Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Ad Wars

The Lamont campaign has put out this television advertisement:

Contrast it with the "Blackboard" ad Lieberman put out earlier, and also contrast it with Lieberman's new radio commercial.

The Lamont ad looks like it's left over from the primary. I'm not sure unaffiliated voters, which is what Lamont needs, will be won over by it. Most of them don't care for partisanship--which is why they're unaffiliated.

Lieberman, on the other hand, is making a pitch to everybody. That may lose him some Democratic support, but it may also help him a lot among unaffiliateds and Republicans.

But that's just what I think. What do you think about the general election campaign so far?

Whose ads do you think work best with Connecticut voters?
Joe Lieberman
Ned Lamont
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Anonymous said...

That's a really dirty Lamont ad. I used to be on the fence about Joe and Ned, but after seeing this baseball fans ad and the other lamont ad with the kid standing in the rain at that statue in Hartford (it really upset me - not about the brave soldiers who lost their lives, but about how Ned Lamont is exploiting their names), I've decided to support Joe Lieberman.

cgg said...

Anonymous 1:41 every name in the war ad was used with permission from the soldiers' families. I asked about this as soon as I saw that ad actually, but if they're Ok with it then I am.

The baseball ad is silly, and I don't think it's nearly as good as some of Hillsman's earlier spots. IMO the best way to go after Lieberman is with those person on the street interviews. Those were truly great ads.

MikeCT said...

I agree with Genghis on this one. I don't see who this Lamont ad appeals to beyond his Democratic base. I suppose he might pull some weak Lieberman supporters and it does challenge Lieberman as someone without loyalty and solely interested in career preservation. But I think it is the weakest Lamont ad yet.

bluecoat said...

Even now knowing that the names of the deceased military where used by the lamont campauign with the families permission,I still find it to be in utterly tasteless and offensive as a political candidate's ad just as I found Bush's bringing in Iraq on the anniversary of 911 to be tasteless offensive and off base.

Anonymous said...

This may be the best ad yet.

It appeals to the "angry White male" who has been voting Republican for the last 20 yrs while being screwed by them the entire time.

Bobby McGee said...

Some of Lieberman's ads before the primary really bothered me. Every single one was about Lamont being a millionaire, or belonging to this or that country club.

I don't think this is a very good ad, but in context (it was being shown during the Yankees-Red Sox series, right?) it is by no means bad.

Genghis Conn said...

You're right about Lieberman's ads during the primary. They were horrible.

Comparatively, this isn't so bad. But it isn't great, either. It just falls flat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's a great ad. It talks about basic loyalty to your team, something that Lieberman has thrown out the window.

Independent voters might be uncomfortable affiliating with a political party, but they still understand partisanship. Nothing worse than someone who puts themselves before the team.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the ad also labels Joe a turncoat, a phony, a whiner, and a desperate DC politician. Up to date, Joe's gotten a free ride on his unprecedented Indy stunt. (and his newfound base, --of Republicans.) Not anymore.

Sit back and enjoy as Hillsman makes Joe Lieberman's character, or lack thereof, the #2 issue in this race.

"I'll tell you what's ridiculous. A guy who says I'm a Democrat, I'll always be a Democrat, blah, blah, blah. Then whines when he loses the election."

"He'll do anything to stay in Washington."

"Joe Lieberman calling himself a Democrat, after what he's pulled? Ridiculous."

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Joe had a lot of Dem support after the primary, I'd assume this ad is meant at solidifying the dem base before the ads move onto I's...

Anonymous said...

The current Vegas odds on the question of whether Anon 1:41 is telling the truth about his/her decision to vote for Lieberman having been determined in reaction to the statue ad and the Red Sox-Yankee ad or whether, in fact, he/she was a Lieberman person from Day One are running at 25-1.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Lamont supporter and will vote for him - my support is solid. But this ad sucks big time. I agree that it is just a play to his base, which are probably mostly like me - solid.

Even if Lamont catches everything he goes after, I still think he is catching too shallow a net to win this thing.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...


You're on the mark. Joe is running like the guy with the lead. Which is not surprising, because... he has a pretty good lead.

Ned has to win some ground- it's not evident to me which ground he has selected to annex to his support. He already has the intensity on the left- he can speak to them in other fora. Television should be about winning the center for him.

Joe by 4-7%.

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of ads done on Madison Avenue designed to appeal to southern crackers or members of an ethnic m inority. The pandering just was too obvious. The ads were slick and contrived and not credible

Tell Hillsman to stick to the Vikings- Packers rivalry. Jeez, a Twins fan talkin Yankee-Red Sox. Fuggedaboutit

Anonymous said...

This ad shows that the Lamont campaign doesn't get it. He is still in primary mode, and it seems he doesn't know how to build support beyond the hard core Democratic base he already has in his corner. The issue of Lamont not being able to appeal to moderates came up before the primary and now is manifesting itself.

Anonymous said...

This ad is great

Brian said...

The impact from this "out of the box" ad for Lamont is that it will gain more democratic voters, in addition, to many Independents voters who are currently undecided. This ad clearly demonstrates that Lieberman lost the primary, whined about it publicaly, and is running as the defacto wannabe Republican.

Currently, with gop money now heavily supporting Lieberman as well as working with the reuplican swift boat ad represenatives who are trying to smear Lamont. Now is the time for the Lamont Campaign to show its balls and profusely attack Lieberme for the political fraud/failure he is right now. The most American thing right now to do is criticize Lieberman.

Mr X said...

The Lamont ads are typical Lamont Campaign Hate. He should pull that ad with the kid reading the names in front of the statue That is an insult to the loved ones who lost solidiers in Iraq.

This is typical Tom Swan and Ned Lamont BS Campaign Strategy.

Go ahead and go negative Lamont Campaign like Brian above suggested
and Lamont is all done. Attacking Lieberman would be a certain fatal blow to Lamont.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman has become the poster child for self-centered politicians. What U.S. Senator has ever lost his Party's primary, then used some technicality to attempt a do-over.

This is not to mention the sliminess by which Joe cut a deal with Republicans to engineer their close to full support!

Lieberman is now running as the de facto Republican against Lamont, the Dem nominee. By all means he should be called to account on his perfidy.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said...
This is not to mention the sliminess by which Joe cut a deal with Republicans to engineer their close to full support!

There is NO Republican deal with Lieberman.

Brian said...

The lamont campaign is playing thier hand in this race very effectively and to the best of thier ability. If tradejoe wants to pull the defacto republican move by having the swift boat vets smear Lamont. The best move for the Lamont team is to put Joe in his place and demonstrate to Connecticut he is nothing but a poltical fraud.

Mr X said...

the Lamont Joke of a Campaign 49 more days until they are declared LOSER

Goodbye Keith Crane, DfA and to you stinking foul mouth jerk liberals.