Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rell Issues and Accomplishments Page

It took a while, but Gov. Rell's campaign has finally posted an "Issues and Accomplishments" page.

Actually, right now it's just an "accomplishments" page containing a long list of things that either she has accomplished or have happened on her watch. Some are good:
Toughest in the nation campaign finance reform. Governor Rell demanded that the General Assembly pass tough, real reforms of our campaign finance system - including bans on campaign cash from special interests. The changes are considered a national model.

Some are a little embarrasing:
Connecticut's rank among New England states for job growth: No. 2, behind only Vermont. Connecticut's rate of job growth between July 2004 and July 2006 was 1.2 percent, tied with Massachusetts and second to Vermont's rate of 1.5 percent.
At least it isn't negative... yet.

The Rell campaign promises new initiatives in the coming weeks:
A few of the highlights of Governor Rell's record are below. And in the coming weeks, Governor Rell will be outlining how she plans to build on that record of achievement - how she plans to continue keeping her promise of LEADERSHIP - INTEGRITY - RESULTS.

We'll see how that goes. Rell is at her best when she isn't proposing grand new schemes, but working on, refining and pushing existing ideas and plans. And frankly, John DeStefano can't wait for some new Rell plans, so he can start criticizing them. In fact, the DeStefano campaign already has a template ready to go:

DeStefano Press Release ____/____/2006:

John DeStefano today expressed his [disappointment/outrage/disbelief] at Gov. Rell's newest [crazy/narrow/dimwitted] proposal, _________________. DeStefano says that the proposal will [hurt/maim/sadden] the [poor/elderly/union workers/cute kittens] who do so much for our state, by robbing them of their [dignity/money/ability to vote Democratic].

Rell's proposal only helps [the rich/Wal-Mart/suburbanites], and doesn't [go far enough/cost nearly enough], says DeStefano, and compared the plan to his own plan for _______________, saying that his plan is superior because it [costs more/taxes the rich to feed the poor/is way cooler]. DeStefano calls on Rell to [hang her head in shame/go on vacation until November 8th/keep releasing these plans].

And so on.

The point is that Rell barely has to release plans for the future. In fact, she may be better off being as vague as possible, like Clinton was in 1996. People don't necessarily like her for her ideas. They like her because she's Jodi Rell. Why risk confusing people with new stuff?

Governor M. Jodi Rell: A Record of Accomplishment. Accessed 9/14/2006.


Chris MC said...

LMAO GC! The DeStefano template. Very funny!

CT Expatriate said...

I doubt that the Rell campaign wants to confuse anyone. People love Jodi Rell for who she is, but also for what she has done for the state. The Governor has on multiple occasions publicly expressed that she would not be running if she did not have a concrete plan for the next four years. After all, she has a family and new grandson to return to and is the antithesis of an opportunist politician. Although her campaign will obviously highlight her record of accomplishments, they can only build momentum by showing how Governor Rell's effective leadership will translate into new goals and policies for CT.

Anonymous said...

The DeStefano template is very funny, albeit sadly accurate. The best part is the "go on vacation until Nov. 8th" suggestion. Too bad for JDS, MJR could go on vacation until then and still win by double digits.

Perhaps you can do a Congressional challenger template next. It would probably be pretty easy, just make sure to mention Bush and Iraq as many times as possible.

GMR said...

Job growth statistics that don't take into account popultion growth are useless. But the # of people working is up: 45,600 more workers, but only 19,700 more jobs. So the difference accounts for the addition of self-employed and the addition of commuters to out of state locales. Not sure if the 19,700 jobs includes jobs that are filled by commuters into CT from Westchester. Seems sort of hard to believe that the # of self employed and commuters out of state grew much more than new jobs in the state...

I would hope that the DoD kept the Sub base open for military needs, not because it's a make work system for 31,000 people. But heck, as the governor, you just want the place opened, even if costs the other 49 states.

At the same time, the Governor restructured the state contracting system to establish a single point of contact for employers รข€“ including minority-owned, women-owned and small businesses - looking for a share of state business:

Now, can you imagine what would have happened if minority-owned and women-owned businesses had to go to a different website???

How much is NY state kicking in for these new commuter rail cars that we're paying $459 million for? I would hope NY would shoulder most of the costs, since it seems ridiculous that those of us who actually work in CT and pay taxes in CT then have these taxes used to subsidize people who work in NY and end up paying 0 in taxes to CT because NY takes their taxes.

Open space Schmopen space. Yeah, I like green areas as much as the next guy, but we need more housing here. It's damned expensive. And stopping sprawl is like trying to stop water from flowing downhill. My wife and I moved from Greenwich to Ridgefield for more affordable housing, and some of our Ridgefield friends are moving to Southbury. Yet all the Fairfield county towns seem to stop about any new development.

Well, I'm stll going to vote for Rell, especially when compared to JDS.

bluecoat said...

Pay attetion GMR; I have posted this before:CT pays 65% toward purchase the cars and NY pays 35% - before Rowland, who never planned to put much money in to the beat up old trains beacaus he and Jodi had the fairfield county vote sewed up cut a deal with Pataki, it was 50/50. Ny should be paying more but Jodi don't rock any boats.

and employment at the subbase and EB is still going down; while the base iis off the list, the Navy is on their twenty year schedule to shut it down - Team CT needs is in denial - CT needs a replenishment plan and transportation plan.

cgg said...

We should post that as a form. People could creat their own campaign press releases!

Genghis Conn said...

It could be like Mad Libs.

My opponent is ________(adjective) and doesn't care about _________ (noun).

bluecoat said...

Connecticut's average annual wages are increasing. The average annual wage in our state rose from $48,318 in 2003 to $51,004 in 2004 and $52,964 in 2005. and that compares to disposalable income how? and that compares to the increase in state and local taxes how?

bluecoat said...

I'd post this on Jodi's blog but that's stillcoming soon but at least it's a different color than last time i checked.

Governor Rell demanded that the General Assembly pass tough, real reforms of our campaign finance system - but for the most part only the Democrats voted for the bill - not her fellow Republicans - maybe they were listening to John Rowland who has cautioned conservatives to beware of this stuff?. And on CFR Governor Rell is already living by standards that are stricter than required by the law but Lisa Moody and 13 of her top level commissioners weren't much to her astonishmet and surprise.

There's more but I am running out of gas - becasue Jodi, Amman and Williams raised the GRT and have been profiteering on oil prioces while claiming to have created a budget surplus - but no surplus in my tank.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the article on the Journal Inquirer website regarding Governor Rell accepting campaign contributions from employees of contractors who do business with the state as well as two registered lobbyists. Didn't she pledge that she wouldn't do that? Why isnt that article discussed on the blog today?

Ghost of Yogi said...

"HHmm, I m'like Governor Rell.(Sniffle, sniffle.) hMM, people like her for who she is. (Wimper and whine.)"

It makes me vomit just a little to see people who can read and write, or, at least know someone who can, speak such mindless blather. Republican Rell stands for nothing. She has done nothing and she will continue to do nothing. (I am surprised no one here noticed the poor grammar; a clear sign that her campaign is still trying to master the English language. (Let me help you Republican Rell, with your crayon: ELECT JOHN DESTEFANO. His rapier wit and debonair good looks make him the envy of all. And, he will get you the pre-K your campaign sorely needs.

As for the rest of you: Failure to scrutinize your leaders leads to despotism. I challenge you thusly: Exercise your intellect. Use your state funded education. Find the right choice, indeed, the only choice: John DeStefano.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Yogi says: His rapier wit and debonair good looks make him the envy of all.

ROTFL, LMAO. That's even funnier than GC's DeStefano news release template.

RedCT said...

The key to Rell's campaign is that she stands for nothing. You're right Genghis Conn, she should continue to just be a nice grandma. Why stand for an issue, or show some semblance of leadership, when it could hurt your apple pie image. The great thing about Rell is she is a perfect Republican. She can get away with not having an agenda and at the same time push to lower taxes for the rich (think estate taxes) and help corporations (2/3 of which don't pay taxes.)

But Rell, I'm a little dismayed, please don't tell people those job growth numbers. We need to keep those secret. Because the corporate tax breaks we passed are supposed to help create jobs. All in all I think it's a good issues page. The less vision for Connecticut the better.

bluecoat said...

I don't know how I ever got through life without pre-K.

CT Expatriate said...

"His rapier wit and debonair good looks make him the envy of all."

Ha! Perhaps you are referring to Dan Malloy's last-minute ads showing DeStefano in all his manliness. Perhaps he should take that rapier wit of his and go on Broadway. Let's leave Connecticut in the hands of a down-to-earth Governor that actually gets things done rather than churn out delusional press releases. Thank you Genghis for pointing out just how old Destefano's "wit" is becoming.

CTRevolution said...

Rell and leadership, do you see that, they actually said that Rell stands for LEADERSHIP. Maybe the most hilarious thing I've read in weeks. Wow, how naive, I'm sure the Republican bloggers are just nodding their heads in submission, but that is really too much. The last thing I would ever connect Rell with is leadership. And INTEGRITY, well, I saw the news today, and that's fading faster then you can say, Republican Governor Rell, Republican Governor Rell. Way to make a promise and break it, a good role model for us all. Last time I checked it's Snow White, Rowland Lite running the asylum.

But to top it off they put RESULTS. You mean signing the democratic legislature's work after stripping it of its benefits to the working class. Maybe she should of just kept the page blank. The nice grandma image works a little better then the incompetent administrator with no vision.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Keep drinkin', CTRev ... the Kool-Aid's getting warm.

At least there's plenty to go around ... since only 50 percent of your side feels the same!

CTRevolution said...

A Diff. Anon,

I find it humorous and revealing that your greatest argument for Jodi Rell is that I drink Kool-Aid. It's very indicative of the weakness of the Pro-Rell arguments put forth on this page.

I honestly don't see how Rell will win, but I'm glad all your Conservative bloggers are so confident. DeStefano currently is down by 18. He has two months to take 9 points away from Rell. I can’t wait to see the next Q poll.

But on one point I find concurrence. Let Rell take a vacation till the election as the conservative bloggers have mentioned. She's been taking one for two years already, why stop now!

Anonymous said...

ctrevolution said: "I honestly don't see how Rell will win..."

Whether you see it or not, it is going to happen - you can count on it.

Take a look at the Q poll (and others) and cross tabs - there is absolutely no way DeStefano can win.

If he attacks Rell, his negative numbers sore (and they are already too high). If he just plays nice, he can't get Rell below 50%.

DeStefano still has a name ID gap to make up. His negatives are too high. And he can't raise enough dough. Oh, and yes, Lamont-Lieberman will still suck the air out of the Governor's race.

It's over!

If you can't see that, then you almost don't even deserve the right to post on a political blog.

The best part is that people like you and truebluect - who constantly attack Rell - are supporting such a bad candidate and you can't even see it.

Oh, and by the way, quick, tell me 3 issues that Governor Ella Grasso stood for? Go ahead .... you lose!

Stretchy McStretch said...

I think that template needs to include at least one grammatical error. I'd like to send Shonu and Derek Slap a dictionary and a copy of Strunk & White.

As far as gubernatorial fundraising is concerned, I'll start worrying about the Governor's fundraising contributors after John DeStefano stops shaking down contractors, lobbyists, and union reps for whatever spare change they have in their pockets.

bluecoat said...

short for Leadership, Integrity and Results is LIaR but I am sure that's not Jodi's intent to remind evrybody of her assocaition with Rowland.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so how about this: Rell's campaign website proudly boasts of her support for and signing of the Civil Union bill, and generally of equal rights for Gays and Lesbians. DeStefano's site says absolutely nothing on those topics or any related topics. Progressive? Not.

CTRevolution said...

Anon 10:40,

Your comments are wrought with pure foolishness. All John DeStefano has to do to win is point at Rell's record and then present himself as a alternate. Rell's failure as a governor, lt. governor and legislator is clear. She has shown NO LEADERSHIP and has NO VISION for Connecticut. Rell is now barely above 50 percent. DeStefano sits back 18 as of a week or two ago. Rell's support is a mile wide and an inch deep and will collapse when people start to focus on the race.

The best part of blogging here is to see how confident the Republican bloggers are. I've seen Rell's staff and Rell herself, and they carry the same smug attitude. But for them, its not only smugness, its indifference. Indifference to the problems facing the people of Connecticut. And when the polls close on election day, the Conservative bloggers and Rell's staff will be left wondering, how could we of been so naive. But don't take my word for it, honestly, keep believing you’re going to win, I find it amusing. I look forward to your party’s members being thrown out of the senate, house and the governor's office in Hartford. I said good day sir!

Ghost of Yogi said...

Laugh all you want. But when JDS is standing in Hartford, try to keep his Rapier from pushing slowly into your soft, yellow underbelly.

His is a toughness 'ole granny can't match. Oh, and JDS also does stuff. He earns a paycheck. Republican Rell is more like a burden on the state. When Governor DeStefano takes out the Rowland Trash in Hartford, I bet all of you will be singing his praises.

bluecoat said...

Rell is not indifferetn to the problems facing CT at all. She goes from problem to problem, often fixing one and creating another, like raising the tax on petrol products to pay for her transportation bill and now considering lowering it. For Rell, governing is all about fixing problems as they come to her attention; it's not about getting out in front and leading.

Anonymous said...

Rell's performance as a governor reminds me a bit of Harriet Miers. You know, the nice old lady/vastly underqualified pick by Bush for the Supreme Court. The similarity is this, they both don't know what they're doing. Let's end Republican incompetence in administrating our country. Honestly.

bluecoat said...

Rell has said she won't accept campaign money "..from anyone who negotiates, develops or signs a contract with the state." At first glance that would make you think she's talking about a company but she's just talking about individuals within a company - quite convenient and as if the individuals who have the direct contact with the state don't have bosses and colleagues to answer to back at their office. Sort of sounds like how John Rowland got around lobbying the state after he resigned because he wasn't lobbying the governor's office - just an executive branch agency. She hasn't done anything illegal and maybe not even violated her standard but it sure seems like she's playing a game.

Bluto Blutarsky said...

Where is John DeStefano?? Havent heard a thing about him lately.

Is he running for Governor or what??