Friday, September 15, 2006

Rules for Commenting

I posted something similar a while back, but I'm posting an expanded version now. I am asking all the moderators to enforce these rules strictly.

Rules for Comments

1. No insulting or belittling other posters.

2. Criticism of groups, parties, causes or other people is fine--insulting, belittling or otherwise maliciously maligning them is not.

3. Respect everyone's right to privacy.

4. No going around starting fights for fun (trolling).

5. No libelous statements. Public figures can be attacked and criticized--but only up to a point. No personal stuff, folks. Keep it political.

6. No racist, homophobic or sexist remarks. Obviously.

7. Please make every effort to be courteous, civil and understanding.

This applies for front-page posters as well as commenters. If you see any of this in any of our posts, let me know.

These rules are pretty straightforward, I think, and easy enough to follow.


bluecoat said...

Gasoline prices plummeting
By Harlan Levy, Journal Inquirer

DeStefano can't lure Rell into battle -- an analysis
By Keith M. Phaneuf, Journal Inquirer

bluecoat said...

Pope Said to Be Upset Muslims Offended
9:51 AM EDT, September 16, 2006
By FRANCES D'EMILIO, Associated Press Writer

bluecoat said...

DeStefano Wins New Backing
Stance On Plan B Costs Rell Rights Group's Endorsement
September 16, 2006

Murphy To Give Democratic Response To Bush
Candidate in 5th District Will Speak After President's Radio Address
September 16, 2006
By JEFFREY B. COHEN, Courant Staff Writer

Blue Sky said...

Hasn't NARAL endorsed Lieberman post-primary? That's my understanding. NARAL today announced its endorsement of DeStefano over Rell because Rell opposed forcing Catholic hospitals to provide emergency contraception to rape victims, which is great, but it's Lieberman's stance identical to Rell's with regard to EC? Can anyone help me understand the apparent contradiction.

Oh, I doubt I'll be able to abide by the strict rules for posting here very long...

Blue Sky said...

Seems hypocritical of NARAL to endorse DeStefano and not Lamont. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

what, a liberal group being hypocritical? say it ain't so!

like, NOW, lambasting clarence thomas for his treatment of women but ignoring president clinton's?

shocking ... just shocking