Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Open Forum

Rell ahead by, well, a lot. 28%, in fact.

Massachusetts is having its primary today. Deval Patrick is expected to win big.

What else is happening?


? said...

Why is Jodi Rell supporting this guy?

strikeforce said...

If you label a person or an idea properly, Lenin said, you do not have to argue with it. If Rell is a conservative, I'm a can of anchovies.

Weicker Liker said...

I see John Larson & Scott MacLean faced off against other on WFSB's "Face The State."

Hartford Courant report characterized it as intense debate.

Looks like must see TV. Airs Sunday morning at 11 AM on Channel 3.

Here is a link to Terzi's Report on the Larson-MacLean debate.


Grumpy said...

Now that's a funny clip by Terzi. MacLean attacks Larson for voting against a bill because it included massive taxpayer handouts to big oil companies. (Even though the bill also helped the fuel cell industry.) Then, MacLean admits that he'd have voted against the bill. Only, he'd do it "for other reasons."

Ooookaaaaay... You agree with the Congressman's vote, but you're going to attack him for it anyway. So Mr. MacLean, you're saying that you like corporate welfare for big oil companies?


I hate to admit it, but I think I agree with ACR on this one. The GOP really did nominate a wingnut.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Grumpy said...
The GOP really did nominate a wingnut.


The man is simply awful.

Our odds in the 1st are horrific as it's the only district in the state with such a substantially higher number of registered Dems than even Unaffiliateds.

We (the GOP) could have at least gotten some work done in an area where CT Republicans are weak; but instead seem to have chosen to run someone more liberal than the current occupant of the office.

I remain amazed by the whole thing.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Rell ahead by, well, a lot. 28%, in fact

What I can't understand is how JDS broke 30%

Anonymous said...

Murphy is out push polling tonight in Cheshire. Anyone else get his biased anti-Republican "poll" out there?

Anonymous said...

hey, where is the DeStefano guy out there claiming the lead was down to 18 points and shrinking?

Anonymous said...

LMAO Anon. 7:26. He is probably posting on MLN or some other completely out-of-touch with reality blog where they actually believe DeStafno has a shot.

Speaking of that, where's BR, truebluect or any JDS supporter.

The fat lady is singing boys!

CTRevolution said...

There have been consistent polls that place DeStefano within 20. The question is why is Jodi Rell afraid to debate John DeStefano???????

Anonymous said...

Police Officer David Gugliotti is suing Stratford Mayor James Miron,
the Town Council, and the Police Chief, concerning the police officer's
arrests of Councilman Alvin O'Neil and a 15 year old girl in March. He
is suing over being placed on 60 day administrative leave, saying it
violated both the police union's collective bargaining agreemant and his
civil rights. The arrests sparked accusations of police brutality and
racism. He claims the Mayor tried to sway the investigation in favor
of the Mayor's friend,Councilman O'Neil. O'Neil interfered with the girl's
arrest and was therefore arrested himself.

Well, the lawsuit is correct. But he should only sue Miron. I will say no
more on that topic. He wants to sue the Town Council because they did not remove the
Councilman. That is unfair because the Town Council does not have the
power in the Charter to remove one of its members. The Police Chief
should not be sued because he is a good guy who got caught in the middle.

His lawyers of course are saying sue everyone. How this will all turn out
is that there will be an undisclosed settlement in the officer's favor.
No one will admit guilt. Basically the officer wins as he should! Yippee!

Stratford Dem said...

Couldn't agree with you more Anon 9:34

Conservative Democrat said...

To those who have been complaining about Jodi Rell being "afraid" to debate JDS (and I'm saying this as a voter who has still not made up his mind in this race yet), with her lead of 20 points or more, why should she debate DeStefano?

It's common political sense not to debate an oponent who you are likely going to crush anyways -- it certainly isn't going to increase your lead by much. If JDS wants a debate with Rell, he should work on getting more people interested in him first.

Fenix said...

Technically, I agree with what Conservative Democrat has to say. However, avoiding debates simply to make sure your huge lead stays huge is just counter to what democracy and elections are supposed to be about. I think the candidates in the public are entitled to a public debate no matter how big someone's lead is. Sure, Rell is probably better off not debating JDS, but the state and the people of CT are not. That probably sounds annoyingly idealistic, I apologize.

On a related note, Nancy Johnson has been hiding from debating Chris Murphy. Sure, she says she has agreed to debates, but hasn;t said what debates, what times, and what places. I know the Murphy camp wants to do as many debates as possible, at the very least, it would force Nancy criticize Chris herself, rather than through her attack ads. With every week that goes by there is less and less time for debates, and I think she's trying to dodge them for as long as possible because she's scared. She;d have to debate on the issues, and she probably couldn't have the families of 9/11 victims up on stage with her when she did it, so there's not much for her to say. Let's see some balls and appreciation for democracy out of the candidates, DEBATE! I think folks out to be DEMANDING debates. It's the only thing we should be talking about it, elections weren't meant to be run solely over the TV and the phone.

Anonymous said...

"There have been consistent polls that place DeStefano within 20"....at Democratic Town Committee events.