Sunday, June 18, 2006

Courant: Bingham Succeeding in Torrington

This is an interesting article on Ryan Bingham, who last year was elected mayor of Torrington at the tender age of 22.
Since his election, Bingham has gone at the mayor's job studiously, as he did pursuing his political science degree at Marist. He's spent long hours talking to everyone from former city officials to department heads to citizens about what he needed to do and what he needed to know. He spent his first 100 days in office on a "listening tour"; and he has breakfast each Wednesday at Lamonica's, a city luncheonette where anyone can stop by to talk to him. He also makes it a point to personally respond to calls, letters and visits to his office at city hall.
At city hall, department heads say Bingham's work ethic and his willingness to ask questions and listen to answers have impressed them. Age simply isn't an issue, one said.

"He's wise beyond his years," Roraback said. (Owens)

I think a lot of us were expecting Bingham to be a one-term wonder, or a inexperienced mayor in over his head. Instead, it seems like Bingham has not only taken charge, but that he's actually good for Torrington. I'd say, given this article, that his chances of re-election next year are pretty good. Who knew?

When I was 22 and 23, I was busy graduating college, getting married, doing cruddy temp jobs and moving into a one-room apartment in Enfield. I had no idea what I was doing. That Bingham has somehow managed not only to figure things out but apparently make a difference is impressive. Republicans need to keep an eye on him.


Owen, David. "Torrington's Young Turk." Hartford Courant: Northeast Magazine 18 June, 2006.


middlesexist said...

I know Ryan Bingham casually. Although I don't really follow Torrington politics, he seems ferociously bright, a terrific natural politician, and clearly wants to be the next John Rowland (presumably minus the prison sentence). The guy isn't just a prop of his parents' -- he's someone that I, as a Democrat, will be watching out for.

Mr X said...

Ryan Bingham will likely be a future Candidate for State Senator or perhaps State Representative It is in his family's(Ruwet)heritage His Mother is The State Rep until November at least in the 65th and His Grandfather was State Rep in the 64th for many years so he getting an early start opens a lot of potential future doors provided he doesn't screw up as Mayor of Torrington.

I think one Day Andrew Roraback will move up to Attorney General,Lt Governor,Governor or run for Congress. I think Ryan is the next in the line of succession First Dell.. then Andrew... Someday Ryan will be the next State Senator.

CT64 said...

Ryan Bingham has proven to be a true leader for the people of Torrington. He has worked tirelessly for Torrington putting his city before his own personal life. Ryan works to make Torrington a better place for all it's residents, he keeps himself accessible to those who want to speak with him, listens to the opinions of his department heads. What a great surprise Mayor Bingham has been for a City that was in desperate need of a positive change in direction. As for his future, Ryan would make a great State Rep, State Sen., maybe even Gov. candidate someday, who knows? Senator Andrew Roraback is a great legislator who will be hard to keep around much longer it's only a matter of time that he moves up from serving the 30th district in the State Senate.

middlesexist said...

CT64, you know you don't have to post press releases on this blog.

Mr X said...

I think Andrew Roraback will be somewhere else by 2010.

I think he could run for Nancy Johnson's Congressional Seat if she ever decided to retire.I think a more likely scenario is a run for either Lt Governor or Attorney General.I am surprised he was overlooked for the 2006 Ticket But I think in 4 years he cant be overlooked.

As for Ryan Bingham he will have a few terms in as Mayor of T-Town By then perhaps once Roraback moves up Bingham does also.

Anonymous said...

I sit on several committees with Ryan, I find him a very nice / polite young man...but to call him a leader or even a good manager I cannot. The boards are running the town of Torrington right now and Ryan is a helpless onlooker who does not participate in discussions or bring ideas to the table. He still has time to develop but he already has the reputation in Torrington as being in the job only for the paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Bingham, A Leader?
Not likely. He's too young. In spite of his pronouncements that he's a Republican who knows how to control spending, he's done nothing but raise taxes or preside over committees that want to raise taxes (City Hall Renovation Committee-$19.5 million project--with a 2000 sq ft Mayor's Office overlooking a useless courtyard from a balcony, which they forgot to mention in the printed materials for the referendum). Thankfully, the voters in Torrington saw through the sham and voted down the referendum.

Bingham's strength is his biggest weakness, he listens too much and leads too little.

If given an opportunity to elect a real leader, I think Torrington will dump the "Young Turk" at its next opportunity...too bad it's not sooner.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Bingham is a good leader for the city of Torrington, he listens to the problems and concerns of ordinary citizens on a day to day basis and also works hard to see that Torrington as a whole is doing well and is on a good course.