Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bush Visit: Rell, Schlesinger Won't be Attending

President George W. Bush will be in Greenwich Monday. Gov. Jodi Rell and U.S. Senate candidate Alan Schlesinger won't be.

Rell, who makes a habit out of avoiding the president whenever she can get away with it, will be nearby:
Gov. M. Jodi Rell had a scheduling conflict and is expected to be in western Connecticut to announce progress on the long-running problems on the heavily traveled Route 7 corridor, her aides said. (Keating)

Lame! But I can't blame her. Bush is not a popular guy around here, and a fundraiser with Bush would just provide fodder for John DeStefano. Rell doesn't need the money, the Greenwich connections, or the President of the United States.

There is someone who does, though, and his story is much sadder.
Bush will be spared any awkward encounters with sad sack Republican Senate nominee Alan Schlesinger, who continues to draw just 2 to 6 percent in polls. Unless the flailing candidate, badly damaged by summer reports of a history of gambling under the assumed name of “Alan Gold”, buys his own ticket, he’ll have to read about the Bush visit in the newspapers. The usual courtesy of including even doomed Republican candidates will not be extended to Schlesinger. (Rennie)

Ouch. To make things worse, Schlesinger once said that he would welcome the chance to campaign with Bush, and that he would be "one Republican who does not run away from the president."

Sadly, the president is running away from him.

President's Host Supported Lamont in 1990

Interestingly, the host of the party, investment banker L. Scott Frantz, was a supporter of Ned Lamont during his failed 1990 state senate bid:
As the staunchest of staunch Republicans, Frantz did something unusual in 1990; he contributed to the state Senate campaign of a Democrat. The fiscally conservative Democrat was little known outside of Greenwich then, but he had the same type of entrepreneurial background and Ivy League pedigree as Frantz.

His name? Ned Lamont.

"Frankly, we've been pretty good friends," Lamont said. "I respect him. I like him. But I've still got to work on him on the political front. Maybe he'll do a fundraiser for me and show his true bipartisanship - reaching across the aisle."
"I know plenty of Republicans. I'm from Greenwich," Lamont said. "There's no irony." (Keating)

None at all.

Keating, Christopher. "Bush Enters On Cat Feet." Hartford Courant 24 September, 2006.

Rennie, Kevin. "Bush's Connecticut Fundraiser Exceeds Expectations." Taegan Goddard's Political Wire (blog) 21 September, 2006.


Lost in Space said...

The President of the United States visits your State, and you have a "scheduling conflict"? I guess Mrs. Rell has no concept of protocol and decorum when a sitting President comes to town. Just like she has no clue on how to run the State (it's okay to cross the Brookfield town line, there's more to the State than just Brookfield)

Anonymous said...

I wish my Governor would honor my President with her respectful presence whenever he visits Connecticut. And if Schlesinger is to be the Republican candidate, he too should be treated woth more respect.

What has happened to the GOP that is now the party of fun and games?

Anonymous said...

Simmons and Johnson won't be there either.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they have work to do

The Architect said...

Schlesinger was invited.

Wolcottboy said...

I agree.

The GOP is more about winnability on your own rather than the party being a party. "you throw the party, we'll be your buddies. What's that? No, we don't have any beer to bring over."

Rell ALWAYS has a scheduling conflict. Plus she's had her 3rd or 4th big lie in the past two years: That she wants an all-inclusive gubernatorial debate. Ah well, there goes her "resolve" in promises to the Greens and Concerned Citizens.