet from Frist anyway as he diagnosed Terry Schiavo from a videotape and your suggesting I smoke or chew cancer sticks (your blog's emblem BTW) from reading my posts...and no way for Condi as I don't beleive in rewarding bad performance and bad decision making even if she is bright as can be..

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

TrueBlueCT said... " Family Institute Blog!


That's odd......I agree with you.

I'll have to check my perscriptions for drug inter-reaction I guess........

Mr X said...


I may be a Democrat But I grew up in a Republican family My Grandfather was a 1st Selectman for 22 years he took over just before The Flood of 1955 and oversaw the rebuilding of Washington Depot which was destroyed in the flood.

Mark Warner is an interesting possibility that I will admit I overlooked.he used to be from CT before he went to Virginia.

There are some GOP politicians I like and some I dont like as I am sure you have some thoughts on some of the Democratic ones.

2008 will be interesting Whomever breaks from the pack early will likely be the partys respective nominees Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

Anonymous said...

trueBlue - you got it right, now please never send us there again...these guys lined up with the yankee Institute a few weeks back ... i sometimes agree with the YI but whoa..

Mr X said...

True Blue...

Hillary Clinton is not my favorite either and I am a Democrat I think I would have no choice and vote GOP were she the nominee I could vote for Condi Rice though if she did run.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

trueblue said: "your suggesting I smoke or chew cancer sticks (your blog's emblem BTW) from reading my posts...and no way for Condi as I don't beleive in rewarding bad performance and bad decision making even if she is bright as can be.."

I won the GOLDEN LEAF award (highest in the industry) from the Tobacco Institute in 1983 for my efforts in Connecticut.

I can't understand why someone wouldn't want to smoke and think having a coffee (and I abuse that stuff to the tune of 10 - 15 DD mediums a day) w/out a cigar or cigarette is sick (like sex with animals sick; really weird)

But that's just me.

Re: Condi - I've loved her performance so far. So that's a matter of right or left perspective.

I suspect that those that wish us out of Iraq (etc. and et al) have either not thought that through regarding the implications that would have towards Israel's safety or (worse) have thought that through like David Duke who; like yourself is very opposed to our involvement there. At least in Dukes case it's tranparient as to his reasoning.

Anonymous said...

turrfy; thanks for that on Norwalk too - the pols complain one day about the lack of affordable housing in the state and then tear it down the next while providing private developers tax breaks or government backed loans to replace it with high cost housing soon after - voo doo econmoics....

HealthcareNOW said...

funny lieberman cartoon:

just click on it...the cartoon is PRICELESS

Anonymous said...

ACR - reread your post; I think the cancer sticks have imapacted your cognitive abilities since you addressed TrueBlue instead of me...the cancer sticks have killed some of my closest friends...but i also know a guy who's father smoked several packs a day while applying asbestos insulation made it well in to his 80's...enjoy yourself...but do you really think it's fair if you do get reaaly sick from that stuff to send your medical bills to the government???

Anonymous said...

And ACR for you to suggest that I am "opposed to our involvement there" is more black is white and white is black...don't inhale so much it might help improve your cognative abilities...:-))

TrueBlueCT said...

Thanks for trying to associate anti-Iraq occupation people with YOUR right-wing fruitcake David Duke. No one is buying the anti-semitic angle.

First, the majority of us agree that the Neocon-led invasion of Iraq has made Israel less safe. Iran is the only country that has won from our expenditure of life, $$$, and reputation. Israel has gained nothing, except angrier Arab streets.

In terms of pulling out, I don't see how it makes Israel less safe. All we are doing is encouraging Muslim radicals, and helping with their recruitment. Our continued occupation of one of "their" countries is not putting out any flames. Instead, it is fueling them. Signalling that we don't intend to be in Iraq forever would help us move towards peace. Particularly when most people think we are there for their oil.

But let's say we take your point of view. At what point should we expect things to start getting better in Iraq? And do you agree that the situation is worse off than it was one year ago?

Honestly, I'd like to hear your informed response.

Patricia Rice said...

Mr.Caliguri's past ethical problems will come back to haunt him and the GOP. They should really do a better job researching their candidates.

How will grandma Jodi respond when she is asked why would her party run a guy like Sam when he has a past history with J.R. and scandal?....Remember this story?

How Connecticut's cities got in this mess.

By Carole Bass

Who's in charge in Waterbury these days? Well, the acting mayor is Sam Caligiuri. He left his job in the governor's office a few years back, months after an ethics scandal over concert ticket perks........

Patricia Rice said...

Sam say's...Oh me....Oh my.... I didn't know! A perfect response from a member of Team Jodi.I can't wait till Snow White has to address this! I predict that Sammy will end up being the GOP'S best known candidate before this is over.

Copied from Carole Bass article in the Advocate:

So what about that ticket scandal? It was the early years of the Rowland administration. A lobbyist for the Meadows Music Theatre, recipient of millions in state money, was handing out concert tickets like breath mints around the Capitol. The problem for Rowland was that, despite the Meadows' great good sense in scheduling the '70s music he loves, he wasn't allowed to take free tickets. That would be an illegal gift.

Caligiuri, as a young deputy legal counsel in the governor's office, was assigned to find out whether taking the tickets would be legal under certain circumstances. For instance: Could the gov say that rocking out was part of his official duties? (Answer from the state Ethics Commission: No.)

Caligiuri never got free tickets for himself. But he did buy some box seats that turned out to be underpriced by more than $100 apiece. In 1997, the Ethics Commission ordered him to make a donation to charity. (Rowland paid a fine.)

"I don't know how I could possibly have known" he was undercharged, Caligiuri says in an interview. "I paid what the Meadows told me to pay."

Genghis Conn said...

You know, it's amazing how many Democrats I know just dread the prospect of Hillary Clinton as the nominee. I really can't blame them.

So how about Al Gore? I'd vote for him again.

TrueBlueCT said...

Genghis, are you going to give us a day to talk about the Green ticket. Looks like they are putting people up for Governor, Senator, and at least CT-4.

It just burns me up that they are wasting energy, shouting into the wind, when there is so much at stake in November. If they truly cared about any of the issues on the Left, they'd be working to elect Democrats.

Chris MC said...

HealthcareNOW - despite TrueBlue's presumption of the role as my spokesman, I am happily and quite conciously in the peanut gallery on this, although I do think the discussion is pretty one-sided and humorless around here (and no, I am not saying the war is funny, so y'all can spare us the usual holier-than-thou spew).

If you are really interested in what I have had to say over time about this race as it has evolved, you can go back and read my posts, particularly exchanges with DF84.

The problem with trying to take your question seriously, aside from the fact that you are posting anonymously, is that nuance is punished around here by you and others whose Fervent Devotion to The Cause consistently overrides whatever sense of humor or access to subtlety you might otherwise, perhaps, possess.

How many times, for example, have individuals from your side of the net blatantly misrepresented Malloy's position on the war? Beyond that, how many times have you guys hypocritically demanded to know what his position on the war was, and then, when he puts out a letter at an appropriate time, cynically dismiss it as a political ploy?

Here's another example. There was a period of time where individuals from your side of the net were braying incessantly about how Lamont voters were going to determine the Gubernatorial nominee, and how Malloy and DeStefano (if they knew what was good for them), better get on board and endorse Ned / condemn Joe. It was just ridiculous. And for whatever it is worth, Stamford (as Bruce has pointed out) voted more heavily for Lamont than did New Haven.

And speaking of glaring inconsistencies in some of the individuals on your side of the net's positions, why is it a problem for you that Malloy is "a DLC guy", as if that says it all, and yet you are apparently entirely comfortable with DeStefano's choice of (again, as Bruce has emphasized) "DLC guy" Slifka? Why isn't that a deal breaker? Again, it just doesn't add.

So, if you really want to know what I think, and by the way probably learn some useful and substantive stuff for your own arguments, go back and read what I've posted about the neocons. Until recently I seldom met anybody who knew as much about it as I did. Thankfully that is no longer the case.

Trying to make this a "progressive" versus "DLC" thing simply can't be squared with the reality of the candidates themselves, the positions they advocate, or what really matters in terms of actually winning the Governor's mansion in November. Attempts to portray as such are just lazy, weak, and cynical substitutes for coming to grips with the details and difficult questions that actually confront us.

Genghis Conn said...

They don't see it that way. They see Democrats as sell-outs to the right (read Nader's Crashing the Party for some of the reasons why--they see all Democrats as what you might term "DLC Democrats" or "pro-business Democrats"). They believe that they are the only true Left, and that Democrats are too beholden to big corporations and other monied interests.

They really aren't too much of a threat to Democrats. They haven't had many elected officeholders, they can barely raise enough money to keep their party limping along, and they don't attract attention.

But you're right, they're worth at least taking a look at. Someday soon, then.

TrueBlueCT said...

After 2004, I was really hoping they would move back into the Democratic Party, but continue on as a separate caucus. I even envisioned bumperstickers that might read, "I am a CLEAN and GREEN DEM". sigh.

As someone who had formerly given up on the Dem establishment, I can relate to the Greens when they feel the Dem Party has sold itself out to the Corporations.

But Howard Dean and the blogosphere has given us an opening and a reasonable chance to take back what was meant to be the Party of the People.

It just frustrates the hell out of me that they aren't helping in the fight against the worst DLC'er ever, -- Joe Lieberman!

P.S. Have you given any thought about re-enlisting? It'd be great to see you voting in the August primaries. We need you man!

cgg said...

Many of not most of the Kucinich volunteers from 2004 were Greens. I know lots of CT volunteers changed their registration in order to vote for him in the primary. I've always wondered how many remained and how many switched right back as soon as they could.

Hillary I could take or leave. At least she's upfront about where she stands on various issues. What I'd like to see is someone new to revitalize the party.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

bluecoat said... " you addressed TrueBlue instead of me...

Caffine deficiency; sorry.

"the cancer sticks have killed some of my closest friends...

It is fashionable to blame tobacco for everything isn't it? When my late father-in-law had a stroke the 1st thing they asked was. "was he a smoker?" Never mind that he was a heavy drinker; buttered his bacon and was otherwise not overly careful about his diet; or that he consumed roughly 3 packs a week (less than a half a pack a day!)

"do you really think it's fair if you do get realy sick from that stuff to send your medical bills to the government???

Do you think it's fair that roughly 4000 Americans die a year due to 2nd hand cat dander in anaphylactic shock?

Have you ever heard of even one person getting a whiff of side-draft smoke and dropping over dead?

I assume you're interested in also banning butter, red meat, Twinkies®, etc.??? And won't you join me in calling for a ban of domestic cats?


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Patricia Rice seems to want to bring up something about Meadows tickets.

Odd; that's the 5th time I've seen that.

One has to assume that's your best shot and it's simply not getting any traction.

Oh well.

Patricia Rice said...

Authentic CT Repub....Don't worry my Republican friend, when mid October rolls around don't be surprised when you open your mailbox, turn on your TV, listen to your radio or read your morning paper and the issue you think is not getting traction today becomes a major campaign issue then.I'm sure you already know that's how it works.

J.R. friend, Sammy and his ethical lapse with the Meadows will not go away no matter how many times he takes the snow white defense and says "I didn't know". Not a very smart move on his part!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

TrueBlueCT said... "
Thanks for trying to associate anti-Iraq occupation people with YOUR right-wing fruitcake David

He's certainly not mine.

Who are these characters calling themselves Republicans?

"No one is buying the anti-semitic angle."

Uh...don't look now but it's getting pretty obvious that there are only 2 reasons to oppose our involvement in Iraq. The 1st one is ignorance (curable) or stupidity (no cure) the only one left got it.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Patricia Rice said...
"...Don't worry my Republican friend"

Clearly you're not familiar with the Democrat in the race.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Patricia Rice needs to read this!

disgruntled_republican said...

cgg- You say, "Hillary I could take or leave. At least she's upfront about where she stands on various issues."

I literally had to go pee after reading that...she has dodged and flip=flopped on so many issues her constituents don' even beleive a word from her mouth. She has changed her stance on countless issues since becoming a presidential hopeful and is constantly critized on this blog as well as numerous other places for moving to the left. As a Republican, I welcome her geting the nomination as it would 100%GUARUNTEE a Republican victory in 2008.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

disgruntled_republican said "welcome her getting the nomination as it would 100%GUARANTEE a Republican victory in 2008."

It would do wonders for our fundraising efforts wouldn't it!

disgruntled_republican said...

lol...sure would like a kid on Christmas eve...cant wait to see it!

Patricia Rice said...

You can see how Republican's fear Hillary more than any other Democrat. That is exactly why she should run and she will win!

disgruntled_republican said...

p rose-

And where excactly do get this illusion from?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Patricia Rice said... "
That is exactly why she should run and she will win!

Ya mean like Mondale???

Genghis Conn said...

Hillary Clinton is too polarizing. We need a president who can help heal the wounds of the last two presidencies, not one who will make things worse.

Eh, both sides have iffy candidates right now. How many people out there are getting really excited about Mitt Romney or Mark Warner?

Speaking of Romney, Deval Patrick won his convention up in MA today, but both other Democratic challengers got on the ballot.

disgruntled_republican said...


Couldnt agree more. The next 8 months will be telling. I think Mitt would be a good fit, he worked well with the dems in mass...but I think he will be the vp candidate. Personally, I am hoping for Condi but I don't think she has any interest...had hoped for Powell before...they just keep crushing my hopes....sigh

Although he is from CT, I am not a big Warner fan. No real reason to be honest. To my dem friends, remember W is in fact from CT too...

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Genghis Conn said... "
How many people out there are getting really excited about Mitt Romney or Mark Warner?

They're both adept at compromise and forging agreement, both are unusually diplomatic in their delivery. Both have done well elsewhere outside of politics.

America would do well with either.
(sounding more non partisan than I probably should.)

Either would be better than Hillary, Frist, McCain, Giuliani, Dodd, Kerry II, Gore ...who else is out there?

I still like Condi best.

TrueBlueCT said...

You are a moron if you think your Party would ever get behind the candidacy of a black woman to be the Commander-in-chief. Honestly, I don't think you are a tool. But you shouldn't be a useful idiot either.

A sad, but true, comment.

Anonymous said...

That's probably one of the most ignorant and racist things I've ever seen on this blog, TrueBlueCT.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

TrueBlueCT said... "
You are a moron if you think your Party would ever get behind the candidacy of a black woman to be the Commander-in-chief.

The above speaks more to what you so erroniously think than anything else.

One of the most ignorant things I've seen online anywhere for a quite a while.

Wolcottboy said...

GC -
I agree with you especially on Warner. And with a liberal state in Mass, you sometimes wonder how Romney got elected. Warner certainly has the international experience and stregnth, however. He may have my vote.

Patricia Rose-

Your digging at one issue from 9 years ago with Sam. He was a younger guy then, and who's not to believe a ticket seller "the tickets in this section are $__.--". No traction.
Especially in comparison with how he works with people, his accomplishments in such a short time in Waterbury and the benefit it gave the people he served- rather than himself.

If he were the unethical scandal you suggest, there would be a pattern not only of getting substantially discounted tickets and gifts, but I doubt he'd be the sincere guy he is.

How about a positive campaign instead? What does Sam's opponent propose for the State and the 16th District?

Patricia Rice said...

Sam's opponent never worked under John Rowland,was never involved with any scandal, and didn't follow Phil Giordano into office. That's good enough for me.

If Snow White is going to talk about ethics in her election she will have to once again say oh me...Oh my....I didn't know.

TrueBlueCT said...


What's racist is the Republican Party, at least as it is constituted in Middle America. Sure they accept a few token minorities, but rank=and-file would never accede to one at the top of a ticket. Never.

And I left out the part that as an unmarried woman, (like Harriet Myers), many, many church-going Republicans would leap to the conclsuion that she must be gay.

Sure, this all heinously ugly, but it's your Republican Party. (The same one that trashed John McCain in South Carolina after Bush visited Bob Jones University.)

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

TrueBlueCT said... (actually ranted would be a better discription) "
What's racist is the Republican Party, at least as it is constituted in Middle America. Sure they accept a few token minorities, but rank=and-file would never accede to one at the top of a ticket. Never."

What on earth are you smokin?

More to the point when was the last time you were in contact with reality?

Sharon Lee said...

Genghis Conn, I think you're really an expert when it comes to laser concept quit smoking! May you prosper Genghis Conn!