Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lieberman: More Hugging, Less Hate

Joe Lieberman on hugging Republicans:
"The fact that Lamont was making a big deal out of the fact that George Bush gave me a hug after one State of the Union speech, you know maybe we'd better in this country if there was more hugging and less hating," he said. "I mean it." (AP)

And yet. How can I reconcile that with the hate-filled primary campaign he ran?

Lieberman is known as someone who is willing to go against his own party, even when it costs him politically. So let me ask this question: is he a bridge-builder? Does he bring people together? Can he really reach out and bring liberals and conservatives to the same table?

Or is he just a rebel? It's not so hard to switch sides every once in a while, if you take no one and nothing with you.

Maybe there aren't any bridges left to be built. The chasm is too wide, the work too unforgiving. To be a bridge between two sides rapidly retreating from one another is to be torn apart. Who wants that kind of sorrow and pain?

"Lieberman says more hugging would be a good thing." Associated Press 17 September, 2006.


TrueBlueCT said...


Let me be the first to say that Lieberman did not run a "hate-filled primary." Quite the contrary, he and his staff were remarkably decent given the amount of hostile fire they were taking. (Gentlemanly: Joe himself, Ken Dagliere, Chuch Swirsky, Sean Smith, Rick the driver, Josh, etc.)

What was bad about his primary campaign was the low-road politics we all witnessed. The finger-pointing, the lying, the ridiculous flyers, etc. I guess the distinction I'm trying to make is between hate, and generally accepted politics-as-usual. Lieberman is innocenct of the first, but very guilty of the second.

Moving on, Joe Lieberman is neither a statesman, nor a rebel. Instead he's just plain arrogant. Can you think of another politician capable of thumbing his or her nose at constituents as badly as Lieberman did in 2005? He all but begged to be primaried.

Finally, don't worry. The bridges will be re-built. (Just not with Joe in the forefront.) It will happen when the Democrats re-take Congress at which point the moderate Republicans will join the Dem majority in restoring the civility that was destroyed by the hard-core GOP politics of Gingrich, Delay, Norquist, Starr, Rove, Cheney, Rumsfield, etc.

Bobby McGee said...

I honestly can't think of any bridges Lieberman's built. What has all his bipartisanship gotten us? What has he done with his supposed clout and leadership? If you look at what he's put his name on, it's all censorship and war-mongering...

ctkeith said...

The only bridge Joe Lieberman helped build was the bridge to nowhere that wasted another 250 million bucks.

Joe lieberman honestly believes he is entitled to the seat he sits in in the Senate.When asked by the BBC filmcrew While on his "bustour" why he thought he was being primaried his exact quote was "Because someone had the audacity to challenge me"

I think that quote says everything you need to know about the man.

Anonymous said...

What Bobby McGee said.

I've been asking the question for months: Can anyone name me one concrete example of some acheivement of Joe Lieberman's due to his storied bipartisanship? Or just some acheivement of Joe Lieberman's Senate career? as for his desire for a "civil" campaign.... he's convinced himself and Lanny Davis that he's a swell guy; me, not so much.

TrueBlueCT said...


Joe's bipartisan achievements, in no particular order:

1) The Iraq War.
2) DHS and its inclusion of FEMA.
3) The Bankruptcy Bill.
4) Stopping Hillary Care.
5) The Gonzales Confirmation.
7) The Bush Energy Bill.
8) The Alito Confirmation.
10)Clinton Compromise. (Censure only.)

Those are just some of the "cross-over" votes that we need to credit to Joe. (and his bridge-building.)

What really needs to be reported is that for all of Joe's compromising/reaching out/selling out, Connecticut is at the bottom of the heap in terms of Federal $$$$ received back from DC. A lot of good all that hugging has done us....

ctkeith said...

By the way,

Someone should remind Lieberman it was a Kiss he and W shared.

The Hug in this contest is what the Lieberman campaign tried to promote with their non-union made buttons.

Anonymous said...

Here is another example of how Lamont's primary tactics are being used against him in the general election. While he was having much success appealing to the party faithful, he is having a much more difficult time expanding his base in the general election. Lieberman must feel liberated now.

Bluto Blutarsky said...

You Liberals need to get a life and stop picking on Lieberman I will be so glad when Keith Crane and his reign of terror is over.

Genghis Conn said...

Keith's having a reign of terror? Wow.

Anonymous said...


What happened to your new commenting policy? I guess I'd like to know which moderator is approving the hate speech above,in full disregard of said policy. It sure seems to be a one way street around here lately, with Republicans able to post anything, no matter how vile.

Anonymous said...

That was quick! Thank you Genghis for removing the two offending posts.

Jim said...

A pretty simple question about naming any actual accomplishments due to Lieberman's much ballyhooed "moderate" "bipartisanship" results in twelve hours of crickets chirping.

Brickbat said...

You gotta love Joe Lieberman, the man who brought negative campaigning to CT in 1988, complaining about the state of politics today.

It's almost as funny as last week, when Lamont pointed out Joe'd missed votes on Iraq and Lieberman -- whose campaign against Weicker centered on Weicker's missed votes -- cried that it was negative campaigning.

Like his friends Cheney and Rove, Joe figures he can say anything - no matter how ridiculous - and nobody will call him on it.

Mr X said...

49 days until you creampuff Liberals and your Candidate Ned Lamont lose the election.

Goodbye to Dictatorship for America and That dumpjoe full of lies and It will be great to see you creampuff liberals put in your place especially the idiot from Branford.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, Ned Lamont is currently leading Lieberman among independents in the latest poll. This would say to me, that Ned is not having trouble reaching out to others. If you take away the large pro-Lieberman Republican vote, he loses. Lieberman isn't leading anywhere else now. It looks to me like Lieberman will be retiring in November.