Sunday, September 24, 2006

Issues Voters Care About

John DeStefano is daring Jodi Rell not to accept money from the Bush fundraiser on Monday.
John DeStefano, the Democratic candidate for governor, is challenging Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell to forgo campaign help from state Republicans that could be financed with cash collected from a fundraiser on Monday featuring President Bush.

DeStefano's campaign will deliver a letter to Rell on Monday for her to sign asking George Gallo, chairman of the state Republicans, to not include her in coordinated GOP efforts, such as telephone banks, polling and literature, the campaign said.
Rell won't attend the Greenwich fundraiser because she has a scheduling conflict, aides said. The governor also has said she will not accept any money raised by the event. (AP)

Okay, then. I've read the article, and I still don't quite understand exactly what it is DeStefano wants her to do.

But you know what? I don't care.

DeStefano has been attacking Rell for months, saying she's not addressing the big issues. He's at his best when proposing and explaining big, grand plans that deal with issues voters care about. But this? I don't care about this. Nobody cares about this. If John DeStefano were holding himself to the same strict fundraising rules as Jodi Rell, I might care a little more. But probably not.

"Destefano Challenges Rell On GOP Money." Associated Press 24 September, 2006.


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Anonymous said...

JDS is upset "his" president, Hugo Chavez, won't do a fundraiser for his campaign

Anonymous said...

John DeStefano = YAAAAAAAWN.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...and Dan Malloy lost to HIM!

Rell/Fedele '06

Anonymous said...

Has anyone totted up the costs of DeStefano's big ideas?

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone totted up the costs of DeStefano's big ideas? "

it would be like the episode of Star Trek when they disabled a renegade computer by making it compute a number to infinity

CTRevolution said...

You're right Genghis Conn, you don't care. Anybody whose read this website can see that. You're like most Rell supporters. You don't care. You're indifferent to the problems that are facing Connecticut in that you support our current absentee governor. You are indifferent to the fact that Rell has no vision for CT.

Rell's no moderate and that is obvious to anyone that closely examines her record. She's taking money from Bush that will go into the GOP campaign of negativity that they plan to run this election cycle. It comes down to this. Rell is playing like a nice Grandma then letting Rich Harris and their GOP buddies spread the worst of the worst that you see in politics. If Rell wants to stand by her principles, she should not take this money, and why she’s at it, fire Harris.

Anonymous said...

Not to confuse you with facts, ctrevolution, but, um, Rell ISN'T taking any money from the Bush event.

Also, your rants will probably carry a little more weight when you learn to write in English. "Anybody whose read," "Rich Harris and their" and "why she's at it" are pretty embarassing, even for you.

Genghis Conn said...

CT Revolution,

I don't mind if you insult me. But please try not to get abusive. We value your input, here, and I don't want to reject any more of your posts.

CTRevolution said...

Genghis Conn,

I felt I had to put in a response to the insults thrown toward me. I think both comments had little substance and if anything should’ve been rejected before mine. I mean honestly, one was about grammar from a guy whose post was filled with grammar mistakes (I like the irony). The other, a bet from a poster who has refused to put forward an articulate argument forward for Rell. My post was in the same line as those in terms of etiquette. I above all things would prefer if the debate stuck to the issues. Although, my opinion differs on most issues, I none the less appreciate your concern for Connecticut politics.

disgruntled_republican said...

Just not mine, right CTR.

I recinded my previous comments and will refrain from them going forward if you agree to stick with issues and not name calling of posters or candidates. The more civil we all remain the better this blog will be. I seriously hope you will join me in this pledge.



disgruntled_republican said...

oh, I almost forgot, I will also promise you a post on why Rell is right for the job by the end of, how's that sound?

CTRevolution said...

Disgruntled Republican,

I look forward to your defense of Jodi Rell. I too agree it's best if we can keep this debate about the issues and refrain from name calling. I will join you in this pledge and look forward to a fruitful discussion of the campaign.


disgruntled_republican said...


Glad we could come to ammends. I too look forward to "fruitfull discussion" as you put it.