Friday, June 02, 2006

A Good Idea, Intra-town Finance Boards Meet

Fred Wilms, chairman of Norwalk's Board of Finance and candidate for the State Senate's 25th District held a meeting with other towns' Finance Board members.

For two hours last night, they tackled myriad issues, including the need to eliminate the automobile tax; how to grapple with school board budgets that comprise 70 percent of all municipal costs; and revaluation sticker shock in the wake of escalating residential real estate prices.

The main topic was school board budgets, which represent two-thirds of municipal expenditures. School budgets are separate from town and city operating budgets.

More of these types of meetings should be held by our towns.

The Norwalk Advocate Finance board chiefs discuss challenges, By James Lomuscio, June 2 2006


BRubenstein said...

I think it is a bad idea for finance chief's to meet when one of them is running for an elected office presumably within the jurisdiction of the towns the other finance chief's are from. Any finance person who also is running for office would have been smarter to send a representative instead of going themselves.

One reason why it is a bad idea is that the finance chief running for office could be privy to private information devulged at the meeting and could use said information for personal political gain. The chief who is running certainly would be tempted to use said information.Meanwhile, the chief's opponent for office would not have had the same opportunity to ascertain the private information and would be at a campaign disadvantage.

In general, the idea of meetings is fine...but only if the participants arent running for state senator or some other office.

Goon Squad said...
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Goon Squad said...

private information devulged at the meeting and could use said information for personal political gain.

Substitute "Blog" for "meeting" and this becomes an issue we should def. alert the F.B.I. about.

Im sure a Lieberman staffer was behind this somehow.

Truth Be Told..............

BRubenstein said...

TRuth Be Told...YOu won't make it as a comedian....don't give up your day job..assuming you actually have a job.

Also...please reconsider a name change...i saw no "truth" in your posting"