Sunday, September 10, 2006

So Much for That

The Lieberman blog has turned off comments, although they have thoughtfully archived all the old comments.

Admittedly, the comments over there were seriously raunchy, and most of them weren't particularly favorable towards Lieberman.

But what did the Lieberman campaign expect? I mean, really. A Lieberman blog with comments enabled and absolutely no moderation or registration was just begging every angry jerk in the country with an internet connection to post something obscene about Lieberman.

But they knew that already. They went and sought out trouble. Why? Maybe so they could get this out of it... or maybe they thought it would actually help them in some other way.

Whatever the reason, that's probably the end of the Lieberman blog, at least for now.

One thing that's worth noting is that opinion leaders like Kos, Atrios and Tim Tagaris from the Lamont campaign warned readers to be civil or not to go to the Lieberman blog at all.

No one listened to them.


TrueBlueCT said...

What's clear is that the Lieberman campaign has never really wanted to have a "conversation" with Connecticut voters.

No public forums during Primary season, and none now. (although they have been making their schedule public this week.)

The blog's "failure" was intentional. They could have easily moderated the comments. And it is particularly easy to ban trolls when using HaloScan to handle comments, as the Lieberman camp did. (HaloScan logs in every IP address.)

This is not to mention that they encouraged trollish behavior via the tone and content of their first half-a-dozen posts, which were meant to enrage, and not engage.

Anyway, a yet unanswered question for Senator Lieberman. "Why do you not have any position on UN Ambassador John Bolton, when your colleague Chris Dodd is so stridently against him? I mean a year and a half later, you still can't decide whether Bolton is good or bad for America's interests?"

disgruntled_republican said...

Perhaps that is because people follow him around with stupid paper mache figures that are uncalled for regardless of party affiliation? Just a thought....

And True Blue CT....

I responded to your comments about us "conservative censors" under the New Bloggers post...FYI, until about an hour ago I was on a beach in Hatteras NC with no Computer acces for the past 8 days...just so ya know.

cgg said...

The commenters were terrible, but so were the posts. The campaign set the tone and then dared to get offended when people responded in kind. Joe 2.0 was a crapfest all the way around.

Anonymous said...

I think to use a term I have heard somewhere The Lamont for US Senate Campaign Thanks to and some very mean,nasty people have"Jumped The Shark".

To really think they could go on to Senator Lieberman's website and act like a bunch of rowdy out of control Lamont Supporters and Call The Senator and his wife a lot of mean and hurtful names and other Lieberman supporters and staffers as well This is UNACCEPTABLE!!

This is really going way over the line I hope the people who participated in the really disgusting behavior think seriously about what damage this has caused Ned Lamont and his campaign .

They know who they are and the voters will remember on Election Day this sad episode in Connecticut Democratic Politics.

TrueBlueCT said...

What's with Joe? He lives right above the excellent Cafe Bottega, but goes for his coffee two blocks down at Starbucks? (friends saw him there this morning before his first Diner stop.)

The sad thing is that if Joe actually settles in downtown New Haven, (which most of us doubt), I'm going to have to be nice to him, as a neighbor. I just don't have it in me to be rude to another Downtown Denizen.

However, it is tough to be collegial to someone who so coldly sends other people's kids to go die in stupid, elective, and potentially unwinnable wars.

I guess the good news of the day was at the diner stop one of his young handlers, (a Liebercrat from Weston), said that Joe went to one of our fallen soldiers funerals. In my mind he should go to them all in order to reckon the grief the Bush/Cheney/Lieberman foreign policy has caused. But one is a beginning.

If Senator Lieberman really wanted to take responsibility, he would admit to the Iraq disaster and retire.

And that would be nice in that I could go back to being nice to Joe, in good conscience. It's just politics, and sadly Iraq has trumped what should be small differences.

(p.s. Speaking of how Iraq has trumped everything, look at the CT Republican vote. You'd think a majority of them would prefer a rich Greenwich businessman (who voted with Republicans 80% of the time), to the union-backed liberal. But the Republican hold on power lives and dies with Iraq, we all know it, and that alone explains Schlesinger's third place showing amongst Connecticut R's. P.S.S. Did anyone see Schlesinger on Face the State this AM? I watched about ten minute of it, and he didn't seem as awful as before.)

TrueBlueCT said...


Can you cut out the histrionics? People here have said some pretty mean things about the Lamonts, only we're not whiners.

Honestly, the Lieberman internet guys could have:

1) Required registration and banned trolls.
2) Moderate comments which is easy with HaloScan.
3) Banned trolls, which is also easy with HaloScan.

What you saw was a group of 10-20 lefties doing their best to make fools of the Lieberman staff. Did it occur to you that most of the trolls probably haven't graduated high school? It was that immature.

The CLP crowd is not a stupid audience. We know they could have set-up a troll-proof website, but instead chose not to. And we knew Lieberman was going to play the victim, which is precisely why real Lamont supporters stayed away from the Joke blog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because we know for sure it was Lamont supporters making those comments. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

What did they expect? I dunno civility? Adult discussion? What they got though was the unhinged liberal insanity that infects the internet and which is the proof of who is powering the Lament campaign as well as the psychotic lunatic left.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>> What they got though was the unhinged liberal insanity that infects the internet and which is the proof of who is powering the Lament campaign as well as the psychotic lunatic left.

Seems to be a lot of that going around.

justavoter said...

Anonymous the Anti Lamont one you talk about the Lamont people being this and that.

Are you not acting just like those people in the way you attack them and Ned Lamont or are you just pefect and right and everyone else is wrong?

Just wondering

Sharoney said...

My response to this latest development, emailed because WATB Dangerstein shut off comments. Knowing how the Lieberman Campaign treats emails, I thought it best that I let others see it, too. It is based on a post I made to the JoeBlog which was roundly ignored, like the other actual questions that were posted there.



Congratulations on shutting down the comments on your farcical “official blog.” Your venial and pathetic website, like the entire Lieberman campaign, was never about communication, but was and is totally and completely predicated on smearing Ned Lamont and ignoring the will of the voters where it suits you.

Your playing the long-expected victim card, which you invited in the first place by refusing to take the time to moderate your own blog, is just another example, and perfectly in character with your candidate’s attitude. I’ll say this much – at least you’re consistent.

Since I, like many, many other Lamont supporters, never got any meaningful response to the many lively and thoughtful questions we posted, I’ve sent this to you personally. Not so much because I expect an answer, but to remind you what a mendacious coward you are. And because your candidate has a habit of taking things out of context, I’ve cc’d this letter to the Lamont campaign and posted it on several other high-profile blogs as well, so that any attempt by you to cherrypick its contents will be seen for what it is.

So, Dan, when are you going to apologize to the Lamont campaign for your baseless and scurrilous accusations that they hacked Joe’s website, accusations clearly designed to cover up your campaign’s own technical incompetence and stupidity? To refresh your memory, here are the facts and their sources:
Dan Gerstein, in his “State of the Blog” post of Sept. 7, 2005 at 5:28 pm at the Cup O’ Joe blog on the official Joe Lieberman website ( below:

“As far as we can tell, no campaign spokesperson ever suggested the Lamont campaign was responsible for whatever happened. However, if any one associated with the campaign made that accusation, it is wrong, and I will not hesitate to apologize to the Lamont campaign. If we make mistakes, we will do our best to own up to them.”

From, “Lieberman blames Rove-like tactics for Web site disruption” by Robert Yoon ( “Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith suggested that the campaign of the senator’s primary opponent, Ned Lamont, or his supporters were responsible for the disruption.

‘This type of dirty politics has been a staple of the Lamont campaign from the beginning, from the nonstop personal attacks to the intimidation tactics and offensive displays to these coordinated efforts to disable our Web site,’ said Smith in a statement e-mailed to reporters Monday evening.

‘There is no place for these Rovian tactics in Democratic politics, and we demand that our opponent call off his supporters and their online attack dogs.’”

From the, August 9, 2006, “Charges of Dirty Tricks on Web Feed Speculation in the Blogosphere” by Michael Cooper and John Markoff:
“The Lieberman campaign said that ‘we believe that this is the result of a coordinated attack by our political opponents.’’’

From, “Officials Probe Lieberman Web Site Crash” by Pat Eaton-Robb, page 2 ( “Visitors to the site Thursday received a message that read in part: ‘We call on Ned Lamont to make an unqualified statement denouncing this kind of dirty campaign trick and to demand whoever is responsible to cease and desist immediately.’’”

From the Associated Press, “Lieberman Campaign Says Web Site Hacked” by Susan Haigh ( Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith said the campaign has contacted the Connecticut attorney general’s office and asked for a criminal investigation by state and federal authorities.

‘If Ned Lamont has a backbone in his body, he will call on these people to cease and desist,’ Smith said.”

And finally, from Dan Gerstein, as quoted by Justin Rood at ( “Their supporters are doing these [attacks], we’ve demanded they get them to stop and they refuse to do it”

As you yourself quipped in the last story linked above, Dan, “That’s the definition of a lie, when you tell something that’s false knowingly.”

So, Gerstein, I’m going to say this in plain English, so even you will understand.

You are a liar. A stone liar.

That’s L-I-A-R.

You are wasting taxpayer money – my money – on a baseless investigation, prompted by a blatant and cowardly lie, spread by your own candidate, his staff, and YOU, that will ultimately come back and bite you in your lying Rovian ass on Election Day.

So, Dan, I ask you:

When do you plan to apologize to Ned Lamont, as you promised on your pathetic and laughable campaign weblog?

AB said...

The Democratic idea of warefare, is where we fight nicely like gentleman (read that as no brutal destroy the enemy, limit collateral damage as possible, but if not so be it). If we had fought WW1 and WW2 as they want us to fight in Iraq and against terrorism, we would likely be speaking german or japanese now. War is brutal. The way to win war is to be more brutal and totally overwhelming than your opponent until such time as they can no longer continue.

The way to fight terrorism is with sheer brute force and brutality. Sorry if you panty wearing democrats dont want to hear it...but those who have fought understand it well. B and M all you want about Lieberman, one thing he understands is that war isnt pretty, men and woman die. Fact is they do so to defend our freedom and our lives at home. If you cant figure out that we need to destroy islamic fundamentalists then you are blind to the truth that is the history of Islam. it is one based upon murder and terror. Last thing we need is some silver spoon in mouth liberal like Lamont determing US policy.......

Genghis Conn said...

If you cant figure out that we need to destroy islamic fundamentalists then you are blind to the truth that is the history of Islam. it is one based upon murder and terror.

This is a sweeping and largely inaccurate generalization of a complex faith with a long history and many different branches. It's like saying all Americans are cross-burning racists because of the actions of the KKK.


World War I: Woodrow Wilson was president, and Democrats controlled Congress until 1918.

World War II: FDR and Harry Truman, Democrats controlled Congress for the entire war. In fact, many Republicans like Robert Taft opposed helping Britain at first.

Anonymous said...

No GC, its not like your analogy at all. The FOUNDER of Islam was a murderous warlord pedophile. He set the tone for his "religion" and its been carried out ever since in a similar fashion, military expansion into its surrounding areas, the eventual destruction of the culture and replacing of it with Sharia and Islamic law and faith.

The Crusades and the Inquisition were BOTH used to deter Islamic Expansion into Europe. It worked, albeit temporarily. The Original Dracula was made famous for killing Muslims who were moving into Europe from Turkey.

Islam is a militarily expansionist religion, EVERYWHERE it goes, WAR follows. Look at India, Indonesia, Europe, Egypt, Sudan, on and on and on and on. for a 1000 years.

Dont hide behind your BS politically correct crap that got us into this mess, Oh its a few fanatics waaaaah. BS. The silence of the Muslim majority is deafening. When someone makes a cartoon of Muhammad they riot and murder 100s. When one of thier whacko factions hijacks a few airliners and plies them into civilian buildings, they cry that theyre being profiled, or dancing in the streets.

Its a filthy horrible religion, based on the lies and deciets of a disgusting animal who murdered and sacked villages to impose his disgusting anti-women beliefs on his fellow man. It needs to be abolished and all who practice it need to be censured form spreading it, or monitored until the religion has died out.

Hopewellian_Magi said...

Anonymous 4:09PM

If you read the Old Testament, you could call the Israelites blood thirsty varmits and their religion expansionist too. They had no problem sacking Pagan villages and raping Pagan virgins to continue their patrilineal lines. Talk about anti-woman, thy name is ancient Israel. Modern Judaism isn't much better. The males still praise their god for not making them a woman.

Eric Rudolph should be called a Christian fascist terrorist because he claimed that his religion was the reason why he bombed abortion clinics. Other Christian fascists terrorists use their religion to sanctify murdering doctors who perform abortions and clinic staff who support women getting abortions.

Personally, I don't like any of the Abrahamic religions. I find all branches of the Abrahmaic faith -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam --too male supremacist and too willing to use violence in their god's name. That's one of the main reasons why I'm studying Wicca.

Anonymous said...

Wicca is a joke, your anti-semitism is showing. Before you compare Christians and Jews to Muslims get educated so you are easier to take seriously.

Anonymous said...

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>> What they got though was the unhinged liberal insanity that infects the internet and which is the proof of who is powering the Lament campaign as well as the psychotic lunatic left.

Seems to be a lot of that going around.

Maybe if you accuse them all of being anti-semites, they will play nice...

Anonymous said...

GC, please don't feed the wingnuts. He went all caps on key words; after that is full bore all caps and then a total meltdown...

Anonymous said...

Exactly what was objectionable about the last two posts on this thread, oh master of comment moderation?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if I insult an entire religion in all caps, the moderator will let it through...

Bobby McGee said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anon 9:14 - the timing could not have been better - its like we planned it... Only you aren't ACR

Anonymous said...

If you don't let the trolls post, there won't be anyone left...

Bluto Blutarsky said...

You are right if all you Lamont trolls were gone there indeed would be no one here.

The Weakest Link said...

Ned Lamont....Connecticut's Weakest Link.....On Election Day Connecticut will say to Ned

"Your the Weakest Link GOODBYE"