Tuesday, September 26, 2006

DeStefano: "I have big ideas"

As I've said before, John DeStefano is at his best when he's pitching big ideas to the public. That, in fact, is the point of his new ad:

He gives his opponent credit where credit is certainly due when he says that Rell handled the transition from Rowland well. The bills piling up in the mailbox are a nice image, which makes his point while not being too negative. In fact, the entire point of the ad seems to be: We like Jodi, but John can do better. Which isn't the worst message DeStefano could have.

And yes, he comes right out and says he has big ideas, including universal health care.

The ad strikes the right chord. It's simple, direct, and it makes a case for change while not being overly negative. Probably the best DeStefano ad has offered yet. Whether it can help him in any way is another story.


ken krayeske said...

Hey, Mayor DeStefano and Democrats - Here's a big idea:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I'm most concerned with the second and fifth rights as enumerated in that paragraph: freedom of speech and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. A reasonable person might interpret that as grounds for a third party campaign to be included in a debate. Seems as if the Founding Fathers were a bit ahead of us.

Or does my candidate not have the same rights as your candidate? Lying isn't a big idea, nor is suppression of speech.

The debates should look like the ballots. Include the Green Party and the Concerned Citizens in the debates.

Ken Krayeske

CTRevolution said...

I think this message definetly strikes the right chords. I love how the Republicans were expecting for DeStefano to go completely negative. Then he turns around and complements her. This is a smart ad, that people will respect. It hits well on the main point, Republican Rell is a nice lady, but doesn't have the ideas and vision to lead Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for those of us who have to pay the tab, his big ideas translate into big tax increases. What's he up to, about a billion in new taxes so far?

bluecoat said...

Bush fills GOP coffers: Greenwich visit raises $600K for Republicans
It made sense for Shays to arrange hi schedule to be there since the GOP event was in his district; doesn't make sense that Jodi couldn't rearrange her schedule to be there except if you know she's uncomfortable being around people when she's not the highest rank in the room getting accolades from all around her.

Bush in Greenwich to raise $625G for congressional candidates
Chris Rhatigan, Register Staff September 26, 2006

Anonymous said...

You mean there's no CFL candidate on the Governor ballot?

bluecoat said...

Conversations With Voters By theday.com
Published on 9/26/2006

disgruntled_republican said...

Jodi couldn't rearrange her schedule to be there except if you know she's uncomfortable being around people when she's not the highest rank in the room getting accolades from all around her.

Bluecoat has quite obviously never met M Jodi Rell because that comment couldn't be further from the truth.

bluecoat said...

Poor article but there is an intelligent quote from Chris Dodd:Report that war aids terrorists fuels state's political debates
PETER URBAN purban@ctpost.com

Anonymous said...

John DeStefano will not gain any ground with these kind of ads. It seems that whether he goes negative or not, there is NO plan ANYONE can conjure up that will ever propel him to a victory in November. If he had TWICE as much $ as Rell I doubt he'd be able to win this thing.

Can't wait until Oct 10th to see who is giving him money. Props to Jodi Rell for putting her campaign finance reform in ACTION! Not enough is being spoken about what a great job the campaign has done and is doing with their course of action concerning donations. Hopefully it will when filings come out.

bluecoat said...

Jodi's Blog

Rell campaign defends fundraising pledge
By Don Michak, Journal Inquirer

Anonymous said...

Not a bad ad, although JD looks pretty uncomfortable. The issue is really whether or not his message is believable -- Jodi's high approval ratings would indicate that its not. And, as soon as she starts touting all her accomplishments -- billions in transportation spending, campaign finance reform, civil unions, sub base saved, plus others -- people will be reminded of the fact that not only did she do a good job stepping into Rowland's shoes (which JD gives her credit for) she has in fact gotten things done.

bluecoat said...

billions in transportation spending courtesy of Amann and Williams who always wanted to spend more than she did and got their way,campaign finance reform that few Republicans in the legislature voted in favor of,and civil unions for people who would likely vote for JDS anyway.

Thakns Jodi.

bluecoat said...

Health Insurance Is Twice Inflation Rate
11:47 AM EDT, September 26, 2006
By KEVIN FREKING, Associated Press Writer

a problem yes, but you'll never convince me that Tom Swann, Ned and JDS have the answer with their universal healthcare. Bush has actually had some folks looking st the underlying cost drivers but it's got a long way to go before somebody gets this tiger by the tail.

Anonymous said...

The solution is Universal Health Care Vouchers.


Anonymous said...

Why don't any of the commericals mention the running mates? Mary Glassman would really help JD if she were to appear in a commerical and where is Fedele?

CTRevolution said...


The reason why the Green party is not in any debates lies on Rell's shoulders. DeStefano will debate Thornton and Rell, he's said the same. How about you place the blame where it is deserved. Rell refuses to increase the amount of the debates, and in doing so is locking the green party out. In addition DeStefano has appeared at many forums with Thornton already from what I've seen.

Genghis Conn said...


I would actually place the blame on both camps: on Rell for wanting only two debates, and on DeStefano for insisting that at least two debates be with him alone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:49-

Both camps have filmed TV Spots that feature the candidate along with the running mates. They will likely get introduced as the race progresses.

BTW- Anyone speak to Scott Slifka?? Or is he still in the driveway practicing his jumpshot? ;)

Anonymous said...

GC - Why do you even waste your time reponding to CTR?

For the record, I am voting for Rell, and here is my take on the DeStefano ad. The music is obnoxious and dorky. The message is the right one for DeStefano. The delivery is pretty bad, dare I say horrible.

DeStefano's biggest problem is, well, DeStefano.

bluecoat said...

Universal healthcare vouchers do not lower the underlying costs of healthcare delivery; they just get the govt - or anybody other than the consumer - to pay.

Anonymous said...

I for one would love to see the Lt Governor candidates featured more in TV spots as well as a televised debate between them. I don't believe one is scheduled as of right now but one WILL happen...

Brian said...

lets hope Alan Gold gets a good chunk of that bush fundraising money to help his campaign take away some of Lieberman's defacto republican votes. Vote for Lamont!


Ghost of Yogi said...

Anon 2:21,

The irony is, you chastise JDS for his public performance, from the cloak of anonymity. You O’Relly's are a funny bunch indeed. "Should I vote for someone who does nothing or should I choose someone who does do something?" And what do the Rell'igious Right say: "I will stick with nothing, thank you'ns very much."

I, like everyone else with reasonable intelligence will be supporting CHANGE.

And Bluecoat,

Why do you believe that JDS can't achieve his plan? Are you going to prove that negative? To doubt is normal. To not try is cowardly.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

I, like everyone else with reasonable intelligence ...

Ah, the smugness of the liberal. Where would we be without it?

GMR said...

Why do you believe that JDS can't achieve his plan? Are you going to prove that negative? To doubt is normal. To not try is cowardly.

Well, talk is cheap, but Destefano's proposals certainly aren't cheap. I am opposed to a number of JDS's proposals (although Rell's aren't that much better in some segments).

JDS favors more government intervention at about every level. More taxes, more regulation. His equity pay initiative is just plain nuts. Instead of allowing a free market to function and set wages, he'd have some sort of wage board that matched predominately male jobs to predominately female jobs.

He has some big plan for dairy farms. I just have to wonder why dairy farms belong in Connecticut simply because they've been here in the past. Might in not be more efficient for everyone if these dairy farms were turned into subsidvisions? The only way that we can have affordable housing is if we have more housing. And milk prices are low because other states can produce milk more efficiently than Connecticut: less rain, cheaper land, cheaper electricity. So what's the point of having dairy farms dot the landscape if there are more efficient uses for the property?

JDS often thinks he can fund various proposals either by some sort of "windfall" profits tax or by taxing millionaires. However, it certainly isn't going to be that easy (windfall taxes being levied by a single state will be difficult to collect due to transfer pricing, and taxes on millionaires won't pull in as much as you think due to their ability to defer income to later years, take substantial income as capital gains, and furthermore, many of the millionaires commute into NYC and thus pay zero Connecticut income taxes).

His energy plan calls for investing $50 million from the state pension fund into alternative energy projects. I would really rather have the pension money managed solely on risk-reward concerns.

JDS's proposals almost all assume that the market isn't working, and that he's got a plan to fix it, at either no cost or at a cost to someone else (millionaires, oil companies, etc).

Anon. 2:21 said...

Dear Ghost of Yogi,

I'm sorry, I do not know your name or your real identity, so I will have to refer to you by your handle. I have to laugh every time you or truebluect or CTR "slam" people for posting anonymously when, in fact, your are also anonymous. I'm sure glad you don't let the facts get in the way of a nice personal attack.

Sorry if you do not like my comments; however, I do think that the music in the ad is pretty bad. Just my opinion.

I also agree, however, that DeStefano is taking the right tactic. Let's face it, he can't come out a do a full scale negative attack on Rell because she is so popular that it will drive his already high negatives through the roof. Thus, he has to take the "she's a nice lady but we need more" approach mixed with the ever so subtle Rowland connection.

The reality is, Yogi, that people want to vote for someone that they like and trust and Rell, much like Ella Grasso, fits that bill, while JDS does not.

Now, Yogi, before all to see, I have a dare for you - in the words of BR, let's make a bet. You tell me your real name, and I will tell you mine, and then we can bet on the outcome of the Governor's race. Any amoun you want. I'll even give you odds, say, 50-1.

Go ahead Yogi, your move.

turfgrrl said...

You know, this is a nice ad, the message about change is a safe one for JDS. But JDS has had how many years in New Haven, and were it not for Yale nothing would have gotten done, and nothing would have changed. So, right message, but wrong guy. Rell on the other hand has made changes, and for some to criticize her for working across the aisle to accomplish things for the common good of the state is just silly. I guess in the liberal-sphere, partisan isolationism is valued over good governance.

Anonymous said...

I think this ad does hit some nice notes, but unfortunately i don't believe they are notes that will resonate within the battle he's waging. I suppose I disagree with Ghengis' premise, that this is the kind of pitch he needs to be making. He's not nearly as well-known as Rell, and so the risk is that she will get a chance to define him before he gets a chance to define himself. The Right has already started labeling him as a tax-hiker (and in truth, the many fanciful proposals he made during the primary contest would have totalled and added expenditure over one billion dollars). JD won the primary by running to the left. In a general, he's got to run back toward the center and convince people that he's not just a tax-happy, government-extending liberal.

As to the question of why running mates don't appear in the ads, this is a tricky line to walk for JD. Working with Glassman, he can claim, demonstrates his willingness to work with anyone, even a former opponent. However, one of the key responsibilities of a chief executive is selecting good people to fill out an administration, and everytime MG shows up it reminds people what a lousy selection JD originally made for LG.

Anonymous said...

Ghost of Yogi,

This is the problem. Jodi Rell has no vision or goals. John DeStefano has the wrong vision and goals. Which is worse?

Anonymous said...

now, beyond the TV ad

JDS was in the flesh today at the LOB cafeteria. He daintily picked over the salad bar and chose an assortment of greens and cottage cheese for his lunch, looking all so much like Felix Ungar, and then on his way out complimented some woman he knew for wearing purple.

Sorry folks, "big ideas" don;t matter--the guy is smaller than life

Anonymous said...

John DeStefano needs some celebrity reinforcement... think he can round up a crew? Gary Coleman? Richard Hatch? Jim J. Bullock? Dwight Gooden?

Anonymous said...

To me the truth is in the results. I look at New Haven and ask, is this my vison for Connecticut? I know the answer for me.

Mr X said...

John DeStefano should ask for other celebrity reinforcements

Mr Ed, Ren and Stimpy How about Darryl Strawberry or Pete Rose???

Anonymous said...


It's going to be a long month & change for us Dems watching this race...

Mr X said...

I am a Democrat and I am going to Vote for Jodi Rell Because John DeStefano is an idiot and I am voting for Rell and Lieberman Because I will not side with You Liberal Lamont Wackjobs on ANything Because your all retards especially Keith and Petey Crane I know you will censor me like the anti american liberal scumbags you are.

Anonymous said...

I like the ad, and agree it hits the right cord. I think it will appeal to moderates looking to see a more pro-active agenda from their governor.

Genghis Conn said...

Mr. X,

That's what, the tenth rude thing you've posted today? And you've been doing this for weeks. Months! There is life outside your apartment. Go see it!

Look, if you want to annoy me, I suggest doing so directly. jeenaone(at)gmail(dot)com. Just email. It's quicker.

You can use this handy template: You liberals are all a bunch of _________ (adjective). I hope you ______ (verb) in ________ (proper noun). You and ______ (name) Crane can _______ (verb) it up your _______ (orifice).

I also need to get a _______ (noun).

Anonymous said...

Bluecoat said:
"Universal healthcare vouchers do not lower the underlying costs of healthcare delivery; they just get the govt - or anybody other than the consumer - to pay.
2:38 PM, September 26, 2006"

Don't let Rahm Emmanuel know you said that. Universal Health Care Vouchers is his older brother's (Ezekiel) idea.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, how about this for a big idea?!?!.

Keep kids on bikes from shooting each other in your city!!!


The Strong Conservative said...

Take it from a Canadian, Universal health care sucks.