Tuesday, June 27, 2006

AFL-CIO Endorses Lieberman

Another labor organization has endorsed Lieberman: this time the mammoth AFL-CIO:
U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, facing his first Democratic primary challenge as a senator, received the political backing of the state's largest labor organization on Tuesday.

But the AFL-CIO voted only to endorse the three-term senator for the Aug. 8 primary.

That means if Lieberman loses to businessman Ned Lamont, he won't have the guarantee of the labor group's backing should he run as an unaffiliated candidate for the November election...

Tom Swan, Lamont's campaign manager, praised the delegates to the AFL-CIO convention for deciding to make an endorsement only for the primary.

"That's a very, very big deal," he said, adding how it could be a potentially fatal blow to Lieberman in the general election. (AP)

John DeStefano was also endorsed by the AFL-CIO. An interesting sidenote to his endorsment was this release by the Malloy campaign:
Today the AFL-CIO voted to endorse Dan's opponent in the primary. Considering that John DeStefano had this wrapped up six weeks ago and publicly announced it back in May, there was no suspense heading into today, nor was any news made. We expected it, and we have planned for it. But here's what happened that wasn't predicted: the response Dan Malloy received. He was received warmly when he entered, he was interrupted by applause many times while he was speaking, and when he was done half the people in the room gave him a standing ovation, and the other half looked like they wanted to.

Why? It's the same thing that happened as Dan won the Democratic State Convention: Dan makes a great impression on the people in the room due to his energy, his passion, his charisma, his record, and most of all, his ideas.(Malloy AFL-CIO)

This makes me wonder how much the endorsement of a big labor union means. Union membership has fallen from a high of about 20% of the workforce down to about 12%, and it seems like the clout of the unions isn't what it used to be.

Oh, it's still a big deal. A union endorsement means added organization and a bigger get out the vote push. But how much more? How much bigger? How much is a union endorsement actually worth? Can it win the primary for DeStefano and/or Lieberman? How many union members will vote against the endorsed candidate? It'll be interesting to see.


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"AFL-CIO Convention Statement." Dan Malloy for Governor. Press Release. 27 June, 2006.


Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

From what I hear - Malloy should have stuck around for DeStefano's appearance to have seen a warm welcoming.

I heard Dan say he was "Proud to be on Line A with Joe Lieberman" in his speech. . . . . then turned around on Nutmeg this weekend and said "I'm the anti-war candidate." Can't have it both ways Dannel.

Rell is going down said...

Sounds about right. He for whatever the group he's speaking to wants to hear.

MikeCT said...

Lieberman's amateur hour staff is in meltdown mode. A hilarious post from Colin McEnroe:

That was the same kooky press secretary who called me up recently and asked me what kind of radio show I do and how she could listen to it and whether my newspaper column is exclusively political. I sort of figured this was one of their improv skits, so I went along as though these were perfectly reasonable questions to ask me. I then suggested that she could better understand one of my takes on Lieberman by reading a certain posting elsewhere in this blog, whereupon she told me she makes it a point never to read any blogs because they get things so wrong. I love this press secretary.

The mysterious and spooky campaign manager is very funny too. He has kind of exploded the old crypto-truckling stereotype of political operatives dealing with members of the press. Here is how he concluded an email to a local TV reporter: “If you distort the truth and report that we are running a negative campaign and Ned is not, I will not forget it.” Ooh! It’s only June, and they’re already propping up pony heads in our percale, those scamps!

ctkeith said...

I'd encourage any reporter to show up at Liebermans New Haven Office at any time and see if you can find a "union Volunteer" or any "volunteer" amongst the very sad paid Lieberyouth interns.

MikeCT said...

Oh, and it gets worse! (Hat tip to Lamont Blog about crazy Marion Stenfel.)

KOOKY? YES. I just got off the phone with Lieberman's press secretary, and I can confirm that yes, she is a bit "kooky." I had called to find out simply what polling company the senator was using, and she nearly jumped down my throat: "Are you working on a story? Is this for a process story?!" She then ranted about how the campaign was focused on the issues of Connecticut voters, all the while growing more agitated. She terrorized me for a few minutes, asking why I had called, until I told her that I was only a lowly intern who knew nothing and oh, would she please let me go… Needless to say, she didn't answer my question.

The combination of raw incompetence and deranged hostility is astonishing.

Genghis Conn said...


That's exactly what I'm wondering about. I know a few union members (and have read articles about others) who disagree with Lieberman on just about everything and will vote for Lamont.

ctkeith said...


The decision to endorse Lieberman came from DC and was a totally defensive one.

There are no volunteers in Liebermans campaign because he can't attract any and because his staff is so paranoid they wouldn't trust them not to be plants anyway.

The Lieberyouth stationed at 105 court street in New Haven are making more enemies than freinds for their effort.

I'm retired AFSCME and endorsements like this only help if the candidate was already attracting other Brothers and sisters.Lieberman wasn't.

BRubenstein said...

GC,,,labor as recently as the late 60's constituted 35% i dont know where you pull out the 20%...secondly to say "its no big deal" and then correct yourself not knowing just what they do shows how green and uninformed you are...you should have checked with some of us that know what they do or can do before posting such simplistic stuff.

For the record...check my prior postings for the unions numbers...if they work hard...they can deliver a candidate...they will constitute somewhere around 25-30% of the total vote on August 8th..no other interest group will do the same...except for pro-choice women.

In the general ( and the republicans here will confirm it) they mean much much less.

Patricia Rice said...

Labor's endorsement is huge! Kudos to AFL-CIO leader John Olsen for not falling into the LaMont trap. Olsen knows how important it is for the party to keep Senator Lieberman on the Democratic line. Tonight is the beginning of the end for Ned LaMont.

Say good night Ned!

Patricia Rice said...


WOW! I wonder how many post would have been here if the AFL-CIO supported LaMont? Everybody go on vacation at the same time?

Let's follow true blue Democrat John Olsen and Labor and make this a big win for Senator Lieberman!

Goon Squad said...

"Malloy’s forces held some hope of blocking the endorsement. The hopes rested on the United Food and Commercial Workers; that union remained neutral in the governor’s race.

If its delegates had shown up and voted “present” on the gubernatorial endorsement, it’s possible that the DeStefano camp would have failed to win the two-thirds vote it needed."

WOW. So with all the talk being how strong the AFL-CIO would be for Mayor DeStefano at thier convention, his endorsement could have been nullified if one single group decided to not support him?

Is it me or does it seem like his AFL-CIO support is not as strong as advertised?

Dont get me wrong, its obviously strong, but not as unanimous as Mayor DeStefano's press releases would lead you to believe.

Rell is going down said...

Or what if AFL-CIO hadn't supported DeStefano? Genghis would have had another love fest with team Malloy. Instead, he puts up another post 30 minutes after this one so nobody would post here. www.connecticutlocalpolitics.blogspot.com should immediately reroute you to www.danmalloy.com.

Wrath of Conn said...

Awww a little defensive are we?

The contentions about Malloy are legit. Did you see the Indpendent? Apparently the people on here saying "Malloy better not show his face at the convention" didnt know what they were talking about. He was well recieved.

Check out the article here.

"The Malloy troops positioned themselves along the walls of the hall, hoisted their signs, cheered on cue as their candidate gave a forceful, confident pitch for his candidacy. He devoted his time not to attacking DeStefano, but rather to focusing their attention on November, the race which the eventual Democratic nominee will wage against Republican Gov. Jodi Rell. He spoke of his mother’s history as a union organizer. He made sure that he came across as someone labor could rally around if Malloy defeats DeStefano on Aug. 8."

CTRevolution said...

I had a chance to see both Malloy's speech and DeStefano's speech at the AFL-CIO and there was quite the contrast. Malloy did get some applause, but maybe a tenth of the cheering that DeStefano got. Malloy's speech included some good remarks about Rell's failures and how the party must unite for the general.

But it was clear from the start that the almost all the people there clearly supported DeStefano. I saw people lining the street holding DeStefano signs all around the hotel. When he went on stage, many labor supporters joined him. This in contrast to Malloy who stood alone. DeStefano's speech was filled with constant applause and standing ovations. I say probably ten times more then Malloy's, there was that much of a differenc. It was probably the best stump speech I've heard the whole campaign from any candidate running in CT. I wonder if anybody recorded it?

CommonSenseDem said...

If I recall correctly, wasn't it just yesterday that you asked turfgirl and others to talk about the other democratic candidates? Way to elevate the discussion with your posts!