Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rell Ready To Combat Sprawl

Today's Courant praises Rell for
an unusually passionate announcement last weekend, Gov. M. Jodi Rell said she's begun a national search for a deputy commissioner of the state Department of Transportation who will focus on mass transit and anti-sprawl measures.

"We need to combat sprawl," Mrs. Rell said. "Our goal is to create more attractive, livable, economically strong communities while protecting natural resources, and our battle to attain those goals must include mass transit." She spoke of bringing affordable housing and business to the areas around transit stops, to create "walkable, bikable neighborhoods."
Right on! Rell has already made a difference in pushing $3.5 billion in transportation improvements, the tough part will be to get the 169 towns in Connecticut to hop aboard the regional growth platform. When commuter towns like Darien and Westport offer no affordable housing around transit stops, can our popular Governor bring those delegations to the table?

Courant Step Toward Smart Growth, Editorial, September 10, 2006


Ghost of Yogi said...

Bravo Courant! You’ve contributed your part this week to propping up stick lady Rell. Now, in an election year, she gets it. People are struggling and Rell takes a step. Only, there is a choice this election year. Will you vote for progress and success or stagnation and inflation?

You can chose to stick with the status quo: An elderly Republican who is just now taking baby steps toward addressing problems that her negligence has brought on; or, a Mayor from New Haven who knows these problems in-and-out; A man who has the will and ability to solve them; and, genuinely believes in the strength and vitality of our state. And JDS is way more intelligent than our absentee governor.

I really feel sorry for Republican Rell. Her time is up; she is in the autumn of her rule. Republicans are out, and she is going with them. I can’t wait to see what people think when a real journalist asks Republican Rell “How does your plan work?” The answer will be crickets chirping and a glib flip of her blue hair.

Anonymous said...

58 days to the election, still no issues page on Republican Rell's website. Maybe it's because she has no vision for the state and simply takes credit for others accomplishments.
I can't wait to see her lose.

Anonymous said...

Check out Kevin Rennie's editorial in today's Courant. Interesting......

GMR said...

Sprawl is absolutely necessary if we are going to allow future generations to purchase affordable houses. There's a growing demand for housing with the growing population. To counter that, we need a growing supply.

We've got a growing population, so we need a growing housing stock. There are essentially three ways to achieve this: build more, build up or build out. Build more involves building more houses on smaller lots. With towns like Wilton and Ridgefield enforcing multi-acre zoning, this can't happen in too many places. Building up means building multi-storied apartments. Stamford recently rejected Trump Tower because of traffic issues and that it would be too high or something. Trump has a counter offer now that's a little smaller. Building out means, well, sprawl. Sprawl has become one of those dirty words: it essentially means, however, to "anything built after I decided to come out here".

In a really extreme example of anti sprawl (both geographic and governmental), one needs only to turn to Santa Barbara, CA. There, you can qualify for low income housing if you make $160,000 a year.

turfgrrl said...

GMR -- sprawl is never necessary. Building housing in urban corridors connected to transportation hubs, either mass or roads, is what is needed. Build for people to live and work with minimal commuting is the admirable goal here. Kudos for Rell for getting behind that idea. DeStefano does not have an active smart growth strategy unless you credit Yale's redevelopment efforts to him.

bluecoat said...

She should call Romney up in MA since he's been at this for quite awhile and has leadership folks who understand it but she needs to make sure she gets a winner and not one of the Romney rejects if anyone cathces my drift.

bluecoat said...

Fis Route 1 by bringing it out of the 1950's and fix Intersate 95, the design of which the politicians desecrated with too many exits and entrances against the desire of the turnpike designers, as 4 years ago recommended by SWRPA and 75% of the traffic congestion battle will be won. Thinking everybody will or even can take the train is dumb but who wants to bother to look at what's already in place in fairfield County, which is essentially built out and not in need of any growth strategy - just a replenishement strategy. Waging class warfare against Westport and Darien, which once were affordable towns, is a waste of time.

bluecoat said...

and how could I forget? Bridgeport has lots of affordable housing but only one train station. there are lots of places to put new train stations in the east and west end of the stae's largest city but nobody seems to want to deal with the reality of what's out there already.

Councilman said...

Poverty Up, Wages Down in CT. Phony property tax reform by cutting property taxes on vehicles, not homes. All the while doing the typical Republican thing of protecting and helping the wealthy by wanting to eliminate the inheritance tax. But it's all okay, because she's NICE. You can only vote for Rell if you are clueless, or really don't care about most people in this state.

Ghost of Yogi said...

She is a looser. All promises and no action. I challenge anyone on this site, so inclined, to defend Republican Rell.

Do it! Do it! You got nothen! Notta! Ziltch! Zero. Goodbye Republican Rell.

CTKnows said...

GoY, You are right on target. Unfortunately the air has been sucked out of the room (Lamont-Lieberman) and Rell will role on to a large victory.

CT Expatriate said...

It is ironic that those who proclaim Governor Rell's supposed delusions and failures are in fact the ones who have an acute inability to perceive reality:

"Rell's days are numbered"
"She is a looser"
"she is in the autumn of her rule"

Really? Perhaps when reading the polling numbers they mistook "Rell" for "Destefano." Or perhaps the first billion dollar transportation initiative in twenty years did not REALLY happen. Clearly, it was just another Republican conspiracy. Perhaps when they think of Mr. Destefano's glorious city they imagine Yale's campus, not the ghetto enveloping it. Or maybe, they simply haven't been living in Connecticut for the last couple of years to see Governor Rell bolster our state's economy, not drown in with taxes that Mr. Destefano oh-so-loves.

Ghost of Yogi said...

Tell me what she stands for buddy. Hide behind numbers all you want, but soon those numbers will fall. What will you do then. Probably just talk about days of yore when your girl, the Republican One, as popular.

You can't tell me why I should vote for her.

Anonymous said...


You should vote for Rell because she has promised to cut taxes for the richest of the rich by abolishing the CT estate tax.

Also b/c the working poor could easily get their own insurance by just working a little harder. Why should the state take care of them?

Plus she has some very good ideas about how to deal with the property tax problem. But they are such good ideas that she has to keep them secret for now. Okay?

Ghost of Yogi said...

What about assault weapons? What does she say about assault weapons?

I think it speaks volumes that no one will take up for Republican Rell. You can parrot the "she's nice" and "she's old", but when it comes to substance, you got nothing.

Fact is people she stands for nothing. She does nothing. Why would you keep paying someone who doesn't even go to work

Bill Mastrogiovanni said...


I'll step up for her- she vetoed anti-privitization legislation that would have hampered state government from hiring small businesses like contractors who help plow our roads; she put forth a comprehensive transportation plan that will include a New Britain-Hartford busway; she worked out a public financing plan for state elections and she kept the state on the right track despite a Democratic majority in both chambers. Is that doing nothing?

TrueBlueCT said...

I don't know about the small contractors. But the other things you list?!?

1) The New Britain-Hartford busway. Seems like perhaps a boondoggle, but if it helps solve the I-84 woes, kudos to Rell. Now what about FFLD County?

2) Public financing of state elections did not come from Rell. Sure, at the last minute she helped shame the Democrats into going forward on it, but how many Republicans voted in favor? Next to none. Rell's attempt to take credit for a Dem initiative is political opportunism at its worst.

3) Keeping the Dem Statehouse majorities in line. This would be done by any governor. In fact, a Dem governor would do a better job of it, b/c the buck for everything would stop with him/her. Under the status quo, a Republican governor can always blame the "other" side. A Democratic governor wouldn't have that luxury.

But thanks for responding substantively. It a first around here when it comes to Rell.

Genghis Conn said...


According to several pieces I've read, Rell is lukewarm on public financing, but decided to include it at the last minute as a way to make sure CFR went forward.

But I'm not sure a Dem governor would be able to rein in the majorities in the Senate and House. If DeStefano were governor, I could see a titanic clash of egos between him, Amann and Williams, and I don't see much evidence from his campaign that he would keep fiscal discipline.

CT Expatriate said...

Yogi & others,

Governor Rell stands for a very fundamental concept of responsible governing. The idea is that the state should not spend more than it makes, and, hence, under Governor Rell, we have had a balanced and on-time budget for the first time in a long while. The deficit has been eliminated, and we have a billion-plus rainy day fund.
Also, in contrast to what you have been saying, she does not take "all the credit." If anything, these results, like the transportation bill, are a testament to her magnificent ability to work closely with a Democratic legislature that is so eager to kill her many great ideas for the state.
Take, for example, the car tax that the Governor wanted to eliminate. By getting rid of the tax, EVERY CT resident, wealthy or not, would have had one less check to sign. It was nothing but an equitable and wise proposal that would have benefitted us all.
So, it is clearly false to label Jodi Rell as someone pandering to the wealthy. Her goal is to keep businesses, and therefore jobs for all resident, in the state while providing funds for education and healthcare. John DeStefano, on the other hand, somehow believes that he can achieve this by taxing every business out of our state. Well, he is certainly stands for something. Lack of logic, in my opinion.
So, please, enough with these "Jodi Rell does nothing" diatribes. She has done a great deal for this state, and the results are evident to all of us who have the common sense to see them.

CC said...

This is a joke and one of the many reasons that Governor Rell is a poor leader. "Sprawl" is the result of rampant crime, poor schools, and poor leadership in our cities. The more appropriate approach would be to cut off the ridiculous level of taxpayer funding of our cities exposing the poor leadership and forcing the residents there to elect leaders who will actually attack the problems plaguing our cities (see above).

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Ghost of Yogi said...
What about assault weapons? What does she say about assault weapons?

False issue.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Jodi's claim right now is that she's the `grown-up' protecting us from overwhelming Democratic majorities in both houses.

Most of us, including most Dems, don't really want to find out just what the Dems might dream up if they were totally unrestrained.

TrueBlueCT said...


Two things. One, DeStefano is a fiscal moderate/conservative. You should interview their campaign about John's thirteen years as Mayor of New Haven. I can tell you that for the first six or seven years, taxes never went up. After that the increases have been modest. What I do know is that no one worries about city government getting out of line, so far as DeStefano remains our leader. His budget director, Frank Altieri, has been nothing short of awesome.

On a second note, were DeStefano to get elected, Amann and Williams would end up on a much tighter leash. The only threat to these cronies' power is from above. Rell is powerless to reign them in. A Democratic governor would be an altogether different story. No way in heck would either Amann or Williams be able to stand up to DeStefano as governor. Your "clash of egos" is a mis-reading of the future case. fwiw.

Anonymous said...

ACR: Jodi's claim of elect me because the big bad Democrats will destroy the State is b.S. If she really believes that why hasn't she gone on record and asked Connecticut to elect her "TEAM"? Is all of her popularity helping Farr, Cook, Abate etc ? NOPE! Jodi only cares about Jodi and uses that pitch "I'm the only Repblican" nonsense. Jodi may win but she is small time and will never and could never go any further than Governor of a small state. I am tired of hearing COATTAILS and can't wait to the rest of the under ticket takes a pounding.

turfgrrl said...

Truebluect -- DeStefano is a fiscal moderate/conservative ... That is the funniest thing I've ever seen written about DeStefano. New Haven has serious financial problems that DeStefano has solved only through the largess of the State. With federal cutbacks in aide to States, his way of fiscal policy would fail.

Ghost of Yogi said...

Authentic CT Republican

"False issue."

Assault weapons are a false issue, eh? No problem with automatic weapons being used on the streets, right? Well then why did your fearless leader order in more State Troopers into Hartford? Why is violent crime, specifically crime involving firearms, up across the state? If it's a false issue to you than it is clear where your priorities lie.

Republican Rell is a void of leadership. Her legacy will be one of inaction. Crow about balanced this, and rainy day funds that, all you want. Fact is she has resided over the highest and fastest property tax inflation in our history. So while she is taxing more, she is spending less. If that's good government to you, well, I feel sorry for you.

Republican Rell is very conservative. She is this states, tempered George Bush. In action and ineptness is followed by only a moderately better articulation. She does nothing: He does nothing. Thank goodness for John DeStefano, the man willing and able to correct the ship of state.

GMR said...

Why is violent crime, specifically crime involving firearms, up across the state? If it's a false issue to you than it is clear where your priorities lie.

Would an assault weapons ban have stopped these crimes from occurring? From what I remember, the last federal assualt weapons ban was more or less a joke, since it banned having certain items that made the weapon look mean. In some cases, particular weapons were banned, in which case the manufacturer changed the name and made slight cosmetic changes.

I don't own guns, and I'm not a gun guy. But I guess my questions to those advocating assault weapons bans would be 1) can you adequately define what an "assault" weapon is? 2) would banning these types of guns limit crime?

bluecoat said...

Rowland-Era Figure To Be Sentenced --- Piotrowski Lied About His Role In Steering Contract
September 11, 2006
By EDMUND H. MAHONY, Courant Staff Writer

Piotrowski Lied About His Role In Steering Contract
September 11, 2006
By EDMUND H. MAHONY, Courant Staff Writer ">UConn Opens Ethics Hot Line
September 11, 2006
By GRACE E. MERRITT, Courant Staff Writer

bluecoat said...

the IACP on gun realted violence

bluecoat said...

and on the subject of youth violence from the IACP

Anonymous said...

Rell just lost this R's vote. I guess her and the anti-sprawl nitwits figures our kids can afford the exorbitant housing costs which are the direct result of anti sprawl legislation. You make land more expensive and zoning more restrictive and you get super expensive houses.

We should build more roads and more hosues to alleviate congestion and housing problems, not less. CT has more forest and open space now than 25 years ago.
We need to bulldoze it.