Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rare Glimpse at the First

Rated as "safe Democrat" by the New York Times, the 1st CD is not a high profile race. The Courant has an article in today's paper about Larson and MacLean's upcoming appearance on "Face the State", which airs at 11 a.m. Sunday on WFSB-TV (ch. 3).

Update: Weicker Liker (in the open thread) gives us a link to (video) a WFSB story on the debate.
Dan Uhlinger. "Larson, MacLean Take Off the Gloves". Hartford Courant. 9/19/06.

"Congressional Debate Gets Intense" (video). wfsb. 9/19/06

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MikeCT said...

Poor Scott needs a break and some PR lessons. In one his blog posts, he:

* Compares himself to a large greasy hamburger and elicits imagery of oozing skin infections:

Big Mac is angry. (That would be me, not the multi-national sandwich soggy with special sauce.) And since confession is good for the soul, let’s lance this boil with some truth telling…

* Publicly proclaims his party's profound disinterest in and hostility towards his candidacy:

I read on page one of today’s Hartford Courant that Alan Schlesinger, the Republican candidate for the US Senate in Connecticut, isn’t getting any respect or cooperation from the Republican Party. Hey folks, Alan’s not the only one getting the Rodney Dangerfield treatment. The GOP brain trust doesn’t seem to want anything to do with me either. .....

Just for the record, it’s been a year since I began this campaign and the Chairman of the CT Republican Party has never called me nor has he ever returned any of my phone calls. Not once.

* Revels in his own ignorance and inexperience:

Now granted, I’m a novice who has never run for political office before and there’s a whole lot I just don’t know about politics: how to run a campaign, who to call, whose back to slap, whose ego to stroke, etc.