Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rell Campaign Getting Underway

First Commercial to be Released on Monday

Jodi Rell's re-election campaign has been pretty low-key this summer. Most of what she's done is have young campaign workers go to events and hand out swag and balloons. That's about to change. Her website has received a much-needed facelift, and, according to the Courant, she's about to release her first ad:
Her first commercial is a 60-second tribute characterizing her two-year tenure as a fresh start for a state stunned by Rowland's departure in the face of an impeachment inquiry and his eventual conviction on federal corruption charges.

With a deftly edited and elegantly scored ad, Rell exploits the advantages of incumbency and her unique place in Connecticut history, which has helped make the Republican one of the state's most popular governors as she seeks a first full term. (Pazniokas)

DeStefano, of course, has been airing ads since last October, many of them either aimed at Rell or positive ads about DeStefano and New Haven. However, since most of his money was spent winning the primary, it's uncertain when he will be able to put any more of his ads on the air.
DeStefano's spokesman, Derek Slap, said the commercial shows the race is tightening, a claim undermined by the Rell campaign's long-held plan to launch its ad campaign on Labor Day, traditionally the first day of the fall election season. In a Quinnipiac University poll released two weeks ago, Rell led DeStefano, 64 percent to 32 percent, among likely voters.

Slap declined to say when DeStefano, who has been busily raising money since winning the Aug. 8 primary, will be able to go on the air. He dismissed Rell's opening salvo as a "feel-good" effort that diverts attention from the state's inability under Rell to confront major issues. (Pazniokas)

And yet this sort of ad is going to help Rell, because people like her. This is a reminder of why they like her. The ad goes from taking over for Rowland to campaign finance reform to saving the sub base. Positive. Happy. Squishy. Also effective as hell. She doesn't have to mention DeStefano at all. Frankly, attacking him only raises his name recognition.

DeStefano, on the other hand, may find that the only way to get anyone to notice him is to go negative--which could backfire seriously. It's not a great position to be in. He's like Bob Dole in 1996, or perhaps more aptly, Walter Mondale in 1984. Is there a way to victory for him from here?

Pazniokas, Mark. "Rell Starting On Upbeat Note." Hartford Courant 2 September, 2006.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she should have a commercial explaining why she's shown no leadership as Governor.

Or why energy rates are skyrocketing as she does little to nothing. Or why seniors have to sell the houses they lived in their whole lives when the state does little to help communities on education. Or why small businesses can't add new workers because of high health care costs. Or why she has no vision for where Connecticut should be in 4 years.

The race is tightening and Rell still has no answers.

bluecoat said...

eventhough The jury never learned that Rell had announced Senick's arrest the day she succeeded Rowland in July 2004, and said in a press conference that Senick's situation illustrated her concern about the state's "culture of corruption." it says in
`Is That It?' Senick Jury Asked/// Panel Waited In Vain To Hear `Case-Breaker'September 2, 2006 By TRACY GORDON FOX, Courant Staff Writer they quickly saw through any politics to the case of larceny, which they said the state simply failed to prove.

Time to ditch the cell phone at the polls? By Keith M. Phaneuf, Journal Inquirer 08/31/2006

bluecoat said...

“We work on behalf of the victim,” he said. “We work representing what we think is the best interest of the public.” A 'Consummate Professional' Bids Farewell
Kevin Kane Departs NL To Become New Chief State's Attorney
but they are supposed to work on behalf of the law and justice not the vctim - they just don't get it.

Bobby McGee said...

DeStefano has nothing going for him. He has no money. If he attacks, everybody will see him negatively for attacking their beloved Rell. If he goes positive, he'll lose because he's just not very likable in general.

Anonymous said...


How about a "Contact Us" portion--or do you not want to get input from the "great" state of Connecticut?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


Maybe DeStefano should have a commercial explaining why he's promoting a billion dollars in new taxes and making ridiculous promises he knows he can't keep.

Or why New Haven is still one of the most impoverished and crime-ridden cities in Connecticut, after 12 years of his mayoralty. Or how he thinks Connecticut is going to change global energy prices. Or why he opposed the car tax cut his own Blue Ribbon Commission on property taxes called for. Or why he thinks $350 million in new taxes on businesses to pay for "universal" health care won't drive them out of the state or damage Connecticut's insurance industry. Or why he panders to every special interest group on the planet with hollow promises of cash he knows he can't raise and couldn't spend if he did because of the constitutional spending cap.

The race is holding steady at something like 65-35 and DeStefano still has no answers ... or chance.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

In early October 1988, I met with a Lloyd Bentsen aide and asked him the same question about how Dukakis-Bentsen could stop Bush 41's momentum.

His answer was politically incorrect, but totally applicable to this race.

He drawled, "Dukakis's only hope is that Bush is found in bed with a live dog or a dead woman not his wife. And that would only make the race competitive."

I think DeStefano even realizes that he need not call the moving company.

There is virtually no national interest in this race. Locally, ask your apolitical friends- people who vote, but don't pay attention closely, what they think. Odds are, they may not even know there's a race on.

But they'll have an opinion about Lieberman-Lamont. Governor, you should get Lamont's mailing list and mail a thank-you note to each and every Ned supporter for throwing a block to any challenge.

Anonymous said...

bobby mcgee - I couldn't have said it any better myself. I'm sure the Ds on this board will attack your comments, but they are right on target.

If DeStefano attacks Rell his negatives will go through the roof (and they are already high).

If he doesn't attack, Rell will never come below 50%.

He is caught between a rock and a hard place, plus his money is gone!

This one is over. Let's get back to Lieberman vs. Lamont . . . .

Anonymous said...

Anon. 232, all of your comments are pretty silly, especially the one about the race tightening. LOL

But this one is my favorite: "Or why energy rates are skyrocketing as she does little to nothing."

Hello???? Did you read yesterday's thread about the Speaker deciding NOT to hold a special session regarding energy prices.

So for the record, it is the Democrats in the legislature that have done nothing regarding energy prices.

Oh, wait, I'm sorry, the Democrats did KILL Rell's bill to cut energy prices.

Thanks for showing us how clueless you DEStefano people are.

CTKnows said...

Not sure her website was update all that much other than addiding the video. Most of the links give you a "Content Coming Soon" message. Hmmmmm, maybe that's the new campaign theme.

TrueBlueCT said...

"Beloved Jodi"? You're kidding.

DeStefano will attack her for what she tries to tout in her campaign commercial. Namely, Results.

Results, Ms. Rell? What results?

Can someone please name her big accomplishments after two and a half years in office?

1) Signed off on Civil Unions.
2) Split with her Party to support the public funding of campaigns.
3) Didn't embarass the state further, after Rowland and his pals went to jail.

Then there is the future. Besides a world without car taxes, what is it that Rell would like to see happen in the future?

Can anyone answer me substantively? Connecticut deserves better than feel-good leadership.

Anonymous said...

yeah, we could have the feel bad leadership of crime ridden tax crushed New Haven, yep those are the "big ideas" CT is clamoring for...

Bobby McGee said...

Anonymous said...
"bobby mcgee - I couldn't have said it any better myself. I'm sure the Ds on this board will attack your comments, but they are right on target."

Haha I am a Dem. That probably speaks to how this campaign is going.

DeStefano has a huge problem. Rell doesn't have any results, but she also doesn't have anything really bad that he can sink his teeth into (like the war). It's hard to get people riled up about car taxes and sub par education.

BRubenstein said...

fat guy...i guess we know eachother..

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

TrueBlueCT said...
Connecticut deserves better than feel-good leadership.

We certainly deserve better than a two-bit hack of a mayor whose police force is **so** obviously corrupt.

Anonymous said...

What has Rell DONE while in office? Name something! Meanwhile our energy rates are out of sight -- deplorable and unaffordable rates. Highest in the nation? They have monopolized our wallets. How many people will be shivering this winter, all the while paying exorbitant rates to these monopolies?

way2moderate said...

Okay. You asked for it!

- A transportation initiative totalling more than $1 billion.

- A substantial budget surplus.

- Decisive action involving the juveninile training school fiasco.

- High quality picks to head state key agencies such as DEP and Corrections.

- Michael Ross sent to his maker.

- Active leadership towards preparing for pandemic flu and other similar disasters.

- Forging a vital, new attitude of trust and respect with the state's labor unions.

- The Subase, the Subase, the Subase. And the Bradley ANG units.

This and more, while recovering from dramatic surgery related to breast cancer.

This business about Jodi Rell doing little these last two years is disingenuos crap when we take the time to look at the facts. She's earned her high poll numbes; she didn't just fall into them by accident!

Anonymous said...

unless i missed something, this add doesn't say anywhere she's a republican...hmmm?

Rell Must Tell said...

Remember Tomasso? How come Governor Rell never called for an investigation to find out how many other state employees or legislators were directly involved in facilitating these lucrative contracts? Jodi somehow has not been concerned in learning how many others are still receiving a state pay check and were accessories in the greatest scandal to ever hit Connecticut?

Our current Governor has been just a little too quick to put this all behind us. Her inability, uncurious nature or knowledge of events can be the singles most important issue that could send poll numbers plummeting. The question that should be asked in this campaign is “ Who else benefited from helping Tomasso and why haven’t you done something about it”?

GMR said...

What has Rell DONE while in office? Name something! Meanwhile our energy rates are out of sight -- deplorable and unaffordable rates. Highest in the nation?

The EIA of the Dept. of Energy says that Connecticut does indeed have the highest rates, but all the NE states are quite high.

To get lower rates in CT, we should build several new power plants. Where do you think these power plants should get built? Do you think the locals might complain if there's going to be a power plant in their midst?

What type of power plants do you think we should build? Nuclear? Yeah, right. Coal? That'd go over really well with the locals. Natural Gas? Probably, but how do you propose to get natural gas? Can't be with Broadwater. I'm sure an LNG terminal onshore would be much more of a no-no. Windmills? Not sure where there's a lot of empty space that's windy so we dump a few thousand windmills there. No way you can put windmills in LI Sound: it'll destroy people's views and probably hurt the fish or something.

So seriously, how do you propose to increase the electric supply?

GMR said...

It's hard to get people riled up about car taxes and sub par education.

Rell tried to get rid of the car tax.

As for sub-par education, if you think Connecticut has sub-par education, which state do you think has a better education system? (I assume you mean the actual education services provided, not the method of funding).

Anonymous said...

way2moderate - did you flunk civics class???

Perhaps you need a refresher on how government in CT works.

It is the Democrats in the legislature that are responsible for everything good that has happened during the last 2 years while Rell has been Governor.

It is the Republican Governor who is to blame for evferything bad.

That is how our government works in CT ... just ask truebluect and the other Rell-haters!


Anonymous said...

Jodi Rell is running for the first time as a candidate for governor. So you are incorrect when you mention she is running for reelection. She was promoted because of the line of succession.

TrueBlueCT said...

If elections are about the future, how about we hear some ideas from Jodi about where she would like to lead us.

If you wingers aren't embarassed by an empty issues page, you should be.

And ACR, mighty Republican of you to smear New Haven's finest. However our NHPD is not corrupt. Shame on you for crapping on our men in uniform.

Anonymous said...

NHPD probably has improved. Under uber-liberal Nick Pastore it was hard to tell what laws they were enforcing and which ones he appeared to be breaking

Anonymous said...

Many people have the lips sealed on the Tomasso issue. If one person rats, there would be a whole lotta people goin down!

way2moderate said...

Agreed. For better or worse, the CGA dems get all the credit and avoid all the appropriate blame.

But look, Rell has achived a lot for someone who has been Gov during the balance of a term where she has understandibly felt restrained given that this term was not entirely her own, in the truest sense. I genuinely think we will see a new sense of ownership over her agenda and her initatives at next year's state of the state.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

TrueBlueCT said...
And ACR, mighty Republican of you to smear New Haven's finest. However our NHPD is not corrupt. Shame on you for crapping on our men in uniform.

It's not a smear if it's the truth.

CTRevolution said...

65 days to election and Republican Governor Rell still has nothing on her issues page.

Maybe it's because she has no vision for Connecticut. Has done nothing to solve it's problems. Is indifferent to the 400,000 people who don't have health care. There is no way Rell is going win this campaign with no agenda. Her support is a mile wide and an inch deep and she's losing it fast.

It's about time she put the commercials on, so she can hemhorage her loss of support. DeStefano doesn't even need to go negative, he can just hold Rell's record to the light, because at best it's one of complete failure. She has done absolutely nothing for the working person in CT and she will hear their voice on election day.

Anonymous said...

way2moderate, is that really all you have, is that a joke, are you a DeStefano staffer masquerading as a Rell supporter, no honestly I'm laughing, those accomplishments are simply amazing,

"Forging a vital, new attitude of trust and respect with the state's labor unions."

Haha, do you know anybody in labor, they think Rell's a complete failure, honestly, funny stuff.

The Architect said...

Look at TrueBlue, invoking the heroic 9/11 imagery to shame anyone who speaks anything negative of our "heroes."

I can already see the flames shooting from his mouth if Jodi or any Republican candidate evoked that same imagery for their benefit.

CTRevolution said...

GMR, you want to a real energy plan, vote for DeStefano, check his website and then compare it to Rell's on her site(wait, it's not up yet, I mean wait, it doesn't exist). Honestly, I can't think of one reason to vote for Rell, other then she's a nice person. But with that logic I'd be voting for my dog, because it seems to be pretty nice too. I just can't wait to see Republicans' faces when the ice that Rell's numbers are on cracks.

Ghost of Yogi said...

I find it humerous that people are actually defending M. Rell. There is nothing to defend. I challenge anyone who supports M. Rell to defend her.

Anonymous said...

reading these posts reminds me of that "amiable dunce" who won 49 states in 1984

Anonymous said...

Dudes listen to me. Rell is probably going to step down. I am too professional to say why. It is no mistake that she picked Michael Fedele. He is smart and he knows how the capitol works. This is a story I am convinced has merit.