Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Open Forum

What's happening?

(I turned off comments in the last post. It was getting too heated for a thread supposedly about overcoming hatred for one another. Maybe it'll be better after November 7th. I hope it will be.)


Anonymous said...

We're turning the corner in Iraq?

Anonymous said...

GC,..its obvious alot of the comments come from very dysfunctional people...

PO'd in Wtby said...

I would like to have a complete and open discussion concerning the column by Kevin Rennie concerning Caliguiri. I live in the East End of Waterbury and I'm sick and tired of our City producing these vile politicians. I apologize if the allegations aren't true, but I'm fed up and want an explnation.

FrankS said...

Is Jodi Rell trying to go back on her fundraising pledge?

I'll pick out one contribution, Nathaniel D. Woodson of North Haven, chief executive office of the New Haven-based utility United Illuminating Company.

Harris said that none of the governor's contributors associated with state contractors "solicited, negotiated, signed, or executed" government deals.

"The people who have marked 'yes' on that contractor indicator work for companies that have a state contract, but are not involved in negotiating those contracts in any way," he said. "It's the difference between the owner of a paving company who negotiates with the state, and his secretary."

How the CEO of one of the State major utilities, is not covered.

CTRevolution said...

Why aren't you guys looking at Rell's failure to follow her own rules on campaign contributions.

I hope this website isn't going to be another form of media that just gives Rell a free pass.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Rennie is well on his way to being the Geraldo Rivera of CT politics. We don't need to have every candidate "swift-sheeted" over the exact marital status of bedmates from over a decade ago.

By the way, has Rennie apologized yet for his factual errors in the CT Supreme Court story?

Anonymous said...

Frank S, given that yet ANOTHER New Haven politician allied with DeStefano has PLEADED GUILTY to theft, please spare Jodi the ethics lecture

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


Why? Maybe because it's a bullsh*t issue.

ctblogger's deftly edited version of the Journal Inquirer story - another sterling effort by the infamous Don Michak - leaves out some small items, like the fact that only one of the two people identified as a lobbyist actually is a lobbyist ... and the other had his check returned. Or the fact that the Rell campaign has always distinguished between people who negotiate contracts and people who work somewhere that has a contract - and said so, publicly, time after time.

Small matters, no doubt, for the Kool-Aid Kids at MLN. But over here at CLP, we like to sniff what's in the paper cup before we guzzle.


Anonymous said...

Look all Republicans I have run into are mean spirited individuals
who care only about power. For the most part they are not people to
like. To see what the stand for watch the State of the Union some time.
You really see what the parties stand for then. I would never stand up
and applaud any partisan thing Bush has to say. What a joke man.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to the Rennie column about Caliguiri. I went to the Courant, but can't seem to find it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

maybe the Courant moved the Rennie columm to the National Enquirer

Brian said...

Lets be true Ned isn’t a one issue-topic candidate. Honestly, the only reason he’s percieved this way is because Iraq is the biggest current-events issue in the world and will be for the remainder of our lifetimes. The voters of Connecticut should be outraged that Joe Lieberman demonstrated more offense over Clinton’s embarrasing/immoral episodes of oral sex on the senate floor rather than demonstrating displeasure over the Bush adminstrations’ failed policies in Iraq. The smartest message I can send is ridiculing Joe Lieberman is the most patriotic thing Connecticut voters can do this election year.

MikeCT said...

For those who have followed the alternately entertaining and touching medical and life travails of Colin McEnroe's mother through his blog (here's one such story), she died this week.

Anonymous said...

Rennie column,0,3095551,print.column

Action Jackson said...

I also had a hard time finding the Rennie column. I did find this article from the Waterbury paper:

Sam seems to provide a pretty good explanation. If he was from any other town (waterbury) and we were not in the wake of an exteremly corrupt governor (Rowland), this story would not have been even brought up.

Neither party seems to have done anything wrong, especially Caligiuri. If anything he brought it up and she said, it did not matter.

I think this is why people dislike politics. This story was over a decade ago, it has nothing to do with politics, even the Courant's headline (skates on ethics, or something like that) is misleading. The Rennie story was baseless, sourceless and then just dropped in a sentence that Sam is against Gay marriage. He might as well have titled it "I don't like Caligiuri". I love the comment comparing Rennie to Geraldo Rivera.

Anonymous at 7:55: I am a Republican that is not mean spirited and I do not care about power. Hopefully I run into you sometime to change your mind.

Anonymous said...

civility begins at home...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:02, here your go:,0,7298952.column

ACR: Your comments are a hatchet job and offensive. Are you giving this guy a pass just because he was "20 and young"? Some actions just can’t be forgiven because they show blatant disregard for right and wrong. More important, this woman was STILL married and for a guy that was going to run on "main stream values," I can't seem to make sense of his explanations. She cheated and he was an enabler. She lost her job and he left JGR's nest to be appointed to the BOA in Waterbury.

Rennie indicated his reasons for writing the column and I thank him for letting me know exactly who Sam is.

Anonymous said...

While Rennie is certainly readable (unlike Bill Curry), a lot of his stuff seems to be about settling scores.

Anonymous said...

The point is nothing Rennie wrote about here remotely impacts Caligiuri's qualifications to hold office.

I suspect Rennie thought he was destined for the big time a decade or so ago and now he is languishing out in South Windsor defending drunks and doing closings. So, let's lash out at those making progress. I expect maybe Mark Nielsen, Mitt Romney's Chief of Staff will be the latest fast tracker Rennie will draw a bead on. I heard from an anomymous source he never returned some books he borrowed in the 1970's to the Southwick library...

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:03

"Some actions just can’t be forgiven because they show blatant disregard for right and wrong."

I'm confused. Since you are trashing Sam I presume you are a Democrat or a social liberal. So why wasn't Bubba run out of the White House by you folk?

I got it. There's no problem with our current faux pas because we can blame the other guys for decades old lapses.

Which of your two faces do you wash first?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said...
ACR: Your comments are a hatchet job and offensive

I'm a mere amature on both counts, when compared to Mr. Rennie.

He's excellent and not half-bad author of fiction either!

Anonymous said...

Is there trouble in the Lamont Campaign??????

From what I've heard, they've hired, and driven out useful assets in positions due to certain differences within the upper echelon of the campaign staff. This is troubling.

How can they afford to do this when it's crunch time for campaigns???
Being pompous and condescending doesn't win you elections. And as we all know, a candidate is only as good as the people he hired in his name.

The Lamont people better change things or else it will get dicey as the election closes in.

Can't we all just get along?

GMR said...

I think all the Republicans should just sit back and watch the Lamont-Lieberman fight play out. It seems to be sopping up a lot of dollars, and a lot of anger from the Democrats.

I'd say that about 75% of this money would have found its way to other Democrats, although Lieberman is getting donations from some Republican donors.

I don't think Lieberman, if he wins (which I believe he will) will join the Republican party. He's not conservative at all. Lincoln Chafee votes the Conservative line about a third of the time; Lieberman almost never.

Lieberman did vote for the Iraq war, and he's a supporter of it. Lamont isn't going to stop it. Even a Democratic president wouldn't just pul out. Lieberman also voted to end a judicial filibuster, which had he not voted that way would have been broken through the "nuclear option."

But in any event, I really hope that the Democrats keep duking it out on this election! Meanwhile, Santorum is closing in on Casey. Kean may win NJ (although Republicans often seem to be ahead in polls there but then flounder in the general). Lincoln Chafee has a decent shot of holding the RI seat.

I don't see Republicans winning in Michigan, and sadly, Minnesota also looks like it's trending more Dem. Montana looks to go Dem. Missouri is looking more solid for the Republicans; Tennessee will remain in Republican hands it looks like. So I see the Republicans losing 2 seats overall, maybe 3.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news... Blumie campaigns on Acme Company's lies and distortions!

Anonymous said...

The typical psychobabble from the right has clouded the real issue with Caliguiri and that is his total disregard for ethical standards. He, as a member of the bar, knows when the line is crossed, or he should know. You have an affair with someone who passes judgement over you in an investigation, and you don't tell anyone? Does the term preferencial treatment mean anything to you?
Another Rowland disciple gone wrong.

Anonymous said...


Dems pick up:


Oddly enough, don't count out Carter in NV. I don't think he can pull it off, but its amazing that he is still in it running strong.

Anonymous said...

Also, GMR, what about Ohio?

And never, ever, trust polling in NJ!!!

BrassBoy said...


Why don't we come down from our high horse, shall we?

- It was 11 years ago
- they were both grown adults
- she was seperated
- there was no investigation at the time the relationship began
- once it came to light and the powers that be decided some form of punishment was necessary they handed down their punsihment

Simple as that. If this was such an issue it would been discussed a long time ago and would have been brought up a long time ago. If Rennie hadn't written his gossip piece because of his disdain for Caligiuri's same-sex marriage position and family-values platform this owuld not be an issue. Period.

Anonymous said...

In the Senate – Dems win 3 of these 5


But they lose 1 of these 4


Dems plus 2, GOP retains comfy majority.

Anonymous said...

Sleaze is sleaze. Some slick talking and shallow justifications don't cut it for me.

Whether or not she was married, he was in his 20's or whatever excuses ACR and Caligiuri want to put out is only a sidebar to the fact that a government employee had a personal relationship with another state employee who was supposed to be carrying out an ethical watchdog duty. Poeple often say that poltiicians need to be beyond reproach and steer clear of even the APPEARANCE of wrongdoing. That is clearly not the case here.

However, the affair with a married woman bothers me greatly. He says she was seperated - how convenient. Bottom line is she was still married! Seems the Courant was pointing out was that he didn't break any laws, but that he needs to get a big ladder to climb off of his high horse. YOU DO NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED WOMAN! NO MATTER WHAT!

If he doesn't see that it was just plain wrong - then HE is just plain wrong!

And for those of you wondering, I am a Democrat who volunteered for Bill Clinton in '96, but was DISGUSTED with his actions with an intern. Though I didn't think is was an impeachable offence, that too was just plain wrong and I contacted my congressperson, two senators, and my state party to say something and resigned from my then town committee for their failure to write a letter condemning him.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here actually take a moment a think about Rennie's motivation for writing this column? Why would he want to take a candidate down for having an affair a decade ago? Surely, there are plenty of other noted cads in politics in CT, including several high ranking officials in the D's state party offices. Yet, Rennie picks on Caliguri. Why? Well, did anyone else find his criticism of Sam's opposition to same-sex marriage out of place in the article? Why would Rennie make a point to mention that? Hmmmm. Put two and two together people and get back to me.

GMR said...

And for those of you wondering, I am a Democrat who volunteered for Bill Clinton in '96, but was DISGUSTED with his actions with an intern. Though I didn't think is was an impeachable offence, that too was just plain wrong

The Democrats were very good in framing the Monica Lewinsky affair as a matter of sex. However, the issue came up only because of the sexual harrassment lawsuit filed against Bill Clinton by Paula Jones. Had that lawsuit not been filed, even if the Monica affair had become public some other way, there would have been no impeachment or special prosecutor.

In a sexual harrassment case, you can be asked about consentual relationships with other employees. That's why Bill Clinton was asked about Monica.

The Architect said...

Princeton Professor Hacks Electronic Voting Machine

Anonymous said...

For all of you gossip-mongers, can we please discuss important issues of the day, rather than stoop to Kevin Rennie's level.

For the record, I have never seen anything written where either of the two individuals discussed in Rennie's piece written for the National Enquirer ever acknowledge that there was an improper or even intimate relationship.

Please, let's move on.

CTRevolution said...

Governor Rell broke her promise to CT. A Diff. Anon, you can't spin this one away. The facts are the facts, she says one thing and does another

"The reports filed by the governor's campaign committee with the secretary of the state's office reveal that dozens of her biggest benefactors between November 2005 and June 2006 weren't low-level employees at companies that hold state contracts, but high-ranking executives."

These weren't secretaries as Rell's spokesman said, these are upper level people involved in state contracts. Now, I know CLP is as conservative a site as you would expect in CT but they should at least keep their representatives accountable to their word. Isn't that one of main points of media, that government is held accountable to the people. Well, CLP, you are clearly failing in this mission. And the citizens of this state should know that their Governor reneged on her own pledge.

Dr Johnny Fever said...

Isnt it ironic that Gas Prices are coming down 50 plus days before Election Day Also I bet the first cold snap we have they will shoot back up.

I have a feeling The Oil Companies are trying to help Bush and The Republicans by doing this feel good thing to take people's mind off other things.

Just How stupid does Bush think we are???

bluecoat said...

gas prices almost always go up for the ummer travel season and then back down again in the fall - but it's possible Karl Rove is tied into big oils marketing dept since he seems to be just about everywhere these days.

GMR said...

I have a feeling The Oil Companies are trying to help Bush and The Republicans by doing this feel good thing to take people's mind off other things.

The Bush administration doesn't control the price of oil. That's controlled by a worldwide market that consists of large multinational oil companies, governments, consumers, refiners, and distributors. Since the US imports most of its oil needs, there's not a huge amount the government can do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10;17, so it's wrong for a kid lawyer to do something you deem "sleazy" long ago but it was just fine for someone in your own party who did somthing worse to hold the nation's highest office?

Based on your self-righteous hypocrisy I doubt the town committee really missed you

justavoter said...

Lieberman must personally feel good that Bush and Cheney support him.
When I look at Lieberman I see a true Bush Republican.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:55-

Huh? Where did I say what Bill Clinton did was alright? I said it was not an impeachable offense. Because of it I would not have VOTED for Clinton again.

And if you think being upset when a single man sleeps with a married woman is self-righteous, then you are morally bankrupt yourself.

Anonymous said...

"let those without sin throw the first stone"

why I am now hearing breaking glass

Ben Casey said...

Lamont Campaign on Life Support......Film at 11

justavoter said...

Major news for Lamont and sad news for Lieberman read story on Hartford Courant Link below.

Major State Union Switches To Lamont Hartford Courant,0,7835676.story

In the end Lieberma will lose this Lamont switch and endorsement will hurt Lieberman alot on November 7th.

Can't wait to see what other Unions will switch to Lamont from the Lieberman camp.