Friday, September 22, 2006

Thornton Campaign on Debates: "The Green Party will not take this sitting down."

The following is a statement from Ken Krayeske, campaign director for Green Party candidate Cliff Thornton:
"Both the Republicans and the Democrats lied to Thornton for Governor, but more importantly, the voters of Connecticut. The major parties cannot be entrusted with the future of this great state.

On Sept. 1, 2006, Gov. M. Jodi Rell's campaign manager Kevin Deneen wrote a letter to Mayor John DeStefano's campaign manager Henry Fernandez stating "The Governor believes strongly that Mr. Thornton deserves a place in any debates."

Today, we saw that Gov. Rell and her campaign did not tell the truth about their intentions.

Yesterday, we compromised with Mayor DeStefano's campaign that there should be four televised debates, two with only the major parties and two with the all candidates on the ballot. Today, DeStefano's debate negotiator Derek Slap said they were able to negotiate the first part of that - two major party debates. He said they still hold out hope for the other two, but Cliff Thornton won't be holding his breath.

Herb Sheperdson, the negotiator for Gov. Rell, told me that the Governor would not agree to more than two debates. Then he told me he was going to hang up on me and he did. Both the Republicans and Democrats blame each other for not including the Greens and Concerned Citizens in at least one of the two agreed upon debates.

This is a travesty for the voters of Connecticut. From what we can tell, this is the first time in more than 50 years that neither major party accepted an invitation from the League of Women Voters to moderate a gubernatorial debate. That Gov. Rell wanted and got only two debates is a fallacy in and of itself. How can we honestly discuss the future of a $17.5 billion enterprise in under 120 minutes with only two people speaking?

How can we trust either party when they go back on their word? How are we supposed to trust anything they say in the debates? Caught in this particular broken promise and lie, everything Mayor DeStefano and Gov. Rell say from here on in is suspect.

The Green Party will not take this sitting down."

I would hope that the Rell, DeStefano, Thornton and Zdonczyk campaigns could agree to one more debate, with all the candidates invited. We could have it here in Enfield. We could have it on my front lawn (I'll have to mow), if it comes to that. It doesn't matter where or how, but voters deserve a chance to see all the choices together at least once.


Anonymous said...

maybe the disbarred attorney they are running for AG will try filing a lawsuit

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Let me see if I have this straight: There were going to be a couple debates, Rell wanted the minor parties in them, DeStefano didn't, and Krayeske thinks somehow both sides are to blame?

Seems to me the finger points pretty squarely at DeStefano. Krayeske can be pissed at whoever he wants to be, but he might as well be pissed at the right people. It's not like Rell had to stand up for them in the first place.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

It doesn't matter where or how, but voters deserve a chance to see all the choices together at least once

Correct - and what on earth is JDS thinking anyway?

Jodi had it right in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Im certain JDS will committ to as many more than 2 debates Ken Krayeske can get Our Senile little Grandma to agree to.

PS-If Krayeske can get the Green party to just stand up as one he'll be the first.

Anonymous said...

kreyeske got hosed by JDS. Rell was willing to put Thornton into the mix; kreyeske got it into his head that the Green's were actually in play. DeStefano sold him a bill of goods; that if he bought JDS' idea that there would be more debates, Thornton could get in. The truth is, if Thornton didn't get in to the first two, he wasn't going anywhere. Then JDS froze him out and he can't figure out why. Whoops, welcome to the big leagues!

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


PlEasE wrIte agaiN when The nArCoTics Have WoRE Off, oK?

And next time try not to demean yourself in the process.

Anonymous said...


Can't we get anything good going regarding Lieberman - Lamont?

Sorry, but this race is so over.

Anonymous said...

If Rell could have spared just one or two more hours from her oh so hectic schedule we wouldn't be having this argument.

Jodi did her best to use Thornton to keep from having to go toe-to-toe with DeStefano. When negotiations didn't play out according to her machinations, she left poor Cliff high and dry...

Anonymous said...

Former chairman Herb Shepardson handled Rell's negotiating??! Apparently he handled these negotiations the same way he handled the republican state party: right into the democrats' hands.

The Architect said...

The only reason DeStefano "compromised" with the Green Party is because he knew Rell wouldn't capitulate on her position for 2 debates.

So they "compromised" in order to have yet another stupid petty issue to issue a bitch & moan press release about.

Thornton and the Greens got used and abused. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

but, but, but Dumb-Dumb won this round. can't you see that Red Johnny lost.

And Jodi's not afraid of debating anyone. Wait till you hear her plans for tax reform and health care....

Anonymous said...

When Cliff threatens to stand up, what exactly does that mean. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he just got denied his free media. (after a brief mention this weekend.)

What's he going to do now, take to the airwaves?

Does anyone know how much cash he's got on hand. My guess is less than $5,000. But of course I've been known to be wrong.

Fresh Grouper said...

I hope ex-chair Herb Gustafson takes a larger role in Granny Rell's campaign. Talk about a trojan horse!

bluecoat said...

Herb Shepardson, ADANR and company are ticked that all four candidiates won't be debating as if the wanted to hear more about Thornton's proposal to legalize street drugs becasue you hadn't made up your mind on which way to vote. Jodi called the shots on this and she got exactly what she set out to get - appearing to be a Tom Swan Good Government type while limting her exposure in a potentially hostile environment at the same time. She's a shrewd politician and nobody should underestimate her shrewdness.

And anyway, I thought I read this morning in the CT Post that jDS and Thornton will debate at least once - they invited Rell but her campaign said she'd probably send Fedele

Ghost of Yogi said...


I believe, for once, your admiration for your employer has led you astray. The article is correct. Republican Rell lied.

This is a perfect example of why she must go. First she agrees, then she changes her mind only to changer her mind once again. We will soon have the chance to elect JDS and replace this paper granny.

I think it’s amusing, ADAKR, that you criticize JDS even though Slap said they are still negotiating. This time, like every time, your 'ol girl is holding things up.

Instead of blaming JDS, just vote for him. That way you can see what competent Govt. looks like.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at this honestly, the reason the Green Party is not in any debates rests entirely on Jodi Rell's shoulders.

JDS would have participated with all candidates in 2 of the 4 debates. Problem is Rell is trying to minimize her time on TV. Because if anybody looks at this race, see's her in more debates, it becomes obvious that Rell has no issues, no leadership and no vision for Connecticut. In months on this website, I have seen not one poster articulately argue for Rell's 2nd term. Because there is no strong arguement. There only hope for Republicans can be that the electorate doesn't pay attention to this race. Because if they do, Rell loses.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the point of having a candidate debate who is polling below the margin of error? People need to get off of the high horse on the site and get realistic. I know we're not supposed to call people names on this site, but anyone who thinks that Jodi Rell wanted 3rd party candidates in the debate so that 'their voices can be heard' is an idiot, plain and simple. And since I do not think that the people on this site are that dumb, it must be that they are trying to spin this issue to make Jodi look like the good guy here, when in reality, she is trying to distract voters from hearing her thoughts on the issues. I do not fault her for doing this--things like this are the reason why republicans win elections. But spare me all of the bullshit.

bluecoat said...

And Jodi's not afraid to debate anyone. Wait till you hear her plans for healthcare and tax reform... and I continue to wait.....too bad to get her in to these issues it took a call for a debate...but at least she's moving thanks to pressure - perceived or otherwise - from the public, which is the only way she ever moves anyway. Jodi goes from problem to problem - that's her minority legislator style and experience.

Ghost of Yogi said...

Why didn't my post go up?

hartford_for_lamont said...

as far as my vote for governor is concerned, I have been teetering on the verge of voting green from day 1, and it won't take much for me to go green for governor.

Mr X said...

John DeStefano is ruining any chance he has of becoming Governor by not including The Green Party or The Concerned Citizens Party in the debate with Governor Rell.

I think this just another DeStefano campaign Moronic ploy they really just dont get it.

Anonymous said...

If the "line of demarkation" is on whether or not a candidate is polling above the margin of error in order to qualify for debates, then should Alan Schlesinger be watching the Senate debates from his home on the 20th floor of the Grand Pequot Tower????

Sounds fair to me.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


You call Rell all the names you like and insinuate all you want about me, my friend.

It doesn't change the situation one little bit. JDS kept the minor parties out of the debates because he's desperate for free airtime. He's desperate for free airtime because he's out of money. He's out of money because no one wants to contribute to a candidate who is 30 points down six weeks out from the election. He's 30 points down (after 2 1/2 years of running full-bore) because no one likes him. No one likes him because (1) he's an ass and (2) his plans are wrong-headed, expensive and will wreck the economy.

When JDS can't even muster solid support among his own party, it's no surprise his tiny band of supporters -- many of them imported from out of state by his big labor pals, who then send e-mails pleading with people to feed and house them -- are left to gnash their teeth and call their opponents names. Hey, it sucks being doomed.

Ghost of Yogi said...

Rell still lied about allowing third party candidates. You can't defend it. Her people said "no third parties." They said that after she said that she would hold at least two debates with third party candidates. So, whatever else you want to run on about, ADAKR, she is a liar. Beat it!

Anonymous said...

Of course a minor party candidate could NEVER be elected Governor of Connecticut. That's never happened.

Ghost of Yogi said...

Oh and, ADAKR,

Malloy lost. Get over it!

CTRevolution said...

ADAKR, I find most of your comments completely off base, but your last one is so ridiculous I had to comment. JDS has no problem with minor parties being in some of the debates, did you get that memo? Your grandma Rell doesn't one to do more then 2 debates. Why, because the more time on TV, the more time she has to embarrass herself. I mean honestly, no one can articulate an argument for this lady that doesn't revolve around her being a Grandma or nice.

DeStefano is going to match Rell commercial for commercial and will end up with much more money raised then Rell. There's no doubt about that. And he will win. Let me make this clear, your comments have no substance and cannot be backed up. And the amount of support she's going to lose when she has to debate, wow, I can’t wait to see it. I can't wait to see what you'll comment on when she loses.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


Oh and, ADAKR,

Malloy lost. Get over it!

To which one can only reply, Huh?

DeStefano is going to match Rell commercial for commercial and will end up with much more money raised then Rell. There's no doubt about that.

Ooooh, yeah. There was no doubt about that Zogby poll, either, until the Rasmussen poll zinged you right back into Realityland.

And the amount of support she's going to lose when she has to debate, wow, I can’t wait to see it.

Oh, Yogman, I am personally looking forward to it. Grandma versus The Grinch. Who do you think most people will favor?

I can't wait to see what you'll comment on when she loses.

Bank on it, Spanky. I'll be here. Will you? And will you have learned your alphabet by then?